Big Tits Amateur Teen Having Orgasm And Squirt All Over The Place

Big Tits Amateur Teen Having Orgasm And Squirt All Over The Place
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I walk into the room. You are already there, in casual clothes, a blouse and jeans. Just sitting on the bed. Facing the door, hands in your lap. Anticipating.

Trying to relax. I sit next to you on the bed. I pat your hand in a slow, reassuring way. You start to turn your face towards me, but before you can complete the action. "Stand up in front of me. Face me. Hands at your sides, feet shoulder-width apart.

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It's time to inspect your offering." You look at me, not really comprehending. I enjoy that. The idea that you are so willing to offer yourself to me, but not really understanding what that will entail. I can see it in your face. the uncertainty, the questioning. You don't say anything. But you are nervous and excited, almost to the point of trembling. I just sit there, staring.

An intense, hard gaze roaming over your body, from the very top of your head, to the ground. No shoes, just socks. I keep staring. I lock eyes with you. You hold my my gaze for a few seconds, but you are feeling so self-conscious you try to break the gaze. "Stop! Look in my eyes. Lose yourself in there. See my hunger. Feel my need." "But." "Quiet.

Do not speak unbidden. Especially now.

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This is your audition. This is where I determine if what you desire meshes with what I desire. Follow my orders to the letter and all will be well. You will not be punished for anything that happens. I need to gauge if you really wish to submit to me, and how much, or if you are only looking for some quick mutual pleasure." You keep averting your eyes. "Look at me." You do.

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You stare. You fidget a bit, but hold my gaze. Slowly, oh so slowly, you start to lose yourself. You shudder. I smile. I like what I see. I enjoy watching you lose yourself in my eyes. Minutes pass. You standing, me sitting, each staring.

Such a beautifully crucial moment. But I can feel the excitement rising in you. Eyes dilate a bit. Breathing a bit deeper. Still occasionally shuddering. I stand up. Your eyes follow me. Questioning. Wondering what happens now. I enjoy the uncertainty.


I'm in control. You know that I'm in control but are still holding back. I can't have that. I need you to acknowledge that I'm in control. I need you to tell me that I'm in control. But words aren't enough. I need you to feel it. I need you to relinquish all.

You start to slouch. "Stand up straight. Posture is important to me. Shoulders back, chest out. Chin up a little. Close your eyes." You follow my instruction. Eyes close. A small sigh escapes your lips as you wonder what's next. Reaching up, I gently caress your face with the outside of one finger.

I draw it down from your temple over your lips. They part a bit with a soft intake of breath. Down over your chin to your throat. Just lightly and barely touching.


Almost like a soft tickle. I continue moving my hand to brush away your hair from the left side of your face. I want to whisper in your ear. I move behind you and press my chest against your shoulder. You feel my breath on your neck moving to your ear. "So&hellip.", softly I whisper. Barely audible. "You wish to gift me, do you?

Give of yourself to me? Submit to me?" Its a teasing whisper that dares you to speak. "Yes" you gasp, breathlessly, barely audible.

"What?", I respond a bit reproachfully. "I couldn't hear that. I expect you to address me with conviction. Not as a scared little mouse. I want to know what you want. I want you to know what you want. Most importantly, I want you to be able to tell me." "Yes", you reply, a little louder, but a bit unsure.

I can hear breathlessness in your voice. Passion and desire starting to overwhelm you. Poor darling. If only you knew what I have in store for you. "'Yes' what?" slightly cross. "Is that your answer? Simple yes/no replies? I'm sorry, but that is nowhere near sufficient.

I expect a level of decorum and eloquence beyond that of a coin flip. You are fairly intelligent.

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String together a few words into a sentence." Another shudder. "God, yes. Please take me, do with me what you will. I want it. I need it so." "That's a bit better. Rather mundane, but I'll let the obviousness pass for now," whispering softly in your ear again.

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It excites me… arouses me. to hear you say that. I'm curious what would happen, how you would react, if I just ripped your clothes off, threw you on the bed and ravished you, did what I've ached for so much time to do.

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Maybe, hopefully, I'll be able to try that. Not tonight. Tonight is about seduction. Tonight is about the ebb and flow of desire. Tonight is about building a fire. We are only approaching the kindling point. "I need a taste." I walk around in front of you, making sure your eyes are still closed. I want this to be a surprise. I put my right hand on the left side of your neck and use my thumb to lift your chin.

Not a lot. Just enough to gain access to your throat.


That is what i need to taste. I want to feel your pulse racing under my tongue, beating against it insistently. Slowly, lightly, I lick a a path from your right collar-bone to the base of your chin, occasionally flicking my tongue against your throat. Then I work my way back down. Goose-bumps begin to form on your right arm. I know that the action is having the desired effect. I lightly rake my left hand's fingernails along your right am, feeling the goose-bumps.

Reveling in them. I pull back a bit to see the pulse at your throat. It is slightly visible, throbbing rather quickly. Again you shudder. So long I've waited, wondered, wanted, lusted. It is beginning to dawn on me that what I've desired for years is here in front of me. Waiting. Wanting. Trembling. I smile to myself at my good fortune.