Horny babe enjoys anal with creampie

Horny babe enjoys anal with creampie
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I had been feeling up and, on occasion, clumsily fucking a few fellow band girls during lunch and in the afternoon time slot.

I was definitely working my way up to the real good experiences when, out of nowhere, a different kind of experience changed my perspective. On a Saturday, being under strict orders to get a haircut, I went to the "salon" at the corner shopping center. This particular location was also a teaching salon, meaning they held classes there as well. Apparently I showed up right at closing and the one instructor was just about to leave. Seeing me at the door he must have decided he needed the one last job and let me in.

He introduced himself at "Boots." Boots asked me what I was looking for and I told him a shampoo and a feathered cut. He suggested we go into the teaching area so that no one else would think he was open. He flipped the "open" sign to "closed" and locked the door… then led me to the back room.

Inside the teaching room was a nice leather couch that faced a beautiful antique barber chair. The chair stood out as it was beautifully restored in red leather and polished brass. Everything else was white iron. What were unique on the antique chairs were the footstools where you put your feet while you were getting a shoeshine.

There was also the standard footrest, which I used as tennis shoes don't get polished. After checking out my hair, he stood me up and took me to the shampoo area and, as I was wearing a tank top and gym shorts for my workout in a couple of hours, decided he didn't need to put an apron on me yet. He set about washing and rinsing my hair in a very expert way. It just felt fabulous. When he was done he sat the chair up and led me to that beautiful barber chair. While he was wrapping the apron around me, he commented on how "tight" I was.

He started rubbing my shoulders in what I would call a "professional" manner. But then, his hands moved across my pecs, over my nipples and down my stomach a bit. For the first time ever… I felt that little shiver of anticipation that I had felt from the schoolgirls I had put in the same position.

My only response, was raise up, the slightest bit, to give him the most subtle approval. If I had read it right… he could try for more. If I'd misread him… I could avoid any embarrassment. But he stopped and returned to my hair. After a while of fussing with clippers, then scissors, then finishing up with clippers again he spun me around to the mirror to get my approval. I had been very relaxed during this time, eyes closed and thinking about what had transpired. Apparently it had had it's affect as when I opened my eyes to see the progress in the mirror… I realized I had a raging erection.

Boots never commented on it and completely ignored it. He then suggested we go back to the sink and rinse off all the clippings so that I wouldn't itch during my workout. He suggested I remove my shirt so he could shake it out. I took off the shirt and sat back in the chair laying my head back into the sink. He proceeded to rinse the clippings off my head, shoulders and chest. Then he took a towel and gently wiped the excess off. He then motioned me back to the barber chair for some "clean up".

Sliding back in the chair he laid it back in an almost flat position. He took the towel and was drying my chest again. As his hand came in contact with the skin of my stomach and hips… I accidentally let out an audible moan. He stopped with the drying and placed his hand flat on my lower belly. I felt his other hand move to my chest and in particular, my nipple. While he was rubbing gentle circles around my nipple, the first hand slowly slid into my shorts and under my jock.

Within seconds, his soft hand was wrapped around my full teenage cock. He moved to the end of the chair and started to slide down my shorts.

Never hearing him say a word I raised my hips to allow my shorts to slide off easier. Boots adjusted the foot rests on the chair to raise my feet up a bit.

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The position they were in allowed my knees to drop open comfortably. Next thing I know Boots had reached into a heater unit and brought out a massage oil. He also set up his clippers again. He went to work on my groin, balls and ass crack with the clippers and trimmed off all the excess hair… leaving me a nice patch above my cock so I looked somewhat normal, but clipping all the rest away. Next he pulled out a razor and shave cream and made my balls and ass as smooth as a baby.

The feeling was fabulous and I was starting to squirm. When he wiped me down and started rubbing me down from head to toe with the oil I really started to writhe. God, my cock was hard.

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But he was leaving it alone. He continued on with an incredible rub down.

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It wasn't the activity that was so fantastic, but the position he had me in; totally vulnerable. In a place that was usually full of people. I knew we were alone&hellip. But the feeling of being on display was incredible. When I was putty and completely willing to follow his lead, he grabbed my hips and motioned for me to move them to the edge of the chair. Doing that brought my knees up. Boots took out some straps and strapped my tennis shoes to the footrests.

Then he moved to the head of the chair and motioned for me to raise my arms up. Not sure what he used, but he bound my hands together and tied them over my head. The reality of my situation started to sink in and I got a little nervous… but Boots then reached over and circled his fist around my dick and got my total attention.

He worked it back to its rock hard status and then stepped back. He started unbuttoning his frock.

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He laid it neatly over the sofa and then sat down and removed his shoes, socks and pants. He was wearing something of a leather thong with a hole through which protruded a nice, average size cock with a definitive mushroom head.

He walked back to me, bound and shiny, circling up to the area around my head. This was a first. His cock, which had been semi hard, was now stretching out and becoming stiff. He landed it on my cheek. I gasped as he rubbed it around my face and, at the same time began pinching a nipple.

As I gasped and my mouth opened a bit the cockhead found its way home. I rolled my head over to allow for better entry. It was smooth, hard but soft at the same time.

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It tasted of soap and clean. There was never, ever, a bad feeling about it. No disgust. No "gay" fear. Nothing. I was Just enjoying a few moments of providing a mystic feeling and enjoying the attention.

About the time Boot's cock had grown to maximum size and girth, he pulled it back from my reach. He stepped to the foot of the chair, between my outstretched knees. His hands began rubbing my chest, ribs, stomach and hips… growing more rough by the moment.

The attention had me straining against the ropes… not to escape, but to rush him to the next steps. I was giving him my best erotic movement possible while strapped down. Eventually, I felt that next step coming. That mushroom head was at the entrance to my tight, virgin ass. I felt Boots applying an incredibly slick oil to both his cock and my entire ass crack. Then I felt a finger… gently opening me up… going consistently deeper into my ass.

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Shortly thereafter a second finger joined it, opening me up a bit more. Moments later… I was empty. Then the pressure of that mushroom head reappeared. More persistent. more force and it popped in while I let out a yelp. Boots had patience though and waited until I got used to the head. Then I got another inch… and back out to the head. He kept working it over and over again until four of the six inches were in… just past the swollen part.

How on earth was he not cumming? I was tight… and helpless. The last move of his was to rear back and drive the last two inches in to the hilt, prompting me to arch my back like a bitch in heat.

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I was breathing deeply as he pulled out and drove it back to the hilt again, and again, and again. Still he wasn't cumming!


Every connection of his hips with my groin brought a grown and the writhe out of me. My cock was so hard I couldn't stand it. Just seeing it there, angry and red was torture enough. Just when I was getting into a rhythm… Boots stopped his hammering. He unstrapped my feet and them moved and untied my hands from the chair… but left them bound together. He pulled me up from the chair and took me over to a massage table the he lowered to about 2 feet off the floor. Laying me down on my stomach with my head through the face port he proceeded to connect my bound hands to the leg of the table.

Moments later I felt straps binding my knees together and then more straps binding my ankles together and finally strapping my feet down to the table.

Boots then took a pillow and doubling it up, forced it under my hips. I wasn't ready for the first slap to my ass and I jumped… but moaned. It wasn't hard enough to hurt but enough to make me squirm. Five slaps later he stopped. It was then I felt him straddle the table and my legs. My ass was the perfect height for his still rock hard cock. And it was then, it that beautiful prone position that I learned the meaning of a fierce fuck. He was in and out of me in a most brutal, and pleasurable fashion.

I couldn't tell if it was pain or pleasure, but I was in no position to stop it.


After about five minutes of this, he stopped, and began removing the straps to my legs. He rolled me over onto my back with my hands still above my head.

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Untying my legs he folded me over so my knees were toward my shoulders. Then he sank that cock back into my ass, driving it to the base and he stopped. He reached down with one hand and began jacking my own cock, which had been dying to blow a load. Not two minutes later it was blowing&hellip. More than I'd ever blown… and right into my open mouth.

Moments later Boots pulled out of my ass and blew his entire, full load, straight into my open mouth. He dropped my legs down and forced me to show him my mouth full of come and then swallow every drop. Again… more pleasant than not. He sent me to the shower in the back and had me clean up. When I came back out dressed, he was dressed too. Ready to go, as if nothing ever happened. He suggested I return within two weeks to keep the hair looking good and suggested that Saturday, at 3:00 PM was always a good time to come.

It was a great summer. and my hair looked great.