Gay orgy Jordan and Marco commence things off with some kisses

Gay orgy Jordan and Marco commence things off with some kisses
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As Paul's eyes focused on the ceiling it gradually occurred to him that it was the wrong color. He raised his head and realised that he was in Mandy's room. His head started pounding. He laid back on the bed and tried to remember what had happened the night before.

He and Mandy had gone to a couple of nightclubs and had ended up getting drunk in a gay and lesbian club. Paul shifted under the bed covers as he remembered how he and Mandy had danced together. How had he ended up in her bed?

Then he remembered lying naked in her arms on the bed, letting Mandy suck and caress his breasts. He remembered slipping his hard cock into her eager pussy and coming deep inside her. Paul's eyes shot wide open. He had orgasmed INSIDE Mandy! He could see a sleeping figure next to him out of the corner of his eye.

With all that in her, she must have contracted the DNA virus from the lower-half of his body. By now, Mandy must be well on her way to manhood, if she hadn't already completed the change.

He considered slipping out of bed, grabbing his clothes, and running from the apartment, but he knew he couldn't do that to Mandy.

Holding his breath, he slowly turned to confront the person sleeping next to him.

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The face was still Mandy's, beautiful even in sleep. Her face hadn't altered at all. He lifted the bedcovers to see if her body had changed at all.

The soft, curvy body was just as he recalled it from the previous night. "Good Morning, Paula." said Mandy in a sleepy voice. Paul hastily dropped the covers. Mandy just giggled, "Yep.

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we did it all right. It wasn't a dream." She lifted the covers and stared at Paul's body. She reached down to his cock and pulled something off of it. "You forgot to take the condom off last night." A condom? Thank God! "I don't remember putting it on." he admitted.

"I did it while you were licking me into a frenzy. I don't plan to get pregnant just yet and you were too blitzed to think about contraception." She continued to admire his body. "To be honest, I'm surprised that you can still function as a man with breasts that large." "There's a good reason why.

I didn't.

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become. like this through hormones or surgery." Mandy ran a hand over one of Paul's firm breasts. "You can say that again. These haven't been anywhere near a surgeon's knife." Paul carried on, trying to ignore the feelings of arousal, that he was feeling at Mandy's soft caresses.

"Up to just over two weeks ago I was a normal forty-year-old man. I was exposed to a new man-made virus that alters the body.


There are two different ones running around inside me, that's why I've got a male half and a female half." Mandy laughed. "Seriously, though.


This is due to female hormones, isn't it?" "No!" Paul exclaimed. He pulled back the bed covers. "Look here," he said pointing to his waist.

"This is where the two halves meet." Mandy bent over to examine Paul's waist.

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Her mouth dropped open and she looked up at Paul. "The skin on the upper half is smoother and a lighter shade." she said in a very surprised tone. "So why did you do this to yourself?" Paul sighed.

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"I didn't. It's a long story." Mandy was stunned. "I didn't realise this was possible. Why did you come here?" "There is a doctor here who owes me a big favor. He's trying to crack it.

He works at a place called Quince Biochemicals." "No wonder you were so reluctant to talk to men.

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I thought you were a lesbian. Especially the way you were eyeing me up every chance you got." Paul thought for a moment.

"Last night. Did you deliberately set out to seduce me?" "No, not really. I've never had a really good relationship with men, and I suppose I've always been a bit bisexual. So I decided that if you tried to get in bed with me I'd let it happen.

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Then, when we were dancing, I realised you were a man. Or, at least, part of you was. The best of both worlds if you like. I couldn't get you into bed fast enough after I discovered that." Her hands drifted down to his cock, which was already returning to life.

She smiled as she saw her efforts being rewarded, and she reached over to the bedside drawer for another condom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------