Me gustaria ser dominada por el

Me gustaria ser dominada por el
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This story follows on from 'wife takes more black cock' About a month passed from our night spent with Anton in the hotel and during that time myself and Hannah had had some of the best sex that we have ever had.

She had become far more open about her sexuality and far more willing to try different experiences. It was a Wednesday night and we were sitting together watching TV when out of the blue Hannah said "can we arrange to meet up with Anton this weekend?" I was a bit shocked at first because the question came out of nowhere but after a minute the images of her getting fucked by that huge black cock came flooding back and I readily agreed to give him a call.

I felt nervous as I dialled his number but he answered quickly and instantly remembered me. When I told him that Hannah wanted to meet this weekend he enthusiastically agreed and told me to book the same hotel room as before for the Friday night. Just as we were about to end the conversation he said "make sure you book it for Friday AND Saturday nights, I am gonna fuck that slut of yours ALL weekend". My cock grew instantly hard at the thought of him punishing Hannah for 48 hours straight and then he finished by saying "oh and don't set off to the hotel on Friday until I have called you.

I will have some further demands of her before we meet". With that he hung up the phone. I sat on the sofa with the phone in my hand as images of Hannah being fucked by Anton for a full week flashed through my mind.

Hannah looked across and smiled at me. "Get over here and suck my cock" I demanded, "if you want that black cock this weekend you're gonna suck me and swallow my load right now". She was desperate for his black cock so she jumped out of her seat, dropped onto her knees and slowly crawled across the floor towards me.

As she got close to me she knelt up and pulled down her top to reveal her tits, then crawled up next to my lap. I undid my belt and she pulled my trousers and pants down from my waist.

My hard cock sprung free and I grabbed her hard by her hair, pulling her head back so she was looking my in the eye. "Anton wants to fuck you for the whole weekend so we need to get you well trained. Open wide baby".

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With that I forced her head down hard onto my cock, not stopping until it was in her throat and her lips were touching my balls. I held her there as I whispered to her " this is nothing compared to how Anton is gonna punish you". As her breathing slowed I allowed her to release my cock from her throat but as she gasped for breath I forced it straight back in, catching her in between breaths.


Again she began to struggle as her lungs screamed for oxygen but I held her firmly in position, only releasing her as her eyes began to roll. She gasped for air but I could tell from the look in her eye that she was loving every second. I pushed myself back in but this time began a steady rhythm in and out. Looking down watching her gagging with each stroke was too much and i felt my balls begin to swell.

I held her head again as I shot load after load of my juice deep down her throat. " you better get to bed now baby, you'll need all your energy for this weekend" After Hannah had taken herself off to bed i rang the hotel and made sure that I booked the same room as before for the full weekend. Friday arrived and we had both returned home from work excitedly wondering what exactly the weekend would bring.

We packed a small overnight case and Hannah put in as much of her sexy lingerie as possible. Just as she was about to start getting changed at about 6 pm there was a ring at the door.

I answered the door and there was a parcel delivery driver with parcel addressed to both of us. I signed for the parcel and closed the door. I took the parcel up to the bedroom where Hannah was just about to get into the shower and opened it on the bed.

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It contained a tiny red lacy dress and a note from Anton which read; Hannah Make sure that you are wearing this when you come to the hotel tonight along with the tallest heels you have. I will meet you both in the bar at 8pm sharp. Anton PS. Make sure that you don't wear any underwear under that dress.

Failure to follow my instructions exactly will lead to punishments. Hannah grinned from ear to ear as she held up the tiny see through dress. She then jumped intot he shower and began to get ready. I was already ready to go so went downstairs to get a drink. Nearly an hour later, Hannah came down the stairs and stood in the living room. She looked stunning.

The dress was see through and left very little to the imagination. I could see that she had fully shaven her pussy and that she had followed Anton's instructions to the letter. She had no underwear on at all and a pair of 5 inch black heels. The dress was so short that as she turned round it hardly covered the cheeks of her ass. "Baby you are such a slut" I teased. "I know baby.

I am your black cock slut". I kissed her hard and we headed to the car. We drove to the hotel in silence as we both pondered what Anton may have planned for the weekend. I parked the car in the hotel garage and we took the elevator up to the hotel bar and reception.

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As we left the lift 3 guys in suits were stood in the reception area. As my wife approached the all stared and i overheard one say to the other " she must be a hooker dressed like that". I ignored the comment as loved the tough of these guys looking at my slutty wife in this way. We checked in at reception and found that Anton had already checked in and had taken the room key so we headed to the bar.

As we walked into the bar I spotted Anton at a table at the far side of the bar.

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We headed over and as every head in the whole bar watched my wife Anton smiled as he realised she had followed every instruction to the letter. As we got to the table he stood to greet us and told Hannah to sit in the chair facing him. We sat and straight away he leaned in and said to Hannah "you look like a perfect little slut. Now uncross your legs and place your feet on the floor a foot apart".

Hannah did as she was told but kept her knees close together. "Spread your knees baby". Slowly she opened her knees revealing to Anton her freshly shaved pussy.

"Now don't move". He waived over a female waitress who came and stood by him. He ordered a drink and then the waitress turned her attention to Hannah. As soon as the waitress looked towards Hannah she noticed how she was sitting and got a clear view of her already glistening slit.

She pretended not to notice as she took Hannah's order but couldn't take her eyes off Hannah's pussy. I then ordered a drink and the waitress left to make up our order. Whilst she was gone Anton looked Hannah up and down for a few seconds then said " now I want to see you spread those wet lips". Hannah looked nervous but slowly lowered her hand to her pussy.

She looked Anton in the eye as she placed a finger either side of her pussy lips. She began to spread her fingers apart and her lips parted revealing her red slit. Pussy juice flowed out onto her dress, soaking through onto the seat. "now don't move again until we get our drinks". He smiled at her as she squirmed in her seat knowing the waitress was going to get a full view of her open hole. The waitress approached wit our drinks and again stood next to Anton to serve them.

She nearly dropped her tray as she noticed Hannah sitting with her pussy pulled wide open. She caught Hannah's gaze for a second and smiled before dropping her eyes back to her pussy. As she served the drinks she didn't take her eyes of Hannah's wet hole, which obviously turned Hannah on even more because without warning she moved her other hand down to her pussy and pushed two fingers deep into her sopping hole.

The waitress stared in amazement as Hannah slowly fingered her own pussy. She regained her composure before leaving our drinks and walking off back to the bar. " You really are a filthy slut" I said to Hannah as she continued fingering herself whilst her gaze locked onto Anton's obviously growing erection. We sat for about 15 mins and for the whole time whilst we drank our drinks Hannah fingered and stroked her wet pussy.

On more than one occasion I thought she was actually going to cum right there in the bar. After 15 mins Anton broke the silence. "Now I am going to go up to the room and I want you to follow in 5 minutes". He got up and walked across the bar and from where I was sitting I noticed that he said something to our waitress as he passed her by the door.

As I returned my gaze to Hannah she pulled her fingers from inside her pussy and slowly placed them inside her mouth, licking her own juices off with her tongue.

My cock was rock hard as I saw the desire in her eyes and I thought to myself, this is going to be one hell of a weekend. The five minutes passed and Hannah got up from her seat "Come on baby lets go have some fun" she teased as she turned and bent over right in front of me to pick up her handbag, giving me a perfect view of her sopping pussy lips and her tight ass hole. I followed her from the bar and across the reception area to the lift. Again everyone in the room stopped and starred as Hannah, my little slut, sauntered past with everything on show.

We got in the lift and as the doors shut she moved in and kissed me hard. She reached down and grabbed my cock through my trousers "you're gonna have to be patient baby" she teased and she stroked me slowly. We got to the first floor and went straight t the room.

Hannah knocked on the door and Anton opened it wearing nothing but his huge erection. Hannah grined from ear to ear as we both entered the room. He closed the door behind us and before I could even get towards the sofa I heard Hannah scream out behind me. I spun round and saw that Anton had unexpectedly grabbed Hannah roughly by her hair and was almost lifting her off the floor. "Do you promise to do everything I say, without question for the next two days" he quietly growled in her ear.

She whimpered a reply of yes as he pulled harder on her hair. "Louder bitch" he shouted as he yanked her upwards again. "YES, YES, YES" she screamed. He dropped her on the floor and her legs gave way under her. As she lay on the floor he straddled her chest, pinning her arms down under his knees.

He lowered his hips and dropped his balls onto her face.

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As he did this he turned to me and said "sit down on the sofa, and don't leave it until I tell you to do so". I sat down and watched as Hannah opened her mouth and started to lick and suck at his huge balls.

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His cock looked bigger than ever and he began to stroke it as she pleasured his balls. After a few minutes she stood up and walked over to a draw. He opened it and took out a long length of rope. He walked to the large window where he had fucked Hannah the last time they were together and threw one end of the rope over the strong curtain rail, pulling it down so that both ends dropped equally.

He walked back to where Hannah was still lying on the floor and dragged her over to the window. She glanced out and saw that the square below was again busy with people going about their business. He spun her round so that her back was against the window and began winding one end of the rope tightly around her wrists in front of her. Once she was tightly bound her took the other end or the rope and pulled down hard on it.

Hannah's hand shot up above her head, but Anton continued to apply pressure, pulling until her arms were straight up above her head and she began to teeter on her tiptoes. Once he was happy with her position he tied the rope off around the leg of the bed and stood back to admire his prey hanging in the window. He went back to the draw and took out a small pair of scissors. He walked to her and made a small cut at the neckline of her dress.

He dropped the scissors and placed a hand on either side of the cut. With one strong movement he ripped her dress from top to bottom, leaving her hanging naked in the window. Juice from her pussy glistened in the evening light as it ran down her leg. Not a word was spoken. He admired her naked body for a second then returned to the drawer for a third time. This time he returned with something in each hand. In his right hand as a very large dildo which he placed on the bed and in the other a small whip which he held tightly.

He moved to Hannah and spun her so that she was facing the window, baring all to the street below where a couple had already noticed her hanging naked in the window. He circled Hannah, slowly stroking his huge cock as he admired her body.

As he walked behind her he stopped and I watched as he took a long back swing and then brought the whip down hard across her ass. She screamed out loud and momentarily lost her balance on her tiptoes. Again he raised his arm SMACK., she screamed again.


He walked back to her front "each time you scream you will get another one. Do you understand me?

Hannah nodded as she bit her lip as the pain scorched through her ass. Anton walked behind her again, SMACK, the whip landed across her back leaving a long red line. Hannah winced and lost her balance but held her scream. "good girl" Anton whispered as he gently stroked the whip along her back. SMACK, the whip contacted her ass again. Hannah actually moaned with pleasure as she became used to the paint that Anton was inflicting. Anton moved slowly around until he stood in front of Hannah.

As she watched he stroked his throbbing cock which seemed to be getting harder by the second. He was really taking his time with her. He let her hand for what must have been 5 minutes before suddenly lifting his arm and bringing the whip down across Hannah's tits. The pain caused her to scream slightly and instantly Anton reacted and repeated his punishment to her tits. Another scream and this time he whipped her across the stomach.

He held her composure and Anton held off giving her a fourth whipping. The red marks were beginning to cover her body and during the half hour that Anton had spent punishing Hannah a crowd had formed in the square below. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Anton placed his whip on the bed and turned Hannah to face the door.

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He walked to the door without putting on any clothes and pulled the handle. The door opened an in stepped a woman. She was wearing a cream coloured long mac style coat with black patent high heels. It took a few second by we both suddenly recognised her as the waitress from the bar downstairs.

Hannah turned to me with a look of shock on her face as the woman walked into the middle of the room. Anton closed the door and walked up behind the woman and said "this is Steph. She will be joining us for the next few hours". As he spoke Steph untied the buckle around the waistband of the coat and Anton held the coat by the collar, sliding it off her shoulders as it slipped away. I gawped in amazement at the sight before me.

Steph was wearing a very short black PVC dress with a corset style top which pushed her ample tits up into an amazing cleavage. She had 6 inch high stilettos and black gloves that finished above her elbows.

She looked stunning and has topped it off with bright red lipstick covering her full blowjob lips. Anton stood and watched as Steph slowly walked across to Hannah and began to trail her gloved fingers over her naked body. She spent 5 mins doing this and with each touch I could see Hannah getting wetter and wetter. Steph walked to the bed, picked up the whip and retuned to stand in front of Hannah. "Have you been a good girl for Anton?" she quizzed Hannah.

Hannah nodded and Steph walked around her trailing the whip across her already marked skip. As she stood in the window Steph slowly spun Hannah so that she was again facing out of the window. Steph walked back behind her and ran the head of the whip down between the cheeks of her ass and forward, running it along Hannahs wet pussy.

As this happened Hannah altered her stance slightly to allow her legs to part. As Hannah spread her legs I saw Steph pull the whip back and in one fluid motion brought it forward and up, SMACK, connecting the full length of Hannah's pussy. Hannah screamed loudly and SMACK the whip connected again before she had chance to close her legs. Hannah completely lost her footing and hung completely by her wrists as Steph brought the whip down again across Hannah's ass.

I watched in awe as Hannahs pussy juice flowed down her legs as she was whipped by her sexy mistress. Anton watched on, stroking his huge cock as Hannah slowly regained her footing allowing Steph to continue circling her, whip in hand.

She allowed Hannah a few minutes to recover from her pussy lashing before she resumed her punishment. SMACK she thrashed the whip hard across Hannah's tits, SMACK this time across her stomach. This time Hannah didn't make any sound at all and Steph looked at Anton "I think our slut is trained" she said as she set down the whip on the floor.

Hannah hung her head and I noticed tears running down her face. Anton walked over to where he had tied off the rope and undid the knot, letting the rope run free. Hannah dropped to her knees on the floor with her hands still bound in front of her.

Anton walked over to Steph and led her by the hand to the window. He made her face the window and told her to bend forward from her waist keeping her legs straight. Steph did exactly as she was told and Anton moved behind her, roughly pulling her dress up to reveal her gorgeous ass and pussy. He reached down and pulled Hannah up by her hair. "Are you ready to eat some pussy baby" Anton whipsered to Hannah. Hannah has never had any experience with other women but the sound of Anton telling her that she was going to do it, coupled by his strong physical presence seemed to make her jump at the chance.

She quickly knelt up and as she did so Anton pushed her face into the waiting pussy. I watched eagerly as my wife began to lick vigorously up and down the length of Steph's pussy. Steph moaned and reached round with both hands, pulling her ass cheeks wide apart. Hannah didn't need a second invite and thrust her tongue greedily upwards to Steph's tight ass.

She swirled her tongue round and round before beginning to push it deep into her tightest hole. Anton moved in front of Steph and without needing instruction she opened her mouth. Anton pushed his cock forward into her mouth and she expertly took him deep into her throat as Hannah continued to lick and probed at her ass.

As Anton began to stroke his cock in and out of Steph's mouth he leaned over and ran his band down over her back and down between the cheeks of her ass. As his fingers reached Stephs ass he held them out for Hannah. She took his two fingers into her mouth before he pulled them out and put them on the opening of Steph's tight hole. He pushed his fingers deep inside her ass as he thrust his cock back into her throat whilst Hannah went back to lapping at Steph's wet cunt.

Steph moaned loudly as Anton and Hannah pleasured all of her holes and within minutes she came hard, squirting her juices all over Hannah's face that was buried in her pussy. Anton pulled out of Stephs mouth and told her to get down on all fours. He moved Hannah to kneel next to Steph and pushed her face down so it was resting on Stephs ass. Anton moved behind Steph and pushed straight into her tight, wet ass.

She moaned as he pushed straight in up to his balls. He then pulled right out and forced his cock straight from her ass into Hannahs waiting mouth.

He repeated this over and over until he was close to cumming before he stopped and held his cock still in Steph's ass. He held back but from where I watched I could tell he wanted to shoot his first load. After a few seconds he pulled his cock from Steph's ass and grabbed Hannah by the hair, dragging her roughly across the room to a sofa.

He lifted her up and threw her onto the sofa on her back. He got between her legs and lifted them high, pushing them back so that her knees were up round her ears. Her holes were wide open for his taking and he held her ankles firmly as he eyed up her holes. In one motion he thrust forward and decided on her ass. Within a slipt second he was balls deep and Hannah screamed out loudly at his sudden intrusion into her bowels. He ignored her and began to thrust his full length in and out, grunting as he did so and calling her a filthy slut.

It didn't take long before he was ready to cum and he pulled out. Steph had moved for a closer view and he grabbed her and pushed her face next to Hannah's. In three tugs of his huge cock he unleashed a huge load over the faces of the two sluts and then proceeded to wipe his cock over their cum covered faces before collapsing onto the sofa.

I couldn't resist any longer and stood up from my vantage point. I stripped off as I walked and as I reached the two women I was down to my pants.

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I stood and pulled them down, releasing my throbbing cock. Steph was kneeling on the floor with her face still next to Hannah's. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her ass up so that she was on her knees facing Hannah. I lined my cock up with her tight ass and pushed it straight in.

It slipped in easily as Anton had previously spread her wide open and I began to fuck her hard whilst slapping her ass cheeks. She moaned loudly for me as she leaned forward and began to lick Anton's cum form my wifes face as I fucked her ass. The sight of this slut licking cum form Hannah's face quicly sent me over the edge and I felt my balls tighten. I pulled out from Stephs sexy ass and shot my load all over her face as she continued to lick cum from Hannah's face.

I laid on the floor and watched as Hannah and Steph spent the next 10 mins licking every drop of our cum from eac others faces. Anton then stood up ready for more. that will follow in the next instalment.