Hot and horny teens enjoy their new neighbor

Hot and horny teens enjoy their new neighbor
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I had met Geoff not long after my 16th birthday in a nightclub in my hometown, he was a 24 year old soldier great body and a great laugh but was stationed up the road and so only saw each other at weekends. He soon took my virginity and it was a proper fuckfest every weekend that he came down.

We were together for 2 years when he was told that he was being sent to Germany for 3 years, and that's when out off the blue he proposed. And by now I had grown into a 5ft 4 36f cum luving slut, so why wouldn't he.

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And so 6 months later I arrived in a shitty little flat miles from any where in Germany no friends and for the first month no husband as he was on exercise. However when he got back he did make it up to me by fucking me red raw for the next 2 weeks including taking my anal virginity which lucky for me he only had a 5" not to wide cock but as it was the only one I had had I luved it.

it was kinky and naughty.

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But then the bombshell hit he had been good to me as he was going away for 3 months training and then when he was done with that he was going away for 6 months but would not say where. As you can imagine I went ballistic at the little shit bag but after a week or so I calmed down and 1 evening we went to a corporals mess function where I got chatting with 1 or 2 wives I had met over the last few weeks and as the drinks flowed it got round to sex and how the wives coped some didn't care some said there washing machine was there best friend but when the talk of vibrators and dildos came out I was both embarrassed but also wide eyed and listening.

1 of the girls called my man over and they all teased him that he would have to take me to the sex shop in the next big town to get me sorted, as they did so 1 of the other girls told me quietly that if I wanted a better shop I should go the other way to the larger city where the shop was a lot more friendly and did not charge entry to women wanting to go into the cabins and kino and was a lot more well managed with different areas for different activities, she just winked at me and then carried on talking to her friend.

On the following Saturday after waking my man up with a deep long blowjob and swallowing his load I asked about the sex shop and he agreed to take me, he normally agrees to anything after sex, and so in the late afternoon we set off for the 1 down the road.


After a bit of time we finally found it and parked up I held on to his arm tightly almost burying my head into his shoulder as we went in and yet my pussy was soaking, it was only small but there were 3 other guys plus 2 behind the counter and I could feel all there eyes on meas we walked aroud I felt uncomfortable and never released my grip on my man who just laughed at me, as we approached the far side near the cashier my man pointed to a curtain with a corridor behind it and asked if I wanted to go in there, I looked at him sort of puzzled and he spoke to the cashier payed him some money and in we went.

My eyes were on stalks each side of the corridor were single person cabins with a seat and a tv playing proper hardcore porn as we went along an old guy about 55+ came out of 1 of the cabins still wanking his quite large hard cock, I didn't mean to but I just stared open mouthed at his cock he saw me look then looked at my man and smiled then walked off behind another curtain at the end.

My fella just looked at me and asked if I was ok and I just stuttered something that he just laughed and pulled my hand to his groin and with his other hand popped the button on my jeans and pulled down the zipper, his hand went straight inside my nickers and two fingers found there way straight inside me, I gave a feeble no no what if someone comes and he just replied someone is about to and started kissing me as he frigged me quicker, as my legs turned to jelly I grabbed hold of his shoulder and out of the corner of my eye I realised 2 men were stood there only a few feet away both with there cocks in hand watching me cum which made me cum even harder.


I held on to my man as I calmed down and as 1 of the german fellas walked past he stopped and I watched him as he circled his middle finger around his precum soaked cockhead and then lifted to my mouth and trailed it softly over my lips, I was just about to go crazy when my man turned to me and kissed me on the lips and asked if I wanted to leave or go and sit down, I was just about to say lets leave when I felt his hardcock against my groin and I knew I wanted to fuck him.

We cant leave till ive taken care of you can we sweety, he took me by the hand and lead my through the other curtain and down some steps which lead to a small very dark corridor a curtain at 1 end with a bit of light from a tv and another room of to the right with no lights in atall except when my man pulled back the curtain from the tv room I noticed a cushioned bench about 4 ft high in the middle of the room which was about 10 ft square we carried on into the room with the tv it had about 20 cinema style chairs in that I could make out as the only light was coming from a large tv at the far end.

We went up near the back and I realised we were not alone but being so dim and so horny I didn't care he sat next to the wall and straight away pulled out his cock, I got on my knees and took it in my mouth, he then whispered for me to kneel on the chairs instead and after readjusting went back to my hungry task as I was doing so I felt him tug up my t shirt and pull it off followed by my bra, he played with my nipples pulling them downward just the way I like it and then he pulled my jeans down over my arse and pushed a finger into my arse my bum spasmed around his finger and then he told me to take off my jeans as he wanted to fuck my holes hard and fast.

I stood and faced away from him and that's when I saw the other guys crowded around us all wanking there cocks I grabbed for my jeans but my man stood up and bent me forward over the seat infront and stuck his cock into me in 1 motion, I grabbed the chair in front both to stop falling over and to push back on such an amazing feeling, he kept pumping hard and fast making my tits bounce around uncontrollably and as my orgasm was building a hand pulled my head to the side and I felt string of hot sperm hit my face and just as quick my head went to the other side and this cock went into my mouth as he shot his stuff.

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My head went back to the middle and another cock was shoved into my mouth, I suddenly heard my man say oh god yes you dirty slut oh god yes and slam into me 1 last time as he came what felt like bucket loads inside me. He fell back into his chair and as I was about to move the guy fucking my mouth held me in place and then another set of hands on my arse followed my a cock buried balls deep. I turned my head enough to see my man smileing as he watched to total strangers fuck me so I put on a show for him moaning like a porn slut and taking 2 loads in my mouth and 4 in and over my sore pussy.

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As I went to dress he said no not until we were back upstairs and so I followed him upstairs cum dripping of my cheeks and out of my pussy as we got to the entrance he gave me my jeans and tshirt no underwear and we left. As soon as we got in we went to bed where after sucking him back to life I moved myself up and opened up my arse for him to fuck and whilst doing so I reminded him we would have to go back as he still owed my a dildo for when he was away or I would have to go back there by myself, which I already knew was guaranteed anyway.

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