Cute girl with glasses on webcam

Cute girl with glasses on webcam
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This was a 1,000 word competition entry. enjoy "Amy, Are you OK?" Don't you hate that question? Especially when you are trying to kid the world that everything is fine! Right now, 22 year old Amy hated many things but her deepest loathing was for her ex-boyfriend who, after 7 years, dumped her for a 38 year old tart. Just thinking of it brought tears to her eyes so she dried them and moved on. However, five minutes later in the bathroom, she looked at her bum in the mirror and shook her head, confident that her tight little arse was pretty nice.

The same thoughts on the reflection of a slim, beautiful girl with flawless skin, pretty eyes and perfectly proportioned boobs. Her work attire of red shorts and white T-shirt (without a bra) looked great.

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She smiled and judging her ex's decision, said, "Yeah he's a dick!" Back behind the counter at the bowling alley, Amy surveyed the empty hall. It was early but Tuesday nights were crap in the summer so she read her magazine.

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Shortly after, Maria, her boss breezed in. Amy admired Maria, an elegant, confident 34 year old who always looked after her employees. "Hey!" She said brightly, "Busy Tuesday then?" Amy sighed, "Yeah! Awesome!" Maria paused. She'd seen it. Then it came!


"Amy? Are you OK?" Amy started a rehearsed reply but her emotions let her down and she just started crying, managing to reveal that Chris had dumped her before her head dropped to her chest and the sobs took over. Maria moved behind Amy's chair and wrapped her arms around her, kissed her cheek and whispered comforting words in her ear, trying to hug the sadness away.

Amy felt the warmth run through her and suddenly felt cared for and secure. Maria held her tightly and Amy held her boss's arms but inadvertently did something to change the night. It was a tiny hint of a message to Maria and she responded by kissing Amy's cheek again.

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Without thinking, Amy had softly stroked Maria's arms with her thumbs, innocent enough but it triggered previously suppressed feelings of desire for her sexy, young employee.

Maria broke the embrace and Amy turned to face her, looking a little sheepish. Maria spoke softly, "Give me a minute, no need to move!" Maria leant over and kissed Amy's forehead, testing the young girl.

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Amy smiled. Her boss walked over to the main doors, flicked the latch and turned down the lights before returning to Amy. She reached the swivel chair, spun it away from her and asked, "Now, where were we?" Amy giggled and allowed her bosses arms to cross her chest and didn't flinch as Maria's hands flicked at the base of her t-shirt and she felt fingers on her skin on each side of her body.

She thanked Maria for being so nice but said she shouldn't close the place. "Trust me Amy, it's no big deal!" She said, kissing the girl's neck. She then took a bigger step with her words, "I'd rather be holding you than watch an empty club!" Quickly adding, "I can't have upset employees!" Instantly though, Amy's thumbs stopped. Had she gone too far? Maria then asked THAT question! "Amy? Are you OK?" Unseen to the older woman, Amy smiled, "Never better!" And with that, Amy started to stroke then softly caress Maria's arms with her whole hands and rested her head against Maria's, giving a clear signal of compliance.

Amy felt kisses moving down her neck and Maria's arms uncrossing and moving under her shirt to caress her soft, flat belly.

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She sighed and closed her eyes as they moved up towards her firm breasts. The touch was nothing like her ex and her breathing became heavier. She turned her head towards Maria, their lips met and both girls moaned softly.

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Maria pushed hard against Amy as their tongues touched and in the heat of lust, one hand pinched a nipple as the other moved swiftly to the waistband of Amy's shorts.

Maria pulled her face away and their eyes met. Amy gave the tiniest nod as she moved forward to kiss again and gasped as an expert digit slid down her trimmed pubes and snaked into her incredibly wet hole.

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She gripped the arms of the chair as the roaming fingers massaged, probed and teased her pussy. Just minutes before, Amy had never even thought about being with another girl but now, she was surrendering herself completely.

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Maria never imagined that she would ever be intimate with Amy. As a horny, gay woman she'd often drooled over her employee but, as she kissed this beautiful girl, caressed her heavenly breasts and finger fucked the wettest pussy she'd ever touched, she couldn't believe her luck! She sensed Amy's orgasm rising so she broke the kiss, removed her hands, spun the chair to face her and dropped to her knees.

She gripped the sides of the panting girl's shorts.


Amy lifted her bum and they were gone. She screamed as the hot tongue plunged into her. Yes, she'd had oral sex but nothing like the tongue and fingers which were making love to her now. Maria couldn't get enough of Amy's nectar and when she knew the climax was almost there, she slid both hands up to those perfect titties pinching hard on the tiny nipples and that was it.

The slim body beneath her writhed in ecstasy and Maria drank heavily from the added flow. Amy was floating on a euphoric cloud of sexual delight and when she began to calm down, she screeched, "THAT WAS AMAZING!" Maria moved closer to her face and kissed her softly, "It doesn't have to end here!

We could go to my place!" Amy smiled and nodded and reached for her shorts. She gave her boss another close hug and they prepared to leave the building. As they walked to Maria's car, Amy smiled at Maria's next question, positive of her answer.

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