It was freezing cold but that chick was standing outside the movie theater and obviously waiting for

It was freezing cold but that chick was standing outside the movie theater and obviously waiting for
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Chapter 1 Show time The characters, locations and events in this story are entirely fictitious and any likeness to the real world is merely coincidental. 'Oliver Perry, this is your five minute call, please make your way to the side stage immediately,' called the cold, metallic voice of the speaker in my dressing room. I wrung my hands nervously as I looked at myself one last time in the mirror before I rose from the rickety wooden chair and departed the room. My heart was pounding, I could feel my pulse quicken as I made my way through the maze of twisty corridors towards the stage.

A couple of girls in large white tutu's and a swan like costume hurried towards me. I held the door open for them as they raced past me, no doubt to make a quick costume change. 'Thanks Ollie,' said one of the girls with a warm smile who I recognised as Rebecca Bradshaw, 'good-luck,' she finished as she and her friend turned the corner and vanished.

Finally, I found the heavy, sound proofed door that led to the side of the stage and eased it aside. Immediately, I gladly felt my nerves evaporate as my senses became overwhelmed by the power of the theatre. My nostrils became filled with familiar scent of white smoke as I inclined my head upwards and smiled to the warm glow of the lights that basked my face from above. My eyes watched the many, busy stage-hands as they rushed about in a quiet, chaotic way, while my ears were filled with the bellowing sound of Tchaikovsky.

'Ahh Ollie there you are,' whispered the director in her thick, French accent as she urgently grabbed me by the elbow and led me over to my entrance position. 'How are you feeling?' she asked as she hurriedly flicked through some sheets in the clipboard she held in her well manicured hand. 'I'm fine,' I replied through a dry mouth as I gazed upon the performance on the stage that was occurring only a few meters away from me.

'Good, good,' she said absent mindedly, 'you'll be great, I just know it. Look, I know that you suffer from your nerves at times Ollie but I want you to know that your the best dancer we have at the academy. Just go out and enjoy it ok?' she finished as she patted me encouragingly on the back.

'Thanks, I will,' I answered as a stage-hand appeared to whisk her away for some important matter no doubt, 'Miss Beatrice?' I quickly called before she left, 'how many in the audience?' 'Full house dear, 2000,' she said simply before she hurried away.

I gulped, before shaking my head as I began to prepare for my entrance.

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I exhaled sharply and began to bounce on the balls of my feet as I let the inspirational music begin to fill my every cell. I felt my focus sharpen, my adrenaline increase as I watched the dance in front of me.this was what I was born to do. I could feel the eyes of the supporting dancers stood behind me upon myself, as they gathered to watch the climax of the show from the wings.

I heard them give me some words of encouragement as I began to breathe heavier and bounce quicker. Finally, I heard the note in the music that called for my entrance as with one final spring, I bounded onto the stage.

I smiled joyously as I felt 2000 pairs of eyes suddenly swivel onto me as I ran, as if in slow motion. One step.two steps.three.suddenly the music hit a high, orgasmic note as I sprang off my powerful right leg.

I could hear the faint sounds of the audience gasp as I leaped high into the air, my head held proudly as my legs spread into a mid-air split position. I landed it perfectly and quickly performed six faultless pirouettes before continuing with my solo. * 'Fantastic Oliver,' beamed Miss Beatrice as the curtain came down on the rapturous applause of the standing audience, 'congratulations on a stupendous performance,' she said as she bounded onto the stage and patted me on the back.

'Thank-you Miss Beatrice,' I replied humbly as the other dancers began to depart the stage back to their dressing rooms. 'Lets pack this set away guys si vous plait,' Miss Beatrice called to the stage-hands above the din of the departing audience behind the curtain, 'we got another show to give in London tomorrow.' Suddenly, dozens of stage-hands swooped upon the stage and began packing away the set and props, as I watched on with a sad feeling.

'Run along now son,' said one of the male workers kindly after a few minutes of me standing motionless, 'get yourself home.' I complied reluctantly, as I felt the usual empty, deflated feeling I always felt after a performance.

My mind began to wander as I aimlessly walked along the corridors. I felt terribly hot, so I peeled away my sweaty leotard so that my torso could breathe. With my mind full of many thoughts, I wandered into my dressing room and slumped down onto the chair. I suppose I best tell you all about me. I was 20 years old and I had been dancing since before I can remember.

I did all sorts of dancing, I didn't care what style it was, I loved it all. Mum used to say I danced before I could walk and talk! My Mum was amazing, she supported my dancing the best she could, always working double shifts to pay for the lessons and coming to watch my every show.

That was until the accident. When I was ten years old, Mum and Dad were driving home from work together when a drunk, teen joyrider crashed into their car. Dad lived, Mum did not. Since then, I had lived alone with Dad in what I can only describe as a fractious relationship. Dad was a businessman, who mainly concerned himself with his busy work life which consisted of selling car-parts. He never really supported my dancing, I suppose he thought it was for girls and pufters.

He'd pay half of my school fees for the academy, I guess as a tribute to Mum, while the other half I had to earn through a scholarship policy. I loved my Dad of course, but we were just two different people and in the rare moments we were together, we maintained a cordial relationship.

The academy had been fantastic to me and is where I called home. It was a boarding school, and only accepted the best dancers from around the world between the ages of eleven and twenty-one. Joining when I was twelve, I quickly rose through the ranks and by the time I was sixteen I was the principal dancer their, meaning I got all the best parts in shows. I was somewhat of a prodigy, talented at all forms of dance I did, though ballet was the style most worked on at the academy. I was tipped to have a great future in the dance world and after just turning twenty, I only had another year left their before I got to audition for the top dance company in the country, the Royal Elite Dance Company.

I felt my body begin to cool down as the fine beads of sweat that covered it finally could escape from my torso.

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Lost in my thoughts, I leant in towards the dust speckled mirror as I looked closely at myself. There was no hiding the fact that I had been blessed in the looks department. I was six foot three inches, and around twelve stones in weight. The years of heavy dance and gym training, as well as correct dieting had helped me achieve a fantastic body.

I was perfectly in trim, with well toned pecs and arms and a rippling six pack, which were enhanced by two strong V lines along my hips which ran down to my groin. My ass was tight and firm, but still maintained a curvy look and my legs though slender, were packed with bundles of muscle, especially around the thighs.

I possessed large, striking blue eyes which people said the audience fell in love with as soon as they looked into them. I had a long, straight nose and small, pink lips.


My teeth were gleaming white and straight and I had one of them contagious smiles that people could not help but smile back at. My hair was blonde in colour, which I kept short on the sides but thick, and messily sprawled across the top of my head and fringe in a arty kind of way. However, for more formal occasions I would pull it back away from my face, which would give me a more mature look.

I was luckier then most men however. As a teenager, I always had a normal looking cock which I didn't really pay much attention to when I went through puberty. However, when I was seventeen, it suddenly kept growing and growing until it finally reached a huge eight inches when erect, five inches when soft. It was very pale in colour and smooth with very few veins running along the shaft. I guess its thickness was about normal, but I didn't care much as I was thankful for its great length.

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Under my tight foreskin, lay the head of my cock, which was long, thin and had a pale pinky colour. Not only that, but also my balls grew to a large size as well. I was pleased to find that though they were large, they did not droop like an old man's and remained firmly hung just below my cock. To enhance my dick's length, I kept my pubic hair well trimmed, often down to mere bristles which I thought looked better then having a mass of tangles. Though of course I was thrilled at possessing such a fine dick, I'd often get embarrassed and self-conscious about it.

Many times, I'd see the girls in class staring or giggling behind their hands at my groin.

Unfortunately, due to the clothing we had to wear, usually tights and a leotard, nothing was left to the imagination. The giggles would be even worse if I ever got an involuntary erection. You'd think with my dancing ability and good looks I'd have the girls chasing me left, right and centre and you wouldn't be wrong. However, I rarely dated anyone due to my shy personality. The death of my mother impacted on my life greatly.

My once cheeky personality disappeared over-night and I became a quiet, shy and under confident person, which was not helped by my uncaring father. I was however an obsessive perfectionist when it came to dance, and would often spend hours alone in the studio trying to perfect a step.

My feelings of self-doubt were not helped by my sexuality, which I guess you would label as a reluctant bi-sexual. I hated the fact I had feelings for men and tried to suppress them for years but had in the last six months come to accept them a little more. I still favoured women and always tried to surround myself with them in my social life to try and curb the urges I had for men. Though I knew I was appealing to girls and had had sex a few times, I wouldn't say I was an overly sexual person, and still often found myself shy and had a habit of mumbling my words around girls.

The sound of approaching footsteps and chattering voices disturbed my thoughts as I became fully aware of my surroundings. Upon the desk I was sat were numerous good-luck cards and luscious, scented flowers the dancers sent to each other before the start of each show. However, these did not belong to me. Confusedly I looked around the room and saw the clothes rail filled with many dresses and female attire.

As the voices approaching the room became louder and clearer, I read the sheet, roughly blue-tacked to the wall with the number and occupants of each dressing room. 'Dressing Room 21 Becky's and Olivia's This was not my dressing room. Suddenly, the voices appeared outside the door, as the handle began to slowly rotate. 'Bollocks!' I thought, not wanting to be caught half-naked in a girl's changing room. I quickly looked around and saw a cupboard where the spare costumes were kept.

Quick as a flash, I effortlessly leapt out of the chair and into the cupboard, managing to close the door as two girls entered into the room. I kept the door slightly ajar, so that I would know when it was safe to leave as the two girls sat on chairs in front of the mirror. I instantly recognised them as the girls I had opened the door for earlier, Rebecca and her friend who I assumed to be Olivia.

I felt myself begin to sweat nervously as I involuntarily held my breath so as to not give away my hiding place. Through the narrow crack of the door, I found my eyes become fixated on Rebecca.

She was an extremely pretty girl from my class that I had never quite had the confidence to speak to at length. She was of average height for a girl and possessed an excellent, slender body and wonderful, naturally tanned skin. Her straight hair was a mousey brown colour, and flowed down either side of a centre parting to about chest level. Her small, but elongated brown eyes, which pointed upwards at the corners were accentuated by long, dark eye-lashes.

Her eyebrows were long and thin and her nose was small and cute, with the end of it being slightly upturned. Her straight, white teeth were hidden by her luscious, pouty lips which were usually enhanced by the dark red lip stick she wore.

Her beauty was finished off by her small, dainty chin which in turn gave her face a stunning heart-shaped look.

'Another great show,' said Olivia as both girls used the mirror to begin to remove the chalk white make-up from their faces. 'Yes, can't wait for London tomorrow,' replied Rebecca excitedly. Olivia nodded as the two girls continued to remove their make-up. I watched on anxiously from my hiding place as my mouth began to dry-up. 'So,' said Olivia after a few minutes of silence, 'Oliver danced amazing tonight didn't he?' I felt my body give a small jolt at the mention of my name.

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'Yes.yes he did,' Rebecca responded, 'and he was so polite to hold the door open for us. He seems such a sweet boy.' Suddenly, much to my shock, both girls lowered their leotards from their shoulders to reveal their breasts. Olivia, who had a bigger build, possessed a pair of large breasts with pale areolas and not very big nipples. However, I only had eyes for Rebecca's superb tits. Her breasts were beautifully in proportion to her body, about a C size and perfectly round in shape.

They were wonderfully tanned, giving them a look as if they had been drizzled in honey. Matching her tanned skin, her small areolas were a dark brown colour and her nipples were lovely and pointy.

Immediately, I began to feel a hot, growing sensation underneath my boxers as I stared longingly at her breasts. 'You still going to ask him out?' asked Olivia as she began to rub the glitter off her chest and boobs, with a towel causing them to move about pleasurably. 'I want too,' began Rebecca as she took hold of her breasts and shook them a few times in her hands, watching the outcome in the mirror as if she wasn't happy with her appearance, 'I don't know if he likes me though, he hardly ever talks to me when I try to chat to him in class.' 'Maybe he's just shy,' replied Olivia as she began to to tie-up her hair in a knot, 'you know the heart-ache he's been through.' 'I know.I know,' said Rebecca as she too began to do her hair, causing her breasts to stretch upwards nicely, 'it must have been terrible to lose his mother like that.' My cock by now was rock hard as it pressed uncomfortably against the prison like confines of my leotard and tights.

Quietly, I reached down and tried to loosen the material against my groin. As I did this, I felt my elbow connect with an object behind me. In horror, I watched as the broom my elbow had hit clatter to the ground loudly, causing both girls to jump out of their seats. 'What was that?' exclaimed Olivia in panic as both girls turned towards my hiding place. Without a moments hesitation, Rebecca strode over to the cupboard and opened the door fully, revealing a shaky-kneed me. 'Oliver?

What the hell?' exclaimed Rebecca as I stumbled out of the cupboard. 'Wait.listen.I, I, I.its a mistake,' I stuttered quickly as I tried to look anywhere else but at her marvellous tits. 'You'd better explain yourself, now,' she said sternly as Olivia went over to the door to block my escape. 'I'm very sorry,' I stammered as Rebecca stood hands on hips in front of me, causing her gravity defying breasts to point towards me, 'I.I was in my own little world and I c-c-came into your dressing room by mistake.

W-when I realised I was in the wrong room I.I could hear you two coming and I didn't want you to think I was perving or something so I h-h-hid in the cupboard,' I finished as I looked down at my feet. I noticed Rebecca's expression soften as she looked over at Olivia to see whether she believed the story. Olivia however was smirking as her eyes seemed to be fixated on something low-down on me.

Rebecca turned back curiously to me and gave an audible gasp as she saw what Olivia was seeing.

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I looked up suddenly as the room descended into a long silence. I gave a small groan of despair as I found both girls, staring open mouthed at my groin. I looked down to find my cock was pitching a massive tent under my tights. The outline of its shape and size was obviously defined under the skin-tight material as I placed both hands over my groin in vain to conceal my embarrassment. 'Look, I'm very sorry,' I mumbled as both girls eyes travelled upwards to stare at my toned, athletic body instead, 'I didn't mean to spy on you both, I just didn't want you to think I some sort of voyeur or something.

Can you just let me leave and we can pretend this never happened?' I watched on anxiously as both girls turned to face each other to decide my fate. My eyes flickered between each of the girl's faces as Olivia gave a small wink towards Rebecca which I almost didn't notice. 'Well.,' began Rebecca as she turned back to me slowly, 'you have seen both of us,' she said as she motioned to her tits, giving me an excuse to gaze upon them once more, 'it's only fair we get to see you.' 'How do you mean?' I replied naively, as both girls began to circle me slowly.

'Well, you obviously heard what I said about you,' said Rebecca as she reached out a finger to stroke my chest as she circled me, 'and you obviously liked what you saw,' she continued as Olivia's hand gave my cock a quick squeeze, causing me to jump nervously, 'so let us see your dick.' 'What? &,' I blurted out in panic as Rebecca stopped in front of me, her pretty eyes fixated on my own.

Her eyes seemed to take on a dreamy state as she took a few steps towards me, so her face was only a few centimetres from mine. She was so close now, I could smell the sweet, flowery scent of her perfume as well as the shakiness of her breath. Slowly, she reached out a finger and began to trace it along my small, moist lips.

Suddenly, she parted her lips as she came in and gave me the most wonderful kiss I had ever experienced. I felt myself instantly relax as her lips continued to press against mine in blissful union.

I reached around unconsciously and placed my hands gently on her back, as I felt her body melt into mine at my touch. Suddenly, I felt another nice, tingling sensation as Olivia began to kiss and nibble on my neck as I continued to passionately kiss Rebecca.

I opened my mouth a little more as we kissed, allowing Rebecca's tongue to enter into my mouth. I moaned gently into her mouth as I felt her tongue pleasurably begin to explore my inner lips and tongue. I let my hands snake up Rebecca's smooth back as I began to play with her soft hair. After a few more minutes of this, the three of us broke apart as Rebecca raised her eyebrow at me quizzingly, as if she was challenging me to still want to leave now.

I felt my torso give a shiver of delight as Rebecca began to let her nails scratch softly across my chest and six pack. 'Ok,' I said after a few moments, 'its only fair.' With that, I reached down to my tights and leotard, which was hanging around my waist and in one swift motion, pulled them down, allowing my rock hard eight inch cock spring free of its cage.

I heard both girls give a gasp at the sight of it as I stood nervously, completely naked. I saw Rebecca give a smile and a nod towards Olivia over my shoulder as Olivia gave my neck one last, lingering kiss. 'I'll leave you two in peace,' she said as she re-dressed into her leotard and left the room, closing the door behind herself with a satisfying thud.

Once the door closed, Rebecca smiled towards me as she began to descend to her knees. As she went, she gently kissed and stroked my body with her eager hands, causing my body to ripple in pleasure.

Finally, I stared down at Rebecca as she came face to face with my cock. She paused momentarily, as she licked her lips in anticipation. 'Oh God,' I suddenly whelped as she took hold of my cock by the base. My body tensed inwards slightly and my stomach rippled due to my heavy breathing as Rebecca gave a little sigh of victory at finally clasping my cock. Floods of joyful pleasure filled my every cell as Rebecca's hand squeezed tightly onto my cock and began to lightly twist it.

Within a few strokes, my head had broke free of my foreskin as Rebecca shuffled in closer towards me. I spread my legs a little further to give her more room as she slowly brought her mouth towards my cock.

Suddenly, she lifted up my cock and gave me one, long, warm lick from the base right to the tip of my head as I gave a low groan of longing. Rebecca giggled at this, before quickly diving onto my cock once more with her mouth. 'Ahhh yes,' I moaned as I gently placed my hands on top of her head. With a fast motion, almost as if she felt she was down to business, Rebecca quickly began to suck on my cock, engulfing more and more of it with each passing moment. Within a few minutes, she was sucking around six inches of my cock, as she fondled my balls with her spare hand.

A guttural, choking sound resonated from her throat as she suddenly forced the last two inches of my cock into her mouth. 'O God yes,' I sighed in pleasurable admiration as a girl for the first time had managed to deep throat me.

I began to feel Rebecca's warm, saliva begin to coat every inch of my penis as her eyes began to water at the effort of keeping it in. Finally after a few moments, she withdrew my cock from her mouth with a pop as she vigorously rubbed in the many strands of saliva that clung to my dick. After a few more minutes of more, controlled sucking, I finally lifted Rebecca to her feet and immediately gave her a passionate kiss.

As I did this, I gingerly allowed my hand to slip underneath her tights. I was pleased to find that she was completely shaven as I allowed my fingers to to begin to massage her outer lips. 'Ahhhhh,' moaned Rebecca softly into my mouth as my fingers began to stimulate her.

As I did this, Rebecca reached down and began to jack off my cock once more, so that we were both masturbating the other. Wanting to feel and taste her delicious breasts, I lowered my mouth to her right tit and began to quickly suckle it. I allowed more and more of her tanned coloured mound enter my mouth as I probed my tongue around her growing nipple.

I took hold of her left breast in my other hand and began to squeeze and massage it hard, loving the feel of her soft, perky breast. Quickly, I switched my mouth to her other breast and found that equally inviting as her left one was. I felt Rebecca's knees buckle slightly in pleasure as the combination of me sucking on her tit and rubbing my fingers on her clit caused her pussy to moisten.

'I want you in me now,' she whispered into my ear as I gulped in response. Quickly reaching down, Rebecca wriggled out of the rest of her clothing so that she, like myself was completely naked. With the expertise of a ballet dancer, I grabbed Rebecca by her hips and flipped her over in an instant so that she lay across the desk in the doggy style.

Rebecca laughed as I looked at my prize with delight. Wanting to experience the feel of her pussy around my dick, I quickly stepped in and spread her right cheek with my hand. Taking hold of my waggling dick with the other, I began to probe around her pussy with it, feeling her moist, small pussy lips against it.

After a few awkward moments I finally found her entrance as I pressed my cock hard and eagerly against it. 'Holy shit!' I groaned as my dick slipped into Rebecca's warm, tight pussy.

'Mmmmmmmm,' moaned Rebecca back as I felt my dick begin to expand her pussy walls. 'You feel so good,' I sighed as I forced more and more of my dick into her pussy. I began with a few slow thrusts to find my feet before finally beginning to thrust at a quicker rate.

After a few more minutes of thrusting, I took hold of both of Rebecca's moon shaped, golden cheeks as I slowed my pace so I could begin to massage them. I looked into the mirror opposite and smiled. Rebecca's eyes were closed and her face was contorted into that of glorious ecstasy, while I stood over her, appearing masterful.

Keeping my eyes on her face, I unleashed a light spank onto her right cheek causing Rebecca to bite her lower lip in lust. 'Mmmmm,' she moaned, 'again.' Once more I spanked her right cheek, a little harder this time as the sound of my hand striking her tender cheek reverberated around the room.

'Again, again, again!' she exclaimed desperately as she dug her fingers into the cold desk, In a lustful passion, I unleashed a flurry of slaps onto Rebecca's smooth bum, as I began to thrust balls deep into her pussy. 'Ahhhhh!.ahhhhh!' Rebecca moaned in ecstasy as I continued to pound her ass and pussy with my hands and cock.

After a few minutes, feeling my energy sapping, I slowed my thrusting once more to a slower, more rhythmical rate as I placed my hands on Rebecca's shoulders. Rebecca turned her head at the touch and began to kiss my hands tenderly as I looked down at my cock, which was enshrouded by Rebecca's now red cheeks.

'Your so beautiful,' I moaned as I reached round my left hand to cup her jiggling breast. My cock by now was easily sliding in and out of her tight pussy due to the large amounts of warm pussy juices that coated my dick. I leaned in a little closer to Rebecca, so my face was centimetres from her neck as I placed my other hand on top of hers on the desk.

Feeling my end approaching, I quickened the pace of my pounding, causing Rebecca to squeal in delight. 'Ahhhhhh.ahhhh yeah,' I moaned as I felt my cock give an extra powerful tingle. Suddenly, waves of orgasmic pleasure began to over power my body as my fingers interlocked tightly into Rebecca's. 'Ahhhhh I'm so close, where do you want me to cum?' I panted desperately in between thrusts as my hand squeezed tightly onto her breast.

Inside me.cum inside me,' replied Rebecca breathlessly as she thrusted her round, tanned ass back at me, causing me to groan even louder. After a few more hard thrusts, I could not hold my orgasm back any longer as my body jerked uncontrollably in joy. 'Ahhhhh.ahhhhhhhh.ahhhhhhh.urghhhh,' I cried out as with each groan, I felt cum spurt out of my cock, splashing into Rebecca's pussy. Just as I fired the last shot of cum into Rebecca, my entire body collapsed onto her back, as we both lay there, panting for breath.

My cock continued to tingle as it lay inside Rebecca's cum soaked pussy as I kissed her shoulder tenderly. Once we had caught our breath, with a moan, I slowly withdrew my cock, which was covered in a mass of gloopy white cum. Taking a tissue from the desk, I wiped my cock down until it was relatively dry and chucked it into the bin, as we both spent a few moments to re-clothe. 'So,' said Rebecca cheerily as she placed both her arms around my neck, 'does this mean we can go on a date?' I gave a wide smile, which Rebecca returned before I gave her a long, passionate kiss on the lips.


'I guess so,' I replied softly once we broke apart. Rebecca beamed back at me as hand in hand, we left the dressing room together.