Dyke Girls Chloe Amour And Jayden Taylors

Dyke Girls Chloe Amour And Jayden Taylors
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Anna walked out of her 7th period geometry class thinking of how much work she had when she got home glumly.

A voice belonging to Teal pulled her out of her dull thoughts. He was standing in the library entrance gesturing her over. Irritated she walked over to him "what I've got a lot of shit to do"' He had a grin on his face as he took her hand and led her into the media center. To her surprise it was completely deserted, normally it was packed after school then she saw why.

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As Teal walked by he flipped the sign to "closed" and locked the door behind them. She became suspicious pulling gout of his grip behind one of the bookshelves "what are we doing?" Without any warning what so ever Teal pushed her against the bookcase in a long kiss. Surprise shot though her body as he pushed against him pinning her to the bookcase. She wasn't sure how to feel. He'd never really hinted at liking her before and she never really felt anything towards him but right now she was melting in his kiss.

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She tried to push him away gently but he didn't budge and she wasn't complaining. Something brushed against the back of her neck lightly running down her spine and squeezed her ass gently. Shocked she pushed him away into the bookcase "Teal!" He looked at her slyly rushing forward letting his hand slide down the front of her pants and began massaging her pussy.

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She moaned pulling away furious. "What's wrong with you?" she turned to walk away but he grabbed her from behind and grabbed her left boob roughly. She gasped with pleasure for a moment but tried pulling away again, only this time he was ready he had a tight grip on her and wasn't letting go. "Teal please stop," her please was only half hearted. Some part of her wanted this but mostly she just wanted to get away.

He shook his head grinning and pushing her against a wall groping her roughly again. She let out a moan of protest pushed against him with all her strength but he wouldn't budge.


He grinned down at her "aww you don't want to have some fun? I thought this would help relive some stress :)" She shook her head furiously crying out in protest as he began unbuttoning her white shirt revealing her black Victoria secret bra. She blushed deeply as he looked longingly at her bare stomach and slim hips.

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His hands ran over her stomach up to her breasts gently squeezing them. Moaning she pushed him away weakly his touch was draining her resolve. He slid his hand under her bra squeezing her nipple.

"Teal please ill do anything if you stop!" For a moment he hesitated thinking. "Anything?" She nodded furiously "I swear anything you want! You name it and ill do it!" "How about a blowjob?" Her blush deepened to a deep crimson as her eyes shot to the glass doors revealing kids walking past.

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They were tinted so nobody could see them but what if someone walked in and caught them. Then she actually thought about what she would be doing. She didn't want to blow her best friend.

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He was like a brother to her. "Teal why are you doing this?" He rolled his shoulders "I don't know because you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen in my life?" His compliment caught her off guard completely but it didn't' change anything.

"I won't blow you and you WILL let me go this instant!" it might have worked it her voiced hadn't cracked because he squeezed her nipple harder causing her to moan loudly "Teal please!

Anything else!" she begged she really didn't' want this anymore He shook his head smirking "either you blow me or I keep playing with you" Feeling legs grow weak she slid to her knees. For the first time Teal blushed as she unzipped his pant and reached for his cock.


Her hand slid inside his pants and she was surprised at how big it was. And she was ashamed to say that she liked how it felt "Well?" he asked looking down at her She cast one last glance to the now empty halls outside before kissing his tip shyly tasting it with the tip of her tongue. Her blush had gotten so bad she was actually sweating. She pulled back curious to rather she liked how it tasted or not. Her thoughts began to drift off to what Teal had done for her in the past and her hand just automatically starting stroking it lightly.

This continued for about a minute until he cleared his throat bringing her back to the current predicament. She eyes his huge dick nervously "Teal please don't make me do this you're supposed to be my best friend and best friends don't do this!" she was desperately thinking of a way to make him stop but noting came to mind. "I am your best friend I just want to be a little more" he looked down at her "now either blow me now or ill make you" Reluctantly she slid his dick into her mouth licking the tip squealing in protest.

She felt a little dizzy as he moaned pushing her back against the wall forcing his dick deeper down her throat. She coughed a little pushing his hips back gasping for air. "Are you okay?" he actually sounded concerned which confused her.

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If he was rapping her then why would he care? It was then that she started wanting to.just a little she still would do anything got get out of that library. She slid it back in her mouth licking his head gently. He moaned pushing her head against him almost making her choke again.

She nibbled a little hoping it'd turn him off but instead he seemed to like it. He moaned louder thrusting forward a little bit. She started pushing more of it into her mouth beginning deep throat him.

He let out one last moan as cum shot from his dick filling up her mouth until she swallowed. She pushed him away roughly furious. "There now can I please leave?" He held his hand out to her pulling her to her feel and kissing her, which is exactly what she wanted. She pushed the little cum she'd left in her mouth into his making sure it got all over his mouth.

He pulled back glaring at her for a second then grinning "you've got some fight. I love it" She glared back at him "can I please leave now? I've got a lot of homework to get done" "Nope" he said happily kissing her again. She pushed against him with all her might and surprisingly he moved back, taking her with him. He landed with her on top of him on one of the huge tables, "I think it's time for round two" She let out a squeak as he tore her bra off burying his face in between her breasts and licking both of them.

She tried desperately to push him off of her but he wouldn't move. His hands slid up her legs and under her skirt tugging on her underwear. She screamed out in protest as he pulled them down to her ankles, but it was useless the whole campus was deserted by now. He slid his own pants off pulling his dick out and prodding her bare pussy under her skirt. She pushed against him begging him to stop "please Teal this is so wrong your my best friend don't do this!" She felt him slip inside her rubbing back and forth.

"Teal if you don't stop right this second i'm going to." but her threat was cut short because he pushed deeper making her scream loudly in pain. He was too big for her. He pulled out looking uncertain to rather he should go on but she nodded her head in the slightest way and instantly regretted it. He thrust his dick deeper inside her and she screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure but as it went on the pain was replaced by pleasure and she began to want it more.

"Teal don't stop!" the desperate tone of her voice even surprised her but apparently he liked it because Teal did as she asked and kept fucking her making her scream louder and louder. She was grateful he'd waited until after everyone left to do this so she could have him all to herself. He grinned kissing her neck "I think I love you Anna" She felt her cheeks flush red as she moaned "oh Teal I love you too don't ever stop" He let out a short cry seconds before he shot his cum all over her tight pussy.

She screamed in gripping the side of the table in pleasure. He pulled out dripping his cum on the table and her legs. She glared at him rolling off the table and falling to the ground.