Amateur cutie doggystyled at sexaudition

Amateur cutie doggystyled at sexaudition
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THE BACK DECK CHAPTER 1 I found myself beating off watching my teenage neighbor's gorgeous body as she lay by our pool sunning herself. She was on her stomach with her pussy and ass facing me, clearly visible through the thong suit she was wearing.


Katrina was just shy of seventeen but knew what an impact she had on me. I jerked off at least twice a day while watching her. But today, Marsha was out on an extended shopping trip so this cum made four huge loads so far today. I even opened my sliding glass door for the last three loads so I could step out and shoot my load of cum down on the deck. She had on sunglasses but when she rolled over on her back, then began to rub her pussy, she knew I was there as I had been almost every day.

I never expected to have this view when we bought the place in Henderson, a Las Vegas suburb. It was two stories with five bedrooms and three baths, just like half the others in this particular subdivision. Ours had a sliding glass door onto a small upper deck.

The other units were one-story three bedroom homes. But ours was the only one in our cluster that had a pool and spa. It took up almost the entire back yard which meant no yard work for me. I made a deal with my partners to 'job share' my medical practice, alternating months with Beth, a younger physician who wanted essentially a part time job due to her young family.

On my first month off, we went to meet and introduce ourselves to our neighbors. The east one-story home was occupied only part of the year by a Canadian couple who were snowbirds from Montreal. The west one-story house had a retired United Airlines captain and his wife who, surprisingly, was originally from our hometown and spelled her name, Marsha, just like my wife did. In the house behind us was a Las Vegas SWAT officer, Rusty, with two teenage kids: a fourteen yearold boy who also spent time living with his mother and a sixteen year-old girl who couldn't stand the woman and wanted nothing to do with her.

Both kids were slim and blond, the boy, Garret, was just growing into adolescence with gangly legs and some moderate acne. His sister, Katrina, was just the opposite, a strikingly beautiful teen with long blond curls, full lips, a few freckles over the bridge of her nose, a gorgeous figure with tits that looked about B-cups, legs that stretched forever and the most perfect ass I had ever seen.

I know I was drooling as we introduced ourselves that evening. Rusty worked twenty four on-twenty four off, evening shift, but managed to get most weekends off by taking extra shifts so he could spend that time with the kids. We had knocked on their door as he was preparing for his shift to start at eight o'clock. Over the course of the next four weeks it was late spring, the weather turning hot, so we offered all three families the use of our pool whenever they wanted.

The airline captain didn't swim and hated the sun but his sixty-some wife came over occasionally. The snowbirds sold their home shortly after we arrived and the house sat empty but on the market for the next year. Rusty swam some but his kids loved the pool so he eventually made a deal with us that we'd keep an eye on them when he was at work. This was no problem since they were both in school during the week and I longed to see much more of Kat in a bikini. He volunteered to reciprocate by keeping the pool up and watching our home the month we were gone.

After a while, both kids became comfortable around us and almost moved in. They would usually eat alternate day's dinners with us since Rusty's shift didn't end until eight and we didn't believe two teens would make wholesome meals for themselves.

Besides, Marsha is a fabulous cook and began asking Garret to help her in the kitchen after he finished his homework. He jumped to the opportunity and soon was taking notes as she prepared meals, thinking he might become a great chef one day.

I noticed she was spending a lot of time leaning into him and reaching over to 'correct' his notes.

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I could see that she was checking his butt and he was noticing every time she brushed her tits against his arm or chest. Hmm? I knew she was perpetually horny and capable of multiple orgasms. But was she turned on by a gangly teenager? One night, I brought up the subject.

"I notice that you are spending a lot of time with Garret. And you seem to rub up against him a lot. Is it just teaching him to cook or are you considering teaching him something else?" "Oh, was I that obvious?" she answered. "I think he's cute and I wouldn't mind 'teaching' him some other things.

He has noticed my subtle actions and I can see he gets an erection when we're standing in the kitchen. He presses it against the cabinet but I think he knows I've noticed.

He 'accidentally' brushed his hard cock against my ass as he passed behind yesterday." She flipped over onto her stomach and I thought she was pressing her cunt onto the bed. "Wow, you're a horny MILF," I said as I began rubbing her ass through her pajamas. I slid my hand down between her ass cheeks to press on her muff as she spread her legs. "In fact, you are soaking through your pajamas. Better get them off," I added as I slipped them down.

She lifted up on all fours and I had clear access to her from behind. I smelled her glorious scent as I leaned in and began rubbing my tongue down between her ass cheeks. As I pressed my tongue onto her puckered rear hole, I slid two fingers into her pulsing cunt. Then I began stroking my rock-hard cock. "Oooooohh, Garret, that feels soooooo goooood," she groaned, not realizing the mistake as I sped up thrusting my fingers and slid my tongue beyond her sphincter.

She came with a rush and so did I. I lifted up and shot my cum right onto her pulsing ass. She reached back around and pressed some into her butt with her fingers. I still had my fingers in her pussy and pressed forward where I knew her g spot was waiting for some pressure. She began thrusting her finger deeply into her ass and spasmed again. "Ooooo my god, that feels sooooo wonderful!" she exclaimed as she collapsed onto the bed.

As we calmed down, she said, "I guess Garret would never know how to please me like you do, you sexy guy." I smiled back at her, keeping her little slip of the tongue to myself. Right, I can please her but she'd still like to feel his cock deep inside her and his tongue in her ass.

CHAPTER 2 "Doctor B," Kat asked one day while doing homework, her math book open on the table, "You have taken a lot of science classes, right?

Do you remember any high school math?" She was a junior and only had homework in that class. It may be stereotypical about girls but she had difficulty with Calculus.

Why she had even signed up for the class was a mystery but I had no trouble figuring out the graphs and helping her solve the accompanying equations. I relished any opportunity to sit next to her pressing our thighs together or to just look down her shirt as she bent over the table.

I was especially happy when she'd swim before coming in for her lesson since her favorite white bikini left little to the imagination. She was simply stunning. My personal math equation was this: one sexy Katrina equals one large boner. I would try to hide my erection by crossing my legs or pressing it down with one hand while writing with the other.

But I'm sure she noticed how uncomfortable I was as we sat next to each other. Once we finished, I would sneak into the bathroom and flog my throbbing dick until I blew my wad. Thankfully these sessions only occurred two or three times a week so I could recover enough to satisfy Marsha since I didn't want to share this fantasy with her.

The school year was winding down plus our teaching/masturbation sessions would be ending as we left for my 'on' month. Or last afternoon Marsha went shopping and Garret lay out at the pool, I walked over to stand behind Kat admiring her cleavage from above. She smiled up at me and said, "Doctor B, I can't begin to thank you for all you've done for me. I would have flunked for sure and had to repeat this stupid class next year.

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Now I'll only have two required classes to graduate next year and I plan to spend lots of time having fun as a senior." I replied, "I was glad to be able to help you and I think you actually learned some of the math concepts.

But, I am more sorry than you are to see these times end," I continued. "Kat, you are a remarkable and beautiful girl and I've enjoyed very much our times together, probably more than you could ever know." I felt my cock swell from looking down her blouse and our interaction. "Thanks for the compliment Doctor B, you're making me blush." I could see red creep up her cheeks but also could see her nipples stiffen and poke out through her top.

"But I really need to thank you properly so here," she said as she stood up and turned to face me. Then she leaned into me and kissed me full on the mouth. My heart stopped with the shock of her lips pressing onto mine. I held the kiss briefly then kissed her back and reached around her waist to pull her in to me.

I could feel her nipples press through my thin shirt and I knew she could feel my erection pressing into her stomach. She opened her mouth and began exploring mine with her tongue.

What a turn on this sixteen year old vixen was for me. "It feels like you are pleased with my little thanks," she whispered, reaching down to rub her palm against my cock as our mouths broke apart.

"I'd really like to see what I've awoken. And I have to confess that I've watched you get hard every time we do homework and I've wanted to do this for a long time. My imagination runs wild when I think what you do once our session is over. So tell me what you actually do afterwards." I was so busted. "Well," I began, "After you leave I go into our bathroom and masturbate thinking about you." "Ooooh…can I watch you do that now that our lessons are over?" she smiled.

"I've watched Garret beat off but not anyone as old as you." "Thanks for the slam," I said. "I'm not that old! And I'm not too old to get hard watching a hot girl like you in your bikini.

And I'm old enough to know how to treat her properly. So, yes, I guess you can watch me jack off." We walked into the bathroom where I raised my shirt up over my head then dropped my shorts and boxers on the floor. My cock stood straight out and was hugely swollen from our kissing and her rubbing.

I grabbed the base and waved it at her as pre-cum dripped out of the tip. "See what you do to me," I complained.

"I am so swollen that I am about to burst." I began stroking slowly as she watched, her huge eyes not blinking as she kept staring at my rod. Then as she sank to her knees, not two feet from my prick, I sped up my stroking and no more than five pumps later felt my balls begin to boil. "Here it comes," I grunted. One huge geyser of cum shot out of my cock and landed on her chin, dripping down to cover her bikini top, followed by several smaller jets, some hitting her bikini and some that plopped on the floor in front of her.

My legs were trembling so badly that I leaned back onto the counter to keep from falling over. "Well," I finally whispered after I began breathing again, "Was that all you hoped it would be?" "Oh, Doctor B, that was incredible. So much came out and with such force," she said. Then with two fingers she scooped some of the jizz from her chin and sniffed it, then stuck her tongue out and pressed her fingers onto it.

"That is pretty tasty," she smiled as she licked her lips and then stuck her fingers fully into her mouth, "Yum……But look at all this mess all over my top!" She reached up and untied the string at her neck, allowing her top to fall away. I was suddenly viewing the most perfect set of tits imaginable, full milky-white globes with large areolas and erect nipples. Actually, I had imagined them multiple times in my mind but this was the first time I had seen them for real.

She looked up at me with the sweetest smile and, reaching up to press her breasts together, said, "What do you think, Doctor B?" What did I think? I was thinking about sucking each of them in turn.

She stood up and turned, putting her cum-splattered top in the sink. As she turned on the spigot, I reached around her and caressed both tits with my hands, squeezing her nipples between thumb and finger. She leaned back into my chest and cooed "Oh, yes&hellip.that feels so good." Meanwhile my prick had sprung back to life and was now pressed firmly against her bikini bottoms.

She spread her legs and allowed it to slide along her crack and press up against her pussy through the material. Then she closed her legs and I began humping against her, my prick head sliding back and forth along her channel. "Doctor B, you'll make me cum if you keep doing that," she mumbled. "Me too," I added. I turned her around and stepped back so she could slip her bottoms off as I began to suck each breast in turn, just a moment on one then over to the other.

Now that we were facing each other finally free from the bikini, she reached down to slide my prick between her pussy lips and along her ass crack. Then she began to vigorously rub her little erect clit with two fingers and quietly began moaning. "Oh&hellip.oh……oh& close……Ohhhhh&hellip.yessss&hellip.I'm&hellip. cumming……Ahhhhhh&hellip.yesssss," she whispered as she bit gently on my ear lobe.

I could feel the heat from her cunt and then she juiced all over my cock as I kept thrusting it along her slit and back through her crack. I erupted then too with another burst of cum, jets of spunk shooting between her legs and into the sink. "Oh, my god, that feels sooooo&hellip.goood," I exclaimed. As we both calmed down, I realized Marsha would be home soon. So we washed up, sponged her top as best we could, mopped up the cum blobs on the floor and flipped on the exhaust fan.

Kat put on her bottoms and the wet top, then jumped into the pool, swam a lap, and hopped on a chaise to dry off in the sun. I busied myself on the computer as the garage door went up and Marsha returned from shopping. Way too close! CHAPTER 3 When we returned for my second 'off' month, summer was here but Kat and I never had the opportunity to be alone together.

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The kids would swim and eat and hang out like before but there was no homework so no way to play around again. And we had only played with each other, cumming on each other but not fucking. I found out Kat was still a virgin; hell, who wanted to deal with a SWAT cop father when he found out you'd nailed his kid!

She dated some but mostly stayed at home or at our place. Even though Kat and I had no chance for more mutual masturbating, I did enough of it by myself watching her or thinking of her sweet body and our incredible session together. She would tease me while sunning by the pool and I bet I dropped a hundred loads while watching her. Then Garret went for two weeks to stay with his mom and we got inventive. Kat would sun herself, lying on her back on the chaise and I would stand in our upstairs bedroom watching her through the sliding door.

If she knew that Marsha couldn't see her, she would rub her tits or her muff through the bikini. But my favorite turn on was when she would spread her legs wide for me and pull the bikini aside so I could see a sliver of her golden pussy and I would quickly stroke myself to a climax. As we became more bold in our little adventure, I would stand at the sliding door downstairs in the kitchen stroking. Then I would step out onto the back deck, dick in hand and jerk off for her, cum shooting down onto the pool deck.

She would laugh and then seriously frig her cunt until I could see her legs jerking and her juice leak out around the suit. This was nuts however since neighbors or my wife could easily see this display and we'd be in serious do-do.

The day Garret returned, she was lying on her back on the chaise with her legs pointing toward their house. I had just arrived at the kitchen door to watch through but was fully dressed because Marsha was in the adjacent family room.

Suddenly the upstairs curtains across the back yard parted and there stood Garret, stark naked with his dick in his hand, stroking himself while watching his sister. My mouth dropped open in amazement. Then I realized that she could see him because she raised her head up and gave him a little wave.

She reached down and lightly rubbed the bikini right over her muff. He was fixated on her and wouldn't see me at the door unless I moved. I stood still watching with fascination and it wasn't very long until he shot big gobs of cum right onto the window. She then gave him a thumb's up sign with her hand as he grabbed a towel and began cleaning up. It was such a hot scene and I was so turned on. I wondered if brother and sister went beyond just masturbating for each other.

Then she stood up and turned her chaise around so that she was now facing me as I stood watching from the kitchen. She raised her sunglasses briefly and winked, looking over at me standing at the door. Then she spread her legs and began giving me the 'jerk off' signal with her hand; as if she were holding my dick and stroking it up and down.

I was already erect from watching her brother and now my boner was really straining to get out from my shorts but I had to shake my head and wave no, trying to signal that today was not the day for this. She nodded yes and kept it up her stroking motion, then drove me insane with lust as she slid her bikini bottoms to the side, so I glanced over into the family room where Marsha was involved with a TV show.

I slid my shorts down around my ankles and began masturbating. Of course, Marsha walked around the corner just then and gasped in shock. "Raymond, what the hell are you doing!" she shouted.


My erection sagged noticeably as I jumped and I could have stopped beating off right then. But I was caught and it was way too late for that. So with dick in hand I just turned to look at her and smiled, "I guess you know what the hell I'm doing…I'm masturbating watching Katrina sun herself. She has to be the most beautiful and sexy creature I've ever seen." Marsha walked over and looked out the door standing for a moment thinking, then said, "Well, I agree she is both of those things but you're older than her father, you lecher.

And this is a shameful display. What if the neighbors see you? Or what if Kat sees what you are doing only a few feet away from her?" "She knows what I am doing and that makes her more desirable, even for an old goat like me," I replied as I gradually regained my fully erect status and resumed pumping my meat.

"You're not such an old goat and I still find you sexy so I guess she might too," she smiled. "In fact, thinking about you standing here in full view stroking your big cock and her watching you is turning me on. So will you hurry up and finish? I have a few needs of my own that I want you to satisfy afterwards." "I'm trying to finish," I said.

"But it's not easy with you standing here watching. Maybe you could help by stripping so I can see your lovely body as well as Kat's." She smiled wickedly then slipped her top over her head and unclasped her bra then dropped her shorts and undies.

"I always aim to please," she said as she spread her legs and began rubbing her breasts together. I reached over with my free hand and slid two fingers inside her pussy. "You are very wet, sweetie," I said, "You sure are turned on all right." "Yes, I am. This is so hot," she smiled. "I was only teasing with Garret but you've gone way beyond that with Katrina." She moved right behind me at the door and pressed her tits into my back then said, "It's my turn now…move your hand, Ray." Then she reached around and began stroking me.

She was clearly into the whole scene and I loved it when she beat me off from behind like this. I spread my legs so she could reach between my legs to fondle the sack hanging there, gently caressing each ball in turn. I kept gently moving my fingers inside her as she pressed into my back.

She pushed me over to the glass so that my cock head was barely touching it. Now with every stroke she would bump her hand against the glass door. As expected, Kat noticed the sound. She sat up and removed her sunglasses with a huge smile on her face.

She licked her lips then reached down and stuck two fingers in her half-visible pussy so I had some further incentive. That did it. I blew a huge load out from my balls, ropes of cum splattering on the glass and running down it.

Meanwhile Marsha was writhing on my hand and I could feel her pussy suddenly spasm, her muscles clamping onto my fingers. She exploded with her own orgasm screaming, "Aaaaggggg…&hellip.Ooooooooohhhhhh&…nasty&hellip.but&!" CHAPTER 4 As we recovered from our orgasm, she finally said, "We've got to talk about this. She's not quite seventeen and you know that means jail time for you if you get caught.

And just think how furious Rusty will be if he finds out what you've been doing. And it was clear that she was getting off on your show so I know she's a willing participant in this little game. How much have you two done?" "Nothing other than masturbate for each other," I admitted. "We never fucked but not from lack of desire, merely lack of opportunity.

She's still a virgin but a very horny little fox." I finished by saying, "To be honest, we've done this almost every day since Garrett has been gone." "You reprobate!" she smiled as she punched me. "Wow, this is more than sick, babe, but I intend to punish you dearly for your dalliance. Get on your knees," she commanded. I dropped down in front of her as she stepped around so we were both sideways to the glass door. She spread her legs wide and guided my mouth onto her mound.

She was dripping wet from her cum and our whole masturbation scene. She grabbed my head, pulling me into her cunt as I stuck out my tongue and began thrusting it deeply into her channel. She began fucking my face with gusto but I didn't mind at all.

In fact, this was my favorite act; I just loved to eat her to her climax because her juice was so sweet to taste. However, she had another idea first as she suddenly opened her bladder and began dribbling pee into my open mouth.

"Swallow quickly, Ray, we don't want to wet the floor," she smiled down at me as her full stream cascaded out of her cunt. I gulped over and over, swallowing every drop of her piss.

It seemed she could pee forever but soon she said, "A little more&hellip.there, I'm drained& press your finger into my ass and let me add my cream to my pee." Still with my tongue in her cunt, I reached my hands up around behind and spread her ass cheeks so I could slide my finger through her sphincter and deep into her rear channel.

She bucked frantically on my face as I pressed my finger forward rubbing against her cunt walls through her rectum. She stood still for a minute or two, enjoying the feeling of ass and pussy being pleasured, and then a huge climax rushed up and washed over her. She cried out, "Aaaaahhhh&hellip.Aaaaahhhh," as her sweet cum juice now filled my mouth. "OK, Ray. That was a good start," she finally said panting, "But be prepared for much more.

You need to be humiliated to show you that a thirty-eight year old MILF can be way more fun than any seventeen year old. You'll do whatever I decide is coming to you. Maybe I'll follow through with my seduction of Garret and you'll have to sit quietly in the corner while I fuck him in front of you." We realized that we were still standing in front of the glass door and that this display was very obvious to Kat who had stopped fingering her cunt and watched us with wide eyes and open mouth.

What I didn't realize was that Garret had by now finished wiping up his cumshot and was also looking over at the incredible scene unfolding before him.

Marsha opened the door and motioned with her finger to Kat saying, "Get in here, sweetie, we need to talk about all this." Kat walked in and said, "Gosh, Mrs. B. that was way hot. I can't believe you two would put on a show like that. Was it just so I could watch? I am so horny from watching Doctor B eat you out. Did you really pee in his mouth?" she stammered.

"You bet I did," she replied. "He is a bad, bad boy, lusting after a teenager and he needs to be punished for it. Maybe you'd like to help out, but, first, I want you to tell me what you two have done." "Well, I think he's great.

We have shown each other our privates and he masturbates for me. I can't believe how much he cums when I show him my little pussy. Then I'll masturbate for him. That's all we've done. I'm still technically a virgin and he hasn't stolen it." "How did you get to be so sexy?" Marsha asked. "About 2 years ago, I walked in on Garret in the bathroom.

He was sitting on the toilet seat and clearly had a hard on, stroking it with eyes closed. I was curious since I'd never seen a real dick before but I had seen pictures in the collection that I'd found on dad's closet shelf. So I quietly just stood there, listening as he moaned, 'Katrina, you are so beautiful.' He was beating off to me.

He had just a sprout of pubic hair and his cock was pretty small compared to Doctor B's. But he orgasmed just like Doctor B does and shot a string of cum onto his chest. He opened his eyes and got the shock of his life when he saw me. "We talked about sex then.

I hit puberty at age ten and found out quickly what my little nubbins was for. I've been masturbating almost every day since then so I was able to explain to him that it was OK if he did it too. But he should get some of dad's magazines and, rather than continue to flog his meat just thinking of me, he'd have some visual aids to use." "I saw you guys earlier," I said.

"Garret still beats off to you and you encourage him to do it, just like you encouraged me today. And got me busted," I added.

She responded, "Well, he is my little brother. I need to keep him satisfied and that seems the easiest way to do it. Besides, it is a real turn on for me to see him ejaculate while watching me. We've even masturbated together when dad is at work. But, we've never fucked." Marsha said, "What a dilemma.

You guys are both underage and we promised your father that we'd 'look after' you. This was clearly not what he meant. Look, Kat, this whole thing needs to be a deep, deep secret between us, never to be mentioned beyond of the three of us.

I don't want Ray to go to jail and you don't want Rusty to find out or you'll be grounded for eternity." "OK by me, Mrs. B," she replied. "But since we are sharing secrets, could you let Doctor B eat me like he did you? I've wanted to see what it feels like and I can't ask Garret to do it. Besides, I'm so hot I can't stand it much longer without frigging my own fingers" "You horny little minx, Kat. I see why Ray is enamored with you," she said. She knelt down and slid Kat's bikini bottoms off, allowing me full access to her beautiful blond muff.

I was still on my knees from pleasuring Marsha and she led Kat over to me. "Just this once, I will let him eat you out. He is supposed to be punished for jerking off but I don't think this will be much of a punishment.

But this is not for him, sweetie, it's for you so you can experience how incredible it feels to climax on his face." Kat spread her legs and I could see her swollen lips and erect clit as she gently pressed her sex into my face.

She was dripping wet and her juice was even sweeter than Marsha's. I lapped and licked pretending to be forced into doing it as part of my punishment. I wasn't fooling either of them since my dick was hugely swollen and leaking pre-cum.

I reached back and grabbed her ass cheeks so I could press my tongue further into her channel. Marsha reached up and pulled Kat's bikini string loose allowing her breasts free. Kat trembled as I thrust my tongue in and out, and then lapped up to tweak her clit. " god.that's fantastic.Ooooooh.I'm going to cum, " Kat shrieked after only a few moments.

"No.Don't you cum yet!" Marsha commanded. "First see how good it feels to pee as your orgasm is approaching, sweetie. Let it go, right now, right into his mouth," she added. "Oh, Kat, you are so beautiful and so sexy like this," she smiled. Then she spread her legs and shoved two, then three, then all four fingers into her own cunt and began humping on her hand.

"Uuuungh, I can feel it beginning.oh it comes," she shouted as I could taste the start of her flow. "Ooooooohhhh, that feel soooooo gooood. Woooowww, this is so nasty but so hot," she said as I felt the gusher of her pee and began swallowing it as fast as I could.

She finished quickly then resumed frantically humping on my tongue until she screamed, "Ooooooh.Aaaaaahh.I'm cumming.Oooooh so big. Aaaaahhhh." " too," Marsha shouted. "Ray, hurry and lap up all her cum, you nasty dirty man. Suck it all down! Now get your mouth over here and clean up my cum before it runs down my legs," she stuck her pussy in my face. I was in heaven as I lapped up her juice too.

"I need more punishment like this," I said as I began stroking my cock. "See what you two beautiful ladies have done to me? I have drunk both your piss, my face is covered with pussy juice and I am in heaven." I stood and pointed my cock at Kat as the first rope of jizz shot out onto her belly, then turned so the next one splattered onto Marsha's belly. "Don't you dare get any on the rug," Marsha commanded.

"Shoot the rest in your hand and go clean up." CHAPTER 5 Just then the back door opened and Garret walked in. "Wow, this is so hot!" he blurted.

"Oh Shit!" the three of us, standing totally naked and cum coated said in unison. "Garret," Kat finally said, "you can't breathe a word of what you saw to dad or any of your friends." "Why not?" he responded. "Mrs. B looks great nude and I have seen photos of guys eating out girls in the magazines like Doctor B just did.

I can't believe he also ate your cunt, Kat but I can't stop jerking off watching you guys. I've shot four loads this morning." "Look, Garret," I began. "What you saw is for you and Kat only.

We can get in huge trouble if you breathe a word of what happened. We're supposed to be taking care of you guys while your dad works and this would clearly be construed as contributing to the delinquency of a minor." "Besides," I continued, "Earlier I watched you beat off for you sister who was rubbing her cunt to pleasure you. That is called 'incest' and it too is illegal. So all this needs to be our strictest secret.

Can you agree?" I asked. Kat added, "If you blab, I'll show dad your collection of girly magazines and you'll spend eternity in your room." "Well," he said, "I guess I can keep this a secret. But to secure my cooperation, I really want to see Mrs. B up close and even try what Doctor B just did to you both.

She's been turning me on when she rubs her tits against me. I even got up the nerve to press my boner against her." Marsha blushed, then thought for a moment, nodded her head as she looked over at me and said, "This will be part two of your punishment, Ray." She grabbed his hand and led him over to the couch where she sat and spread her legs.

"Take off your swim suit, Garret. We don't want anything in the way of your young cock," she said to him. Then she turned to me and added, "Get a towel, Ray! There's sure to be a mess that you'll need to clean up when we're finished." She scooted down on the couch as he knelt in front of her. "Tell me what to do," he said. She put her legs over his shoulders then just gently led his mouth to her cunt and began rubbing it against his mouth.

"Open your mouth and stick your tongue out and press it into my channel," she directed. "Aaaahhhh…yesss…that's exactly right, Garret. Keep thrusting, don't stop." I headed into the bathroom and returned with a towel as directed.

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Meanwhile Kat had moved over and was leaning on her elbow on the floor right next to her brother's crotch. "Wow, Garret," she said. "Look at the huge boner you have now." She reached in and began stroking him, slowly at first then picking up speed as both of them and Marsha got into it. Aaaaahhhhh&hellip.I'm cumming so hard for you," she yelled. Garret tasted the sweet cum spurting from Marsha's pussy and spasmed on his own, his cock shooting huge ropes of cum onto the couch and over Kat's hand who continued to stroke him, then she leaned over and took his cock into her mouth to lick up the remaining jizz.

"Oh, please don't stop, Garret…this is too good," Marsha moaned. He kept his tongue moving up her slit and onto her clit and soon Kat had sucked him back to full erection.

Marsha began squirming and I knew she had another climax fast approaching. Kat reached down to slip three fingers into her wet pussy and began fucking her hand. Marsha was being eaten out, Garret was tonguing her and having his dick sucked, Kat was masturbating and I was standing there with a boner and a towel. "Not fair," I thought. But I had little time to reflect on it as all three of them climaxed at about the same time.

Marsha soon opened her eyes and said dreamily, "Wow, Ray, he's every bit as good a cunilinguist as you. But look at the mess we've made on the couch and floor. Bring the towel and clean it all up. Garret looked at his sister and said, "My god, Kat that is a first. You've never ever sucked me at all but now you just swallowed my whole cum load." Then he looked up at Marsha, spread-eagled on the couch, and said.

"I think I've found heaven, Mrs. B. You taste as good as I dreamed you would. One of my favorite magazines has a woman who looks just like you shooting her cum right in a guy's face as he's eating her. I can't tell you how often I've pictured your face as I stroke my cock and blow my load." Marsha said, "Let's stop with the Mrs. And Doctor stuff. I'm Marsha and he's Ray. OK?" she said. "Now, let's agree that these things are secret with a capital S, OK" "I agree, Mrs.&hellip.oops, Marsha," Garret said.

"This was great! Can we do it again? Like soon?" Kat chimed in, "Oh, yes, we need to please each other more…way more! We're both still virgins after all so there's a lot left to explore." I seemed to be the only source of reason in this sex-filled room so I said, "Look, kids, your father will be asking you questions about what you did today when he gets home just like he always does.

Can you keep a straight face and lie to him?" "No problemo," Garret mimicked the Terminator, "We'll just say 'nothing much dad, how was your day?'" And Kat chimed in, "I usually don't tell him much of anything anyway, just 'had a great day', dad. It won't be an issue." "Go home and shower, separately please, he'll be home in an hour," I said. Then I got busy cleaning up the pussy juice and cum on the couch and floor. Kat had left a large wet spot on the carpet from her orgasm and Garret a huge stain on top of the couch from his first load while eating my wife, who herself had dripped down the front of the couch.

I was happy Kat had swallowed his second load but bummed that it had not been mine. We seemed to have dodged a bullet and life went on but no further masturbation sessions occurred that month. Also no police knocking on our door nor an enraged parent coming in with his assault rifle. CHAPTER 6 Then an issue arose at my clinic as Beth's older son was side-swiped by a car and broke his femur. She called and asked if I could come and cover the last week of her month since he was in traction in the hospital.

So I flew north while Marsha stayed in Vegas because of our agreement with Rusty. This should have taken me away for six weeks, but Beth returned after only four weeks and took my last week as pay back. I decided to catch the red-eye to Vegas and arrived at 11:30 pm. Rather than awaken Marsha, I opted for a cab that dropped me off an hour later in front of our house. I noticed the front bedroom light was on as I let myself in the side door. Strange since that was the spare room.

I heard laughter as I quietly closed the door. "What the hell?" I thought as I tiptoed up the stairs. The door to this bedroom was wide open and as I stood at the top of the stairs to my shock I could see Marsha on her back and Rusty standing in front of her with his swollen prick deep in her mouth. He was the one laughing as he thrust his prick in and out saying, "Oooooh, babe, suck it deep.yes.swallow my cock, I cum.Aaaaaahhhh." He jerked forward and his legs shook with his orgasm.

I could see his spunk dribbling out of Marsha's mouth as she swallowed as fast as she could but clearly unable to get it all. Then, with his cock still in her mouth, he leaned over her and began rubbing her clit with his fingers. She moaned loudly and said, "Oh, Rusty, you have such magic fingers.

Keep going, there.right harder," she urged him on. "Ooooooohhh.yessss," she shouted as I watched an orgasm roll over her. After a moment she turned around on the bed and rolled over onto her stomach. Then Rusty began to massage her thighs, rubbing higher until he was at her ass cleft.

She spread her legs and wiggled her ass at him as he slid both hands between her legs and rubbed her pussy lips. Then he moved one thumb onto her puckered ass and pressed in. She bucked backwards impaling his thumb as his fingers began pumping in and out of her throbbing pussy. She screamed again in ecstasy as another climax racked her body. "You are killing me, babe, but don't stop," she looked back over her shoulder, smiling at his erect dick. "It looks like you are ready again," she smiled.

"Yes, I am, sweetie," he responded. "You have amazing powers to turn me on," he added as he pulled her legs backwards so he had access to her cunt from behind. He grabbed his swollen rod and thrust it easily into her sopping cunt. I could hear the squishy sounds as he rocked against her and she bucked backwards. He grabbed her hair and pulled her back against him as he rammed his cock fully into her, filling her totally, and just stayed like that. In just a moment I could see his balls rise as he grunted and shot his seed deep into her willing cunt.

She came again feeling the spasm of his cock as his hot seed spurted into her cunt. I was both shocked and impressed by this scene, my neighbor now fucking my wife after she had been eaten out by his son.

My dick suddenly was pressing out the front of my slacks as I considered all the ramifications. Wow. What had I missed these past four weeks? CHAPTER 7 I backed down the stairs as silently as I could, trying to figure out what to do next.

It was after midnight and I knew Rusty would be off until eight tonight but didn't know if they'd be having sex all night. I was stuck, either announcing myself or finding somewhere else to sleep tonight.

I snuck out the back and went over to his house. His back door was ajar so I quietly went in. Once again I could hear voices from upstairs, so I snuck up the stairs. Here I found Kat on top of Garret on the bed in a sixty-nine position.


She was spurring him on saying, "There, right there.stick your tongue out and lick.Oooooohhhh.I am cumming.Mmmmugh." She lifted her face up and rapidly jerked his cock until he shot his spunk into the air.

Was everyone getting sex but me? I stood there for a minute then walked into the bedroom. They both jumped then Kat said, "Oh, thank god it's you, Ray. If it had been dad, we'd be so busted.

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He forbade us to have sex with each other, except for mutual masturbation. We just got carried away tonight, but, honestly, it isn't the first time for this." "What's going on," I asked. "Do you even know where your dad is, anyway?" "Do you really want to know?" Kat asked.

"OK, here's the truth. Dad and Marsha hooked up two weeks ago, I still don't know how it happened except he came home early from shift and we were all three naked at your place. Garret has never gotten over being able to eat Marsha's pussy whenever he wanted and we were repeating the scene with him between her legs and me jerking his cock.

We had just finished and were floating in bliss when dad walked in. He was more flabbergasted than mad but it took some talking before he calmed down." Garret added, "He sent us home then stayed for an hour. I assumed he was talking about consequences but I guess a naked Marsha has quite an ability to convince him that things were actually fine. When he came home he was very relaxed and happier than he'd been in a long time. He told us to go to bed, forget what had happened and not speak about this ever again." "That's it?" I asked.

"No groundings, no punishment, nothing?" Kat looked sideways at me and said, "Oh, come on, Ray, he's been fucking her every time he's off duty since that day." "Really," I said as I again got hard thinking about Marsha being pleasured by Rusty and him cumming in her pussy in the house right behind us. "So when does he usually come home?" "Not until morning," she said. "Then he grabs a few hours sleep before heading to work. With us home all summer and him over at your place most of his day off, we almost never see him anymore.

As I dropped my slacks then stepped out of my boxers to allow my boner free I said, "I think I need to get some action too. I am the only one still horny here." Kat looked at my cock and pushed Garret off the bed, saying, "Finally, Ray. Come here big fellow, I want to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth.

I have wanted to do this ever since you drank my piss and cum. Garret is just learning the technique and isn't sure he wants to suck down my pee but he brings me off very easily." I needed no further urging and stepped over to stand in front of her, stroking gently, she lay down on her stomach as I slid the head into her mouth. She had great suction and I watched as gradually more and more of my cock disappeared into her mouth as she bobbed on it.

Soon I felt her nose against my pubic hair as my cock head slipped into her throat. Ooooh, this was too wonderful. I couldn't move. As I felt her swallow my cock, I just blew my load and she swallowed every drop of it. Meanwhile Garret had climbed back on the bed and had slipped his hand under Kat. I saw that he was jerking his cock. She writhed on his hand as he slid two fingers deep into her pussy.

She gasped with my dick in her mouth as a climax washed over her. Her jerking orgasm spurred Garret on and he ejaculated all over her ass. We rolled over and rested as we tried to figure our next move.

Finally, I decided that I needed to take the initiative. I told them to get cleaned up and go to bed as I walked back to my house. CHAPTER 8 It had been an hour and I figured Marsha would be hot and probably had gotten Rusty hard again so I went in quietly, listening to any noises upstairs. Sure enough, she was moaning and directing Rusty where to suck. As I cleared the stairs I could see her riding his face, her pussy fully covering his mouth, her hands on the headboard and she was leaning back on her knees.

Rusty had his cock in his hand, pumping quickly. I stepped into the room and said, "Um hum." Rusty jerked but Marsha merely turned her head and said, "Hi, honey. Welcome home." She kept rocking on Rusty's face, adding, "You should have called ahead if you didn't want to see this. I have been so horny since you've been gone and I've been a busy girl. Rusty has been nice enough to keep me company and he has been great at satisfying all my needs." Rusty still couldn't speak for the cunt plastered onto his mouth but he had a terrified look in his eyes and his cock had softened noticeably.

"Don't worry Rusty, honey, Ray will be OK with us having wild sex. Right, Ray? After all, you started this by masturbating in front of his daughter. It took a lot for me to convince him that you were only acting out a fantasy and never violated her. Actually, he caught the two kids and me having oral sex and satisfying him was the only way I could figure to keep him content and let me go on with our sessions with the kids.

He has the hardest dick I've ever sucked and he shoots loads of tasty cum. Maybe it's the stress of his job that keeps him so hard." She rolled off him and sat up.

He remained lying prone on the bed and I could see his dick begin to harden again so I assumed getting caught or having his fantasy life fulfilled was somehow stimulating him. I replied, "Well, what you said is partly true, it began with me jerking off in front of Kat. But remember your fantasy with having Garret eat you out?

You punished me for my perversion by letting Garret eat your pussy right in front of me. And now you are fucking Rusty. Is this also part of my punishment?" "Oh, you have lots of punishment left, dear.

You are not free yet," she smiled. "Rusty hop up. Ray lie down right here with your head at the foot of the bed. Come on, get out of your shirt but leave your pants on and get over here." I did as she asked. She straddled my face and pressed her sopping wet pussy onto my mouth. She leaned over to put her tits on my stomach and grabbed my legs, holding them together tightly, then said, "Be a dear, Ray, and stick your tongue in as far as it will go.

Rusty, please climb up here and stick that gorgeous cock deep in my ass like I know you've wanted to. Ray, press on my bladder, I need to pee pretty badly." Soon we were joined, me beneath her, eating her cunt as he climbed in behind her. She moaned and jerked as he first spit on his dick then buried his cock all the way, his sack hitting against my face as he thrust in as deeply as possible. Marsha shuddered and said, "Oh, my god that feels sooooo gooood!

Stretch my ass, Rusty.drink my pee, Ray.Ahhh here.

it comes.yesssss!" She let loose with a huge gush of piss and I could barely swallow as fast as she peed. But I managed to gulp it all down, then resumed tonguing her throbbing cunt until she climaxed. "Aaaahhhhh, my beautiful juice, Ray," she shouted as cum surged out of her cunt into my sucking mouth.

"Still sweet as honey," I thought. She then shouted, "Keep pumping it into my ass, Rusty, I feel another one coming.Aaaaahhh.yessss!" as she shook with another huge orgasm.

"Oh, Marsha, your ass is driving me wild. I can't hold it any longer. I'm going to shoot.Aaaahh it comes," he shouted as his balls jerked in my face and I could see his dick pulse as gob after gob of his hot cum shot into her gaping ass. He kept kneeling behind her for a moment, then his dick softened and it popped out of her hole with a thud, hitting me on the forehead.

I could now see it up close and had to admit that the bulbous purple head and large shaft, glistening with his cum and her juices, was pretty spectacular. It was still huge even after his huge climax. Then, instead of climbing off, Marsha just lifted up until her ass was directly above my mouth, his cum beginning to leak out.

"Eat it, you pervert!" she shouted as she bore down with her muscles forcing his cum to roll out in a torrent. I had no choice but to swallow gobs of his gooey cum. At least she hadn't made me suck his dick when he pulled out of her open ass. Then she commanded, "Stick out your tongue, Ray," as she squatted down, pressing her gaping asshole right onto my tongue and made me lick the remaining cum right out of her asshole.

"How does it taste, babe?" she asked. "I know you never thought you'd eat another guy's cum but here you are licking away. I think you actually like it by the look of the tent in your pants." "Anyway, let this be a lesson that I won't put up with you cumming for a teenager unless you include me!" she exclaimed.

After I could talk again, I said, "But I never had Kat eat me. You came in Garret's mouth and he's a teenager too. And I know you did it several times while I was gone. So what's fair is fair." "Not the same thing, Ray, and you know it," she said. "I can climax multiple times to your once and besides I'm a woman." "Now pull out your dick and beat off for me, and just for me, this time," she ordered. I was incredibly turned on by her new dominance and stood up from the bed to pull my boner out and begin stroking for her.

It didn't take long before I shot a stream of hot cum right into her face. She opened her mouth to receive the rest of my load, then wiped her face with her fingers and sucked that down as well. "You taste almost as good as Rusty does, but there's a subtle difference. I think I'd like to try a few more loads from you both before deciding whom I really prefer. What do you think, Rusty, care to give me some further samples?" Then she looked at me and added, "You started it and now I've finished it.

At least your punishment is over but I have way more plans for you, Rusty and Garret," she smiled and winked at him. Anyway, that's a tale for another time.