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Black lesbian ana foxxx gets pussy eaten by sexy white girl roxy rox interracial
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Friday Night Entertainment. Since the holiday in my story "Holiday Park Slut," Chas and me have enjoyed quite an active sex life, With me carrying on my liking for gangbangs. I have had several sessions in car parks, local parkland, and at home. The last one being with a group of workmen who were sorting out the electricity at the end of the close.

Chas came home one lunchtime to find four men giving his naked wife a good shagging from each end. They had been having their tea and "crumpet" for morning and dinner breaks for the last few days. The one fucking me had a large cock, it must have been at least ten inches, and wasn't he making me scream as he rammed it in hard up to his balls every thrust.

The others were telling him to fuck my brains out, which in the end they all did, they had a extra long lunch hour that day, and they all had second helpings this time up my ass except the man with the large cock he was just to big for her ass that time, so I sucked him off with him cumming in my mouth and over my face.

This brings me to my main story about a now regular outing that we have most Friday nights at a pub quite a way out in the country. FRIDAY NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT. It all started when Chas, my mum, and I went out for a drink one Friday night and ended up at a pub way out of town into the country. There was a local dance going on, so we were all soon enjoying ourselves.

As the night went on I was getting more and more into the party mood, and was soon dancing with various men, and not only dancing as all the men were groping my ass and tits, during one slow dance a man openly had his hand up my short dress and was fingering my cunt, my thong and cuntlips on show to everyone.

Chas and mum sat back and watched for a while then they went and had a few dances themselves with different men and women, and Chas ended up chatting with some guys and playing pool in another part of the pub. After several more dances the guy I was dancing with took hold of my arm and pulled me towards the exit telling me to come with him. On the way out as we passed a group of his mates, some of whom I had also danced with and been touched up by.

As he passed he lifted my dress up, and pushed his hand down the front of my tiny thong and started fingering my cunt. He said to them to come with us as I had a big wet cunt and he was going to have some fun with the tart. As soon as we were all outside and around the rear of the pub they were all over me. I was soon stripped naked, and hands and fingers were exploring my body and holes.

This was followed shortly by me being pushed onto my back across an old table out there, getting a good tounging and then a cock buried deep up my cunt. He soon cum, shooting deep into my waiting hole. Another soon took it's place. While the third guy was giving my ass hole a good reaming, the first guy went back into the bar. Chas and my mum told me later that he had gone in for another drink, and they had the landlord and his wife say to him "where the hell had he been, that they thought he had gone home which was unlike him.

The guy had laughed and said him and a few of his mates were outside giving this tart a good fucking, the others were still out there. The landlord had shouted out "did you hear that men, how about if they bring the tart in hear as it must be getting cold out there". "Yea, go on bring the slut in here", the wife had added. There was a cheer all round so the guy had said yes why not and dissappeared back outside.

They both had knew the tart he had been on about must be me as I was not around and no other women were present. The guy came back outside and waited while the last guy was fucking me.


When he had shot his load he walked over and pulled me off the table. "We're taking you back inside now slut, There's alot of guys in there wanting to use that big cunt and asshole of yours, so you won't be needing your clothes," he said. We all went back into the bar, and as I walked in there was a loud chourus of whistles and cheers went up. This was not surprising as I was naked except for my high heels, and you could see I had been receiving a good shagging.

My nipples were hard and red from all the attention they had been getting and there was cum in my hair, on my face, tits, and running down the insides of my thighs from my asshole and cunt.I looked around. There must of been at least 30 guys and several women in there. "I hear there are alot more cocks that need some holes to fuck in here, and I just happen to have three holes here that are dying to have some cocks shoved in them." I shouted out to even more cheeres. The landlord, who was a big rough looking man in his fifties i'd say, walked over to me.

"Umm, ummm. Looks like we got us some cock sucking bitch to have some fun with boys," he said. He walked around me taking in my naked just fucked body. As he was around the back of me he slapped me hard on my ass cheeks leaving a red handprint on it. I cried out at the sharp pain. He told me I looked a right fucking slut, a well used whore walking in like that so I was going to be treated like one. He sqeezed my ass, then run his finger down my ass crack and then inserted a finger in my ass hole.

I shuddered as he began to finger fuck me in the ass. "Looks like they've already had some use of this, and it's going to get a lot more use tonight," he said. "I hope so. I want a lot more cock drilling out my asshole and cunt tonight," I groaned at him.

He pulled his finger out and put it to my mouth. I opened my mouth and took his fat cummy finger in and sucked all the slimey cum from my asshole off it.

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He continued down cupping my tits in both hands. He sqeezed my tits and rolled my hard nipples between his fingers.

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He let go, then gave my tits a couple of hard slaps. I groaned out loud at this rough treatment I was recieving.

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He then run his hands on down my stomach, over my smooth shaved pubic mound, and between my legs where he shoved some large fingers up my cunt. I pushed my ass into his groin and ground my cunt down onto his fingers as they worked in and out of me. My breathing was ragged and I was moaning loudly. "Well arn't you just some fucking dirty cunt. Your cunt and asshole all filled up with cum." The landlord shouted at me.

All the crowd were watching and grinning at me, as I stood before them naked, my ass pressed hard into a strangers groin as he had his arms around me.

His one hand on my tits, and the other hand a blur as it was thrust in and out of my cunt. "Hell, Kath looks fucking good when she,s naked and being finger fucked like that in public don't she Barbara," I heard Chas say to my mum. "Yea, she bloody well does. Mind you she does get a lot of practice. She's always been a right slut, ever since she started getting fucked at fourteen. Always flashing her tits and cunt at men and ending up naked getting fucked or gangbanged." mum replied.

Chas just laughed and said yep always a slut. Only happy when she's got a cock or some object shoved in her holes. The landlord told me I had a big cunt and that I must of had a lot of cocks in my time boring it out. I said I had and hoped it would see alot more along with my other holes tonight. The landlord grinned and said I wouldn't be able to walk with my legs together after tonight, as they were all going to fuck me bandy, this brought a load of cheers all round.

He said that he recond I had fucked dogs as well being such a cock hungry whore. I replied that I had and also a donkey and horses as well. He then told me I could perform with his two dogs for them all after they had finished with me. I groaned out that I would as I cum hard. The wife a hard looking bitch walked over and slapped me across my face and tits. "Fuck the filthy slag darling. Widen up that big cunt of hers ready for the rest of the men." she said to her husband.

With that he cleared one of the tables of bottles and glasses and pushed me on to my back across the dirty, beer covered table. He roughly pulled my legs apart, opening up my smooth shaven cum filled cunt. He slapped my open cunt a few times making me grone and cry out. I went to put my hand there, but he pulled it away and shouted at me not to dare do that.

He slapped my face, tits and cunt a few more times and shouted at me that I was just a filthy, cock sucking piece of cunt. "Like to shave and show off your cunt hey, just like whores do," he said to me. "Ummm yes, guess that makes me a whore as well then," I moaned back at him as he had now picked up a beer bottle off the floor and had pushed it deep in my juicy cunt, and was wanking me off once again.

"My slut daughter likes to shave her cunt to show it off for all the guys that fuck her,and believe me she's shown it to hundreds," my mum shouted out to him.

"And fucking had it used by hundreds," Chas added. Everybody laughed. He continued to fuck me roughly with the bottle and slap my face and tits until I screamed out I was cumming again. I came hard as he plunged it in and twisted my nipples, and shouted at me to cum you fucking cunt. After he had finished wanking me to a climax, he took out the cum covered bottle, and I hungerly liked it clean.

He then got his very large cock out and roughly shoved it in to the hilt up my cunt. I was moaning and telling him to fuck my cunt harder but I was soon silenced when another man shoved his cock in my mouth and began to fuck my mouth furiously, yanking on my hair making me deepthroat him.

"That's it slag, suck on my cock and balls," he ordered me. I did, sucking and licking hard, taking each ball into my mouth, the guy groaned loudly as he finely shot a load of hot sticky cum down my throat and over my face.

After the landlord had cum, he came and sat on my face and ordered me to lick his asshole. As I did he had my legs held open wide by two other guys and gave my well exsposed cunt a good spanking. "This isn't the only asshole your going to have your tounge stuck up tonight,slut," he said to me.

My body squirmed and shook underneath him as his hand made contact with the soft flesh of my cunt. My cries were muffled by his ass on my face. On each wack he shouted out to get my tounge deeper up his crack. Or told me I deserved this for being such a well used meat hole, just a piece of cunt to fuck and empty their bodily fluids into or onto.

Other hands reached over and maulded my tits. Squeezing them, and also pulling on and twisting my now hard swollen nipples. "Fuck, you are a filthy cunt, a real piece of shit whore," My mum shouted to me.

When he had finished, I shouted out to them to fuck me legless, get their cocks in my wet well used cunt, gangfuck my ass, destroy my ass hole. I begged them to fuck my mouth, fill it with cum. Wank over my face and tits, piss on me. Just use me as their own personal filthy back alley whore, to use me as their cum receptical.

"Come on guys. Form a line. The cumslut wants all your cocks in her well used holes, and a belly full of cum by the end of the night," mum shouted out again.

"Yea come on, get some fucking cock up this sluts cunt," I shouted to them as I opened my legs wide. After that, they all formed a line and took it in turns to fuck my cunt, ass, and mouth. At one stage as I was kneeling on an old sofa and lay hanging over the arm of it so my ass was in the air, they took it in turns at fucking my ass.

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They pounded it without mercy, all their weight on top of me as the rammed their cocks deep in my shit hole. I screamed and cried out at the onslaught my asshole was taking which just made them fuck it harder.

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Others just pulled my head up by my hair and fucked my mouth, not caring how much I gagged as the held my head with their cocks down my throat to the hilt. Some just like to slap my tits as they hung down, or slap and spit on my face while shouting obsceneties at me. "Fucking hell cunt. You love having your ass drilled don't you. Won't be so tight after we've all finished fucking the shit out of it though," some guy shouted out as he savagely fucked me.

I managed to gasp yes, but was soon silenced again as a cock was shoved in my mouth down to it's balls. Late into the night I was fucked on the bar, across tables, and taken outside into the carpark and fucked across car bonnets, picnic tables and on the floor in the outside mens toilets. I was in heaven having all these cocks to play with, all these rough men using and abusing my naked body.

Untill the early hours, the cocks were fed into me, wanked over me. Hands mauled and slapped my naked flesh, and the still night air echoed to my screams of pleasure and pain as I lost count of the times I cum. Chas and mum were enjoying watching his naked slut wife perform, listening to my moans of lust, me gunting like an animal and crying out over and over again that I was cumming.

Watching these strangers taking me in all positions, ramming their cocks in all my holes, three, four, and even five men at once forcing their hard sweaty cocks into my body, so I had to suck on two at once, or had two cocks buried in my cunt or ass, or just each hole filled and cocks in each hand being wanked. Beer and wine bottles were also shoved in my cunt and ass to wank me off.

They were making me do every obscene and perverted act they could think up, and I was ready to do it. Several men also gave me a good hard spanking which I love, and one man bent me across the pool table and gave my ass a hard slapping with a table tennis bat, this made me moan and shout out crude comments like do it harder, punish me for being such a cock hungry slut, and to keep on using and abusing my body.

After he had finished he gave the bat to my mum. "Here, why don't you give your whore of a daughter a good hiding," he said as he handed the bat to her. "Yea, think I will at that," she replied. She first inserted the handle into my asshole and cunt wanking me off, then brought the bat down hard with a loud thwack.

I screamed out. Again and again she whacked my naked ass cheeks, turning them bright red. A few of the guys where holding me down as my body squirmed and shook from the punishment. On every contact with my flesh I let out a loud scream. She finally stopped and gently rubbed my ass with her hand, then inserting a few fingers into my cunt.

"You are a cock hungry cumslut, daughter. Look at that big cunt and asshole of yours, full of cum from all the cocks thats been up them. A dirty whore like you really deserves a good thrashing now and then." she said to me. "Yes I do mum," I groaned back to her. As she finished spanking me, another guy took over with the bat whacking my now scarlet ass cheeks.

I saw some guy walk over to where mum and Chas were. "Hey mate, you ever thought of hiring your slut wife out to a whore house? I know of one. Their always looking for new cunts to sell. It's a bit cheap and run down, but I recon the whore would fit right in there. Spend most of her time on her back she would. Looking at her she'd get a lot of cock, be well used those holes of hers. Be just what she likes." I heard him say to them. "UMMM, Yea, maybe worth thinking about.

Wears me out the slut does, and always looking for more cock. Get plenty there and make some cash. Got a card or pnone number I can have," Chas replied. "Yea, here's the pnone number.

Tell them Dave from the pub gave you the number. I'll get to fuck her for free then when i want to," the guy said and laughed. Chas laughed and said he would give them a call. "Oh, the whore wouldn't mind fucking dogs or horses now and then for an audience.

Being used by other women, or getting a bit of whipping and slapping around would she." he asked Chas. "No, that filthy meathole there wouldn't mind that one bit," mum answered back and pointing to me still getting spanked and sucking on a cock as well. All the while I was rubbing and fingering my cunt untill I moaned out load and said I was cuming hard. I told them all it always made me cum hard when I was spanked and next time perhaps they could use a leather whip across my tits and cunt as well as my ass.

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The men egerly agreed and said they would get one for the next session. The men told me they had never seen a women take so much cock, especially up the ass, that I must be a real slut, a whore to like doing this. I said a slut yes, but a whore charges and I do it for free and enjoy it, so to get on and do it, fuck and whip my sluttish body some more. That was what it was for, what I was there for, to be used as a cum bucket.

So they did. Mum took her go as well. Wanking me off with a large wine bottle. Really ramming it deep and fast in my holes. Everybody loved watching this.

A women reaming out her naked daughters cunt with a bottle in front of a large audience. The night was finished off with a mass wank and piss over me while I was spreadeagled on the ground outside. I was dragged across the pub floor and outside into a dirty yard by my hair where I was dumped in a pile of rubbish. "Your where you belong now, in with the trash,slut," one of the older men shouted at me. "She likes to be naked and fucked or pissed on amonst the trash in dirty yards or alleyways.

The slag's always doing it. It gets her off, makes the cunt as horny as hell," Chas said.


They all got their cocks out and began pissing or wanking over me, covering me from head to toe with their cum and smelly yellow piss. As they did I was rubbing it into my tits and the rest of my body and wanking myself off. I opened my mouth as they ordered me to as jets of piss were aimed at my face, filling my mouth to overflowing as others wanked into it mixing their cum with the piss in my mouth.

Chas and mum was with them looking down at this filthy cumslut, this fortytwo year old women lying down there in the garbage naked, with about thirty men who had just fucked her, pissing and wanking over her including himself and thinking what a dirty whore he had for a wife, but loving it.

After everybody had finished with me, they all watched as I writhed around in the large pool of piss, rubbing my tits and fisting my cunt. Slowly, all the men including Chas and my mum went back in to have a few more drinks. I washed myself down at an outside tap, and dried myself off with a couple of old towels that were lying around, and then walked back into the pub still naked.

I sat down at the bar and the men brought me a few drinks untill I deceided it was about time to get home. It was then that I was reminded by chas and mum that I had a show to put on for them with the dogs. I groaned and said I suspose I had said I would. The landlord brought in his two large dogs. I got off the bar stool and got onto my hands and knees on the floor, parted my legs, and stuck my ass in the air, so my well fucked cunt was ready to take the dogs cock.

The first dog was brought over and I wanked his cock untill it was hard and protruding from it's sheath. It was taken behind and was soon on me. It's front legs wrapped around my waist. The front legs had been bandaged so the dew claws would not scratch me. The dog went at it fast and hard. It's large cock pounding into my cunt. "Hell, Kathy loves to be like that on all fours being dog fucked," I heard Chas say.

"Yep, I've certainly got a dirty bitch for a daughter and you for a wife," mum replied to him. I was panting and grunting loudly, just like I was a dog bitch.

It soon came in me. It was pulled away not caring that it was still knoted. Luckily I had had so many cocks and beer bottles shoved in me that night it slipped out without to much trouble.

The second dog was led over and it started over again. This time though it got it wrong at first and for the first few minuets fucked my ass. This made me squeel and the crowd laugh and cheer. It finaly got it right though and gave my cunt another hard reaming out. It was slightly larger than the first one and I moaned out loud as if fucked me hard and fast until I screamed out I was cumming as it shot another load of hot doggy cum deep in my cunt.

When it had also cum in me and was led away, I just rolled onto my back and lay there panting. The dogs fresh cum running out of my baggy cunt hole. "Fuck, I'm knacked. I recon it's about time I went home now and got some sleep." I said. They all laughed and said that they were not surprised with all the fucking I had recieved. My mum shouted out that they should bring a horse next time as she loves their big cocks, and it's a good laugh seeing the slut take a horses cock up her cunt.

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They helped me up off the floor. My dress was brought for me and I got dressed and said my farewells. The landlord said I should "cum" every Friday, I could be their "Friday night entertainment", and also fuck a horse for them next time.

I agreed saying it would be fun. so most every Friday we go to this pub, in sepperate cars. I go in first, and about ten minuets later Chas so as not to cause any problems, and he usually finds me already stripped naked and being fucked bandy. Friday night is now a men only night at the pub, although they let my mum and a few of her friends in to watch as they like the idea of using me in front of my mum and several other women.

Last Friday they asked me to turn up earlier as one of the younger men was having a stag party there so I would have some fun that night. When Chas got there about an hour later I was tied naked, face up, legs spread wide across a table and anybody could use me when they wanted to, and a lot had.

The men were just coming up to me and shoving their cocks into which ever orifice they wanted to. I was also whipped across my tits and cunt like I wanted. Later on I was turned over and tied down and my asshole was gangbanged and used as a cum recepticle.

Chas walked over to me later, and shoved his cock deep into me. He said it was hell of a horny sight to see me writhing around and hearing me cry out in pleasure and pain, as the strips of leather came down across my tits, thighs, and smooth shaven cunt. He was twisting my nipples as he told me this.

Over the night I was fucked repeatadly in every orifice, wanked on and pissed on as I was tied down. I also finished the night fucking the landlords two dogs again and a horse that they had brought along especially. By the end I was thourghly exhausted, but I had loved every minute of it.

The landlord had taken lots of photos which were handed out to the guests, and he also said he was going to pin some of them up behind the bar, so if you are ever down south and come across this pub you will probably see my photographs, and if a Friday night who knows what you may see or get! (no names the pubs our secret you will just have to find it yourselves). I drove home naked that night so as not to get my clothes in a mess, and quite a few long distance lorry drivers got a good eyefull of me at traffic lights and roundabouts.

I told Chas that the landlord had other plans for me which I was looking forward to, one of them being was for him and a group of the men to take me into the next town late one evening and for me to strip naked and be fucked in various locations around the town being careful not to get caught by the law, and to take photos of me in action along the way.

Chas was well up for that. Chas had also told me that night about what the guy had said about the whorehouse and given me the number. I told him I had phoned the number and had fixed up a day with them so they could see if I was up to a day of being naked and getting the shit fucked out of me. I had told them no problem, but that is another story and the end of this one.