Black rock fucking gay porn and sex tamil books Welcome back to

Black rock fucking gay porn and sex tamil books Welcome back to
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I grew up in a small Mid-West farm town, where it was very common to find farm jobs like baling hay and other types of farm work. Anyways, there was a farmer out on the county line that left her 36 year old daughter, Kara his farm when he passed away, she was looking for someone to help her out on the farm, because she simply couldn't do it on her own.

During this time she would find people in her opinion who had no clue in what work was. So one day I would get a call from her that she wanted to meet me and give me a chance to work for her.

She gave me her address and I would come to her home for the interview she had imposed on me. When I met Kara, my eyes about bulged out of my eyes,she was the hottest blonde that I have ever seen! Kara had was about 5.4 with an hour glass figure, wearing skintight jeans and a red checkered button up shirt. I thought for sure as hot as she was I didn't have a prayer with her and I was way out of her league just to be her employee, let alone having this hot woman hanging on my arm, besides, why in God's name would she want a 25 year old guy for anyways.

Well Kara decided to give me a chance to work on her farm, and she first had me working in the hog barns by cleaning them and feeding the hogs.

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Than when I was done that I done a few other jobs on the farm and to say the least, Kara was extremely impressed of my hard working habits, and she told me to come back tomorrow and help her in stacking up the hay up in the hayloft in the other barn and told me to arrive around 5am. So I arrive at 5 am like she said, but before I went to her barn to sure all the animals were fed and knocked on the door, telling Kara I was ready to work.

Kara answered the door with a laugh and a smile, saying to me, first we are going to eat some breakfast. She served me fresh scrambled eggs with bacon, toast, coffee and orange juice.


As we were eating breakfast we had some small talk and she was giving me high praise in how good of a worker I was. I told Kara in how much I love farm work because of the challenge of a good honest day of hard work.

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Once we got done eating Kara and I went to the barn and up in the loft and we started working together rotating the old hay up front and stacked up the new hay in the back of the barn. As I continued stacking up the hay, I noticed Kara wasn't up with me so I just continued to keep working.

By this time, I already pretty much had everything done when Kara came the hayloft with a gallon of cold lemonade saying, I thought you might thirsty! Kara sat down on a hay bale, telling me to sit down with me and take a break and have some lemonade with me.

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I sat down on the bale next her, enjoying the ice cold lemonade with her and talking together. This time the conversation got a lot more involved,when Kara told me she noticed how I often gaze at her and she asked me, you think I am pretty, don't you?

With embarrassment looking at her freckled face, in her stunning blue eyes with her blonde hair in pigtails with her dressed in blue jean shorts in a tank top, I said yes, but,but---- Kara smiled that's okay, I am glad you like me, as she took my hand to her breast, telling me to touch her. With trembling hands, I rubbed her tits, Kara told me, I am your boss, not only do I want a good farm hand, I also want a guy for my sexual pleasures, now you do exactly what I want you to do, she took off her tank top, revealing her titties to me telling me to suck her titties.

I took her nice rounded B-Cup titties into my mouth licking and sucking her nipples, as she cooing in telling me on how good of an employee I am being. As I continued to suck Kara's titties, she took off her shorts and panties,with her whispering in my ear I want you to meet Lady I want you to greet her and her next door neighbor Rosie as she pushed my head down to her soft velvety blonde mound.

I began to satisfy her clit with my tongue and going in and out her hot pink hole. As I started to rim her rosebud, Kara said, John, take off your clothes! As I stripped down she told me to lie down on the hay bale, so I laid down on the bale of hay, than Kara sat right on my face telling me to lick her asshole .


As I was licking her sweet ass Kara took my 8.5 inch cock into her mouth while playing with my balls. When Kara got me as hard as she wanted, she got up from me to tell me to switch places with her. As I got up from the bale of hay, Kara got on her back, looked at me with her legs open, hand spreading her pussylips open telling me, Fuck me, but do not cum!

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I got on top of Kara and slid my cock into her beautiful pussy. I started pumping Kara harder and harder as she wrapped her legs around me with her squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles.

Than Kara told me to pull my cock out of her and stand up. I stood up and Kara looked at me telling she was going to swallow every drop of my cum. Kara took my piece of meat into her mouth and down her throat, while playing with my balls, than she started taking my cock back and forth in her mouth but this time she took her fingers back in the crack of my ass, and buried her slender finger into my virgin hole!

She would soon find my prostrate and my cock would explode in her mouth as she gulped every drop of my jizz down her throat. After that awesome sex I had with this gorgeous woman I continued to do the other jobs that were needed done with a huge smile on my face, hoping that I can have more of this incredible woman. So when it was about time for me to go home, I went to the house telling Kara that I would see her in the morning.That's when Kara told me not to leave, that she wanted me to stay for dinner, so I said sure why not?

After all she's a damn good cook! After we ate a delicious fried chicken dinner, Kara told me she wanted me to stay tonight, as she claimed that we have a long long night ahead and I really shouldn't planning on sleeping tonight, because my body is hers! Than she came up to me at the table, telling me, you after a long day like we had, a nice hot shower is in order, you agree John? I said to her oh absolutely a hot shower sounds damn good!

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Kara escorted me to her bathroom, where she stripped naked before me, saying we're showering together, get naked now and get in. Kara grabbed the washrag and began scrubbing my body and as the hot water was rinsing off the soap from my body she took her tongue down my back and she told me to spread my asscheeks.

As I done as Kara told me to do she started licking my asshole. It was my first rimjob ever done to me, than she took my cock in her mouth, making rock hard as I begged her to let me fuck her brains out. Kara laughed saying, Oh no, whatever I do to you, I want to to do the same to me, as Kara gave the rag to me she told me to wash your goddess and worship my body, and you must give me your body, I now own you, I am never going to let you leave here.

So I washed my new goddess body with my mouth all over her lovely body with my tongue and mouth devouring her holes. Than Kara stood me up on my feet and slammed my back up against the shower wall,and wrapped her leg me and grabbed my cock and slid it inside her telling me, I am going to fuck you to death!

Kara took my head to her titties, saying worship me you slave as she was grabbing my ass making me slam my cock in her pussy as she was gripping me as hard as she could to point I couldn't hold back my cum as I exploding in her.

As I was practically got weak in the knees, as Kara just got done fucking the hell out of me, she told me, you are far from being done serving me, there's more in store for you tonight, now get your naked ass in my bed right this second! As I got in Kara's bed she shoved me down on my back and lowered her pussy and ass to my mouth and said make Lady and Rosie happy with your mouth.

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As I was eating her luscious holes, Kara took my cock back in her mouth, making me hard once again while finger fucking my tight ass. She would tell me to get off her, and as I did she got on her hands and knees telling me to fuck her pussy. Gladly I took my cock deep into her hot fuckhole going deeper and deeper.

This time Kara told me to pull out of her pussy, telling me Rosie is feeling a little left out, now fuck my ass hard and fill it with cum!

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With pleasure I put my cock at the crack of Kara's sweet heart shaped ass put against her tight hole and slipped into her backdoor. She began bucking wildly back and forth telling me to fuck her ass harder and harder. As I was fucking Kara's sweet ass I could feel that I was about to cum. I said OH KARA I AM GOING TO CUM! Kara goes oh yes baby give me every drop, as felt cum blow in her ass, I collapsed on the bed next to her.

Than Kara told me to close my eyes, I have a huge surprise for you! As I closed my eyes, I felt Kara rolling me over on my stomach, and at first she was giving me a much needed massage on my back, but that I felt something that was keeping my legs spread apart,and that's when I got really nervous.

I asked Kara what was she doing and with a smile saying, I told you I now own your body and I want your virgin ass just shut up and enjoy what I do to you as I as so please. Than she showed me the whip and strap-on she was going use on me. She took the whip and gently slapped my asscheeks, telling me unless you want me to slap you harder, tell me my body belongs to Goddess Kara. I told Goddess Kara she owns me and she can do as she pleases to my body.

She would take the thin plastic handle of her whip and shove it in my hole" whispering in my ear, tell your goddess that you like it! I told my goddess it felt good and I liked it. She say good now I am going to fuck your tight ass!

My heart pounding scared she would first lick my asshole, as she was telling me she wanted my tight hole good and wet before she fucked me. Than I felt the huge strap-dildo up against my virgin hole, than she pushed her toy deep into my ass, and as I screamed in pain, Kara slapped my ass cheek telling me don't be such a baby, just relax and enjoy it.

As I felt her dildo rub against my prostate what was first painful became very enjoyable as she was stroking my cock commanding me to cum some more as I spewed cum all over her hand.

As I spent the night with her, I woke up asking her what was the long day of work was going to be. With a smile she told me that I was to stay naked all day, you worshipping my body and giving your body to your goddess.

To say the least I love being owned by the farmer's daughter.