Mighty guy bangs hot female agent

Mighty guy bangs hot female agent
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Chapter 3 "Their training begins" Sandy was now finished pleasuring her two Mistresses. Her tongue and jaw were sore and her face and chest was covered with cum.

Anita looked down at her slave and told her to go home. There would be instructions when she got there. Standing she grabbed the coat and wrapped it around her body. With no buttons the only thing keeping her covered was the belt.

However when she walked her legs pushed the sides open and exposed everything below her waist. She wondered how she was going to get out to her car without getting caught.

As she slipped into the hall she quickly ran to the nearest exit and then to her car. When she sat down behind the wheel, she felt she might make it home. She started her car and pulled out of the parking lot and drove home. When she arrived home and opened the door she stood in shock as she looked around her apartment. Everything had changed. There were no curtains, there were sex toys scattered about the room, and all the kitchen cabinets we open and empty.

As Sandy walked to the kitchen table there was a typewritten list of instructions. She looked at the list and read: Slut, here are your new rules.

You are to follow these rules without question. If you disobey your punishment will be severe. 1. You are to remove your coat upon entering the door and remain naked until you leave. 2. All of your clothes have been removed, along with all bedding, towels, and curtains. You have nothing to cover yourself except the coat you wore upon entering. Your daily outfit for school will be provided at school.

3. All dishes, utensils, flatware, pans and food have been removed. You have two dishes located on the floor; one to eat out of the other is for water. Food will be provided and delivered into the dish daily. You will not move them from the floor and not use your hands.

If you want to eat you eat like a dog. 4. You will notice that there are now cameras mounted in every room.


I now can monitor your every move. Nothing will escape me. You must ask for permission to do anything.

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Including going to the bathroom. If you do anything without permission you will be punished. 5. You ass will be plugged at all times. The only time the plug is to be removed is when you have permission to use the toilet. The plug must then be in your mouth while you go and replaced when you finish. 6. Whenever you hear a bell you will grab a toy and masturbate until you hear a buzzer.

You will not cum but you will not stop until the buzzer sounds. If I notice you aren't trying hard enough you will be punished. Sandy read the list and broke down and cried. She had no control over anything. Everything was to be controlled by her Mistresses, all her bodily functions. All of her actions, she had no control over anything in her life. Sandy removed her coat and walked to the living room and turned on the TV.

The only channel was a sex channel. Right now it featured a homemade movie of her getting fucked in Mexico. Sandy started to cry again but then heard a bell. She reached over to the end table and grabbed a dildo and started to push it into her cunt. She was already aroused after the long day at school and soon was fucking herself with reckless abandon.

Soon she realized she was about to cum and slowed down to keep from climaxing. As she slowed a voice announced from somewhere to pick up the pace or face punishment.

Sandy sped up and shoved the dildo deeper into her cunt. Just as she thought she was going to lose the battle and climax Sandy heard the buzzer. Although she was right at the point of no return she stopped. Her arousal was at its peak and she wanted nothing more than to orgasm. She couldn't stand it anymore, she walked into the bedroom and flopped on the bed and fell into a deep sleep. Dawn stood naked and tied in her bathroom as Susanna and the two men worked in the rest of the apartment.

After everything that had happened today she couldn't understand why she had been so aroused. Granted the toys helped but this was different.

She was so used to being in control all the time especially in her classroom. Now having a student dominating her so totally in such a short time left her feeling totally helpless? Dawn thought it must be this lack of control that had amped up her arousal, not the humiliation. God she hoped it wasn't humiliation.

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She remembered watching Sandy's arousal climb to new heights every time she made her do anything remotely humiliating. She enjoyed putting her in positions of potential humiliation as it stroked her ego and was such a power rush. And Sandy's climaxes were always stronger whenever there was any humiliation involved. I don't understand how being humiliated is arousing but after today I'm not so sure of anything anymore.

When Susanna walked into the room and released Dawn, she placed a collar around her neck and attached a leash. "Down on your knees slut," She said. Dawn dropped to her knees and followed her Mistress out into her apartment. Standing in the living room were the two men smiling and looking at the naked slut. Susanna then told Dawn, "Slut crawl over and satisfy my helpers. They worked very hard to make your apartment perfect for a slave." Dawn crawled over in front of the two large men and quietly said, "What can this slave do to please you?" They each quickly removed their clothes and took positions in front and behind her.

Within minutes one had his cock down her throat and the other was buried balls deep into her cunt. Dawn in spite of herself was in another world. After being relentlessly aroused all day in school and now being fucked and sucking cock her body was betraying her. She felt an orgasm boiling up inside her and about to erupt. Two men were pounding her holes, not caring if she was having any pleasure just working to blast their loads into the willing slut.

Susanna walked over to her and whispered into her ear, "Don't you dare cum slut. I will pound your ass and strip you in front of everyone at school if you don't obey." She heard her Mistress and doubled her efforts to make the two men cum as quickly as possible, hopefully before she had an orgasm.

Her efforts were rewarded as the man pounding her cunt exploded and filled her with his sperm. Shortly the man shoving his cock down her throat followed suit and shot his load in her mouth. Dawn was left unfulfilled, very aroused and wanting to climax. However Susanna would have none of that. She wanted to keep her new slave constantly aroused; the more aroused she was the more compliant she would be.

She wanted Dawn to think of nothing but how much she wanted to climax. The two men after depositing their seed into the naked slut, thanked Susanna and left the apartment. Dawn from her knees then looked over the changes they made. Her drapes we gone, only the blinds were left. Looking around the area she noticed the web cams covering all areas of the apartment. She then looked up at Susanna who motioned her to follow her. She crawled after her Mistress into her bedroom. The first thing she noticed was that her closet door was open and it was empty.

As she crawled past her dresser she could see inside the open drawers and noticed that they were also empty. Dawn looked up at Susanna, who smiled and said, "I control what you wear, or if you wear anything at all." She looked down at the ground as it seemed that as each minute past by she was losing more control of her life.

Her shoulders slumped a little more as the realization that her life was no longer her own. Susanna then led her slave to the kitchen. She opened the cabinets and refrigerator and let Dawn see that there was no food or dishes. "I also control what and when you eat. From this moment on what you wear, eat, when you sleep, piss or shit, who you fuck, when you fuck, and most of all when you cum is under my control.

You no longer make any decisions. You are simply to do as instructed. If there is a decision to be made it is up to me. If you make any decisions without my consent you will be punished. Your food will be provided each day." Susanna pulled two dog dishes off the counter and sat them down on the floor. One contained water. The other was filled with kibble.

"You are no longer allowed to use your hands to eat unless I give you permission. Here is tonight's dinner. I would suggest you eat it all because you never know when your next meal will be provided." Dawn slumped down on the floor into a fetal position and started to cry.

She was so humiliated as she felt she was now not even a person any longer. Susanna stood over the crying slut slave lying on the kitchen floor and said, "By the end of the weekend you will be fully trained as my slut slave. Seeing as you don't seem to be hungry let's get you ready for bed. Tomorrow is a big day and I want you rested and ready for your first day as my trained slut." Dawn looked up thru the tears and nodded and wondered what she meant by trained slut?

She slowly got up on her knees and followed as her Mistress led her by the leash to the bedroom. Susanna grabbed the suitcase containing the toys out of Dawn's closet and opened it up. She looked over her shoulder at her slave and laughed. "This could be a long night for you slut." She then grabbed several items and instructed her to get on the bed and lay spread eagle.

Dawn followed her instructions and lay on the bed as directed. Susanna then went to work securing her hands and feet to the corners of the bed.

She was now helpless and could barely move when Susanna placed a ball gag in her mouth, followed by a blindfold. What surprised her next were the headphones placed over her ears. She started to panic as each of her senses was eliminated. She couldn't move, see, speak, or hear. What else was Susanna going to do to her?

She found out in short order as Susanna grabbed the slut's tits and started to pinch and twist her nipples. In Dawn's aroused state it didn't take much to have them standing at attention. Susanna then roughly clipped an alligator clip on her right nipple.

The pain was intense and just as it started to fade she did the same to her left one. Dawn started to thrash on the bed trying to escape the pain. What she didn't know was the clips were connected by a wire that went through the ring on her collar and every time she moved her head it jerked the clips and made things worse.

The wires were then connected to a control box Susanna had placed beside the bed. As Dawn gave in and stopped fighting the pain dulled to where it was at least bearable, Susanna started to work on her cunt. First she clipped a clamp on the left lip. Dawn grunted and groaned around her gag as the pain shot thru her body. That was soon followed by something large pushing at the entrance to her pussy. Right now with being blinded and restrained the pain was actually increasing her arousal.

As the large dildo slid easily into her dripping cunt; she moaned as it hit her G spot. What happened next surprised her as a second clip was clamped on the right lip. These two clips were connected by wires that now held the dildo deep inside her.

The wires were then connected to the control box. The pain was intense but with the dildo between the clips it only confused her. The combination of the pain and pleasure was driving her to places she had never experienced. With half her senses gone her concentration was now only on her tits and cunt.

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Susanna looked down at the helpless teacher and smiled. You will never be the same after tonight my little slut she thought. She then spoke into a microphone that came thru Dawn's headset. "I trust you are comfortable slut. You are about to start your training. Let me describe your night.

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I am going to start a program that will help you to understand exactly what you are and what is expected of you. You will feel and experience many things as the evening progresses. I guarantee you are in for the night of your life. When this night is over you will not be the same. You may never be the same again." Susanna then pushed a button and started Dawn's training.

She lay on the bed not moving as nothing happened for a few minutes. She then heard music and then voices in the headset. The voices were repeating phrases over and over in a calm monotone that she tried to ignore. Then she heard a bell and the vibrator started in her cunt. Slowly at first, but the intensity slowly increased as did her arousal. Soon it was driving her crazy as it seemed to know when to slow and when to increase to keep her right on the brink of an orgasm but not let her to cross that final barrier to a climax.

This went on and on and on. She soon lost all track of time. All the while the voices in her head kept repeating: obey my mistress, I am a slut, my purpose is to serve, I love cum, over and over. Then the vibrator stopped. Covered in sweat and exhausted she relaxed for a time. Then she felt the clips on her pussy and tits start to tingle.

At first she thought it was her imagination but the tingling increased, and kept increasing until it became painful, then very painful. Just as she was starting to thrash about on the bed because of the pain the bell went off again and the vibrator started its cycle.

Her mind was totally confused. Her brain didn't know what to process first. Between the pain, the pleasure, the voices, the bondage everything was happening at once and she wasn't sure of anything. She was no longer tied in bed; her mind now had taken her to another place where her entire universe consisted of her tits, cunt and the constant voices in her head.

Just as she was about to pass out, everything stopped? There was no pain, no pleasure and no voices. Her body jumped because of the lack of stimulation.

Her brain had trouble processing no stimulus whatsoever.

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It was starting to crave the stimulus and having none at all was just as bad as being overstimulated. She slowly became aware of where she was and started to breath normally again, when DING! Oh my god not the bell again. The cycles continued throughout the night. Sometimes they were one right after another; sometimes there was a break between them.

She had no concept of time and after each cycle her submission deepened. As morning approached her brain was on autopilot. Her entire world centered on her cunt. Over the course of the evening the program began to add phrases. The voices now were saying: my name is cunt, I love to lick asses, I will refer to myself as slut, I am the property of my Mistress, as well as all the other phrases. As her resistance was shattered the words which she tried to ignore were now imbedded deeply into her psyche.

It was as if these were passed down from god. As the sun rose above the horizon and Susanna woke from her night's sleep she couldn't wait to see how the programing went with her slave. If it went as expected, Anita would use it on Sandy and the twins would have a matched set of submissive slaves to use in any way they want.

Susanna jumped out of bed and took a quick shower. She slipped on a sun dress and shoes and ran out the door. She jumped into her BMW and made the drive to the apartment in record time. As she entered the door she immediately noticed a strong smell of pussy. It smelled like there was an orgy as the distinct smell of sex was throughout the apartment.

Susanna walked into the bedroom and what she saw took her by surprise. Dawn was in the middle of another cycle. Her body was glistening with sweat and the mattress was soaking wet all around her body. Between her legs it was clear it wasn't sweat that soaked the mattress but pussy drippings. Dawn was humping the air trying to orgasm. Susanna watched in amazement as Dawn's body stiffened and shuddered when the cycle stopped and another orgasm had eluded her.

Susanna then went over to the controller and turned it off. She then lightly stroked Dawn's body, up and down her legs and across her torso. Dawn didn't even realize this wasn't part of the program.

Her mind was no longer in the room but only thinking of what the voices had been telling her for what now seemed to be forever. It wasn't until when the blindfold was removed and she looked into her Mistress's face did she become aware of where she actually was.

As Susanna removed the restraints and started to take to clips off her tits and cunt she finally realized her night was over? But as the clips came off the pain shot thru her body and straight to her cunt as the dildo, no longer held in, shot out of Dawn's cunt. It was as if the program also made pain increase her arousal.

As the pain subsided Dawn looked at her Mistress sitting by her on the bed and it was as if a light bulb went off inside her brain. Dawn now realized that her entire world centered on her Mistress. Her Mistress completed her being. The only thing that mattered was to serve and obey. Her Mistress controlled her pain and pleasure and Dawn would do anything to make her Mistress happy.

Dawn rolled over and wrapped her arms around her Mistress and started to cry like a baby. Susanna didn't know how to react but then she heard Dawn say over and over, "This cunt will serve her Mistress, this cunt is a slut, this cunt loves to lick asses, this cunt will obey my Mistress, and this cunt loves cum.

Please, Mistress, let this cunt serve you." Susanna was beside herself. The program worked perfectly, now she had to program her to function in school while still being her slave.

But that would start tomorrow night. She clipped on the leash and led her slave out to the bowls for breakfast. Sandy woke to her phone ringing beside her bed. She reached over an answered it. Anita told her to put on her collar and leash, grab a large dildo, go to the front door and masturbate until she got there.

"Don't you dare cum slut," was the last comment before she hung up. She quickly walked into the living room to follow her instructions.

She knew that she had to do as instructed and she couldn't make any decisions, but in the back of her mind she was waiting for an opportunity to escape this trap.

As long as she kept her head about her the twins would make a mistake and she had to be ready to seize the opportunity. She only hoped that the opportunity would come before it was too late as she realized that if it didn't come soon she might be in too deep to be able to climb out. As she pounded her cunt her arousal was again reaching levels that made it difficult to control, she knew that unless her Mistress arrived soon she would climax and be facing another punishment.

She didn't have to wait long as Anita arrived a few minutes later. Anita walked up to the kneeling, masturbating slave and slapped her across the face. She didn't know how to react; what did I do wrong?

Anita grabbed her hair, tilted her head and spit in her face. She then told her "You serve at my pleasure slut, and right now it pleases me to punish you. Turnover and stick your fat ass up in the air." She quickly turned over with the dildo still embedded deep in her cunt. Anita walked over to the table and picked up a crop. She returned to her upturned ass and proceeded to pummel it again and again. She was howling in pain as Anita continued to beat her ass.

After about 50 or so swats with the crop, Sandy was crying uncontrollably and begging to serve her Mistress. Her ass was striped with welts and completely a dark red color. Anita grabbed her leash and led her to her bowl to eat her breakfast. She was so hungry that even the kibble in the bowl from last night looked good. She lowered her head into the bowl and started to eat. And so it went for the two teachers. Each of the two sisters had different ideas of how to train their new slaves.

Their mother had instructed them on the finer points in training slaves. 1. Control everything, including eating, bodily functions, what they wear, and most importantly when they cum. 2. Punish them severely early in their training when they disobey even the smallest error. 3. Keep the slave constantly aroused. 4. Humiliate them often 5. Limit their food intake early in their training. A hungry slave is a compliant slave 6. Limit their sleep. The lack of sleep makes it harder to resist your commands.

Anita had decided to use the mind control method. Her mother suggested this method with Dawn as she thought Dawn had a more dominate personality. Susanna on the other hand, recognized that Sandy Hauser was much more submissive. She hoped that she wouldn't have to use the mind control method.

Instead she wanted to use humiliation and denial to train Sandy to be a good slave. If that didn't work she would go with the mind control method.

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Anita agreed to not let the two teachers communicate until they were further into their training. So Saturday Anita took Sandy, dressed in only her coat, collar, leash, and heels out shopping for her new work wardrobe.


Their first stop was a little boutique that specialized in club and fetish wear. She knew she wasn't going to dress Sandy in these outfits at school, but wanted her to be afraid that was what was waiting for her when she got to school after arriving in only the coat.

As they entered the store Anita had Sandy wait by the dressing rooms. She was mortified standing there with her collar and leash clearly in view. She couldn't even look anyone in the eyes, only stand there looking at the floor. Several young women walked past her and laughed at the submissive teacher. After about 15 minutes Anita walked up to her slave and handed her several dresses and told her, "Take off that coat and change into each of these outfits and walk out here and let me see you." Sandy's mouth opened to say something but quickly thought better and untied the belt, slipped the coat off her shoulders and took the dresses from her Mistress.

As she turned to go into the dressing room everyone got a clear view of the anal plug sticking out of her ass. She grabbed the first dress and put it on. It was tight, very short, and so thin it was almost transparent. Walking out into the store she was blushing from her head to her toes as the dress was so short her ass was sticking out and the plug was still in view. Anita looked at her slave and told her to put her heels on and come back out for inspection.

She did what she was told and came out again a minute later. What really bothered her was, in spite of her humiliation, her cunt was betraying her and starting to leak down her legs. This went on for about an hour and Sandy modeled ten to fifteen dresses and outfits.

All were at least slutty, at most illegal to wear out on the street. When they finally left the store Sandy was carrying several bags. With her hands full her coat started to open as they walked back to the car. By the time she put the bags in the trunk her coat was wide open and with the wind she was totally exposed.

She quickly grabbed the sides of her coat and started to cover herself but Anita smacked her across the face and said, "Did I tell you to close your coat. You will learn you do nothing unless I tell you. You will be punished later for this." Sandy dropped her hands and waited for her Mistress to tell her to get in the car.

Anita made her stand outside the car for a couple of minutes with her coat flapping in the breeze exposing her naked body to anyone who walked or drove by. So this was how the day went, store after store, and each time she was exposed and made to do humiliating things. At one store Sandy was led in by her leash while crawling after her Mistress. Finally after about four hours Anita drove up to an adult emporium. Sandy wasn't sure why they were there as she thought they already had every toy possible, but into the emporium they went.

Once inside Anita tugged on her leash and instructed Sandy to remove her coat and wait for her by a door at the back of the room. She dropped her coat on the floor, dropped her head and walked to the door as instructed. There were several men wandering around and all noticed the naked, collared and plugged slave standing by herself.

All of them walked by the slave and several groped her as they walked by. She couldn't bear to even look at any of them. She just stood there waiting for her Mistress. Anita walked up to her slut, grabbed her leash and led her thru the door, into a hallway lined with booths. Anita walked to the end of the hall and opened the door on the next to the last booth on the right.

She looked into the booth. What she saw was a bench on one wall, a display on the opposite wall with an X rated movie playing. On the wall on the right was a hook just below a hole in the wall. There were also holes on the other walls. All of the holes were about 2 ½ feet off the ground. On the floor she noticed that there were several small puddles. She didn't even want to know what that made those puddles.

Anita reached in and grabbed the bench and pulled it out. "Crawl in there slut, you are going to be the entertainment for the next couple of hours or so." Sandy dropped to her knees and crawled thru the puddles and up to the hook. Anita then attached her leash to the hook, leaving her mouth level with the hole in front of her face. On either side of her head were the two other holes.

Anita then bent down and spoke into Sandy's ear, "You are to suck off any cock that comes thru the hole in front of your face. Any cock that enters the holes on the sides you're to jerk off. You are to let them cum in your mouth but I want you to spit any cum in this glass. All cocks that enter the side holes are to cum on the sides of your face." A tear started to run down her face as she heard her instructions.

Anita saw the tear and said, "Cheer up slut; you are going to have fun too." She then pulled out a large black dildo that was about twelve inches long and at least two inches in diameter. It had a suction cup on the base and Anita placed it on the floor directly below Sandy's cunt. "OK, up on your feet and squat down on your newest friend.

I want you to fuck yourself while you are entertaining the store. You are not to stop fucking no matter what. Oh, and by the way, you are not allowed to cum. That is unless I think your performance is worthy of letting you cum." Sandy rose up off the floor and squatted down on the huge dildo. As it entered her cunt, Anita pushed a button on a remote and started the monster vibrating. She gasped as with all she had been through she welcomed the intruder in to her love tunnel.

All she could think of was that elusive orgasm as she couldn't remember when she last climaxed. Anita shut the door and the first cock appeared in front of her face.

It was about seven inches long and thin. It smelled slightly like urine but she started to lick the head to get it wet. A voice on the other side of the wall yelled, "Get my cock down your throat slut." She quickly opened her mouth and swallowed it whole. After about three minutes a cock appeared on her right, she reached up and grabbed it with her hand and started to stroke it.

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The cock in her mouth started to harden and she knew it was about to cum and worked harder to finish the job. It suddenly exploded and filled her mouth with several jets of his semen. The cock quickly disappeared and she reached for the glass and spit into the large glass. Just as she sat the glass down a cock appeared again in front of her and another one poked thru the hole on her left. She was still slowly working her cunt up and down on the vibrating dildo, grabbed the cock on her left and swallowed the cock on front of the face.

Just as she was getting into stroking and sucking the cock in her right hand exploded and shot several jets of cum across the side of her face. Anita was watching her slut perform via close circuit monitors and turned up the remote another notch.

Sandy's eyes widened and she started to suck for all she was worth as she was now right at the point of an orgasm.

Then the vibrator stopped and she groaned in disappointment as once again she was left frustrated. Then the cock on her left started squirting its load on the side of her face, followed by the cock in her mouth.

Both cocks quickly pulled back and were immediately replaced with two more. She wasn't even given the chance to spit their essence into the glass before her mouth was filled. Now both her hands and both sides of her face were covered in cum. As Sandy tried to suck off the cock in her mouth, cum from the previous cock dribbled down her chin and dripped down on her tits. She kept stroking and sucking as one by one each cock exploded in her mouth or on her face.

Sometimes she had time to spit the cum into the glass but usually before she could grab the glass another cock was shoved into her mouth. After about ten minutes Anita started the vibrator again and Sandy started to moan.

It didn't take long before she was right on the brink when Anita again stopped it. Just as the vibrator stopped all three cocks she was pleasuring exploded on her face and in her mouth. She couldn't see anymore as her eyes were coated in cum. She was now covered in spunk, both her hands and down her arms, both sides of her face and all over her hair. And because she couldn't spit into the glass her chin and her entire chest was now covered. The glass between her legs was now about half full.

She had no idea how long she stayed in the booth. All she remembered was an endless line of cocks surrounding her face and in her mouth. Suddenly the door opened and someone was standing in front of her. She hoped it was her Mistress to end this humiliation. Anita looked down at her slut and said, "Slut, you didn't fill the glass as instructed and look at the mess you've made in the booth. I want you to scrape any cum from your face and put it into the glass." She reached for the glass but when she picked it up it slipped from her hand and spilled on the floor.

Anita tried to keep from laughing at the slut as she quickly picked up the glass trying to keep what she could inside. Anita then screamed, "SLUT YOU SPILLED YOU CUM ON THE FLOOR. GET YOUR MOUTH DOWN THERE AND LICK UP ALL OF IT AND PUT IT INTO THE GLASS!" She then unhooked the leash and shoved her face down to the floor.

Sandy started to lick the floor trying not to vomit. As she sucked any cum off the floor more was dripping off her body. Sandy reached up and wiped her eyes and face with her hands and licked them off and deposited it into the glass. Now that she could see she realized that the entire floor was covered in cum.

She looked up at her Mistress and Anita said, "Clean up all that cum and crawl out to me in the store. If the glass is filled, lick up and swallow all the rest.

Make sure you bring the glass with you when you finish." Anita then turned and walked down the hall. Sandy broke down and started to cry. She was now nothing but a cum eating slut and that fact drove her to new depths and her arousal to new heights.