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Horny Transgirl Natalie Mars fucks in doggystyle
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Although Barbara had been dying from starvation for the entire ten weeks Jeff kept her as his sex slave, their time together gave a welcome boost to a listless, boring life. Having someone waiting for him at the end of the day and a steady sex partner were wonderful even if she were there only because he kidnapped her. He would have liked her to have been in something more than a brain dead, vegetative state but it was not to be.

After three weeks as his guest he even nicknamed her Barb and from that point on, he affectionately called her Barb, Barbie Doll, Barb Honey, or wife when addressing her. From the beginning of Jeff and Morris's dealings, Morris kept Jeff from becoming more than someone with whom he did business by always keeping Jeff at arm's length.

He treated Jeff cordially but he thought that any show of warmth or affection was a sign of weakness. Being incapable of feeling or at least expressing any level of warmth or affection for another person, it didn't take a lot for Morris to keep his feelings for Jeff hidden. Indeed, Morris had been brusque with Jeff when asked about using nitrogen gas to knock someone out because he needed to attend to Tracee.

But, he had taken the time to give Jeff the benefit of his expertise when he warned him of the risks handling such a deceptively deadly material. On multiple deliveries of packages to Morris, Jeff watched the ease with which Morris used the gas to knock out captives but had little exposure to the complete step of bringing someone back to consciousness after being knocked out as the result of nitrogen asphyxiation. He knew little about avoiding, detecting, or dealing with problems when they occurred.

With Jeff's own level of youthful overconfidence Jeff wrote Morris's warning off as the raving of an old worrywart and being selfishly protective of his sex trafficking business. Jeff was successful in initially knocking Barb out with nitrogen. But he was a total failure at bringing her back to consciousness. Not administering oxygen quickly enough after she lost consciousness left Barbara with permanent brain damage. He tried to feed her to keep her alive but her inability to feed herself and his inability to force feed her inevitably took their toll.

Day after day he hoped that she would get better. The first sign of that possibility came the morning after he captured her. After taking a seat on the bed next to her with cheeseburgers and fries she started chewing and had almost bitten his finger when he forced her mouth open with his hands. She even opened her mouth on her own for a piece of cheeseburger but then chewed and chewed for what seemed like an eternity.

When it appeared that she was choking Jeff removed the disgusting mass of chewed food and started developing a plan to dispose of her body if she died which she did after the capture 12 weeks earlier. To dispose of her dead body he first cut the flesh off the bones, cut the meat into stew size pieces, and dumped the pieces in the ocean. As he had hoped, the sudden surge in fish activity showed they were devouring the flesh.

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Jeff doubted that any flesh remained except for that in the stomachs of the fish. The next step was to dispose of the bones. After the initial butchering, flesh remaining on the bones was removed by boiling the bones along with the hands, feet, and skull for more than a day in sea water which left the bones brittle. The soup was then dumped into the channel and he used a sledge to crush the brittle bones into tiny fragments, mixed the fragments with concrete to make solid concrete cylinders, and rolled the cylinders into the channel where they would eventually move to rest on the bottom over 200 feet below the surface.

The disposal process had taken a lot of time and effort. And he had some ideas for improving if it were needed in the future. Overall, he felt that the number of times he got to cum in Barb made it worthwhile. The grisly process of disposing of her body completed, after going from having someone to screw whenever he wanted for almost 10 weeks to none, a month after screwing Barb the last time he was getting horny and his memory of her as his personal sex slave faded and took its place among the other sweet, bitter, pleasant, and ugly memories from his past.

For future captures he considered using a date rape drug for the initial knock out but rejected the idea because of his prior conviction involving drugs. His probation officer warned him that one possible consequence of any conviction during the probationary period could be a very long time in prison. It never even crossed Jeff's mind that kidnapping persons for Morris's human trafficking operation, that kidnapping someone by knocking them out with nitrogen so he could use them as his sex slave, or that possession of a date rape drug all had equal potential of a conviction and his return to prison.

That type of sophomoric wisdom was really the cause of the mess with Barb in the first place. Summer was coming soon and Jeff knew that the number of young, sexy females would soon swell from practically none to an over-abundance. And the abundance would afford him with an opportunity to capture another female to use as his sex slave. He continued to believe the best outcome would be a female that Morris would eventually ship to a client to use as a sex slave.

Eventually moving a captive to Morris had been his original plan with Barbara but because of her brain damage that had not been possible. Unlike Morris, Jeff valued the life of a female beyond what use he could make of them in getting what he wanted. Morris's years upon years of working with people who talked at length about things in which they had little expertise combined with lack of respect for someone who did possess the expertise they touted themselves as having left Morris with a resentful, bitter contempt of others that finally morphed to become an evil, cruel capability he kept hidden until more anger could no longer be accumulated and the entire accumulation broke free and exploded.

Once his anger broke free he would strike blow after blow on whomever happened to be responsible if they were available until they were destroyed or escaped. And if they had somehow escaped before all accumulated anger had been released, he would unleash any remaining on the closest person. To celebrate the approaching final two years of study for their bachelor's degree and completion of a major step on the path to adulthood, independence, and freedom, Sherry and Edie planned to get away for a couple of weeks of partying in Raymond.

A rented house overlooking the main shipping lanes hadn't come cheap but being located far from neighbors and high above the water it was a great place for having a good time. Unless they started firing rounds at passing ships or something equally bizarre the authorities would leave them to themselves. Jeff had always been impressed by the ways of Native American Indians but he was completely awestruck with the way Native American Indian women thought, looked, and moved.

When he saw Sherry walking to the beach he put her high on the list of candidates to be his next sex slave. Her plain white one piece swimsuit made her jet black hair seemed even longer than to the middle of her back.


Jeff judged her to be about 5 feet 3 inches tall. From the size of her breasts, slenderness of her legs, and the way the suit loosely hung on her Jeff estimated her weight as less than 110 pounds.

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Even though it was early June before summer officially started the black asphalt and grey sidewalks were already hot enough that the air next the ground was continually being heated to the point it would rise and be replaced by higher cooler air above the ground making anything in the distance shimmer and shake as if it was melting like a candle on a birthday cake. After hanging out at the cab stand on the way back from the beach for several hours he saw Sherry's white suit and long black hair sensuously, seductively dancing in the distance as she carefully placed her feet on the hot pavement.

It looked like she had forgotten her flip flops and Jeff thought this might be the opening he needed. He planned to offer that she let his cab take her so that she didn't have to continue walking on the hot sidewalk, would mention that his was a cab for hire, and offer to take her to get some flip flops if she wanted. To make the offer more enticing, he would say he wouldn't charge for any standby time. After making his offer to Sherry, she replied that she did want to get some flip flops and a few other things and accepted his offer.

Up close Jeff noticed her small pointed nose, high protruding cheek bones, beautifully bowed mouth, and dark brown eyes. Her clear reddish brown skin seemed to be glow with radiance. Jeff was glad that he had waited for her and excited to think that she might be his next sex slave. On the ride to the shopping center, it was time for Jeff to decide if he would kidnap her before or after going to the store. Maybe if he were nice, she would want to go out with him willingly.

Sherry told Jeff she was staying with a friend at a rental house overlooking the channel and Jeff thought the friend would miss her right away so he passed on taking her captive right then. After taking her to the rent house, he suggested that maybe she let him show her some of the attractions of the area. She replied, that it would be great but she couldn't afford to pay him. He told her that he would do it just for fun.

Before exiting the cab at the rent house Sherry said she might see him at the cab stand the next day and if he was still willing she might take him up on his offer. The next morning Jeff was at the cab stand earlier than usual. About 830 he saw Sherry coming his way accompanied by a tall, well-built Nordic looking woman. Her appearance was very different than Sherry's.

Her hour glass figure filled out the green and blue two piece suit she was wearing well. She had two full round breasts, nicely shaped hips, and a slender waist.

Jeff estimated her to be about 5 feet 9 inches. With a body like that and being that tall, Jeff estimated her weight as about 20 pounds more than Sherry's. She had typically Nordic characteristics. Shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. Sherry greeted him as she approached the cab stand, "This is my friend Edie.

I told her about your offer of showing me around the area. I thought you might not mind that I mentioned it to her. She and I would like to take you up on your offer if it's still there." "Hi Edie. I'm glad to meet you. I'll be glad to show you and Sherry around." "Sherry mentioned your offer from yesterday. I love learning the secrets of an area like this and I'll happily buy lunch and treats." "Well, cab's gassed up and ready.

One of you can sit in front if you want to." Edie replied, "Since Sherry was invited she should ride in the front seat and I'll ride in the back. Of course, if she doesn't want to I'll be glad to sit in front." Sherry chimed in, "Why don't I ride in front for a while and you can ride in front later." Edie said, "That's a good compromise.

Let's go." Acting as tour guide, Jeff started the tour, "It's early. Why don't take the ferry across to the island first and then come back to the mainland.

Traffic will be lighter now and it'll be a little cooler. It's not unusual to see dolphins and we may see some other interesting things on the trip to the island on the ferry." After a morning full of visiting sights and treasures on the island, Jeff suggested they stop for crab burgers, fries, and a cold beer at one of his favorite places on the island.

After getting their food they took a seat at one of the open air picnic tables with a large umbrella blocking the sun. Jeff learned that both women were studying architecture at the university in Stonetown, had just completed their sophomore year, and planned to be finishing school in two years. They were excited by all that they had seen on the island and at getting some yummy eats at a little known place that their friends had never heard of. Edie told Sherry how lucky she was to have met Jeff.

"I don't know what your schedule is like and I don't know about Sherry but I have had a wonderful time this morning." Sherry said, "It has been a lot of fun for me too." Edie watched one tug steaming toward the ocean and followed it until it turned at the point just past the lighthouse and continued its journey on a northeast heading across the ocean. She hadn't noticed the lighthouse before.

As far as Edie was concerned lighthouses were an architectural marvel. As one with a Nordic sailing history she thought of them as one of marvels of human engineering. Jeff asked them if they would like to see some of the hidden treasures on the mainland in the afternoon. "We would love to do that wouldn't we Sherry?" "Yes we would." Jeff wondered if maybe he had been taking the completely wrong approach with women like Edie and Sherry.

Here were two young, sexy, beautiful women and they seemed to genuinely like being with him.


He worried about taking them to the lighthouse. If he did, he would definitely avoid the powder storage room set up for holding his sex slaves. It was late afternoon when they finally reached the grounds surrounding the lighthouse. Edie said that she had seen it from the restaurant, had hoped to see it up close, and how much she liked old lighthouses with all their history and functional architecture.

After Jeff gave them a little history of the lighthouse, Edie said she could see how it would have worked well as a gun emplacement overlooking the channel. Jeff said he would take them inside to see it. Once inside Sherry said how impressed she was with the functional beauty of the structure.

After climbing the stairs to the parapet they were just a little bit winded. Once she caught her breath Edie thought that the parapet might be a good place for a smoke, asked if Jeff would mind them smoking a joint, and if he wanted to join them.

Here was a beautiful woman like Edie asking him to join her and another beautiful woman in getting high. The only answer he could manage was, "Sure." After taking a seat with their backs supported by the walls of the lighthouse lens room, they shared a joint and were all feeling the effects.

With the beach, sun, and water all stretched out in front of them Edie said she really liked the view from the parapet. Jeff said he was a little high from the joint and that the weed was the best he had smoked in a long time.

When Sherry asked Jeff if he had ever tried peyote Jeff told her he hadn't. Sherry said, "I have some if you would like to try it.

It is a much different high than weed. But Edie and I like it. You just have to stop before you get too far gone." Edie said she was high enough from the weed, didn't want any tea right then, and that she thought she should give Jeff a present for starting their getaway with such a wonderful tour. Sherry was fully aware of the gift Edie had in mind. She said she wanted to go down, walk along the beach, and that if Edie and Jeff wanted to come down later it would be fine with her.

Jeff warned her against walking along the channel side beach because of the risk of waves created by passing ship traffic and to walk along the ocean side beach instead.

Sherry stood up, left Edie with Jeff on the lighthouse parapet, and went to walk along the beach. Watching waves breaking on the channel side beach after a ship passed through, she appreciated Jeff warning her and went to walk along the ocean side beach. Jeff had no idea what Edie had in mind and said it had been a great present for him to have spent the day with two beautiful women.

Edie moved closer to Jeff and leaned against him so that her soft full breasts rested against his arm. "Maybe you won't want what I have in mind for a present." Jeff was taken aback, "And maybe I do. "Why don't you let me decide?" After turning Jeff to face her, Edie put her hand behind his neck, gently pulled him toward her, and guided her lips to his.

Jeff had never before kissed a woman as beautiful as Edie. Her lips were full, moist, soft, and hot. And for Edie to have initiated the kiss was completely unexpected and erotic. As they continued to kiss, Edie put her hands on Jeff's shoulders and turned him to face her directly.

With one hand behind his head and the other behind his neck she used both hands to keep Jeff's lips pressed to hers. The feel of Edie's round, soft breasts pressed against his chest made their second kiss even more passionate than their first.

Edie told him that this was her present to him and that she wanted to lead so that she could make it as nice a gift as she possibly could. After spreading out a beach blanket retrieved from her grab bag she lay down facing Jeff and guided his mouth to her breasts. He kissed the tops of each breast and pulled the two piece top down fully exposing her nipples and breasts. The sight of Edie's bare breasts next to him took his breath away.

He managed to put words with his thoughts but was rendered totally speechless. I have never seen tits like hers except in magazines. They are beautiful. Pointed rosy pink nipples. Beautiful shape. Edie moved his mouth to one nipple and then the other letting him suck her nipples as long as he wanted. She knew nipples to be one of the most erogenous parts of a woman's body and after talking to Sherry and some other friends from school she thought that her nipples were more sensitive than most other women's.

Edie loved getting turned on. After several minutes with Jeff sucking her nipples, her clitoris was starting to swell and become more sensitive as the blood flow to it increased.

And her entire vulva from clitoris to vagina was getting wet. She wanted to feel his dick penetrate her but only after she had herself and Jeff at the right level of stimulation.

She paused for just a moment to finish removing her top and Jeff's outer shirt before moving his left hand to her breasts. Touching breasts and nipples like Edie's was a new experience for Jeff. And for sure he had never had a woman like Edie move his hand to her breast.

He began to fondle her but was so turned on and squeezing with such force that Edie stopped him. "Not so hard! You want to get me hot. You don't want to hurt me, do you?" Jeff was embarrassed and felt scolded. Edie sensed a drop in his mood, guided his hand back to her breasts, and squeezed his hand to show him how much was the right amount. She let him know how much she was liking it now, "That is just the right amount.

The feel of you playing with my tits is getting me really hot.


Would you suck my nipples a little more?" Her soft voice asking him to suck her nipples a little more, the taste of her nipples, and the feel of her breasts was moving Jeff to an unknown level of arousal. Edie could tell Jeff was getting really hot.

From her breasts Edie guided his hand down along her stomach and abdomen to the waistband of her suit. When Jeff tried to push his hand inside, she stopped him. "Let me get that off." With the bottom of her suit off, Edie moved her hands to the bottom of Jeff's under shirt, pulled it up over his head, and tossed it onto the pile with the rest of their clothes. She put her hands on Jeff's shoulders, pushed him down on the blanket, leaned over him, and started running the tips of her fingernails along his chest from his shoulders to the top of his jeans.

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When she felt his hands move to unfasten his belt she again took control and stopped him, "Let me do that." The strong slender fingers of one hand loosened the waist band of his jeans while her other hand slid inside. After a minute of fondling him, she slid off his jeans and underwear at once.

She thought that it was time to move Jeff's arousal up to the next level. She softly trailed the back side of the fingernails in one direction and the front side of the fingernails in the other direction from his nipples to his penis. Edie knew the combination of stimulation in the two different directions would be huge compared to the stimulation in only one direction.

After two or three minutes Edie felt Jeff's arousal had reached a plateau and it was time to stoke the fire. She moved her mouth close to the base of his penis, blew her warm breath on him from scrotum to tip, and kissed along the entire length of his penis with soft small kisses. Knowing the tip of a man's penis to be one of a man's most erogenous and sensitive parts, Edie leaned down, kissed the tip of Jeff's penis, took about half in her mouth, and started sucking him off.

He was already hard before but after Jeff had been fucking Edie's mouth for several minutes he was getting rock hard. She sensed that he was close to cumming and wanted to turn the heat down so he would finish inside her. She wet his penis with her fingertips and blew several breaths on the wet tip to cool it down.

To help things along, she flicked the tip several times with her finger. He started getting soft and Edie wanted to let him know that they were nowhere close to finished, "Not yet sweetheart. But very, very soon. "I promise very soon you will have all of your big dick inside me." Edie wanted to raise his hips so that when she took his penis into her, she would feel him penetrate her as deeply as possible.

She moved the pile of clothes nearer, lifted Jeff's hips, and moved him so that his buttocks were supported by the clothes. "Here we go sweetie! You are about to get fucked. Hang on as long as you can. I promise you the best fuck of your life." Edie sat on Jeff with her buttocks resting on his pelvis and the soft inside of her thighs gently pressing on either side of Jeff's hips.

With one hand grasping his penis, Edie raised her pelvis away from his hips just enough so that she could put the tip just inside her labia and wet the penis's tip by stroking it along the inside. Jeff was at the level of arousal she wanted him to be at and she was quickly reaching that point. After another series of strokes she thought they were at the right arousal level for initial penetration.

On her next downward stroke of his penis she put the tip against her vaginal opening and pushed half of his penis inside her vagina in a single motion. The sudden warmth of Edie's pussy around Jeff's penis went through Jeff like a lightning strike. Jeff's thrusts were now coming fast and automatically. They still hadn't completed penetration. Once the intensity seemed to no longer be increasing she knew the initial penetration had moved Jeff to the level she was hoping for and she was ready to complete penetration.

With almost undetectable movement she pushed her pussy down to complete penetration. Indeed he did have a large penis. It might not have been necessary for her to lift his hips to achieve deep penetration but supporting his butt on the pile of clothes made it easier for her to access the full length.

It felt good to have him penetrating her so deeply with each thrust. After they had been fucking for a few minutes, Edie was ready for both of them to cum but to make it as hot as possible wanted them to cum at the same time. She wanted to feel the tip of Jeff's penis inside her vagina at the same time that the she stimulated his penis with her clitoris. She placed each of her hands on his shoulders, lay flat on top of him, and moved her hips down until she felt the top side of his penis contact her clitoris.

While her clitoris pressed against the top of his penis, she gently rocked her hips up, down, and side to side to massage the top of his penis with her clitoris. The combination of her rapid breathing, the guttural, primal moans now coming from somewhere deep down inside her throat, and the increased wetness went through Jeff like another high voltage electrical discharge.

He was rapidly approaching orgasm and ejaculation. With the discharge of the first drop of pre-ejaculatory fluid into Edie, Jeff started cumming. The sudden warmth of his semen entering her was enough to trigger Edie's orgasm. She came with a series of more than 20 vaginal contractions over more than 30 seconds. The series began with more than 5 long intense compressions and continued with decreasing intensity and duration until finally dissipating.

She had often thought what it reminded her of and had finally decided it was like skipping a flat sided rock along the smooth surface of a lake. The first few skips were very high and long. At the end the skips became more like the rock was sliding along the surface instead of jumping from spot to spot. Jeff had never been inside a woman to feel her orgasm. The feeling of Edie's vagina squeezing his cock from all directions had their effect.

His own orgasm continued as a series of strong contractions of penile and anal muscles that discharged his remaining semen deeply into Edie's vagina.

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She knew that she could have had another orgasm but from experience she didn't think Jeff would be capable for at least 30 minutes. Sherry was likely getting bored waiting. She told Jeff she didn't want to be rude and thought they needed to get going. Leaning over Jeff's softening penis, Edie licked the entire surface from the tip to the base and back again.

She was first to speak, "I hope you liked my present. I know I did. "You are as cleaned up as I can get you right now without water. "As soon as you feel okay to stand, we should be going downstairs to be with Sherry." She separated their clothes and handed Jeff's to him.

Once fully dressed she went to the railing of the parapet and waved to Sherry on the beach. After putting his clothes on, Jeff joined Edie at the railing and waved to Sherry. Sherry waved back at them, gave them a grin, and a big thumbs up to show that she hoped Jeff had gotten a nice present from Edie. Jeff signaled back with his own enthusiastic thumbs up.

After making their way down to the grounds next to the lighthouse they met up with Sherry. What Sherry said next scared the hell out of Jeff, "Even though the lighthouse is no longer in service it seems to still have some secrets. Back along one of the halls off the tower center I found some small rooms that were likely used for various things. I remember what you said about being used as a gun emplacement.

Some of the small rooms are way out of the weather and may have been used for storing powder and that type of thing.

I found one door locked and from the area around the door it looks like someone may have been here recently." Jeff's mind reeled as he stammered out a reply, "For as long as I can remember the lighthouse and grounds have belonged to the Carter family. "Once the Coast Guard got newer facilities they stopped paying rent to the Carters. "I don't know if they do anything with the place. "It could be that they use some of the space for storage." "That's probably it." Sherry continued, "There is also a really nice little apartment attached to the lighthouse.

"I peeked in through a window. "It was probably used by the lighthouse keeper. "By having it attached the keeper could come and go during high winds and flooding." Edie asked Sherry if she thought they should invite Jeff for dinner. Sherry said, "For sure." "Hey Jeff, do you want to have dinner with Edie and me? I'm making a Native American Indian dish." "I'd love to have dinner with both of you. It's been a really fun day for me.

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have." "Maybe after dinner we can come back here to watch the stars and night sky." His spirit soared. The prospect of a date with not only one but two beautiful women was something he hadn't even dreamed of the day before when he saw Sherry or when he got together with Sherry and Edie earlier that day.

"It's a date." Back at the rent house, Edie excused herself to take a shower. After she came back to join them, Jeff asked if he could take a shower. They told him to go ahead. Sherry went about making the meal. After sitting down and having a couple of bites, Jeff told Sherry that he had never tasted anything as good.

"All I have to say about the food is wow! That is some of the best food I have ever tasted." Sherry let him know how happy she was that he liked it. After eating Jeff drove them back to the lighthouse.

Jeff told them he wanted to go inside to get his flashlight. Sherry said was curious. Where did Jeff have a flashlight? Too late Jeff realized his mistake. He had to think fast. "I guess I am still a little high. I thought we were at my house. I do have one in the cab though." Edie told him not to worry and that she could light up their path using the light of her mobile. After making their way to the lighthouse parapet, each of them got out a beer and Edie lit up another joint.

With the joint finished, Sherry asked him about the peyote, "I asked you before we went to have dinner if you ever tried peyote. I have some if you are up for it. But I have to warn you. Mixing peyote with weed and booze for the first time may have you flying high for a long time. "Both Edie and I have mixed them together in the past and know how strong the combined effects are. As long as you stop when you first start to feel the peyote and coast you should be fine." "The peyote will be a first for me but if you and Edie think it will be okay, I want to try it." "Sounds good." After taking out a glass flask, Sherry continued, "Peyote is pretty bitter to chew so I used some to make the tea in this flask.

I'll pour a shot in the empty beer can for you." After downing the tea Sherry had given him, he started to feel the effects of the peyote, weed, and beer.

He let Sherry know that he didn't think he wanted any more. "Smart! You actually heard what I told you. I'm impressed." It was almost midnight when Edie asked Jeff if he wanted to come to their house to continue the party.

Back at the rent house, they were all still feeling the effects. Sherry asked Jeff if he wanted some more peyote tea. Remembering what she had told him, Jeff declined. On the porch, Sherry rolled a joint and lit up. After taking several hits, she offered the joint to Jeff and moved closer to him. Edie had come to join them. After taking a couple of hits Jeff passed the joint to Edie. Edie took some hits and offered the joint to Sherry. Sherry said she had all she wanted for now and asked Jeff if he wanted any more.

"Not right now." Sherry put the joint out, leaned over, kissed Jeff's cheek, and whispered in his ear, "I really enjoyed you showing us around today. And I hope you will let Edie and I enjoy one more treat with you tonight to make it a complete day of fun." "What do you have in mind?" "Maybe you will figure it out without me or Edie telling you." Edie had moved closer to sit on Jeff's left.

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Sherry was sitting on Jeff's right. They were close enough for him to feel the warmth of their bodies. Sherry turned Jeff toward her and leaned over to kiss him softly but firmly on the lips.

The sudden warmth of the lips of this beautiful Indian woman against his lips was unexpected but paled in comparison to Sherry's next full open mouth kiss.

It was hotter and more arousing than the first.

Edie moved closer to press her breasts against him. Her nimble fingers undid his shirt and started stroking along his neck, chest, arms, and wrists with the tips of her fingers while kissing the left side of his cheek and neck.

After Sherry ended their second kiss, Edie turned him toward her. Edie wanted to French kiss him. She kissed him with a full open mouth kiss but this time she pushed her tongue inside Jeff's mouth.

Sherry had taken over stimulating Jeff's chest and neck from Edie. Her pretty fingers reached his nipples and she let the fingertips softly slide across each nipple in turn. She leaned over to Jeff's ear. "Do you want to fuck? "We want you to fuck us hard until every bit of your cum is inside us." The sound of Sherry's sexy voice saying such erotic things in his ear hit Jeff like the shockwaves he had experienced earlier with Edie. Edie continued to use her left hand to hold Jeff's chin so that he continued to kiss her while she used the back of the fingers of her right hand to stroke along Jeff's back.

After several strokes she slid her warm hand down along his cheeks and squeezed one cheek and then the other. Edie leaned over to his left ear. "I like the way your ass feels. Especially earlier today when I put my hands under your butt. "I want to feel your hands under my ass while you fuck me. Could you do that for me?" Even though neither woman had even touched Jeff's cock, he was so aroused and rock hard erect that he had to break away before he came.

"I have never been this hot in my life. If you get me any hotter, I am going to cum. I want to take my time so that we can each have a great fuck. If it's all right, can we take a cool down break for a second?" Edie nodded her head to show approval. Sherry answered, "Of course. "When you're ready to continue, you can just start. I think we will be able to pick up and we can continue from there." After five minutes the erection was leaving quickly.

It was time to put the heat back on. He moved closer to hold Edie against him, put his right hand behind her head, and pulled her mouth to his. The first touch of his lips against hers was a gentle warming up kiss that grew into a full open mouth kiss with his tongue flicking inside of her mouth. She responded by pulling him against her and pressing her nipples into his chest.

After a minute of kissing Edie, he lifted her shirt, moved his right hand down the back of her panties to her butt, and moved his left hand inside her panties until he could hold her in his hand. She was wet and to make herself more accessible took off her pants and panties.

The greater access allowed him to press his thumb against her clitoris and with his middle finger in her vagina he began pressing against both to stimulate her clitoris and her vagina at the same time. Sherry had moved to press her own breasts against Jeff.

Her right hand unzipped his pants, undid the waist band, and softly took his penis in her hand. Using the tips of her thumb and index fingers she slid the tips along his penis from the tip to the base several times before she wrapped her fingers around his cock and started jacking him off.

Sherry had heard Edie cum before. From the heaving of her chest and the raspy moans coming from her throat she knew Edie was about to have a great orgasm. Sherry moved behind Edie, put one hand under Edie's butt, and lifted Edie to push her tits against Jeff.

With Edie positioned like Sherry wanted her, Sherry pressed Edie's waist down to push Jeff's penis inside her. Jeff's thrusts were becoming stronger so that on every stroke he pushed himself into Edie as far as he could. Sherry knew that Jeff would reach climax soon.

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Edie began to thrust forward and down onto Jeff's penis driving his penis deep inside her with each thrust. She came hard with a string of vaginal compressions of Jeff's penis lasting for well over half a minute.

The feel of Edie's vagina squeezing his penis from all sides was all that was needed to tip Jeff over the edge. With strong contractions of anal sphincter and penile muscles over 15 second Jeff had ejaculated as much sperm into her as he had. Sherry congratulated herself, Well done.

Edie and Jeff each had great orgasms. I'll let Jeff rest for a bit and then it's my turn. After a half hour Jeff was starting to stir. Sherry moved to his side and with her fingernails started stimulating him from his neck to his chest, down his chest to his waist, and finally to his penis.

Leaning over she took the tip of his soft cock in her mouth. She loved the taste of Edie's pussy combined with Jeff's cum and continued to suck him. He started getting hard. After three minutes feeling the warm soft wetness of her mouth sucking him he was hard.

She leaned over closer to his mouth, kissed him with the same open mouth kiss she had earlier, and softly whispered in his ear so that she didn't wake Edie. "I want you to eat my pussy and make me cum. "Then I am going to fuck you so hard that you have no sperm left in you." He told Sherry he wasn't experienced with sucking a woman off and that he certainly wanted to give her an orgasm with his mouth.

For clues of whether she was enjoying it or not he would see what her reactions were. And if she wanted him to do something differently to let him know somehow. She said that she would. Leaning back she moved her hands behind Jeff's head and pushed him down until she could feel his warm breath on her clitoris. Not having participated in their fucking at the lighthouse earlier she quickly became aroused and her clitoris started swelling and becoming fully erect.

He thought that she wanted him to kiss her clitoris. After a few kisses and licks she started pushing her hips up to press her clitoris against his tongue. I guess she's liking that. She was completely wet. The taste of her pussy was so good Jeff started licking her from her clitoris to her vagina. When he reached her vagina he kissed it and pushed his tongue inside as far as he could.

The wanton movement of her hips and her hands pulling his tongue hard into her pussy let him know how much she was really enjoying it. She whispered one additional request in his ear, "Would you push your finger inside my asshole?" Jeff thought to himself, So, she wants for me to finger fuck her asshole.

I hope I'm getting this right. When he pushed his index finger into her asshole, she pushed her clitoris against his tongue, and began fucking him in the mouth. He didn't know what else he should do so he moved his mouth to completely cover her clitoris and continued licking and flicking the exposed part with his tongue while his index finger continued to probe her anus.

Sherry's writhing and squirming continued for 10 more minutes before she had almost reached orgasm. Sherry's moans woke Edie. As soon as Edie thought Sherry's orgasm was about to happen, Edie moved Jeff so that she could control the movement of his hips.

From her experience with Jeff earlier that afternoon, she knew that Jeff's dick was plenty long enough for the tip to be inside Sherry's vagina while the top of his penis pressed against her clitoris. She pushed Jeff's butt upward along Sherry until the tip had penetrated Sherry's vagina and his penis was at a sharp enough angle for the top side of his penis to press against Sherry's clitoris with the tip still inside her vagina. Sherry let out a yelp like she had just stepped on a sharp rock.

With her hands still controlling the movement of Jeff's pelvis, Edie started rotating Jeff's hips to massage Sherry's clitoris with the top of his penis.

Jeff's thrusts became wilder, wanton, and animal like. Edie could have stopped him but she wanted to time everything to make sure that Jeff came inside Sherry while Sherry was having an orgasm.

Seven minutes after Edie had pushed up on Jeff's butt Sherry came. Jeff felt a series of contractions of Sherry''s vagina around his cock like he had with Edie earlier at the lighthouse and came inside Sherry. With no remaining ejaculate for Sherry and Sherry finished with her orgasm, Jeff rolled off Sherry, lay down on the porch, and collapsed.

He could barely move. Jeff wondered to himself, Holy shit!

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I think I died. I don't know if this is heaven or hell but whichever it is I don't want to leave. This has been better than all of the fucks with Barbara combined. It's the best day of my life. Ever. If I'm dreaming, I hope I never wake up. For the next two weeks, Jeff showed Sherry and Edie around the area. They continued to get high, party, and fuck at every place Jeff had learned about or heard of over his 20 plus years of living in the area.

Jeff wasn't prepared to say good bye to the time with Sherry and Edie. The day before they were to leave, he asked if Sherry and Edie wanted him to drive them to Stonetown. He learned that Sherry would be going to Redville to fly to Canada to be with her family and Edie was flying to the East Coast to join up with her mother for the rest of the summer.

Jeff asked them if he could drive them to the airport in Redville and they said they would appreciate it. That night they had a going away party. They went to the top of the lighthouse after dark, smoked weed, then had peyote tea back at the rent house, and finished with one final night of sex together on a bed they had moved onto the porch.

Jeff, Edie, and Sherry came so hard and so many times that by morning they were sexually spent and in such an orgasmic state that even though they were functionally capable and awake they were floating in a dream like state. Edie turned to Jeff. "Two weeks ago, you seemed a little tentative and sexually inexperienced. But now you have become one hell of a lover. Any woman would be lucky to have sex with you." Sherry joined in, "I agree with what Edie said.

"Any woman would be fortunate to have your mouth on their pussy, your hands stimulating them to make them cum, or your hands under their ass with your dick inside them.

Every guy can't fuck a woman with the tip of their dick in her vagina and the top of their dick massaging her clitoris at the same time. You should consider yourself fortunate to have a dick like yours and be able to use it. "One other thing though. And I hope I don't offend you. You are a really sweet, smart, and interesting guy. If you are happy with your life working as a cab driver or tour guide fine.

But if you ask me you can do just about anything you put your mind to." Jeff asked her, "Where would I start to even find out what is out there?" Edie had been listening and answered, "Find someone that you admire for their experience and accomplishments.

Most people will help you with advice. It's free and makes them feel like you value what they have to say. But you have to be careful not to be directed to do something if it's something they tell you to do because they feel threatened by you and just want to send you off on a wild goose chase.

A family member that you admire is usually a good person to ask." After Sherry gave Jeff all her remaining weed and peyote tea, Jeff took them to the airport in Redville. With sweet and sad good bye hugs Sherry and Edie waved good bye as Jeff drove away to return to Raymond.

On the drive back, Jeff did a lot of thinking. Thoughts kept playing over and over in his mind. Those two women are some of the best friends I have ever had.

They are loving, genuine, beautiful, and sexy. Any guy would be lucky to be with either one of them. I don't know if sex with any other woman can be as good as sex with either of them but the sex slave thing is something I will give up. Morris is someone I admire. He's smart and has always treated me fairly.

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I wonder if he would mind talking to me about what I do with my life past this point.