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Anal big booty interracial amateur blonde ride anal big cock
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First off everyone, a warning, story contains concepts of: Cuckquean, Anal sex, Asslicking (on a girl), Ass to mouth, Vaginal Felching, and Humiliation & Degradation. If you don't dig these things, then please do not read.

I would also like to say, a cuckold or cuckquean fantasy should ALWAYS be done with the consent of the one who is being cuckolded or cuckqueaned.

You and your significant other should decide this on your own with much communication and understanding. When you hide this from your significant other and act upon it, that's when it's wrong, it is hurtful and scarring.

I love my wife very much and would never hurt her intentionally. This is our story: ***** It all started on the night of our 5th Anniversary. It seemed like what anyone would think was a normal night of a married couple's anniversary.

The name's Jack, I'm a 32 year old, happily married man. I'm an average looking guy; I'm not ugly but I'm not some Fabio either. I am just a man who is in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. My wife's name is Jennifer, or Jenny as everyone called her. She is a 24 year old beautiful blonde with the most mesmerizing blue eyes, flawless pale skin, natural Ds, a beautiful ass, and best of all, a personality that I am happy to spend the rest of my life with.

But anyways, back to what you guys and gals came here to read. We just got back from an expensive steak dinner. We were all dressed up and had filet mignons with garlic mashed potatoes and a delicious chocolate soufflé to finish. We were both in a good mood and I figured that we would head to the bedroom to complete our 5th Anniversary with a splendid night of love making. However, Jenny didn't want to head upstairs yet. "Baby, let's have some wine first." "I spend $200 for dinner and you still want more?!

You're gonna suck me dry!" I joked. "Oh I'll suck you dry alright." She gave me a sexy wink after saying that. God that turns me on when she's so naughty like that. What makes it sexier is the fact that she's one of those 'good girls' and nobody would ever suspect her of having a naughty side to her. I mean, after all, before she met me, she was a real prude and I was the one who took her virginity and anal virginity, but that's another story.

I uncorked the bottle and poured some Sangria into our glasses. It's not the red wine I would have chosen for the occasion but it was the only one left.

However, it's okay because all that mattered to us was the fact that we were together and besides, Sangria is delicious. It's pretty sweet compared to other red wines. As we were about to drink together, there was someone at the door. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! My wife answered the was our good friend Alexis, or Lexi as she preferred. She's a sweet girl who I've always admired—not in a sexual way—just in a platonic way.

She's just so pleasant and easy to get along with. She's a half Caucasian, half Japanese brunette with a lovely face. Her pale skin was clearly from her Japanese heritage. She had a B cup, but what she had going for her the most was her ass. It was nice and tight. Like her pale skin, her ass was clearly from her Japanese heritage. Believe me, I know, her body structure was very similar to her mom's. He mom was the one who gave her her Japanese blood.

However, I would like to say that I never considered any woman but Jenny; she is the only one I would ever think of in a sexual way. These were just feature I noticed but never fantasized about. Lexi was crying and telling Jenny that she and her boyfriend were through. She cried to her about needing someone to talk to. She then noticed me and said, "Oh my God! I'm so sorry, I'm bothering you two. I completely forgot it's your anniversary.

I'll leave. I didn't mean to intrude." Jenny, being the good friend and person she was, told her, "No, no, Lexi, you're not intruding. If you need a friend to talk to, I'll always be here for you, please, come in." "No, it's okay, we can talk later Jenny—" "No! I insist! Come in, Jack doesn't mind either, right honey?" Me being a caring person like Jenny, I replied, "Of course, if there's a friend in need, we'll never turn our backs on them." Lexi had a grateful look on her face.

"Thank you Jack, I'm so sorry." I really wanted to fuck my wife, but it was okay. Lexi was hurting and she needed Jenny to talk to. I understood. The girls headed upstairs to talk. I found the circumstance a bit odd though. I had no recollection of hearing that she had a boyfriend. I saw her with a couple of guys, but I didn't think they were her boyfriend.then again, I am sometimes oblivious to the obvious.

So I was in the kitchen just drinking form the wine glass and I'm just stuck there with my dick in my hand.just kidding.

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All I'm trying to say is that I was looking forward to making love to my wife, that's all. I thought in my head, 'I don't know what to do, should I just pass out on the couch or what?' I heard this thumping soon after the thought. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! I ignored it, but then I heard it again. THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! I just ignored it again and then it happened a third time. THUMP!

THUMP! THUMP! "What the fuck!" I yelled. I was already buzzed at the time and it was starting to get on my nerves. I headed up the stairs to check what the hell that was.

The only door that was open was our bedroom. The moment I stepped into the room, I saw Lexi in sexy pink lingerie. "Oh shit! Sorry Lexi.wait, what the fuck?! Why are you dressed like that? And in our room?! Where's Jenny?!" She pressed her finger to my lips and answered, "Shhh.I'm here for one thing only." I remained silent, but was thinking, 'What?

One moment she's crying her eyes out, the next, she's acting all seductive with me.' As I stood there, I was looking as dumb as a rock. Lexi finished, saying, ".your cock." She grabbed my crotch and pulled my face to hers. The moment our lips touched, she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I broke the kiss quick and exclaimed, "Whoa! Jesus Lexi, I don't know what exactly you're going through but this isn't what will make things better.

What if Jenny saw us?!" She said with a smile, "Oh don't worry, she's a little preoccupied at the moment." She pointed behind me.

I looked in the corner and I saw Jenny tied to a chair naked. Each of her wrists were tied to each arm of the chair and each of her legs tied to each front leg of the chair. Her legs were spread, exposing her pussy. She had a gag in her mouth and looked so fucking sexy, but at that moment, I was too overwhelmed to get aroused.

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"Oh shit Jenny!" I ran to her and Lexi yelled behind me, "Jack! It's okay, she said she wanted this!" I ignored Lexi and removed the gag. Once the gag was out, I noticed that her pantie was in her mouth. I pulled it out and waited for her to say something. Finally, Jenny told me, "It's okay baby, I'm sorry if Lexi startled you. This is my anniversary present to you, the man that I love." "What do you mean?" I asked in confusion.

"Do I really have to spell it out for you Jack? She's letting you fuck me and she's gonna watch." Lexi said. "What?! Baby, why don't you just join us if that were the case?" Jenny says she's a 'former lesbian'. At the time, I found it weird that she'd just watch instead of join.

When I asked Jenny that question, she looked down and didn't answer. I've seen that look before. It was the same look she gives me when she wants to try something new in bed, but is too embarrassed to say it. Lexi summarized it to me for her. "She wanted to try something new for your anniversary, so she looked up dirty dark fetishes and found cuckold fetishes, but she couldn't stand the thought of cheating on you and hurting you and that's when she discovered cuckquean fetishes." 'Cuckold?!

Fuck that! I'm not letting anyone fuck my wife but me! That's bullshit!' I thought to myself. "I'd never agree to a cuckold!" I said almost angrily. "No! Not cuckold, cuckquean, the reverse cuckold." Lexi corrected me. I was still confused, so I asked, "Reverse cuckold?" Lexi started to get a little irritated at this point.

She raised her voice at me slightly, "Goddamn it Jack! I swear, you are so fucking dense! She wants to watch you pretend to cheat on her with me! She knows I'd never try to steal you away, so she chose me to help fulfill this fantasy." I looked at her with a surprised expression and asked, "Is it true?" "Yes." Jenny shyly answered as she looked away, down to the floor.

"Jenny, I don't want to hurt you. I love you. You don't have to do this for me." "Honey, it's not just for you but for me as well. The thought of you fucking another girl in front of me makes me horny and being bound and helpless to do anything makes my pussy even wetter! Just look at it." I looked down and saw that some of her pussy juice was actually forming a small puddle around her entrance on the chair.

I had to be completely honest. "Jenny, if you had sex with another man, I'd fucking kill him and will be extremely angry with you. It wouldn't be fair to you if we did this because I wouldn't tolerate it the other way around." "I know honey, I love you and trust you completely. I know you won't love Lexi after this is done, only me. I won't ask to fuck another man because I have no interest in any other man. You've always spoiled me, treated me with respect, and loved me faithfully. It's my way of giving back to you and at the same time fulfilling something that I'm extremely aroused and curious about.

So please honey, I'm asking you to do this.for me." I stood there for a few moments and thought it over. I was scared of hurting her but I could tell that she wasn't lying about this. I thought in my head, 'If it's what she really wanted and she truly wouldn't get hurt, but aroused.then I've decided.' "Jenny, baby, if at any time you're not enjoying yourself watching this, please, please let us know right away, okay?" Jenny's face lit up and she happily replied, "Yes!

I will! Thank you honey! Thank you so much!" I smiled at her, kissed her and told her, "I love you." Lexi came in between us and soaked Jenny's underwear, which was in her mouth not too long ago, in the puddle of pussy juice and shoved it back in her mouth. She gagged her again and said, "You ready to watch me fuck your husband?" The look on Jenny's face was not that of pain, anger or sadness, but that of.arousal?

Lexi told me to take off my clothes and sit on the bed. I followed her command and looked at Jenny. I smiled at her as a way of reassurance. I looked into her eyes and she gave me the same loving look, but then I felt wetness on my cock all of a sudden.

It was Lexi, she was sucking my cock and damn, she was really good, almost as good as Jenny. Lexi wasn't wasting time. In seconds, she was already deepthroating me. I moaned in pleasure and Lexi pulled my cock out of her mouth to start stroking it. While she was stroking it, she sucked my balls. The stroking and the tongue massage felt amazing.

She went back to deepthroating and then stopped to ask me, "Wouldn't you agree that I give the best blowjobs, a whole lot better than your wife?" That pissed me off, but I was too concerned about Jenny to lash out at Lexi. I was so scared to see Jenny in tears. However, they weren't there, the only thing leaking fluid was her pussy. Lexi bothered me again for an answer, "Well?" I looked at Jenny with a worried look on my face, but she just nodded in approval and I asked, "Are you sure?" She nodded again in confirmation and I said as a means of reassurance, "Baby, this is just pretend and I don't truly mean any of it, I promise.

I love you more than anything in this world." She looked like she was about to cry tears of joy and looked extremely happy that I said that. She again nodded in approval. Lexi, for the third time, asked, "Jack, are you gonna keep a gal waiting? What's your answer?" I smiled and said, "I don't know, I think I need a reminder of how it feels." She smiled and got the hint. She shoved my cock right back into her mouth and I moaned, "Yes!

Yes! You're the best at giving blowjobs!" "Better than your wife?" She persisted. I looked at Jenny and then Lexi touched my face and moved it towards hers. The moment our eyes met, she said, "Hey look, don't worry, I talked to Jenny about what I'll say to you prior to this.

She told me she wanted to be humiliated and degraded and I mean really humiliated and degraded." I thought to myself, 'I guess there's nothing left to say except.' "Yes! You're way better than my wife!" That made me feel so guilty, but when I looked at Jenny, it seemed that it made her even hornier. I knew I married a freak, but I never thought she'd be this much of a freak. Lexi kept deepthroating me and I knew I couldn't last any longer.

"Lexi, if you continue, then—" Lexi popped my cock out of her mouth and said, "It's alright, just cum when you feel like it." She returned to sucking me off and I began to shoot my load in her mouth after a few moments of sucking. I felt like I came a whole quart. It felt like I came so much that I thought it was all going to leak out of Lexi's mouth. Surprisingly, it didn't—contrary to how it felt.

When I finished ejaculating, Lexi slipped my cock out of her mouth without spilling any of my cum. She opened her mouth to show how much cum I had released. 'Damn, that's a lot!' I thought. It was hot to see how much cum I put in her mouth. It nearly spilled out when she opened her mouth. I thought she was about to swallow, but she had much more sadistic plans. She walked over to Jenny and showed what was in her mouth. I could see from Jenny's facial expression that she wanted some.

However, Lexi swallowed it and said, "Your husband tastes wonderful, too bad you're not getting any. Oh! And looky-here, looks like someone's getting off to her husband getting blown from another woman. You are so pathetic, look at how wet your pussy is!" I was still uncomfortable with Lexi treating Jenny that way, but when I looked at what Lexi was talking about, I was shocked.


I couldn't believe it. Jenny really was getting off to me fucking our friend's mouth. Lexi then asked me, "So, you ready to fuck me in front of your wife?" She turned to Jenny and asked, "You'd like that wouldn't you?" Jenny got red and looked down. I knew the answer to that question. I sat on the bed, then Lexi started to climb on top and squatted down on my cock. She purposely put her back towards me so she could face Jenny.

I felt the head of my cock about to penetrate her and she moaned in pleasure and anticipation. Lexi looked Jenny in the eyes and said, "You ready to see how a real woman fucks her man?" I looked at Jenny, concerned. What was going through my head was, 'Babe? Please let me know you're.she's aroused, nevermind.' I was worried until I saw that there was no pain on Jenny's face. It was all just pure arousal in her eyes continuously.

I felt Lexi sink down, then she screamed, "Oh fuck! That feels so fucking good! Oh fuck yeah Jenny! Your husband feels so good inside me, instead of you!" I look at Jenny yet again, the degradation is turning her on so much, there's even more pussy juice on the chair. Or at least, that's what it looked like.

Lexi moaned to me, "Fuck! Jack, your cock feels so good! I can see why she wouldn't want anyone else but you!" I grabbed her breasts and played with her nipples. I decided to play with them to see if Jenny would like that. She did. Lexi was enjoying my pleasuring of her breast and started rubbing her clitoris.

'Damn, her pussy is so warm and soft.' I thought. "Jack, wouldn't you say that my pussy feels a lot better than your wife's?" 'Not this again.' I complained mentally. It was different from Jenny's, but to be honest, Jenny's was better. I answered with a simple and quick "yes" in a half-assed manner. I still wasn't comfortable with saying that in front of Jenny. I was just not too comfortable saying that, period. Before she came, she asked me to bring her right in front of Jenny.

I wasn't so sure about that, but it seemed that Jenny liked the idea. I did as Lexi asked and continued fucking her in front of Jenny, up close. Lexi came in front of Jenny with my cock deep inside her. She moaned in Jenny's face, "Oh yes! Your husband's cock feels so nice inside my pussy. God! I'm cumming all over his cock!" Jenny looked helpless and appeared to have gotten hornier, if that was even possible at this point.

Lexi got off my cock and took it in her hand and said to Jenny, "You want this cock don't you? Clean my juices off his cock and I'll think about sharing it with you." She released one of Jenny's hands and the gag. I walked up next to Jenny and was about to ask her if she was okay, but before I could, she spat out her pantie and immediately started sucking me off. 'Yeah, she's fine.' I guess that extreme degradation really did make her horny because she was sucking my cock like no tomorrow.

It felt so good to have my wife give me head. I wanted to cum in her mouth so bad and was about to, but Lexi had other plans. As soon as Lexi felt that Jenny was done cleaning my cock, she pulled me out of her mouth and told her, "I think I'll hold on to your husband's cock a little while longer, I really don't feel like you've earned it just yet." I was kind of upset that I didn't get to cum.

Jenny exclaimed, "Oh God honey, this is so hot! Thank you for agreeing to this!" Once Jenny said that, I was no longer upset due to Jenny not being upset. My wife was really enjoying this 'staged affair' and seeing her happy really makes me happy. Lexi asked me to lie on the bed and I did as she asked.

However, Lexi asked, "Sorry Jack, could you have your head face Jenny's direction?" I was suspicious. Why does it really matter?

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I did as Lexi asked, then she put her ass in my face and I saw Jenny with her one free hand that Lexi released, stroking her clitoris furiously. Lexi degraded Jenny some more. "How's the view? Can you see your husband eat me out pretty good?" Jenny, no longer with the gag and pantie in her mouth, begged in a submissive voice, "Please don't have my husband eat your pussy, he kisses me with that mouth!" I immediately sat up, causing Lexi to face plant on the bed.

I looked at Jenny, she had a surprised expression. She apologized, "Oops, sorry Lexi, I didn't know Jack was gonna react to that.

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Honey, it's okay. We're just pretending, remember? I really do wanna see you eat Lexi's pussy and as for the degradation, I love it, it's so hot to see you pretend to 'cheat'. So please, play along with Lexi, she's just doing what I want her to do. Don't be afraid to say things like her pussy's better than mine. I know you don't truly feel that way." The truth was, I kind of did enjoy it too, but my concerns for Jenny's feelings were holding me back. In bed, I'm the dom and Jenny's the sub.

I'm used to degrading her, but not to this extent. However, now, I was going all out hearing those words from Jenny. I spread Lexi's pussy open and said, "This pussy is the best! It feels better on my cock and tastes better than yours too!" With that, I put my tongue in there and munched away. Jenny started touching herself again and Lexi moaned aloud, "Oh fuck yes!

That's the spirit Jack!" She immediately took me in her mouth after saying that. She was even more enthusiastic now. I supposed that it was because I was more enthusiastic too.

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I stuck two fingers in Lexi's pussy and they slipped in with ease. She moaned with my cock still in her mouth and the vibrations from her moan made her blowing me all the more better. Jenny's exclaimed behind us, "Oh God Jack! Lexi! I'm cumming!" I was sure Jenny was squirting—she was a squirter—and I was right. Next thing I heard was Lexi saying, "Damn, I didn't know you could squirt!" I stopped eating Lexi to look back and I saw Jenny in pure ecstasy. Her face gave it away; I also noticed fluid on the floor.

'Yup, she definitely squirted.' I then heard Lexi say from above, "I hope you're not finished, I still got lots of stuff to do with your husband." Jenny untied herself with her free hand and got up on the bed to join us. She begged Lexi, "Please fuck my husband some more Lexi.

I wanna watch at a closer distance. Please show me how much better you are at pleasing him than me." 'Damn!' was all I thought. She truly was a submissive and I felt like such a sick bastard for liking that, but then again, I guess she's a sick bitch for liking it too.we truly were meant for each other. Jenny laid there touching herself while I got back to eating Lexi. I'm sure it's not just me, but it felt like Lexi was working even harder on my cock now that Jenny's gotten a closer view.

As I licked Lexi's pussy, I kept staring at her asshole. It was nice, tight and cute. It had a pretty brown color as oppose to Jenny's which was pink. I couldn't help it, I needed to lick it. My logic was 'If she doesn't like it, I'll just say it was the alcohol.' I moved my tongue up to Lexi's asshole and gave it a good, wide lick.


She gasped, "Ah! Jack! You dirty boy, that's where I poop! How could you lick such a place?!" I continued to lick, not holding back. I just had to taste her asshole. "Mmm, that feels really good. Oh fuck yeah! Keep licking my ass Jack!" 'Hell yeah!' Lexi loved it and I can see Jenny loved it too, she was rubbing her clitoris and using the pointer of her other hand to rub her asshole.

While this was all happening, Lexi degraded Jenny yet again. "Jenny, you're gonna taste my pussy and my ass whenever you kiss your husband. Always remember that when you kiss him." Jenny responded with a moan and rubbed her clitoris and asshole faster. Lexi was rubbing her clitoris hard as well. She was really enjoying this just as much as Jenny. Right when I thought that it couldn't have gotten any more degrading for Jenny, I was disproven once again.

Lexi just had an epiphany. "Wait a minute, why should I have to work to get myself off? Jenny, you filthy cuckquean bitch, come here and shove that sweet tongue of yours in my pussy!" "Hey!

That wasn't part of what we agreed on!" Jenny protested. I'm not sure how Lexi did it, but she convinced Jenny. "Jenny please, I'm asking you as a friend, I need this release and only you can help me, Jack's kind of busy back there and I really don't want him to stop licking my ass." I didn't want to either; I was already at the point where I wasn't even licking anymore. I was just straight up tongue fucking her ass. My tongue was going in and out of her asshole with a steady rhythm and she occasionally clenched her sphincter around my tongue.

But seriously, I thought, 'As a friend? That's like me saying "Hey bro, I need you to suck my dick man cuz I really need to cum" and then expecting him to suck it.' As selfish as it is, I didn't stop Lexi from trying to persuade Jenny. I wanted to see Jenny eat Lexi's pussy. I guess what contributed to Jenny deciding to eat out our friend was the fact that she was a 'former lesbian', if such a thing existed.

That's what she says, but I just think of her as a bisexual in denial. Also, Jenny knows I love eating ass. Every time I give her a rimjob, I don't stop until she cums more than once. She probably figured the same for Lexi. Jenny said she's not going back to girls, but here she was now, about to eat our friend's pussy, while I eat her ass.

Lexi stopped the rimming I was giving her and apologized, "Sorry Jack, but for a moment, could you stop so I can get into a better position?" "No problem." I replied with my tongue still in her ass funny enough. I stopped to let Lexi readjust. Lexi lied on her side and Jenny did the same.

They were in a sideways 69, so I lied on my side behind Lexi with my feet pointing in the direction of Lexi's head, that way I can look Jenny in the eyes as I eat Lexi's ass while she eats Lexi's pussy.

I looked at Jenny and we exchange loving looks at each other. I looked into Jenny's beautiful blue eyes as my tongue enters Lexi's rectum at this point. Jenny looked back at me with her tongue in Lexi's pussy. We were both giving each other eyes that obviously screamed love, all while shoving our tongues in our friend's holes. While we licked Lexi to keep her on cloud 9, she moaned loudly and proudly, screaming, "Oh yes! Fuck, this is so fucking good! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" I felt Lexi's asshole clench around my tongue and Jenny rubbed her nose against mine in an affectionate manner.

I just couldn't stop looking into her beautiful eyes. As Lexi finished and recovered, I still licked around inside her ass. I do love wiggling my tongue in a woman's ass. It's one of my main fetishes. After Lexi calmed down a bit from her orgasm, we stopped and I said, "Hey, last I checked, it was our anniversary not yours Lexi." "Oh shit, I'm so sorry, you're right, I'll fix that." 'Fuck yeah! Now Jenny's gonna have her pussy eaten by Lexi!' was the thought in my head at that moment.

Did it happen? Nope. Lexi turned her head and sucked my cock. She then said, "A dirty cuckquean bitch doesn't deserve my tongue on her pussy and don't you dare stop eating mine!" I stopped eating Lexi's ass and asked Jenny, "Are you okay with this?" "As long as you are.

I like Lexi's style. Whenever she degrades me, it just makes me hornier." "You are such a freak, I love you." I said with a smile. I kissed Jenny and she put her tongue in my mouth.

As we made out, we exchanged the taste of Lexi's pussy and ass. Lexi stopped sucking me and said, "On second thought, I have a better idea. Jack please fuck me." I sat up and Lexi instructed me to lean my back against the wall. After I did that, Lexi sat on my cock and commanded Jenny to come over and lick her pussy. She switched between licking Lexi's pussy and licking my balls. It felt amazing. Lexi then said, "Yeah bitch! You like eating another girl's pussy while she fucks your husband, don't you?!" Jenny was turning red again, unable to look at us.

I always found that to be cute about Jenny. It was one of her many characteristics about her that charmed me and caused me to fall in love with her. She doesn't go red when I degrade her, but my guess is that it was the whole fact that it wasn't just me in the bedroom.

I played with Lexi's breasts again and then she commanded Jenny to look at us. She then hit a sensitive spot. "Hey, if you do a good job, I promise that I'll consider not stealing your husband away." Jenny looked less aroused and more troubled now. Lexi tried to make out with me in front of Jenny but I moved my face away.

Lexi saw the look on Jenny's face and said, "Oh honey, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean it; it's just pretend, remember? I'd never wreck your marriage.

I'm sorry, I went too far." 'Oh and making her eat your pussy and fucking and sucking her husband in front of her while degrading her isn't?' I joked in my thoughts. "It's okay, I trust you Lexi, you won't do that to me and more importantly, Jack would never do that to me.

Please continue, I really am having fun. Just.don't steal him away." Jenny responded with a reassuring smile to Lexi. "Okay honey, I won't, I'm sorry. Is it okay if we make out while you eat me out?" Jenny nodded and gave another smile. I was concerned for Jenny, but it seemed like everything went away as fast as it came.

Although the atmosphere had turned negative, Lexi made it positive again saying, "Then get back on my pussy while I fuck and make out with your husband." "Will do." Jenny replied happily. And with that, she was back to eating Lexi out and licking my balls. I asked Jenny, "Jenny, baby, are you sure you're okay?" "Yeah, I don't mind you fucking Lexi, it's just the thought of you leaving me and no longer being with you that makes me sad.

I can't imagine my life without you." "And neither could I." I was worried how far we were pushing this fantasy.

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I didn't want Jenny getting hurt. She later told me that the whole threatening to steal me away is what she didn't dig too much. She explained to me that pretending to cheat was one thing and me pretending to leave her was quite another. I could see that Jenny looked very happy with my response. We smiled at each other and told the other "I love you." Lexi pulled my face in and kissed me while fucking my cock and Jenny returned to Lexi's pussy.

Lexi started using tongue and we went at it. After a few more minutes, Lexi decided to change it up. "Alright bitch, you ready for something else now?" Lexi got up and turned her back to Jenny and put my cock back in her pussy. She was now facing me while riding my cock as I was sitting up. She then said to Jenny "Alright, now I want you to eat my asshole!" Jenny had a look of uncertainty for a bit, but then went down and stuck her tongue in Lexi's ass, while she fucked my cock and made out with me.

The sight of Jenny eating Lexi's ass out was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. Lexi stopped moving and told Jenny to stick a finger in her ass. Jenny was so cute with her inexperience. She's never stuck a finger in an ass before. I'll be honest, I'm not into getting fingered; I'm only into fingering my wife, in both holes. Now Jenny had a well-how-the-fuck-do-I-do-this look on her face. I told her, "Baby, just lube your fingers, like how I do for you before I put it in your ass.

Just use the lube that we have." "Oooh! So he does put it in your ass! Jenny you are such a liar!" Lexi said with discovery in her tone. She then continued with an imitation of Jenny's voice, "No, we only do vaginal and oral." Jenny got red fast.

She said defensively, "I.we.look, this is about your ass, not mine!" "You're so cute Jenny, being all shy about this. I'm guessing he also popped your anal cherry didn't he?" Jenny, being as obvious as she was, couldn't stop getting red and just looked down and did not want to keep eye contact with us. Lexi responded with, "Aww, Jenny you are just too cute." Jenny put her pointer finger in her mouth and then put it in Lexi's asshole. "Am I cute now?!" I got to admit, Jenny did look super hot fingering Lexi's ass, but still cute at the same time.

She was trying to be serious about that, when I could see she was using that to get Lexi off the conversation about her ass and just, well.get Lexi off in general, if you know what I mean.

"Oh! No, now you're just being plain dirty and sexy!" Lexi moaned. Jenny started sliding her finger in and out of Lexi's ass.

Then after a while, Lexi told her to stick a second finger in. Jenny put her middle finger in her mouth and then stuck both her pointer and middle fingers in Lexi's ass and continued finger fucking it. All the while, I'm just sitting there enjoying the show and feeling Lexi's pussy spasm around my cock and feeling Jenny's fingers rub against it.

Lexi was moaning in ecstasy with Jenny fingering her ass. I could tell Jenny was getting into it too. Call me cruel, but I enjoy embarrassing Jenny in the bedroom. I guess it's a domination thing. 'I'm sorry Jenny, I wanna see that cute embarrassed look on your face.' "Oh Jenny, honey, you look so into this.

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I can see the look on your face. You're enjoying finger fucking Lexi's ass. You are, aren't you?" "Oh yes, I can feel your enthusiasm, you're a real anal pervert aren't you Jenny?" Lexi agreed with me.

I guess you could say that Jenny's a closet anal pervert. She doesn't like to admit it. Even with me, she gets shy about it every now and then. She was turning crimson red and stopped fingering Lexi, embarrassed at what we're saying. It was one thing for me to say that at her, but it was another to say it in front of Lexi. "No! I'm just doing this because you're telling me to." "Look honey, it's okay if you like anal, it's just another form of pleasure, just like oral sex." Lexi said with a consoling tone.

I joined in with a sincere apology. "Sorry honey, but you are just so adorable when you turn red like that; I just wanted to see you like that again, it's one of the first things that charmed me about you when we were first dating." She looked at me and smiled saying, "Thanks honey, I'm just still not used to talking about anal so comfortably." Lexi decided to that it was time to change things up again. "It's okay, I wanna move on now, you can pull your fingers out of my ass. Now, I'm gonna make you watch your husband fuck me in the ass." Jenny looked excited.

'Yup, she's a closet anal pervert.' I confirmed in my head. "I'm a bit thick, you might want to have at least three fingers stretch you out first Lexi." I warned her.

"Nah, I think Jenny's waited long enough. Alright bitch, you ready to see how a real woman uses her ass to please her man?" Lexi got up and lowered her asshole towards my cock. She grunted and moaned, having a hard time trying to fit me in her ass.

The only words in my head were: 'I tried to warn you.' "God, maybe we should have used three fingers." She raised her ass up, turned around and said, "Alright, put three fingers in my ass. Stretch me out good while I make out with your husband" Lexi lowered herself down and reinserted my cock in her pussy.

She used tongue on me again and squeezed my cock with her vaginal muscles. I could feel Jenny's fingers through Lexi's ass again. After a bit of stretching, Lexi turned around and lowered her ass again.

This time, I feel it giving way a bit and she's totally enjoying this. I feel it about to go in and. "Oh fuck! It's in! Mmm, yeah, your husband's cock feels so nice in my ass. I bet you wish it was in your ass don't you?" Jenny looked extremely cute turning red and looking away. 'Well, it has been a while since I put it in her ass' I thought. "Baby, you want me in your ass don't you?" I asked her.

She's quiet. "You want him in your ass don't you?! Admit it!" Lexi pressed on. Jenny couldn't take the embarrassment and finally admitted it saying, "Yes! Yes! I want his cock in my ass! Please give me my husband's cock so it can go in my ass!" "I'll tell you what, I'll let you clean it after a good assfucking! Then I'll decide if you deserve it!" "But that's dirty, I can't do that!" Jenny protested. "Don't worry honey; I gave myself an enema before this.

So it's clean, also, you felt nothing in my ass, right? There was no shit in there, it's clean." Jenny looked unsure. Lexi then got a hold of Jenny's hand with the fingers that went in her ass and put it inside her mouth. She sucked and licked all around Jenny's fingers and I could tell Jenny was getting turned on. She was loving the feeling of Lexi sucking her fingers. "If it was dirty, I wouldn't do that, now will you clean it?

Or are you just gonna stay there and let me have his cock all to myself?" Jenny quickly responded, "I'll clean him off!" "Alright, if you want it faster, you could make me cum faster by eating my pussy." Jenny quickly went to work on Lexi's pussy. Lexi continued to let me fuck her in the ass while Jenny ate her pussy. Occasionally, she would stop to let Jenny eat her properly. It was so fucking sexy to see my wife eat another woman's pussy out all while I fuck that woman in the ass.

What made it feel good too was that when Jenny was really doing a good job, I could feel Lexi's asshole clench around the base of my cock as a reaction. I could also faintly feel Jenny's tongue through Lexi's ass every now and then. I was about to cum and I warned both of them. Lexi then said to Jenny, "Okay Jenny, now's your time to shine." Lexi got off to let Jenny suck my cock and she responded with gratitude.

"Thank you! Thank you! I haven't had his cock all night!" She felt and looked so amazing sucking me off. I was about to cum, when Lexi pulled her off me and slid my cock in her pussy. "You didn't think I would make it that easy for a dirty cuckquean bitch like you, did you?" "Please! Please give me my husband's cock!

I want his cum!" Jenny begged. Lexi kept moving at a fast rhythm saying, "Too bad, I'm getting his cum! But thank you for cleaning him for me. The only thing you get to taste is my ass and pussy." Jenny continued to rub her clit and asshole as she continued to pretend beg. "Please don't! Please let me have his cum!" Lexi just responded by moving even faster. I couldn't take it anymore. "Jenny, I'm sorry, I can't hold it anymore!" I shot huge loads of cum inside Lexi's pussy.

Because I didn't cum right away, it built up and now Lexi's pussy was overflowing with my cum. Lexi moaned from the warmth of my cum. She then got off me when she felt that I had finished cumming and some of it leaked out onto me and the bed immediately. "Okay, he's all yours, but first," Lexi spread her lips and said, "if you really want your husband's cum that bad, you're gonna have to eat it out of my pussy because I still haven't cum yet." Jenny looked extremely aroused by that notion, by such a humiliating demand.

She licked and sucked the cum out of Lexi's pussy. As Jenny was licking and sucking my cum from Lexi's pussy, Lexi asked her, "Yeah, bitch! How does my pussy taste? How does it feel to know that I got your husband's cum first?!" Jenny couldn't answer because she had a mouth full of cum.

"Don't you dare spill any, swallow it all!" Jenny didn't need to be told twice. She swallowed all of my cum and continued to eat Lexi out, even after my cum was gone. "I'm gonna cum!" Lexi moaned. Jenny, being the squirting expert, stuck two fingers in Lexi and found her G-spot, stimulating it. Lexi started squirting and Jenny opened her mouth to get as much of the pussy juice as possible. Some of the cum spilled out of Jenny's mouth and went onto the bed.

It was hot to see Jenny's mouth overflowing with Lexi's cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed it all. Lexi collapsed on our bed. She was laying there spasming in complete bliss. Jenny turned her attention to me and noticed I was rock hard again. She rolls her eyes saying, "Oh honey." "What baby?! That was hot! You just ate my cum out of another woman's pussy and to finish it all off, you swallowed her cum too!" Jenny smiled and said "Happy Anniversary" then got to work licking my cum off me and swallowing it.

"God I love you, I will never find another woman like you. You are a woman men can only dream of having." She smiled happily to me and I noticed Lexi finally getting up to leave the room. Jenny got off the bed to catch her before she left.

I figured she just wanted to thank her friend for her help. I decided to lie down so I could knock out.

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My only thought at that moment was 'This was a wonderful, unforgettable night.' "Hey, bitch! You think you can just cuckquean me and get away with it?!" I sat back up quick. 'What the fuck?!' Lexi turned to Jenny and looked confused. "I won't let you get away with this, now I'm gonna punish you!" Jenny spanked Lexi's ass hard.

SMACK! "Ah!" Lexi screamed. Jenny then added, "With Jack's help." She turned to me, smiled, and then gave me a wink. 'Oh boy, this night is far from over.'