Foreplay with big tits Tgirl

Foreplay with big tits Tgirl
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Robert was a happily married man, or so he thought. Robert was 39 years old. He and his wife Jessica, who was 34, had three wonderful children. They had been married for six years, so they had a child every two years.

Robert came from a large family. Growing up with four sisters and three brothers. Robert's mother, Eleanor, was also from a large family. So Robert was intent to keep up the "family tradition" an have lots of kids.

Although married for 6 years, family and friends felt they were an unlikely couple. Robert and his family were devout Christians. While Jessica was known as a "party girl" in college. Jessica and Robert actually met when Jessica became friends with Robert's younger sister.

Even Roberts sister was surprised when she learned that Jessica and Robert were started dating. Initially Robert's mom was very much against their relationship, and wasn't shy about it either.

However Eleanor eventually warmed up to Jessica once she started babies. Still Jessica always had a love/hate relationship with her mother in law. With three kids, and his wife and mom now on good terms. Robert's only problem had to do with a particular aspect of his job. Several times a year, it took him "overseas" for a few weeks.

Early on this wasn't a problem. But it became one once they started a family. That's because Robert soon realized he couldn't stand being away from his family, even for a few weeks.

So he decided to do something most people would feel, was a very strange thing to do. He actually installed several "nanny cams" in his home.

This way he could be with his family even when he was away. Besides Robert was something of a "tech head" and was able to easily tie the camera feeds into to a secure, high speed internet connection for viewing on his phone or laptop.

However he didn't do any of this to "spy" on his wife and kids. He just wanted to watch his family going about their daily activities. He didn't tell anyone because he didn't want them acting differently for the camera.

He quickly discovered that he really liked it seeing how his kids would come crying to mommy. Asking about when daddy was coming home! He liked it whenever Jessica would invoke his name when the kids were misbehaving, and how this would always make them stop. He also liked it when he'd listen to Jessica talking on the phone to her friend or family member about how much she missed having Robert around.

Although some would question what he was doing. Right or wrong, it satisfied his strong need to stay close to his family despite being physically absent. Shortly after their 3rd child, Robert and Jessica decided to buy a "cabin" in the woods as a quiet and fun place for the family to enjoy, especially in the summer. The cabin was actually a small, ranch style home located near a large lake which was popular for both camping and fishing. Although out in he woods, the cabin itself was only 5 or so miles away from a large town There were other such cabins in the surrounding area so they still had neighbors and all.

Little did Robert know, but this decision would end up ruining his marriage. Their closest neighbors were Frank and his wife Janet. They were an older couple in their late sixties.

They were friendly and helped them settle in. Robert learned from Frank that cabins were sometimes broken into and lived in by people when not in use. So this prompted Robert to also install cameras in the cabin as well. This way he could document any potential theft or property damage. Besides he knew his wife and family would sometimes be at the cabin when he was away. So now he could stay in contact with this family there as well. As luck would have it, the previous owners had installed central air conditioning.

Robert felt it wasn't really needed, so they never used it. But with air vents all around. This provided a perfect place for Robert to install hidden cameras.

The vents allowed enough room for a video camera to be securely mounted, and the vent grilles helped to conceal them. This also meant he could install "high end" cameras. Unlike the nanny cams, these camera's featured full HD recording.

With pan, tilt and zoom capabilities. Again all tied into a secure high speed WiFi network. For viewing in real time, or saved to a secure server viewing later.

All though high tech wasn't necessary to watch his family while away. The cabin was enough of a financial investment and the remoteness of it warranted this extra security in Robert's mind.

However neither Jessica or his family knew about these cameras. However since the cabin was only used at certain times. Robert didn't really think he'd get much out of these cameras. So when Robert was again abroad for a few weeks. He was surprised when he returned to his room and saw that the cabin cameras had been activated. With literally, hours of recordings available for viewing.

The cameras were motion activated. So he knew someone or something was in the cabin. Jessica didn't tell him about any plans to stay at the cabin while he was away. So he was completely taken by surprise when the camera in the hallway popped on and he saw Jessica unlocking the front door and walking into the cabin. After putting down a couple of small luggage bags.

She quickly walked back out the door, closing it behind her. After a min without further motion detected. The cameras will shut down.

Robert sees that the next recorded file begins about 10 min later. When he clicks on the next file, he once again sees Jessica opening the door and walking in. This time he's shocked when he sees that the neighbors dog. Bully, a large American pit bull following her in. This was especially shocking because Jessica had always expressed a very real apprehension towards Bully.

Whenever he'd wander onto the property. Jessica would hurriedly round up the kids and bring them inside and calling out to Robert to do something about the dog. Bully was actually harmless and Robert certainly didn't see him as threat in any way. Still he understood Jessica's apprehension, due to her claims of being bitten by a dog when she was a young girl. So why would Jessica of all people, be bringing Bully into the cabin. It was clear she even went and got him.

Which explained the 10 min gap between activity. Why would she do such a thing? Also why was she by herself? where were the kids?He was even further surprised by just how excited Bully was.

He was wagging his tale and circling around her in the hallway. This was extremely odd since Robert couldn't recall ever seeing Jessica interacting with him, not ever! So why was Bully so clearly excited?

and why was Jessica clearly not showing any apprehension? Then, to make matters worse. Bully started to sniff at Jessica's crotch! It was summer and Jessica was wearing her favorite pair of cutoff jeans and a tank top. But instead of discouraging or ignoring this behavior like a normal person. She didn't seem to mind and just stood there looking down as he nosed around her crotch.

Robert noticed that Bully's tale was now straight up. After a few sniffs, he actually began physically mouthing her crotch, actually forcing her back a step. Robert couldn't believe it! Why was Jessica letting him do this! Bully didn't stop there either. He immediately moved in even closer and continued loudly sniffing and mouthing her crotch. But instead of rebuking him, she let him do this for a bit longer before finally covering her crotch with her hand.

After a couple of licks to the back of her hand. Bully then lifted himself up and actually grabbed Jessica by her hips. But Jessica gently backed out of his grasp. Robert was surprised when he saw that Jessica was actually smiling. Clearly she wasn't afraid of him at all.Clearly undeterred, Bully again moves his snout towards her crotch.

But this time before he can sniff her again, Jessica quickly puts her hand over her crotch. Unable to get past the back of her hand. A clearly agitated Bully again lifts up and grasps her hips. However this time she doesn't move away. He's has her by the hips and is balancing himself on his hind legs with his tail wagging slightly.

But instead of telling him to get down. She actually talks to him and says, "Wow you don't mess around do you, yeah I know what you want baby." It was becoming clear to Robert what Bully wanted as well! She finally backs out of his grasp, but then she does something even more shocking. She sits down on the small hallway bench. Takes his head in her hands, lowers her face slightly towards his and actually initiated a french kissing session with him! Robert watched with utter shock and horror as she literally "French kisses" Bully for almost two whole min.

Clearly into it, she was softly moaning and making cooing sounds as she frenched him. Robert simply couldn't believe it.

His anger mounting. "What the hell is wrong with her!" What did Jessica think she was doing! French kissing a freaking dog! Obviously the dog didn't know they were french kissing, but Jessica certainly did! It ended when Bully finally lost interest and quickly lowered his head and again started nosing around her crotch. Robert's anger towards his wife continued to rise as she responded by leaning back a bit and opening her legs for him.

Robert wanted to yell out, "Stop it, don't let him do that! Bully was again aggressively sniffing and mouthing around her crotch. Dogs of course have an excellent smell sense. So obviously Bully could still smell her pussy and was clearly licking at the very scent of her pussy even through the material of her jeans.

Which explains why Bully was so intent on what he was doing. Robert was particularly stuck at the almost obscene sound of Bully's large tongue rasping against the crotch of her jeans.

Bully was clearly licking as if he was tasting something he really liked.

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Using long and forceful strokes, his tongue continued to literally wear away at her jeans. Robert also noticed that his licking was finally making an effect on Jessica. After a few hisses and low moans, she actually spread herself even further apart for him. It almost looked to Robert as if Bully was intentionally trying wear away the fabric of her jeans with his tongue. Finally after about two min. To Robert's further consternation, She then stood up and started to unbuttons her jeans.

Then gently swaying her hips from side to side. She struggles to push her tight fitting jeans down past her crotch. Bully is clearly excited by this and his tale is clearly wagging as he watches. Robert was then even further surprised when he saw that Jessica wasn't wearing any panties! No wonder Bully was licking her crotch so intently. The fabric of her jeans was the only thing that was between his tongue and her pussy. This clearly confirmed what Robert had thought. Bully was clearly tasting the actual scent of her pussy even though her jeans.

This also explained why his licking was starting to make her softly hiss and moan. His tongue was so large and powerful, the material of her jeans was likely hitting and rubbing up against her clit and sensitive lips. However with her jeans now pushed down past her crotch. Bully aggressively stock his snout right between her legs. Jessica took in a short, pleasurable sounding breath, but quickly covered her pussy with her hand.

Jessica covered up with her left hand. Undeterred, Bully kept trying to get at her. Bully began licking the back of her hand. So Robert had to endure the sight of bully licking her wedding ring as he desperately tried to get at her pussy. This really galled Robert. His mind immediately flashed back to he day he slipped that very ring onto her hand at their wedding ceremony. Still despite everything, Robert was encouraged by the fact Jessica was actually covering herself up, and not giving him direct access to her.

So even as upsetting and disturbing as all this was. Robert was hoping this was as far as she'd let things go. He was quickly encouraged even further when Jessica suddenly pulled her jeans back up. However she doesn't button them back up, So Bully starts to lick her still slightly exposed groin area just above her vagina. Bully still tried to get his tongue down into her pants. However Jessica backed away and finally buttons herself back up. Robert immediately thought to himself.

OK! maybe that was it. Keep in mind that all this happened while they were still in the front hall. So ten minutes of this disgusting behavior by Jessica could still be forgiven. Jessica then picks up her bags and then begins walking down the hallway towards their bedroom, with Bully following closely behind. The bedroom camera then clicks on and he sees Bully run past her and jump up on top the bed, with his tail straight up in the air.

However Jessica doesn't take any notice and starts to unpack. Bully jumps off and on the bed several times as she unpacks, but she continues to take little notice. Then as before, Bully again starts trying to nose around her crotch. This time however, Robert is relieved when he sees that Jessica doesn't indulge him as before. As Jessica began settling in. Bully at first kept following her everywhere, continually trying to get at her crotch.

He even attempted to grasp her by her hips a few times. However Jessica didn't stay sill for him and simply went on with whatever she was doing. Now clearly being ignored by her, Bully finally seemed to give up. He stopped following her around, and simply flopped down on the bedroom floor. Whenever Jessica came inhe'd stand back up to watch but wouldn't approach her. When she walked back out, he'd just flop back down on the floor. Robert kept hoping either Janet or Frank would now call, or show up looking for Bully.

Better yet, he kept expecting Jessica would simply bring him back. Although deeply disturbed and disgusted by what he had seen. Robert still felt he could forgive her behavior and move on. However Robert's hopes were soon dashed. Suddenly after literally ignoring Bully for almost two hours. Now settled in, Jessica walked into the bedroom and this time closed the door behind her. Bully immediately got up and approached her.

As always, he quickly began nosing around and mouthing her crotch. before again aggressively licking her crotch through her jeans. This time however, Jessica seemed much more into it. She actually began gently grinding herself against his snout as he licked.

Even straddling her legs more apart for him. After a few hisses and a few quick inhales. She starts to unbutton her jeans. After struggling a bit to slip her tight jeans off past her hips, she then places a hand on Bully's back for balance as she finally removes her shorts. She was now naked from the waist down. Bully quickly moves in and again goes for her now exposed crotch. However Jessica then abruptly walks away and slips on a pair of bikini style panties.

Bully approaches and Jessica stands still as Bully gives a couple of loud sniffs before licking the crotch of her panties. To Robert's continuing chagrin, Jessica again straddled her legs apart and let him have at it. Jessica was quickly hissing and softly moaning as he sniffed, mouthed and licked her.

Robert then noticed a large dark spot on the crotch of her panties. Obviously Bully's tongue literally soaked her crotch. Still, Robert clung to the idea that at no time was she letting him lick her exposed pussy.

So as upsetting as all this was, maybe this was as far as she would let things go. However Jessica quickly proved him wrong when she then slipped the crotch of her panties towards the side, fully exposing her pussy to him. Finally able to get at her exposed pussy, Bully immediately and excitedly began licking her exposed vaginal lips.

After a quick inhale, she takes a step back. She then quickly moves back towards him and practically pushes her pussy into his muzzle. After a few more licks, Jessica unexpectedly steps back and actually adjusts her pantie, then walks away and opens the bedroom door. The hallway camera clicks on again as she disappears into the guest room down the hall.

Bully follows but she quickly reappears with two rather large oblong shaped, throw pillows, and begins walking back to the bedroom with Bully again right behind her. She then tosses them onto the bed. Robert immediately notices that Bully suddenly becomes quite excited at this and begins prancing and hoping around with his tale arched. She then walks to the bedroom door and again shuts it. Bully follows her and begins loudly sniffing her crotch the moment she turns around.

After a few sniffs, he begins mouthing her crotch through her panties again. However Jessica quickly breaks this off and walks back towards the bed. He immediately follows and she again lets him stick his snout between her legs. But then Jessica seems to tease him because she then takes a step back. Forcing Bully to move forward to get at her again. So Robert was hoping that all this was just some perverse game Jessica liked to play, and that's all. Jessica then sat down on the edge of the bed and quickly slipped off her panties.

Bully immediately approached and Jessica quickly spread her knees apart. This finally confirmed his worst suspicions. Bully wasted no time and aggressively stuck his head between her legs and began licking her.

Jessica took in a quick breath before visibly spreading her knees even further apart. Bully was standing directly in front of her pussy and aggressively licking her.

All Robert could see was the back of his head but he could clearly hear Bully's tongue eating her out. Then Bully tilted his head to one side and seemed to get deeper into her. Jessica let out a low moan then turned her hips slightly to the right while lifting one foot up onto the bed. This new position allowed Robert to get a much better view. That's when Robert suddenly remembered the cameras he installed were equipped with zoom capabilities. So he zoomed in and could now clearly see Bully's tongue licking her vaginal lips.

She leaned back on her elbows as he licked. She then actually placed her foot onto his back and began cupping her breasts with her hands as he continued to aggressively eat her out. Clearly there was no mistaking what was happening.

Jessica was clearly letting Bully go down on her. Jessica was clearly enjoying whatever sensations his tongue was producing as she began to softly hiss and moan, the lips on her mouth pursed and puckered as he worked over her pussy.

His persistent, long, deep strokes clearly started to take effect. Her quick and short hisses and low moans began to grown in intensity and duration.

Her lips were pursed and she began humming, Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm. This was an unmistakable sign of real sexual arousal. She was clearly giving voice to the pleasure his tongue was giving her.

After a few more Mm-hmm's, apparently overcome with pleasure. She then flops completely onto her back. She then places both soles of her feet up onto the bed. Bully responds by moving in almost directly over her. His large head is now rubbing against her inner thighs. Positioned directly over her like this, lets him get even deeper into her with his tongue.

Jessica then puts her arms all the way back in complete supplication to the pleasure. She keeps lifting her head to watch, then dropping it back onto the bed. Every time she lifts her head to watch, she hums again starts humming, Mm-hmm, Mm-hmm before finally putting her head back down. But just when it seemed that Jessica might actually cum. Bully suddenly stops licking and jumps up onto the bed.

He tries to continue licking while standing over her, but his paws are too close to the edge of the bed and he is clearly hesitant. Jessica responds by actually scooting herself up towards the middle of the bed and then lays down completely on her back, knees up and both feet on the bed. Bully then stands beside her, lowers his head, and starts licking her while standing over her.

Jessica then lowered and spread her legs apart for him.This now gave Robert a bird's eye view. Bully immediately began working her outer lips. Robert noticed that his wife's clit had swelled and was now out from its hood and clearly seen. Bully seemed to notice this too and quickly began licking it. Jessica placed one arm back under her head and watched him eat her out. Now working on her clit.

Jessica was quickly hissing and quietly moaning in pleasure. Robert felt helpless as he watched his wife let a dog explore her pussy with his tongue. But there she was with her legs spread wide for him.

Robert even felt jealous watching Jessica give Bully such intimate access to her. She was letting a dog smell, lick and fully explore her most intimate area.

Only Robert had the rights to her sexual parts, no less a filthy dog. After initially watching, Jessica suddenly seems to experience a surge of pleasure and lets out a long hiss, then lays back completely on her back. She is again cupping and pulling on her nipples, and also moves her hands all over her body while he licked her. For some reason, Bully was also licking the inside of her thighs a lot. Robert wondered why, but as he licked her thigh, this left Jessica's pussy completely open to view.

Robert then caught a glimpse of something shining on her pussy lips. When he zoomed in a bit he distinctly saw a tear drop shape substance hanging from her clit. Robert then watched in amazement as it then drips down. Another drop then quickly forms and takes its place. Bully clearly had her pussy in full response mode. Robert couldn't believe it, his wife's clit was literally dripping wet.

In eight years of marriage, Robert never saw Jessica's pussy do anything like this. He could also see that her juices were collecting and pooling down around her perineum. Some of her juices had even seeped down to her anus. After licking her inner thighs, Bully then went right for that drop and literally lapped it up. Robert of course was aware that the sole purpose of a woman's clit was for pleasure. Clearly his wife's cunt was healthy and doing its job. As her clit was literally spitting out juices in response to the sexual stimulation from his large warm tongue.

After working on her clit for a bit, Bully then started to literally roam all around her pussy. Bully was now using long, deep strokes. Licking the edge of her outer lips. Licked from the bottom of her pussy to the top, then back down again. He also worked on the sides of her inner lips.

Bully also actively licked her perineum area. Clearly lapping up the juices that were collecting there. Bully had liked to thoroughly, that Robert could no longer see any juices anywhere.

Once he had clicked up those juices, Bully now began aggressively licking around her her anus. This actually made Jessica's butt hole to pucker, and caused several clearly visible sphincter responses from her as well. However as he was working over her butt hole, her pussy was getting wet again.

Robert could again clearly see wetness on her clit and lips. Bully clearly noticed this too and began working his way back up towards her clit. However apparently tired of standing. Bully then sits down right beside her.

So he's now down on his stomach, but still aggressively eating her out. Although going by her hisses and moans, all this licking was clearly pleasurable. Bully simply wasn't working on her clit long enough to get her off. Then Bully, apparently having his full of Jessica's pussy juices.

Stands up and straddles her. She clearly seems to understand what Bully wants because she looks up at him and says "OK baby, I know what you want." She then raises up onto her elbows and scoots back down towards the edge of the bed. Bully steps aside, and Robert clearly sees the the dark red tip of Bully's cock protruding from its sheath. As she's scooting down, she reaches for the throw pillows.

She then raises up of the bed up and places one under her lower back. She then sits up and props up the other pillow then leans back onto it.

She then places both her arms behind her, bracing herself with her palms. She then spreads her legs while thrusting her hips out slightly towards the edge and closer to Bully. Bully then lifts himself up and puts his front paws up on the bed.

He then walks his hind legs towards her and the bed. Bully then begins trying to position himself. He leans in, and Jessica reaches out and puts both of her hands on his Bully's hips. Robert was numb as he watched both of them actively positioning themselves so they could have sex. He was forced to watch as his wife, the mother of his children.

Was about to have sex with a dog, a filthy animal as Robert saw it. Jessica lets out a low moan when Bully then leans in against her. Both of her hands were on his hips.

Bully is balancing himself on both hind legs and begins slowly thrusting his hips out, clearly trying to mount her. Jessica continues to maneuver herself, and Robert could clearly hear the sheet rustling as they positioned themselves. She's looking down under his chest and clearly trying to guide Bully into her. As she looks down, Bully's muzzle is up against her forehead. Robert can clearly hear Jessica's breathing, but Bully is completely silent. She's still leaning back again the pillow with her legs out and spread apart as she continues to try and guide him to her.

Robert was amazed at how Bully almost seemed to be understand what was happening. How such a powerful dog would passively just stand there while Jessica moved his hips to the right and leftback and forth. Clearly Bully new full well that sex would follow.

Jessica must have found the right angle as Bully suddenly thrusted his hips forward. Her head dropped back and Jessica let out a gasp of pleasure as his thick cock slid through her vaginal opening and into her warm wet pussy.

The once quiet Bully, was now panting and grunting loudly as he began humping hard and deep. Robert watched as the two were now clearly entwined as lovers. She squeezed her knees up and together against him. Jessica was also grunting as they grinding against each other. She then lowers her head and was looking at him with her hair hanging down over her eyes. Her nipples fully erect.

Her hands are caressing his back. She bit her lip and was letting out moans and gasps. Her knees and feet against his sides.

Clearly lost in pleasure of her mouth open making in a O shape. She then lets out a series of loud moans. Her arms straighten and she visibly presses herself up into him. her arms now around his back, hugging him. Her face was against his chest and neck. His chin was resting against the top of her head. He then hears her start actually talking to Bully. Telling him how good he was fucking "Wow you really like to fuck, don't you!" "Oh, god yeah, make me cum, Bully.

Clearly Bully didn't understand, but her pleasure simply forced her to talking to him like that. She continued to press herself up against him. her legs tightly wrapped around him.

Suddenly Bully visibly moved his front legs closer together around her sides. He then began to thrust more in an upwards direction.

Jessica clearly like this and again drops her head back. She begins muttering things under her breath, as his chest hit up against her breasts as he thrusted. She then let out a series of gasps and suddenly her whole body stiffen. It was obvious to Robert that Jessica had just been fucked to orgasm by a dog. It was clear that Jessica was now trying to stay in control long enough for Bully to finish.

She didn't have to stay strong for long as Bully suddenly began bucking wildly, then just as suddenly stopped. He then leans completely on top of her, panting very loudly, clearly exhausted.


She then drops her arms from his back letting her arms fall back down on the bed. Bully was standing on his hind legs and laying fully on top of her with his chin over her left shoulder, clearly exhausted and panting heavily.

However he was still locked in and cumming inside her. Filling her with his seed. Unwilling and too exhausted to break their mating. Jessica had to simply lay there and wait for him to finish. Bully then slowly lifted his head, and placed his chin against her forehead.

Jessica was also exhausted and just laid back onto the pillows. Then after about 10 or so min, Bully slowly raised himself. After a clearly audible wet sound, his cock visibly pops out of her. Bully quickly backs down off the bed and stands there with his cock visibly hanging down and glistening with Jessica's cunt and his own juices.

Jessica then sits up and begins fixing up her hair. Jessica then does something that really took Robert by surprise. Jessica gets up, walks over to her bag. Pulls out a cigarette and lights it. This was perplexing because although Jessica had smoked when she was in college. She quit when they started having kids. Robert knew for a fact that Jessica had indeed quit. Robert was a non smoker and was extremely sensitive to second hand smoke. So he would've known if Jessica had taken up smoking again.

So even this really through him for a loop as well. Bully's was now laying on the floor and panting. She briefly wiped herself with a few tissues before putting her shirt back on and slipping into a pair of sweatpants with the word "Pink" written across the back. First the hallway, then the kitchen camera clicks on as she then begins to make herself something to eat.

Bully still exhausted, falls asleep on the bedroom floor. Nothing of note takes place for the next several hours. After eating dinner, Jessica sits down on the living room sofa.

First she reads a book for a while, then watches TV. Robert sat in disbelief as he watched his wife calmly going about things as if nothing had happened. Jessica finally goes back into the bedroom where Bully is still asleep on the floor.

Jessica then puts on her sneakers, then goes over and wakes Bully. Although the damage has already been done.

Robert still hoped Jessica was about to bring him back. He's disappointed when he sees that its just a bathroom run. After locking up for the night, Jessica reruns to the living room to watch some TV. Soon after a wide awake Bully saunters in and goes right for Jessica. He immediately begins nosing around her crotch again. Jessica lifts up her hips and quickly slips her sweat pants down to her ankles. and spreads her knees apart for him. At first Jessica actually continues to watch TV as Bully licked away.

After a few min, his licking begins to take effect and she's soon hissing and softly moaning. However Jessica then gets up and then pulls her pants back up. She then reaches for the remote and turns off the TV. She then walks down the hall to the bedroom, followed closely by Bully. Once inside she closes the door behind him and walks over to the bed. Bully follows and watches as Jessica quickly slips out of her sweatpants.

She then sits down on the edge of the bed and spreads her knees apart. Bully quickly sticks his nose between her legs and begin licking. Jessica leans back on her palms and watches as Bully again explores her cunt with his tongue. Although Robert had already seen all this already. Robert still couldn't get over the shock about what he was seeing. There was his wife.

Her legs spread wide apart. Her bare pussy fully accessible, letting dog do whatever he wanted to her most sensitive of areas. Robert was also a bit jealous of the the incredible intimacy of it all. She was totally trusting Bully, letting him freely explore her soft, and delicate slit.

His large tongue was clearly taking effect. Robert again saw the glistening from her self producing lubricant. Watched as it inexorably ran down her lips and began to make a small, but noticeable wet spot on the sheets.

Then like before, Bully abruptly stopped eating her out and jumped up onto the bed. Jessica wanted him to continue licking and just lays back while patting her pussy. But after a brief sniff and lick, Bully stops and once again straddles her with tale arched in the air. Bully was clearly trying to initiate another mating session.

However instead of propping up the pillows again for missionary sex. This time Jessica gets up on her and and knees. Bully now has access to her fully exposes cunt, only this time from behind. He eagerly begins sniffing and licking her warm and moist pussy. Jessica clearly enjoys it and actually spreads her knees apart and lowers herself a bit giving him deeper access to her. Bully has his tongue deep inside her. So deep that Robert can clearly Bully's nose inhaling and exhaling against her lips as he eats her from behind.

Jessica is enjoying it so much, she's slowly but visibly grinding herself back into his snout as he licks. But apparently having Jessica in this position was just too much for Bully. He stops licking and then places his chin on her back. Jessica seems to understand and while still on her hands and knees, moves up a bit towards the head of the bed.

Bully then aggressively moves up. Grabs her hips, and mounts her. Jessica pushed back as Bully thrusted forward. Bully's cock quickly slid into his wife's warm wet cunt. Robert was actually surprised by the intensity of what followed.

With Jessica fully up on her palms. Bully immediately began humping her was deep and hard. Bully's heavy balls were visibly slapping against Jessica's pussy. Robert distinctly heard their bodies making a loud clapping noise as they fucked. Jessica was grunting, her butt cheeks swayed back and forth in time with each stoke.

Her excitement was clearly evident from the wet, squishing sounds her pussy was making. Jessica's breasts swayed back and forth with every thrust. Her mouth open. Bully was giving her such a workout, Robert could see a drop of sweat forming at the tip of her nose. After about 20 seconds of this hard pounding, Jessica blurts out to him, "Oh my god, yeah, oh yeah." Suddenly she lets out a gasp of air.

Her body stiffens and she arches her back. This momentarily breaks his rhythm, and Jessica then collapses down onto her forearms. However with Bully has still holding onto her hips, and he resumed his humping. Amazingly Jessica tires to stay strong for him and keeps her butt raised up long enough for him to finish.

After another 10 or so seconds, he suddenly stopped. Panting heavily, It took almost fifteen minutes before Bully was able to pull his swollen knot.

Both of them were clearly tired after this intense sexual exertion. After lighting up another cigarette. Jessica then goes into the bathroom and takes a long shower as bully sleeps on the bed. As she showered, Robert couldn't help looking at the bed. He couldn't believe this was still actually their bed. Robert had slept in this bed. The same bed on which Jessica and Bully had twice copulated on.

The pushed in pillows and disheveled sheets clearly reflecting their carnal pairings. After showering, Jessica watches some more TV before turning in for the night. Nothing of note happens during the night as the camera only clicked on when Jessica got up to go to the bathroom at around 4:00 am. However the action pickup up again a few hours later. It was early, Sat 8:10 AM to be exact. Jessica is laying on her side sleeping.

Bully is also asleep opposite her. Bully clearly decides he wants to fuck again. As he gets up, he jostles the bed and seemingly wakes Jessica up from a light sleep. She groggily lifts her head and sees him standing over with his front leg.

against her shoulder. He then begins nosing and licking the back of her neck. Jessica then slowly raises herself up. Bully slowly back away as Jessica raise herself up onto all fours.

All Robert heard was the soft gentle rustling of the sheets. However instead of staying on her hands, Jessica straightens fully up onto her knees. Bully then show his dominance. He grasped her hips, and forcibly pressed his chest against her back, pushes Jessica down onto her hands and knees. Bully quickly mounts and immediately begins fucking her. Bully snarled and yelped as he humped. For Robert, Jessica was the mother of his kids.

But for Bully, she was just a bitch in heat to be bred. Jessica is breathing rapidly, as if she was hyperventilating form the pounding she was taking from Bully. She was moaning and mumbling incomprehensible words. Matching his rhythm, rocking back into him with every thrust, actively engaging him.

The sound of Bullies dog tags clanging together mixed with the slapping sounds of their bodies. Both of them locked in uninhibited, interspecies sex. Robert now realized that sexual passion really was blind. Nature didn't care, it was just simple biology at work. Bully continued panting and snarling as Robert watched the mother of his kids, defiling herself with a dog. Purely for her own sexual gratification. Then just as quickly as it had started. Everything went quiet for a few seconds as Bully suddenly stopped humping.

The silence was quickly broken by the sounds of heavy breathing coming from them both. Jessica then slumped down and put her forehead on the bed. Robert could see her heaving as Bully panted loudly, still inside her. It again took almost 10 min before Bully finally pulled out. Once againJessica lights up a cigarette before going into the bathroom to wash up.

Robert is once again amazed how quickly everything seemingly went back to normal. After making breakfast, Jessica is watching TV when the doorbell rings. Whoever this was, Jessica must've been expecting them. So although Jessica was in her bathrobe, she immediately gets up to answer the door. It was Janet, their neighbor. Jessica lets her in, and Bully runs up and excitedly greets his owner. Robert was anxious to see how Jessica acted around Janet. Especially considering what they had been up to.

However Robert was again shocked when Janet asks Jessica, "Well, how was he? I hope he performed well" WTF? Robert exclaimed out loud.

Janet knows about this, How is that even possible! "Oh my god, Janet. Bully was very good, as always." Replied Jessica. Yet things get even worse for Robert.

Janet tells Jessica how Frank is bummed about being out of town and won't be back until late Sunday. Janet then tells Jessica that she has a surprise for her. Janet has another dog for her! Robert was now completely in shock. What the hell was going on here!

Janet says she's been taking care of a dog for a couple of days. He belonged to a couple who were friends of theirs. However Janet warns Jessica that he's very sexually aggressive, who according to the wife, really likes to fuck. However Jessica was clearly eager to take him on. Janet tells Jessica she'll drop him off later that evening.

She then takes Bully back with her as she leaves. Now alone, Jessica then gets on the phone and calls her parents. Robert can't believe the conversation. If her parents only knew what Jessica was doing. He was incredulous as he listened to her talking to their kids.

What lies about about how she missed them. Missed them! Did she miss them while she had her legs spread, letting a dog lap up her cunt juices? Or when she was copulating with Bully!

Anyway, after talking on the phone. Jessica gets dressed and then steps out for a few hours. When she returns is clear she had done some shopping in town. A few hours later the phone rings. Its Janet telling Jessica that she's coming over with the dog.

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Seven minutes later, Janet appears with a large "Old English" sheep dog. Jessica says, "Wow he sure is a big boy." But clearly likes him. Janet asks if she's sure about this. But feels that if Jessica could handle Bully, Shep shouldn't be a problem for her.

Robert is amazed how Jessica and Janet then start engaging in small talk for almost an hour. All but ignoring Shep the whole time. Finally Janet tells Jessica that she has to get back and leaves Jessica alone with Shep. With all the talk of him being so aggressive. Robert was surprised how hesitant he seemed. Clearly unsure of his surroundings. He stayed right by the front door as if expecting Janet or his owners to come and take him away at any moment.

Jessica tried to make him feel comfortable. However Robert noticed that his wife also seemed hesitant, and was wary of him as well. Perhaps she wasn't lying about her fear of dogs. Clearly she had no fear of Bully, but she then again, she had just met Sheppy.

At one point, Jessica goes into the bedroom and begins changing out of her street clothes. She was putting on her house clothes which in the summer consisted only of a T-shirt, and panties, sometimes she wore a bathrobe. The door is open and Shep suddenly is standing by the door and watching Jessica.

She takes notice and motions for him to come in. Clearly the sight of a half naked woman got his attention.

Although he approaches her slowly and cautiously, his tail was wagging, which probably reassured her. However Unlike Bully, Sheppy didn't immediately start nosing around Jessica's crotch or anything. Instead he just innocently sniffed around at her legs and began exploring around the bedroom.

Once Sheppy got around to the bed, Robert felt the whole atmosphere change. Sheppy jumps up on the bed and begins excitedly sniffing around. The scent of sex was probably all over the sheets. Sheppy sniffed, snorted and actually started licking the sheets. As he did so, Jessica saw that Sheppy's big, red cock was fully erect and hanging down. As it could clearly be seen even with Sheepy's thick fur. "wow Sheppy, let me get a closer look at that darling." She then approaches, but as she's reaching for it.

He jumps off the bed and circles around her. He then starts acting exactly like Bully. He sits down right in front of her and began sniffing the crotch of her panties. He was a large dog, so even sitting his snout was directly opposite her crotch. Jessica was clearly used to this sought of behavior.

However unlike with Bully, she didn't waste time teasing him. Instead she moved the crotch of her panties to the side, completely exposing her vaginal lips to him. Sheppy immediately began sniffing and licking her. She straddled her legs apart as he licked. He then stood up and really began pressing deeper into her. Even backing her up a few times. Jessica then walks to the bed and sits down.

With the crotch of her panties are still bunched over to the side, she spreads her knees wide apart for him. Sheppy quickly stuck his head in and continued licking her.

Unlike Bully, Sheppy seemed to be a much more focused licker. Mainly concentrating on her clit, Jessica was hissing and groaning. Robert noticed that Jessica was slowly looking around the room as he licked. Closing her eyes was pursing her lips. Although her hair was up in a pony tale. A couple of times, she shook her head as if she her hair was in her face. He Also noticed Jessica's legs would occasionally spasm together.

Jessica then lets out a long exhale, she lays back completely onto the bed. Jessica is breathing is shallow and she is softly moaning. Jessica then lifts her hips and finally slips her panties completely off. She then spreads her legs even further. Amazingly Sheppy doesn't take any notice and just keeps licking. With Jessica now in this position, Robert was able to get a clear view of the action. He really savoring her clit and vaginal lips.

Jessica began slowly rocking and moving her hips to his tongue. one arm was back under her head and she had one hand on her stomach. She was licking and pursing her lips, along with pleasurable moans and sighs. Suddenly Jessica begins rocking her hips. She lifts her head to watch him licking and starts humming, "Hmm-hmm, Hmm-hmm." She rocking her hips, her lips are tightly pursed together.

"Hmm-hmm, yeah, Hmm-hmm" Overcome with pleasure her head violently snaps back down on the bed. She mouth locked in a O shape. Jessica is gasping and panting rhythmically. Her right hand tightly grasping the sheets. Robert clearly notices the "sex flush" across her neck and chest as she approaches her orgasm. Taking no notice of Jessica, Sheppy just kept licking the whole time.

Finally she arches her back slightly, hangs there for a few moments, then falls back down onto the bed. It was only when she arched her back that Sheppy finally stopped licking. Robert couldn't believe it. Sheppy just stood there licking his clearly wet lips as Jessica writhed around the bed in orgasmic pleasure. For the next 2 min Jessica breathed deeply, running her hands all over her tits and stomach.

Clearly savoring the come down from her orgasm. When Jessica finally sat back up. Her sex flush although fading, was still visible. Clearly satisfied, Jessica lazily then gets up and goes into the kitchen for a bottled water. While she's in the kitchen. Robert notices that Sheppy is busy rolling around on the bed, clearly rolling in some scent he found appealing.

So Jessica is unaware that Sheppy is still obviously hyped up for more. So when she returns to the room, she's again greeted by a very hyped up sheep dog.

Sheppy immediately begins to show the sexual aggressiveness Janet had warned her about. Sheppy Moves up behind her, lifts himself up and grasps her hips with his front paws.

Sheppy then forcibly spins her around and forces her down on her hand and knees onto the bedroom floor. Luckily for Jessica there was a large area rug covering most of the bedroom floor. Still Sheppy had just clearly manhandled his wife. Robert was a bit surprised at himself when he realized it didn't seem to bother him either. Robert thought to himself, If she wants to get down with dogs, well then that's what you get!

Although Jessica gasped as he spun her down, she didn't seem upset. Most likely because Sheppy immediately began trying to mount her. Sheppy again shows his dominance over Jessica. Sheppy firmly grasps her hips. However instead of bringing himself towards her. He aggressively pulls her back towards him.

Jessica is up on her palms, looking down, watching as Sheppy continues to establish his dominance by and visibly maneuvering her hips around as he tries to get her into position for sex. it took about 8 or 9 seconds before Sheepy finally found the right angle for penetration.

It seemed the more he maneuvered her around, the more excited he got. Jessica also clearly enjoyed being roughly positioned by him. As she was softly grunting and hissing the whole time. Once Jessica realized he was finally about to enter her. She says, "Yeah baby, give it to me." Robert could only imagine the sensations Sheppy was feeling as his large thick cock, was pushing apart her vaginal walls as it slid into his wife. Clearly Sheppy knew exactly what he was doing.

Like Bully, Sheppy was thrusting hard and deep. Jessica's gasps signaled exactly what was happening between her legs. She strained and bit down on her lower lip. She breathes out and groans. Thrashing her head around, her breasts swaying and bouncing all around. Robert couldn't help but impressed by what he was seeing. Jessica was being so feminine and emotional. Breathlessly moaning, grunting Uh! Uh,yeah, ooh!

Her eyes tightly closed., her mouth open wide. Then suddenly her body stiffens, her eyes open wide. Lets out a deep groan. Her eyes suddenly open wide, she then breaths out a looong exhale. Jessica then struggles to catch her breath as Sheppy continues humping. Clearly exhausted from orgasm, Jessica slumps down unto her forearms and rests her forehead on the floor. After a few more humps, Sheppy finally comes to an abrupt halt. However he continues tightly holding on to her hips until he finished.

Although no longer shocked by all this. It wasn't easy watching his own wife having rough sex with a sheep dog. Unfortunately for Robert. Sheppy would continue to demonstrate his sexual aggressiveness. Only little more than an hour their first short, but intense mating session.

Jessica was at the kitchen sink washing dishes. When Sheppy comes confidently walking and begins sniffing the back of Jessica's legs and nosing around her butt through her panties. Jessica briefly looks back, but continues washing up. Shep suddenly lifts up and grasps her from behind again. Clearly Jessica wasn't expecting it.

Her arms are pinned to her sides by his front paw and she is also pinned against the sink. Robert couldn't believe it, it looked as if Sheppy wanted to have sex while standing.

He immediately began thrusting his hips. Jessica tries to struggle free, but only manages to move side wise a bit along the counter top. Sheppy was a large dog. So sex, while standing up, wouldn't be a problem for him. However Sheppy didn't seem to like her arms against her sides and actually releases his grip and went back on all fours. However he immediately raised up and grasped her again.

Jessica clearly realized what Sheppy wanted to fuck standing up. It seemed to Robert that Jessica was willing to let Sheppy take control. So with her arms now free, she hurriedly and clearly excitedly, slips her panties down as far as she can, past her butt. With her hips firmly in his grasp. He's visibly pressing her up against the counter top.

Desperately thrusting his hips upward trying to get into her. Sheepy then aggressively pulls her hips towards him a bit and leans forward unto her back. Jessica is now bent over the counter top and this finally lets him get into her. He begins thrusting his hips and Robert can already hear Jessica's pussy making a squishing noise with every stroke. Sheepy is up on his hind legs and is pretty much standing up right. His chin is resting against her left shoulder as he greedily thrusts his hips.

The side of Jessica's face is actually pressed up against a kitchen cabinet. However her seemingly uncomfortable position clearly wasn't stopping her from enjoying this. She was grunting, moaning while straining to stay in position for him despite his frantic thrusting of his hips. Suddenly Sheppy starts bucking wildly then stops humping. Sheppy is visibly balancing himself on both hind legs as he continues holding onto her sides.

Clearly he's still cumming inside her, filling her with his cum. Jessica is still pressed up against the kitchen counter, breathing deeply, and staying strong for him. Finally Sheppy becomes completely still, then pulls out. Robert can hear wetness and visibly see's his cum leaking and dripping from Jessica's cunt. Sheppy then begins cleaning up. He eagerly and thoroughly licks her cunt from behind. Jessica clearly enjoys this and patiently lets him lick her clean of his spunk.

Even licking her ankles and heels. It was obvious to Robert that Janet was right about Sheppy. He was insatiable. Robert couldn't believe how many times he initiated sex over that day and a half period. Sheppy's next move showed just how demanding his needs were. After one oral and two intense fuck sessions, Jessica was pretty wore out. Even Sheppy seemed rather subdued and listless. So nothing of note occurred for the rest of the night.

It was 3:20 AM when Sheppy suddenly starts pawing hard at Jessica who is clearly sound asleep. Awoken and groggy, she flips over and tries to go back to sleep. However he started nosing around the back of her head and neck, while clawing at the sheets. Robert assumed Sheppy just had to go out. Jessica also assumed this. So she got up, quickly put on a t-shirt, and walked over towards the door. When Sheppy doesn't move.

Jessica slaps her thigh and motions for him to follow. However Sheppy just stands there on the bed looking back at her. She walks over to the bed and again tries to coax him out of the room. But he then lowered his head and begins sniffing around her bare crotch. "No Sheppy, c'mon it's too early for this." But Sheppy keep sniffing and nosing her crotch. Realizing that he really didn't have to go out. Jessica gets back on the bed and lays completely back.

She spreads her legs, giving him full access to her. However after a few sniffs and licks. Sheppy begins walking back and forth on the bed. It was 3:26 AM, and with just a single night light, everything was pretty dark. Jessica understood what he wanted. So she complies with his wishes by sitting up on the bed and then turning around onto my hands and knees. He immediately grasped her hips and swung himself around into position.

Jessica grunts as Sheppy then aggressively pulls hips back towards him. Then lays down fully on her back and visibly moves his hips trying to find her cunt. He's quickly in and starts thrusting. Robert was watching a human female and a male dog. Two completely unrelated species, actively procreating.

It was 3:30 am in a darkened room, and his wife was letting Sheppy exert his authority and sexual dominance over her. Sheppy was in total control.

An alpha stud male, breeding a human female. To sheppy, Jessica was just a bitch to be bred. Jessica's grunts and breathless gasps and moans showed just how much she was enjoying being bred by a true stud of a dog.

Sheppy's thick throbbing cock was clearly releasing her primal need for a dominate male sex partner to father her children. Make no mistake, Jessica and Sheppy were in the act of procreation.

The semi darkness meant every sound they made only accentuated the primal animal passion. it was clear they were both having satisfying sex. As always, Sheppy suddenly slow downs and stops entirely. He again stays motionless, panting loudly with his entire upper body laying flat against her back. Tired of supporting his weight, Jessica goes down onto her elbows. 10 or so min later, Jessica grunts as his cock audibly pops. Sheppy then stands next to her panting heavily with his still fully erect cock hanging down.

Jessica reaches out and begins clearing some of his wet matted hair away from his cock. and perhaps lick it clean of our juices. even in semi darkness Robert could see sheppy's cock was still glistening with his cum and his wife's cunt juices. Sheppy is exhausted and just stands there as Jessica moves under him and begins gently handling his cock as she licks their juices off. After about a min, Sheppy steps away, and doesn't let her do anything further.

It took Both of them a while to fully calm down. So as Jessica fell back to sleep, Sheppy lays next to her panting loudly. It was warm out and all that hair meant it took him awhile to cool down enough to sleep. Remarkably, the action pics up again later that same morning.

A couple of hours later. Its clearly light out again but Jessica is still half asleep. Since Jessica also got over heated from Sheppard's early morning fuck. She hadn't sleep under the sheets. So being completely naked from her waist down, her pussy was fully exposed. Sheppy again shows his one track mind, and rolls over and starts nosing around between her legs. However it quickly becomes clear he's just not looking for a few quick sniffs.

He starts nosing around with such determination, he wakes her up. Robert again watches helplessly as Jessica once again lets Sheppy have his way with her. Jessica leisurely spreads her legs apart and silently watches as he licks her. But Sheppy is really licking hard and Jessica starts to hiss and move her legs slightly.

Jessica then sits up a bit and props her pillow up against the headboard and leans back into the pillow. Sheppy doesn't take any notice of her movements and keeps licking despite being jostled around a bit by her.

Jessica is clearly getting into it and spreads her legs apart even more for him. Sheppy is one his stomach and his by her side. This gives Robert a wide open view of what was happening. Robert then watches in utter amazement as Sheppy thoroughly and methodically eats out his wife. Robert surmised that Sheppy was so interested because of the sex they had earlier that morning. Jessica didn't wash up at all afterwards so her cunt was probably still reeking of sex.

Robert quickly sees that like Bully, Sheppy's tongue gets her cunt wet and dripping. When Robert zoomed in, he clearly sees that her clit is really lubricating. Beads of wetness are forming on her clit. As the the beads grow larger, it drips down, literally bathing her vaginal lips.

He was licking hard and deep. His nose was actually nuzzling against her clit. Robert could clearly hear Sheppy inhaling and exhaling. His tongue making creamy, squishy,squelching noises as he was eating her. Wetness oozing from her clit, bathing her vaginal lips with fluid. Sheppy couldn't get enough of it either.

Her wetness made him snort as it clearly got into his nose. Using steady, slow rhythmic licks. His large and thick tongue allowed him to get all the right spots with every lap. Sheppy also licked the juices that puddled up down at bottom of her pussy. Jessica is making noises and holding her breath. By following her clues, and reading her signs. He could tell how much she was enjoying receiving cunnilingus from him.

Of course Robert knew that sheppy didn't know he was performing cunnilingus. Sheppy wasn't giving "going down" on Jessica. Sheppy was just licking something he found appealing. He probably just liked the taste of her cunt.

Or perhaps taste had little to do with it. Maybe it was the scent of her cunt that was making him lick so thoroughly. Perhaps the scent and taste of her cunt was registering on some part of his brain. Perhaps he instinctively knew his licking was getting her ready for sex.

But Jessica clearly knew what was happening. Jessica knew she was letting a dog "go down" on her. She knew he was eating her out, and she clearly didn't care.

All this licking was really starting to take effect. Robert knew Jessica was really aroused. Jessica's cunt was twitching, and her clit visibly snapped. Robert also noticed that her pussy was now producing a thick egg white substance as well. At this point it looked as if Sheppy was putting her through an roller coaster ride of pleasure as it were.

Jessica was just laying there as Sheppy's tongue did all the work. Jessica wasn't touching or pleasuring herself in any way. Sheppy was totally in control of her pleasure. Robert noticed her stomach muscles twitching and involuntary hand movements.

She was taking both short and deep breaths. Visibly struggling, but struggling with pleasure. Some women moan, cry out and and throw their bodies around. Other women become rigid from the sexual tension. Jessica was doing a little of both. He was licking inside, outside and all around her wet, now fully engorged lips. She sighs loudly with pleasure as her cunt visibly experiences rhythmic contractions.

Her mouth open as her cunt throbs with pleasure. Suddenly Sheppy starts licking even deeper. He clearly hitting a very sensitive area. As she starts to whimper and begins rocking her hips. Her eyes are closed tight and her head pressed back into the pillow. She lets out a pleasurable moan, followed by a long exhale. Her face is now contorted, her mouth is opening wide as she gasps in ecstasy. Her back stiffens, her head back, thrusting her neck upwards. Her legs trembling, "Oh god, yeah!

Oh yeah! I'm cumming!" Suddenly Robert now hears a loud unmistakable hissing sound as Jessica experiences an intense squirting orgasm! The loud ssssssssssssss sound is quickly followed by a large and powerful spray of liquid. Sheppy is also clearly surprised by this and hurriedly backs away.

Her squirting orgasm looked exactly like when turning on a garden hose and putting your thumb on the end of the hose. The initial squirt lasts incredibly lasts for almost 4 seconds, then visibly dribbles to a stop.

Both of her hands are clenched and she is visibly trembling. Suddenly her hips rock and a second equally as powerful spray gushes out from her cunt. The bed is clearly soaking wet as the the second squirt also dribbles to a stop. However her breathing is still extremely shallow and her cunt is still clearly switching in orgasm.

Suddenly a third slightly less powerful squirt streams upward and arches out an onto the bed. Jessica finally relaxes and lays still while continuing to softly moan and groan. Sheppy clearly liked the smell and or taste and starts actively licking the sheets.

It takes almost 3 min before Jessica finally sits up and gazes in amazement over the mess she made of the bed. "Holy shit! was all Jessica could seem to say.

Then with her legs still a bit shaky, she gingerly starts removing the sheets from the bed and mattress. They are so soaked through, so she goes into the bathroom. Dumps the sheets in the bathtub and physically wrings them out. After wringing out all the sheets as best she could. She then carries them to the washing machine. As she's in the washroom area, Robert can see Sheppy is licking the mattress itself which is visibly damp. Some people Question the validity of a squirting orgasm.

Claiming its only a gimmick used in porn videos. The women are just peeing, nothing more. However Robert could see that it certainly wasn't piss. Although the liquid does squirt from a woman's pee hole, its not pee, but real female ejaculate. Robert had been married to this woman for 8 years and saw her peeing countless times. Besides Jessica was all alone and not putting on a show for anyone. Although Sheppy had just eat out Jessica.

Sheppy still wanted to fuck. So when she goes back to the room, its obvious to her that Sheppy wants to fuck. Jessica goes into the bathroom and comes out with some large beach towels. Obviously the whole family at one time or other used the towels too. As she's spreading them onto the bed. Sheppy comes up from behind her and grasps her hips.

Jessica spins around and sits down on the edge of the bed. Sheppy then lifts up and puts both of his front paws up on the bed.

Sheppy was larger than Bully, so Jessica didn't need any pillows to fuck sheppy missionary style. Jessica then leans back all the way unto her back.

She's looking down, watching as he tries to get into her. She hisses as Sheppy leans forward onto her and and begins vigorously humping her. Jessica lifts her knees up and puts the soles of her feet on his rump. She's panting and moaning as his torso bumps up against her. The bed is creaking and popping to his rhythmic thrusts. Sheppy is looking down at her. His nose is less than an inch above hers an inch from hers. Her eyes are open and she's looking up at him.

Robert is struck by the intimacy of it. Jessica was actually holding his gaze. His snout brushed and pumped against her nose as she ran her nails up and down his neck and back. Her feet flat against his back. her knees squeezing together against his sides. Sheppy is also panting and grunting. her eyes are closed tight. Her mouth in a clear O shape. Suddenly she blurts out, Oh, god!

yeah." Her body visibly stiffens. She lets out a deep groan as her arms and legs visibly spasm. Sheppy starts bucking wildly then suddenly just stops. Finally able to relax, Jessica begins comming down from her orgasm as Sheppy pants loudly on top of her. As Robert noted earlier, he was amazed at how often Sheppy had sex with his wife. Jessica never said no to him either. Robert watched them repeatedly have amazingly satisfying sex. Robert was also struck by how vocal Jessica was with Sheppy.

Robert never knew his wife was so orgasmic as he watched her constantly losing control to Sheppy. Jessica just couldn't stop herself from vocalizing her pleasure during her rough sex sessions with Sheppy.

Jessica was so expressive with Sheppy. Her mouth open but not making any sounds. Breathing out in rhythm with his humping.

She was openly expressing her sexual arousal with sounds. Moans, hisses, and grunts. His body heat coupled with his dense fur caused her to sweat. Her hair often became damp as it hung down, covering her face.

Whispering and humming as he fucked her. Robert could see the intense sexual energy comming from both of them. Sheppy was also clearly in a heightened sexual state. Humping with sexual abandon. However Robert also noticed how sheppy often stopped his rhythmic thrusting and broke into herky jerky bucking.

Most likely due to Karen's vaginal walls squeezing together in orgasm. Still Sheppy was clearly the one in charge of everything. His hips controlled the rhythm and speed of the sex. All Jessica could do was react to his rhythm, getting her more and more exited. Jessica was having raw, uninhibited, consensual sex with an animal.

This was sex devoid of any intellectual recriminations on her part. Clearly vocalizing what she was sensing from her body while copulating with Sheppy. Robert witnessed Jessica and Sheppy repeatedly locked together in a struggle of sexual arousal and pleasure, both searching for orgasm. Physically connected in the most intimate way. Robert watched the mother of his children fornicating with a dirty animal in their own bed.

Watched as Sheppy eagerly and greedily copulated with his own wife. Although actual conception wasn't possible, the sex was very real. Jessica was in fact procreating with Sheppy. Letting him cum inside her, filling her with his seed. So if it were in fact possible. Sheppy would've undoubtedly sired puppies with Jessica.

Obviously Sheppy was just obeying his natural instinct to mate. But then again, was it all just instinct that drove Sheppy to repeatedly seek out sex with Jessica?

Or did Sheppy actually enjoy the warmth and tightness of Jessica's cunt. Did he actually feel sensations as his throbbing cock was spreading her apart as he slid deep into her. Could he feel her vaginal walls wrapping around his cock as he copulated with her.

Judging by his sheer eagerness to fuck, it must've been a pleasurable experience for Sheppy. After all, all dogs love to chase a thrown ball. Although its done out of an instinctual need to chase prey, they still clearly enjoy the act as well.

So sex with a human female was probably no different for Sheppy. He clearly craved the sensations he got when inside her. Which is probably why he wanted to fuck so often. Robert couldn't get over just how easily Sheppy brought Jessica to a heightened state of sexual arousal. Sheppy was also vocalizing his own sexual arousal, yelping and making guttural sounds as he furiously humps her.

His large, thick cock sliding into her warm, tight vagina was generating heat which triggered Sheppy to fuck hard and fast for as long as he could. Clearly straining to get all he could from these fuck sessions. With no rival around to fight, and with a willing female for him to breed. Sheppy was just taking advantage of the situation, and mated with Jessica as often as he could.

Robert still couldn't help but marvel at how quickly and easily Sheppy gave Jessica multiple orgasm. With Jessica often expressing sexual desperation and anguish during their heated mating sessions.

It was also obvious that Sheppy was fucking out of pure selfishness. He fucked her hard. Getting his cock in as deeply as possible to pump his seed into his bitch. Clearly determined to reach his own orgasm He literally pounded her body, grinding her down. With Jessica loudly and unabashedly vocalizing her depraved pleasure from his animal cock. Which of course was the most amazing part of it all. Jessica was having sex with a dog! Two different species in heated sexual congress.

Both species entirely lost in the realm of their own sexual senses and desires. Both expressing the raw sexuality of their liberated sexual urges. With Jessica instinctively following her males sexual lead. Giving into her inborn female biological response. Releasing her primal sexual need for a dominate male sex partner to father her children.

But for Robert. It was a dog having unnatural carnal knowledge of his wife. This was especially obvious when they wouldn't knot and Sheppy's cock would slip out. Robert could then see Sheppy's cock noticeably glistening with Jessica's cunt juices.

Still visibly throbbing as it hung down and still hitting against her outer lips. Jessica would then reach around and reinsert his cock into her. Sheppy would then resume humping until he was indeed able to knot her. 5 or so min later it would slip out with a loud popping sound, and mix of both their juices would visibly spill out down along her thighs and onto the bed or floor. it was hard to take, seeing his wife being sexually dominated like this.

Both couldn't stop seeking each other out for sex. Even the oral sex was an intense experience for Jessica and tough to watch for Robert. With Jessica greedily spreading her legs for him.

Robert hated the sight of Sheppy's head and face rubbing against her soft inner thighs. Jessica clearly wanting his tongue to lick her vaginal lips. How he clearly liked the smell and taste of her skin and licked her inner thighs a lot as well. Often snorting and sometimes sneezing as he sniffs and eats out Jessica's warm, moist pussy.

Her legs spread wide, pulling on her nipples, and rubbing her stomach as he goes down on her. Spreading her vaginal lips apart for him. A woman's clit is designed strictly for sexual pleasure, as it serves no other biological purpose.

Jessica often used both hands to isolate and expose her clit for him when she wanted more direct stimulation. watching her slowly become frantic when she got close to her orgasm. Unable to control her reactions or her orgasm. While groaning out in pleasure, she starts writhing around. Her stomach visibly heaving, Her back arching, hips rocking. Clutching the pillow. She often puts on hand on his large, furry head as he eats her. Amazingly, Robert then learns that her parents, his in-laws, are comming up the the cabin to visit for two days.

Jessica is slightly alarmed when Janet doesn't answer her phone. So Jessica gathers up Sheppy and walks out the front door.

About 10 min later, Jessica comes back with Sheppy still in tow. Apparently Janet wasn't home. She calls Janet several times over the next two hours with no luck. Robert could tell that Jessica was clearly nervous about her parents comming over while Sheppy was there. Robert also found himself curious about what would happen. However when her parents finally arrived. To Robert's surprise, Sheppy didn't do anything to alarm Jessica or her parents. Most likely with other people around, Sheppy wasn't as inclined to initiate a sexual encounter with Jessica.

Still Sheppy stuck closely to her, often sitting right by her feet. Still Robert was shocked when he saw Jessica flirting with sheppy whenever her parents left the room.


While keeping an eye out for them she would start petting and stroking his fur. This would clearly excite Sheppy and he's put his front paws up onto her chair. Jessica would actually put her feet up onto his back as if she wanted him to fuck her missionary style right then and there. But it was clear she was only teasing him and always broke it off before Sheppy got to into it. However their obvious need to be close. Clearly prompted her to keep him in the garage for most of the time during the day.

Jessica also kept trying to reach Janet, but she was apparently away. Robert was shocked when he saw Jessica putting her parents up in the main bedroom. Although Jessica had washed the sheets. She had sex with two dogs in that bed, and on those very sheets. Of course this was also disturbing to Robert as this was his bed as well. If her parents only knew Jessica was having illicit sex with two dogs in the very bed they were sleeping on! At 11:31 PM, the hallway camera clicks on in night vision mode.

Jessica is seen slowly and quietly walking down the hall. He sees that she's also carrying what looks like a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Robert notices that she's only swearing a t-shirt and her bikini bottom. She then quietly sneaks out the front door. Robert is perplexed, but is especially surprised by what happened next. Unexpectedly, the camera he put in their old trailer suddenly activates. Jessica is seen opening the door and enters with Sheppy right behind her.

Robert bought that trailer when they first got married and they hooked it up to their car and took it on trips before they started having kids. They hadn't used it for a few years and Robert kept it out in the woods some distance behind the house. Robert had installed two small wireless cameras in the trailer strictly as an afterthought.

Just to perhaps catch anyone living in the trailer while they weren't there. Jessica had just brought Sheppy into the trailer. It showed just how much Jessica enjoyed fucking Sheppy.

Their chemistry together was clearly undeniable and it must've been hard for her to be so active with sheppy, but then have to abstain because of her parents. So here she was. Bringing him into a dark trailer just so they could have sex. The camera had night vision which made for a surreal atmosphere.

The bed is all the way at the back. Jessica immediately goes straight for the bed with Sheppy right behind her.

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As she's pulling off her shirt top, Sheppy is already nosing and snorting around between her legs. Jessica then eagerly slips off her bikini bottom and hops onto bed and is upright on her knees.

Sheppy quickly jumps up after her and immediately drops his head and begins sniffing and licking her crotch. Robert began to see the sniffing as the instinctual behavior all males do to determine if a female was sexually receptive. Obviously as a human, Jessica was always receptive to the right male, but Sheppy couldn't know that. Jessica is up on her knees as he licks, but sheppy was clearly in the mood to fuck.

He quickly swings around. He aggressively grasps her hips. Then leans down onto her back, aggressively forcing her down onto her hands and knees. As usual, Sheppy then visibly pulls her back and to the right. However just as he's about to mount. He again forcibly repositions her, "Ahh yeah, OK is this better for you? Is this where you want me baby?" His grip tightens around her hips as he visibly draws her back towards him.

He must've felt her warm wet lips against his cock, and he thrusts forward. Leans all the way forward and begins humping her. Sheppy was laying flat against her back, so she was bearing all his weight. Still she's on her palms and her arms are straight. Sheppy is large and so hairy that he completely covers up her body. His head is directly opposite hers.

His head is brushing and rubbing up against the side of her face. As they fuck. Sheppy head starts moving around a bit. So his nose also hits against her neck and her earlobe. Sheppy is already panting loudly and his large tongue is hanging out.

She must've felt his hot breath on her face and heard him loudly panting in her ear. She also turns her head towards his as he humped. Dogs can't help licking, and Sheppy licks the side of her face.

Her temple, the back of her neck and her back. Perhaps he liked the salty taste of her sweat. Or maybe he was liking the scent that was comming off the heated body of his bitch. Both of their bodies are visibly rocking. Both were clearly getting a physical workout. Jessica's mouth is open in a O position. Suddenly she throws her head back and lets out a gasp of pleasure.

Then suddenly drops down onto her forearms. The wave over, she slowly raises back up onto her palms. Her head drops, she looking down.

Head quickly snaps back up. Jessica is rocking back against him as he thrusts forward, matching his rhythm.

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Their bodies hitting together with clearly audible clapping sound. Jessica was grunting and moaning in sync with sheppy's furious and rhythmic thrusts.

Unable to control her reactions, she moans out in pleasure as her eyes keep rolling back in her head. Their heated mating clearly evident from the loud squishing and slurping noises coming from her warm wet cunt. Her boobs swayed back and forth with every thrust. The bed is knocking and popping. A bead of sweat clearly drips from her chin as they copulate in a dark, enclosed space on a muggy summer night. Finally after nearly 45 seconds of this intense fucking.

His rhythm finally slows, then stops. Suddenly everything is quiet. Robert even hears the crickets outside which couldn't be heard before.

Jessica is breathless. Sheppy is motionless on her back and panting loudly. He begins licking the side of her face and licking the sweat off her temple.

He then begins licking the side of her neck and all around her ear. Getting her earlobe licked like that was clearly pleasurable to her. As she starts to move her head around a bit with and is cooing softly showing her approval to him as he licked her earlobe. Apparently the even the gentle moving her head in response to his licking. Must've caused her body to move under him and triggered Sheppy to suddenly start thrusting again. Jessica immediately begins grunting out "oooh oooh, ahhh, oooh, clearly enjoying this unexpected furry of thrusting.

Then just as quickly as it started, Sheppy suddenly stops. Again everything goes completely quiet. Only Jessica's breathless moans and Sheppy's loud pants break the silence. This time Sheppy manages to knot her. Sheppy's knot is now fully up inside her as he pants motionless on her back. Her Both of their juices are clearly oozing out of her cunt. Jessica is lowering and raising up. Slowly rocking her hips.

Her movement causing him to move in response. Jessica gently grunts and moans as Sheppy starts shifting around on his back legs. It takes Sheppy nearly 5 min for him to free his cock for her tight confining vaginal canal. His cock finally plops out with a clearly heard slurping sound. Sheppy immediately begins licking his cum from her pussy and down along the inside of her thighs. However he's clearly exhausted and finally flops down onto the bed panting heavily.

Jessica sits up on the edge of the bed and lights a cigarette. Jessica is slowly smoking her cigarette as Sheppy pants deep and loudly on the bed next to her. No doubt reminding Jessica of the sheer exertion Sheppy had just endured to satisfy them both. Clearly sex with a human female was exhausting work. Jessica was forced to wait over an hour for Sheppy to recover enough to follow her back to the house. Once there, she let him sleep in her room for the night. She again kept him in the garage or outside in the yard whenever her parents were around.

The next night Jessica was again forced to bring Sheppy into the trailer for sex. So Robert had to endure a repeat performance of the previous night. After another whole day of abstinence, Jessica was clearly eager to mate with Sheppy again.

They went straight to the bed and as usual. Sheppy began nosing around, then licking her pussy. This time Sheppy was a bit more interested in licking than the previous night. So Jessica indulged him by laying back and spreading her legs apart.

Sheppy eagerly and aggressively eat her out for two min, then he stopped and jumped up on the bed and begins excitedly pacing back and forth on the bed. Jessica realizes that Sheppy wants to fuck. As starts to get up onto her hands and knees.

Jessica was quickly grabbed by Sheppy's front paws and pulled back, and around a bit. Sheppy was letting her know who was boss. As usual Jessica conceded to his dominance. She backs into him a bit and clearly presents herself for him. Another rough sex session then begins. Jessica looks back at him as she felt him at the entrance of her wet and warm vagina. She was clearly yearning to be penetrated by his thick red cock. She moaned as the probably felt the pressure of his cock against her swollen lips.

Filling her and stretching her vaginal canal. Almost immediately the friction generated from his cock inside her warm well lubricated pussy sends both of them into overdrive. Each thrust pleasured Jessica, and the squeeze of Jessica's vaginal walls drove Sheppy on.

Eyes closed, her mouth open as Sheppy vigorously humps away at her. Her head visibly tilts back quickly followed by a long moan. Her cheeks visibly puff out before letting out a long exhale. The sounds of her obvious wetness mixed with her pleasurable grunts and moans filled the dark trailer.

Robert was by this time numb to the perverse sex that he was forced to witness time and time again. Robert could clearly hear her juices on the video. She gasped and gulped for air as they copulated. Jessica's feminine squeals and groans continue as Sheppy humps her with deep and fast thrusts. Jessica turns her head to the left towards his. Instinctively wants to see the face of her lover frantically humping her. her nose and his nose rub together and Sheppy licks her cheek as he fucks.

Sheppy's body looked powerful and athletic as he grinned his hips into Jessica's warm tight vagina. Both of them breathing heavily and Jessica was visibly sweating.

Sheppy had no possible way of knowing what he was doing was pleasurable to a human female. No one had to teach Sheppy how to mate. He was just acting out of natural instinct.

He did whatever he felt like doing. Fucked Jessica the way he wanted to. He didn't ask, he just did whatever it took to get himself off. His goal was to fuck until he was finished, nothing more. So Jessica was completely at his mercy. Sheppy was in his complete control. It was his thrusting hips that would bring her to orgasm. They were rutting like the animals that they were.

Inevitably, this living sex machine again brought Jessica to the brink. Sheppy visibly leans forward and puts his chin over her shoulder. Sheppy himself seems to be overcome with pleasure. He actually picks up the pace and begin frantically humping her. His once perfect rhythm is now a jumbled mix of thrusts and bucking. This clearly drives Jessica wild.

Her body began to shake uncontrollably as spasms of pleasure clearly wracked her body. Jessica was almost frantic in her arousal. Breathlessly moaning, she then turns her head into his and speaks to him as if he could understand. "Oh yeah! yeah oh baby! Of course Sheppy didn't understand any of this. Although it was clear that Jessica had already experienced multiple pleasurable contractions.

They weren't making love, it was aggressive and almost violent sex. Jessica was being driven to orgasm by sheppy's unrelenting thrusts. Jessica has no control and is simply being sexually dominated.

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Experiencing one orgasmic episode after another with now chance for her to recover or clam down. She's being forced to endure this sexual torture until he decides he's done enough to impregnate his bitch. No time to even catch her breath. Jessica is literally gulping for air as they continue their feverish copulation. Jessica is visibly sweating from the excursion from this "sexerscise!" His frantic thrusting eventually pushed her completely over the over the edge.

Her whole body stiffens, head back, eyes closed tight, mouth open. Her arms stiffen and her back stiffens out. Sheppy's whole body tenses and arches, then suddenly stops. Her vaginal muscles must've clamped hard around him from her intense orgasm, literally forcing him to stop humping. Weakened from her orgasm.


Her arms collapsed under her. However Sheppy amazingly rides out her orgasm and incredibly starts humping again. Jessica did her best to stay strong for him and kept her ass up for him. Sheppy was still gripping both her hips with his big hairy paws and continued to pump his thick, 8 inch red cock into her. Jessica's face was now pressed tightly against the bed and her hands are tightly grasping the sheets. Finally after a few more thrusts, sheppy suddenly slows down, then stops abruptly stops humping.

Jessica's forehead is resting on the bed as she breathes deeply in and out, comming down of her orgasms. Sheppy is still tightly holding onto her hips and leaning his body down on her back, panting heavily as he stays motionless on top of her.

His knot swelled like a large fist inside of her. Both of their primal lusts sated, and with all of Sheepy's energy spent. Both are locked together until his swollen knot deflates. Her pussy was unable to contain all of his spunk. So her own sticky nectar mixed together with his seed and dribbles out of her pussy and down her thighs. Jessica had to simply hold on until he was finished.

Sheppy was squirting his spunk deep into her. Clearly Sheppy would stay inside her for a long as necessary to ensure his progeny. It took almost 7 min before the sloppy wet sounds of his cock sliding out of her filled the dark trailer. Freed from his knot, Jessica lays down in utter exhaustion. Sheppy also clearly exhausted, flops right down next to her, panting loudly. Too tired to even clean up afterwards. Even Jessica just lays there for quite some time trying to cool down from their heated sexual union.

Jessica recovers faster than Sheppy and begins to stir around as she smokes a cigarette. Sheppy isn't panting as heavily now, but is still laying on the bed motionless. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Robert was surprised when Jessica didn't seem all to alarmed. However Robert immediately recognizes Janet's voice. It only takes Jessica a few moments to quickly slip back into her clothes.

However Unfortunately for Robert. Janet wasn't alone, Frank is with her. Clearly Jessica had used the trailer for sex before. Robert is feels nauseous as he watches Jessica enthusiastically embracing him. Robert then learns that Jessica was cheating on him with Frank!

Frank was old enough to be Jessica's father. Robert actually looked upon him as a friend as well as a neighbor. It was bad enough that his wife was having sex with a dog. Being with another man was even worse. Robert felt so sick he almost couldn't bare to watch.

Still Robert knew it was better to know, than not to know. After some hushed small talk, Frank stays behind with Jessica as Janet leaves taking Sheppy with her.

Robert's heart sinks when he watches Frank and Jessica climb into bed together and start to making love. Clearly Frank didn't care that Jessica had just had sex with a dog.

Quite the contrary. Frank actually tells Jessica how wonderful her hot and gooey her freshly fucked cunt feels.

Amazingly however, Franks suddenly starts complaining about Jessica's lack of enthusiasm. "I'm fucking tired, Frank. Give me a break, please. Sheppy wore me out tonight." "But you knew I was coming back tonight, you couldn't stay away from Sheppy and wait for me?" Frank replied. "Well if I had known you wanted to have sex tonight! Then yeah, I wouldn't have made it with him." Jessica then says, "Besides my parents are up at the house, so I didn't think we were going to be getting together until after they left." Frank then actually apologizes for getting upset at her and agrees to let her rest.

Jessica however does go down on him and then jerks him off. So Frank does leave somewhat satisfied. although she still loves Robert. Jessica calls Robert a "Mama's boy!" Jessica says that whatever his mother wanted, she got.

But the real crux of her unhappiness centered on Jessica not wanting any more children. She wanted to stop after their second child, but Robert dismissed her feeling on the matter.

His mother wanted lots of grandchildren and that was that. For her, the prospect of three or four more pregnancies was truly depressing.

Selfishly admitting how the pregnancies ruined her shape for months afterwards. Jessica was also unhappy with their sex life. She felt that Robert was "too religious." and that he was only interested in sex when he wanted her to have another child. Putting his hand on hers while they talked. Standing very close to her, even maintaining bodily contact with her even in front of Robert. He started giving her little pecks on her forehead while hugging her when greeting or parting.

These pecks on her forehead then became full lipped kisses to her forehead, just for no reason other than to be more intimate with her. He also started giving her deeper and longer hugs. eventually placing his hands on her hips as well. All right in front of Robert too. Jessica never objected or showed any sign of being uncomfortable with all this physical contact, so Frank just kept doing it.

It just so happened that Frank had a k9 fetish. Frank spent 20 years as a long haul trucker before operating his own trucking company.

According to Frank his first wife liked to fuck the family dog while he was away. She tried to keep it from him, but the dog was constantly following her around with an obvious hard on. Intrigued, he eventually got her to admit to what she was doing with him. Once he personally watched his Lab dog fuck the shit out of his first wife, he was hooked! From then on Frank tried to get every woman he was involved with to try it. Most weren't interested, but some were and enjoyed it. Thankfully for Frank his third wife, Janet was indeed interested.

Together they trained many dogs to enjoy sex with a human female. So when Frank started getting it on with Jessica, he introduced Jessica to Butch, a well endowed male Boxer. Frank then tells how Jessica really liked getting it on with Butch and eagerly took on Bully as well. Jessica then says they Sheppy was now her favorite. Jessica tells Sheepy's owners how Janet had warned her about his sexual appetites. Jessica was especially interested to find out about the wife's experiences with him.

Wanted to hear how she handled him, seeing as she actually lived with him 24/7. Jessica says that neither Butch or Bully could match sheppy in bed. Jessica then adds, "Sorry Frank, but no guy has ever satisfied me like Sheppy either." Everyone chuckles and Frank says he certainly isn't offended at all.