Comics young boy huge cock gay xxx Dad Family Cabin Retreat

Comics young boy huge cock gay xxx Dad Family Cabin Retreat
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Daughter's Slut Training (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Five: Daughter Whored Out By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! Mrs. Umayyah I slipped out of my eldest son's room, feeling so naughty as his and his younger brother's cum dripped out of my pussy and asshole.

I scooped up my bathrobe I left outside his door, pulling it on to hide my naked shame. I was such a wicked mother. But my sons needed to relieve themselves.

How could they sleep when their whore-sister Leyla made them both so hard? They had to cum over and over into my body, using me at the same time last night before they could get the rest they needed. It didn't make me a slut like my daughter. I was just a loving mother.

My husband probably wouldn't understand why I did it. But he was busy with Leyla last night, satiating his pent-up lusts for her nineteen-year-old body. Those round tits, that tight pussy, her curving ass. The whore had teased him as she developed. And now he earned his reward. I reached the master bedroom, slipped in. it reeked of sex. I smiled, my husband and daughter sleeping in a tangle of sheets, her dusky body held in her father's strong arms. She had a smile on her lips as she slept, happy in the arms of my husband.

I knew that contentment. I felt it sleeping in Faizel's strong arms. My eldest son quickly was turning into his father. "Good morning," I purred, crawling onto the bed. I leaned over, kissing my husband on the lips, his thick beard scratching wonderful at my chin and cheeks. Faizel lacked this manly beard. "Did you enjoy our little slut?" "Hmm," groaned my husband. Karim opened his eyes, blinking.

"Jawdat?" "Did you have fun with the little slut?" I inhaled. "It smells like it." "She pleased me," he said, his hand cupping a round, youthful breast. His skin a darker shade of brown than our daughter's dusky flesh. His thumb ran across a nipple, making her whimper. Leyla's dark eyes opened, her lashes long and sultry. "Good morning, Mother." "It looks like you made your father happy." "Very," cooed the little strumpet, her body undulating beneath the sheets in wanton passion.

My pussy grew hotter, clenching. More of my sons' cum ran out of my depths, hidden by the bathrobe. "We need to get you ready for college," I told her. "I must take the little whore away, my husband." Karim nodded as I took Leyla's hand and drew her from the bed. My husband released her barely legal tit, lying back on the bed, closing his eyes.

He never passed a chance to sleep a little longer. He worked such a demanding job. And I knew the little whore and her appetites kept him up. I licked my lips a the sight of my daughter's naked body.

Her skin flawless, her body lithe. Cum matted her thighs. Fresh jizz oozed out of her pussy, running down her legs. Her tousled, black hair only added to her wanton look, the silk falling about a face in a way that proved she'd been naughty.

Oh, yes, my fellow teachers would love to pay to fuck her. They were all lusting after the nubile coeds they taught. And to finally get to fuck one. I knew exactly who to start with: President Carver. He ran the college, so if I had him hooked on barely legal cunt, then I could really whore out my daughter.

I had to replace all the money I'd lost on online gambling before my husband realized how empty our savings accounts were. Thank Allah's messenger that he entrusted the household finances to me. "You're going to be such a wicked girl at college," I told Leyla as I led her down the hallway to the bathroom.

"I already know the first person I'm selling you to." "Selling me?" she asked, her voice cautious. "You're my slut, right?" I asked her, turning and arching an eyebrow. I cupped her naked breast, squeezing her firm mound. "You're my little whore-daughter." "I am, Mother," she said, trembling as my thumb swept over her turgid nipple.

I massaged the little nub, loving how she whimpered. "And a good slut listens to her mother and obeys her, right?" She nodded her head, eyes growing glossy with lust, hips moving in such a wanton fashion like she fucked the air.

I knew she wanted me to do naughty things to her, the little trollop. Like she thought I was a slut, too. My nipples were so hard against my robe, rubbing on the terrycloth in a most pleasant manner.

"You are going to make your family so much money," I told her, drawing her to the bathroom by her nipple this time. She gasped as her breast stretched, her nub growing distended. She followed after, almost salivating like a dog.

She loved it. I twisted her nipple, making her whimper louder, before opening the bathroom door with my other hand. I backpedaled in, drawing her after, loving the control I had over my daughter.

"I bet you're just soaking wet wondering who your mother will sell your body to." She nodded her head, licking lips. They glistened. So plump and kissable. "Good," I told her, releasing her nipple. I turned on the shower. It hissed, my body trembling. I shrugged out of my bathrobe. Leyla's eyes fell on my pussy, my dark bush matted with her brothers' jizz.

Her eyes widened. "I was forced to take care of your brothers last night. Your whorish moans made them hard." "Oh, no," gasped Leyla. "But I can't satiate more than one at a time." "You can." I smiled, remembering Faizel's cock fucking my asshole while Jalal pounded my pussy, my body sandwiched between my two sons.

"That's a lesson for later. Now I need you to lick me clean. Your father wouldn't understand my motherly duties." Leyla nodded, those glossy eyes fixed on my snatch. Just so eager to devour me. "Then do it!" I snapped, needing to feel her tongue licking me clean. I was so messy. My daughter fell to her knees before me. The shower hissed behind, steam billowing out and around us.

It caressed my naked skin as she grasped my thighs. Her glistening, plump lips moved between my legs, her breath washing across my sloppy cunt.

Then she licked through my folds, gathering her brothers' mixed jizz on her tongue. I shuddered, my asshole clenching, forcing out more spunk from that hole. It dribbled down my taint to my pussy, lapped up by Leyla's fluttering tongue. The slut stared up at my big tits with such desire as she hungrily devoured the jizz out of me.

She ate the incestuous creampie (a term I learned from watching Clint fuck his women) with such delight. She moaned and groaned, savoring her brothers' jizz mixed with my tangy cream. "That's it, you little whore," I moaned, grinding my hot flesh on her mouth. "Lick your mother clean. You're my little slut, aren't you?" "Yes, Mother," she purred between licks, her hands sliding around my hips, grasping my ass.

She squeezed my rump, pulling my pussy tight against her hungry mouth. I shuddered as her tongue fluttered through my folds. She caressed through my labia, gathering every drop of cum and pussy juices she could. The little whore hungered for her mother's snatch. I whimpered, my big tits jiggling as I swayed. Her tongue sent such wonderful delight through me.

I savored it. Her fluttering tongue, her soft lips, her fingers clenching my rump, her moans buzzing through my cunt. Her tongue brushed my clit, sending sparks shooting through me. Then she jammed it deep into my hole, swirling, searching, looking for every drop of her brothers' spunk she could. "That's it, you little slut," I whimpered.

"Lick it all up. Make your mother clean." "Yes, yes, yes," she panted between hungry licks, her eyes completely glazed with incestuous desire.

She jammed her tongue so deep into my cunt. She swirled it around. My back arched. My toes curled against the cool tiles. I whimpered, my breasts heaving. The steam caressed my body as my daughter made love to my hot pussy. My asshole leaked out more cum. I licked my lips, knowing she needed to clean that hole, too.

Just thinking about her mouth rimming my asshole sent shivers through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. I turned around, pressing my ass into her face. "Clean your mother's butthole, too, slut!" I hissed. "Yes, Mother!" she moaned, so submissive, so eager to love me. Her fingers pulled apart my butt-cheeks. Her face pressed into my crack. And then her tongue lapped up the jizz leaking out of my asshole, seasoned by my sour musk. She was such a naughty slut, so willing to do something so filthy.

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Her tongue reached my asshole, swirling around it, soothing the lingering soreness from my sons' pounding cocks. Then her tongue pressed on my sphincter. I whimpered, my big tits jiggling before me, my pussy dripping juices down my thighs. Her tongue wiggled into my asshole. "You nasty slut!" I snarled.

"Oh, yes, you fucking whore, lick your mother's asshole. Make her all nice and clean." She moaned, "Uh-huh," as she probed my asshole, sending such velvety delight rippling through my body.

Her hands swept around my thighs, sliding up them. I trembled, my butthole clenching on her probing tongue. And then her fingers found my dripping snatch. I groaned as her fingers stroked through my hot pussy, caressing my labia and clit, sending pleasure to mix with the delight burning in my asshole.

She swirled her tongue through my bowels, reaching as deep as she could searching for more incestuous cum. She drew out her brothers' spunk, moaning her delight. I seized the shower door, bracing myself on it as she sent rapture trembling through me. Two of her fingers penetrated my cunt. "Oh, yes, you little whore!" I snarled. "That's it. Just probe that tongue into my asshole and finger my cunt.

You are such a slut. So willing to lick your mother. To please her. Just a lesbian whore! You are such a shameful daughter!" She moaned, licking harder, plunging her fingers faster. She was so excited. I could feel it. She wanted to cum, the naughty slut. I humped back into her tongue, using her. The pleasure swelled and swelled in the depths of my cunt. My pussy clenched on her fingers. My asshole drank in her sweeping tongue.

Her thumb brushed my clit, massaged my bud. My tits heaved as I shuddered. "You fucking slut!" I snarled, voice so throaty, rising over the sound of the shower. "Yes, yes, yes!" My orgasm burst through me. My pussy convulsed on her probing fingers. Silky flesh massaged her digits while waves of rapture washed out of me. My asshole clenched on her tongue. Velvety ecstasy swept out of my bowels, joining the rush of euphoria from my cunt. It all reached my mind. My head tossed back and forth, my black hair sweeping about my shoulders.

My moans sang out through the bathroom. The shower door rattled as my body quivered. Stars danced before my eyes as the pleasure bathed my mind. "Such a shameful daughter!" I moaned. "So eager to eat ass and pussy! To suck her father's dick.

To fuck her brothers' cocks! You're just a whore!" "I am, Mother!" Leyla moaned, plunging her fingers through my cumming pussy, keeping my pleasure rippling through me. "Your slut, Mother!

Yours!" I shuddered at those words, my pleasure peaking through me. Oh, she would make me so much money. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah It felt so strange to walk through my college without my hijab on. I felt everyone staring at my immodest hair. I drank it in, my pussy growing so hot beneath my long skirt.

I wore no panties or bra, my juices trickling down my thighs, my nipples rubbing into my blouse. They poked against it, showing everyone how much of a whore I was.


"Well, dang, Leyla," Kendra Cooke, one of my friends, said when she spotted me. The Black girl rushed over, her exposed hair short and fuzzy, in a little mini-afro that made her look so cute.

Her belly shirt clung to her round breasts. Suddenly, I wanted to touch those chocolate mounds. I was such a slut. "Did you forget your headscarf?" she asked, falling in beside me. "Your mom will freak when we have math." "It's fine," I said, shrugging my shoulders. "I just.everyone should know." "Know what?" she asked. "That I'm a slut," I said, my pussy clenching so hard, my body so hot. "Mother helped me understand it." "You're a slut?" Kimmy Meyers asked, falling in beside me.

Her blonde hair fell about her slender face. She was a petite girl, so skinny. As she spoke, braces flashed on her teeth. "What are you talking about, Leyla?" "I'm just a whore," I said. "I'm not a good, Muslim girl like I thought. I've had sex." "With whom?" Kimmy asked, her eyes so wide, her cheeks blushing dark. She was as close as an American girl could come to being modest, her clothes as conservative as mine.

But she left her hair exposed. "What has Kimmy blushing?" my third close friend, Izzy, asked. The redhead pressed up on Kendra's other side, her plump lips pursed in question.

Those were such kissable lips. Flashes of having a lesbian orgy with my friends popped into my mind. "Who took your cherry?" Kendra asked.

"Was it Adam?" I shook my head. Should I tell them just how much of a slut I was? They had all heard the rumors about Clint. I'd seen the speculation in Kendra and Izzy's eyes whenever that came up.

Were they thinking about their fathers? Did Kimmy ever wonder about her brother Carter? He was cute. Or did they wish they were one of Clint's whores? "Was it Clint?" Kimmy asked, her voice squeaking. "Did you.?" "I heard if it's not his cousin or sister," Izzy said, voice low, "you got to be Asian to attract his attention." "The Middle East is part of Asia," Izzy said defensively. "But it's not slanted eyes and yellow-olive skin from Japan or Korea. He's got that yellow fever." "It wasn't Clint." I took a deep breath.

They would figure it out eventually. "It was Jalal." "Your brother?" gasped Kimmy, her cheeks going utterly red. I nodded my head. "You are a slut," Kendra said, a smile playing on her lips. "What was it like?" I opened my mouth to say it when my older brother Faizel appeared.

"I need you, Leyla," he said, seizing my arm and pulling me away from my friends. "Right now." "Oh, okay, brother," I said, shivering. Faizel was like father, but younger. My pussy clenched. I hadn't been with him yet. It was too busy this morning getting ready for school to let him have a chance. But there was a few minutes before our first class.

"Bye." "You're not," Izzy gasped as Faizel led me away. I just grinned at her.

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"I'm a slut." My three friends stared at me in astonishment as Faizel pulled me to a supply closet and yanked me inside, not caring who saw us. I shuddered. I would have a reputation like Clint's cousin Lee. Guys would know about me. My pussy burned, molten juices flooding out of my cunt. "Damn, sister," Faizel groaned, pressing me against a shelf face first, his hands squeezing my ass through my skirt.

"Do you know how many times I rubbed one out thinking of your hot body?" "No," I gasped. I thought only Jalal was jerking off to me. I felt So hot. I inspired such lust in all the men in my family. "I'm so sorry. You should fuck me right away. You should know what I feel like first hand. I'm sorry Mom had to take my place in your bed last night." "Oh, I'm not.

Our mother's a hot slut like you." "She's not a slut!" I gasped as my big brother hiked up my skirt. "Right," he snorted, his hands touching my naked ass. He slid lower, brushing my freshly shaved pussy. I groaned as he ran his fingers across my smooth vulva. "Damn, you are soaked. That eager to be fucked by your big brother?" "I am!" I groaned. "People saw us come in here, too. They'll know." "Maybe I'll get Clint's reputation," he grinned. "Then the girls will really want to bang me." His zipper rasped.

Clothing rustled. And then his cock smacked my ass. I shuddered, loving the feel of his hot shaft. He spanked my rump again and again, the lewd sound echoing through the supply closet.

I whimpered, my nipples throbbing against my blouse, fresh juices tickling my thighs as they leaked out of my whorish flesh. I wiggled my hips, panting like a whore for my brother's cock. He dragged the tip down my butt-cheek, leaving a smear of hot precum in his wake. And then he pressed it against my pussy, rubbing it up and down. "Fuck me, brother!" I moaned. "Damn, you are a complete slut, baby sis!" Faizel thrust. "I am!" I screamed, my pussy clenching around his dick. His balls smacked into my clit.

He drew back and thrust in again. And again. He pounded me. My brother used my pussy, grunting with every hard plunge into my dripping snatch. My cunt clenched down on his girth. He reached so deep into me fucking me from behind. I gripped the shelf. It rattled, cleaning products shifting as my brother fucked me like a whore. I loved it. His incestuous dick stirred my cunt up. Juices flooded out of me while pleasure rippled through me.

The friction was intense. It left me trembling and moaning. My eyes rolled back into my head. I whimpered and panted, swiveling my hips, stirring his cock through me. "Oh, yes! Fuck my cunt, big brother! Use me! I'm the family's whore!" "Yes, you are!" he grunted. "I should bring you to my friend's house. Pass you around like a party favor." "Do that!" I moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head.

"I want that so badly. Oh, yes, pound me so fucking hard, big brother! Make me explode on that amazing cock!" "Yes!" His balls thwacked over and over into my clit. My cunt clenched down on his dick every time. Friction burned so hot in my silky sheath. The pleasure surged through me. I whimpered and groaned, my hips swiveling, matching the ferocity of his thrusts.

He rammed that dick so hard and fast into me. He loved his little sister's hot cunt. My twenty-year-old brother pounding me. I gasped and moaned. My breasts heaved beneath my blouse, nipples rubbing on my clothing. Adding more delight to his plunging cock. My toes curled in my shoes. My orgasm swelled in me. "I want you to cum in me, big brother!" I hissed. "I want one of the men in our family to breed me!" I hoped it would be Father who bred me.

"Shit!" he grunted. "You are such a whore, little sis! I'm going to get you gangbanged. I'm going to have you passed around between my friends. You'll be dripping in jizz." "I want that!" I howled, my pussy clenching down on his dick. "That sounds amazing. Do it!" "Fuck," he grunted, thrusting his cock so deep into me, brushing my cervix.

My orgasm built and built in me. Every thrust of his dick brought me closer to my explosion of rapture. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head. I squeezed my cunt down on his dick, loving his shaft plunging into me. He gave me what I needed. My pussy spasmed. My orgasm rippled through me.

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I screamed out in wordless pleasure as ecstasy flooded through my body. His dick pounded my convulsing snatch.

His every thrust kept my climax alive. Kept me trembling. "Shit, you got a hot cunt, baby sis!" he snarled.


"And it's so in need of your jizz to fill it!" I moaned. "Just cum in me, big brother! Flood me with all your spunk!" He grunted, driving his cock to the hilt of my spasming snatch.

His incestuous cum fired into my depths. His cream splashed against my cervix. My pussy milked his cock, drawing out every drop of his excitement as he groaned and gasped.

I shuddered with him. My eyes widened. Stars danced across my eyes as my pleasure peaked through me. My brother used me like a slut. It made me feel so amazing.

I was such a shameful woman. And I loved it. "Damn, baby sis," he groaned, his cock softening in my cunt. "I'm going to enjoy fucking you every chance I get. You and Mom." "Mmm," I just purred, drifting on the bliss of my orgasm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Umayyah "Why does your mother want you to stay?" I heard Kendra whisper to my daughter as my other students filed out. I had my daughter in my math class with her three friends before the lunch period.

"Because she needs me to be a whore," my daughter said. I blinked at that, shocked Leyla had told her friends. Kimmy blushed, her body shuddering while Izzy gave a wicked laugh, her red hair sweeping about her round face. Kendra gave my daughter a speculative look. Then the Black girl glanced at me, her eyes dancing. "Well, girl, you have fun," Kendra said, grabbing Izzy and pulling the chortling girl away.

Kimmy followed in their wake, scurrying away, her body so cute and yet so whorish, her nipples hard against her blouse. All the American girls were such sluts. But none of them had mothers to mold them properly like I did with my Leyla. "Go sit on my desk," I told my daughter. "And look like a slut.

Be sexy. He'll be here soon." My daughter nodded her head, her eyes glossy with desire, nipples poking at her blouse with whorish lust. My own nipples were hard, my pussy itching to see my daughter fuck another man. To take money in exchange for selling her cunt.

I couldn't wait. Luckily, President Carver didn't keep me waiting long. He entered my classroom a few minutes later dressed in a cheap suit, his brown hair balding, glasses perched on his serious face. He frowned, spotting my daughter perched on my desk like an sexy siren. "Mrs. Umayyah," he said, shifting. "What did you need to see me about?" I took his hand and led him before my daughter.

She had such a winsome smile on her lips, her dark eyes smoldering. She oozed sexuality. The perfect, naughty coquettishness that would make any guy hard.

President Carver shifted, trying to casually adjust himself. "I know you've been looking at the girls," I told him as he stared at my daughter. "Lusting for them." "What?" he spluttered. "Of course not. I would never do that! I'm a married man and." His words trailed off as my daughter, following her whorish instincts, unbuttoned her blouse. Her youthful titties spilled out, so ripe and round, her dark nipples hard.

She squeezed her boobs, her smile now naughty and wicked, her eyes flashing. "Really?" I asked, moving away from him and behind my desk. I pulled my daughter's blouse off her shoulders and down her arms as she preened for the president, her first John. "You've never stared at those firm, youthful titties wishing you could just squeeze them." My pussy itched, juices flooding my panties.

I reached around my daughter, squeezing those firm, pliant breasts. Sweat broke out on the president's forehead. His face flushed as he stared at me fondling my daughter's tits. "You lust for these breasts," I groaned, my daughter shuddering. "You want to fuck the students. Don't deny it. I understand. They're so wanton, maturing into their gorgeous bodies.

Budding and ripening, begging to be plucked." "Ooh, yes, pluck me," groaned Leyla. Her leg extended. The little minx had slipped off her shoe and rubbed her sock-clad foot into his crotch, pressing on his bulging hardon. "What are you doing?" the president asked, voice so strangled. "Feeling your dick," purred Leyla. "You're so hard.

Does staring at my tits make you that hard, President Carver?" "I think it does," I purred, kissing my daughter's shoulder.

I squeezed those tits hard, sinking my fingers into her pliant flesh. "He wants his hands on these tits. He wants to suck your nipples. To fuck your tight, barely legal cunt." "Fuck," the president groaned, licking his licks. "Mrs. Umayyah, this is." "Wrong?" I asked him. "Why? Because you're married? Because she's a student? Because she's my daughter?

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She's a slut. It doesn't matter with her. She has a whore-pussy that needs to be fucked. And for a price, you can enjoy her." "Yes, yes," moaned Leyla, rubbing her foot harder into his crotch. "My pussy is for sale. And it'll make your dick feel so good, President Carver.

I've been practicing. Mother's helped to train me." The president let out a lust-filled groan, his eyes staring at her crotch. I shivered, my cunt begging to be touched, to be fucked. I wanted to frig myself right now. I couldn't wait to watch him take my daughter hard. From behind me, through the wall separating my classroom with Vicky Samuels, I heard a soft moan.

I knew Clint and his harem were having their fun while I had mine. I didn't have to watch them through my peephole any longer. Not when I could watch my daughter whore herself out right before my eyes. "Just a hundred dollars, and you can slide your dick into my daughter's young cunt," I purred. "You can finally fuck one of those hot students you've been lusting for.

Your wife will never know. It'll be our secret." "Yes, yes, I won't tell anyone, President Carver. I just want to fuck you so badly. Please, pay my mother so I can feel your dick in me." "Yes!" he groaned.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leyla Umayyah I shuddered as I kept rubbing my foot into President Carver's crotch, feeling his dick in there. The dick I'd fuck for money. He fumbled to pull out his wallet from his back pocket, almost dropping it. He opened the leather wallet, pulling out twenty dollar bills.

He handed five to my mother. "Enjoy," she purred. I didn't know if she spoke to me or the president. Maybe both. "We will," I purred, lowering my foot. I rose, my breasts jiggling before the president. He swallowed, staring at my tits. "It's okay to touch them. You paid for me." "Sweet Jesus," he groaned, seizing my breasts in his rough hands.

He squeezed hard, massaging my nubile tits. I shuddered, loving how he manhandled my breasts. Pleasure surged through me, my pussy growing wetter and wetter. I unfastened my skirt, letting it fall in a puddle of dark fabric about my feet.

I stood naked before him, my hands caressing him through his shirt, sliding up his torso to his shoulders. He stared down at my shaved pussy, my tight slit gleaming with my excitement. He groaned again, seeing how wet I was for him, knowing that I was a true slut. I shivered, his hands squeezing my breasts so hard.

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"Now let's get you naked," I moaned, grabbing his blazer, pulling at it. He had to let go of my tits to slip off his jacket. It fell to the floor while my hands went to his tie.

I loosened it, the fabric rasping as it slid around his neck. I giggled draping it around my neck, the loose tails falling between my tits, the blue looking so nice against my dusky breasts.

Mother fondled her breasts as she watched, perched on a student's desk. Her dark eyes smoldered as she watched me unbutton the president's shirt. I shuddered, her gaze making me feel even more wanton and whorish as I serviced my first customer. As I pulled off his shirt, mother slid a hand up her skirt, exposing her dusky legs. She whimpered, rubbing at her hot flesh through her panties, her naughty parts still kept hidden by the folds of her dress.

But I knew she touched herself because I was such a whore I inspired lust even in a good, Muslim woman like my mother. Faizel had to be wrong about her.

Mom wasn't a slut like me. "Oh, President Carver," I groaned, running my hands down his pale chest. "What a hunk you are." He wasn't my father or older brother, but he wasn't too pasty. "You make me so wet." that part was true. I just wanted to fuck him.

He paid for me. Dizzy euphoria swept through me. He seized my tits again, squeezing them and groaning his excitement. He shivered as my hands went lower and lower. As he pinched and played with my nipples, I unfastened his slacks. The zipper rasped, then they fell off his hips and down his hairy legs. His cock tented his plaid boxers. "Ooh, someone just wants to come out and meet me," I purred, stroking his shaft through his underwear.

"Yes," he groaned, tugging on my nipples. "Goddamn, you are so sexy, Leyla." "Do you really think so?" I asked, my hand sliding into his boxers, grasping his dick. "Is that why you paid so much money to have sex with me?" "Christ, yes," he groaned, my hand stroking his hard dick.

I pumped up and down it as I pulled him out. He was fat but not as long as my father or brothers. "You are just perfect.

A little slut. I'm going to fuck you so hard, Leyla!" "Yes," whimpered Mom. She shook on the desk, her breasts jiggling beneath her blouse, her face twisting with pleasure, framed by her silk-gray hijab. I bet she had her fingers in her hot pussy, plundering in and out of her juicy flesh, satiating the itch my whorish body inspired in her. I trembled, my cunt clenching in wicked delight.

My nipples throbbed between the president's rough fingers. I groaned, stroking him faster, my thumb rubbing across the tip of his cock. He groaned, staring down at me with such lust. Then he pushed me down onto my mother's desk.

She didn't have much on it, cleared it so she would be ready to whore out my body. I shuddered, my pussy clenching so hard as the president leaned down. And sucked on my nipple. "President Carver!" I whimpered. "Ooh, that's so nice. Ooh, yes, love my nipple. You're such a naughty man. I'm a student, and you're enjoying my titties." "Uh-huh," he groaned, his dick throbbing in my hand.

I had my arm stretched out to grasp it as he squeezed both my breasts. "Such perfect tits. So firm." I shuddered, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as he sucked and nibbled. He went back and forth between my nipples, loving them both, making me squirm on the desk. My pussy grew hotter and hotter as he played with them, taking time to love them.

So good. I caught Mom's eyes. They were dark and glossy. Her hand moved fast beneath her skirt. She groaned, licking her lips, pleasuring her horny cunt.

I shuddered, so glad I could inspire such desire in her. It made me so wet knowing she watched her whore-daughter servicing her John. "Oh, yes, President Carver," I groaned. "You're making my pussy so wet for this big, thick cock of yours. You're going to stretch my cunny out. I hope you fit." "You'll stretch, slut," he growled, his dick throbbing in my hands. His hazel eyes smoldered as he lowered his face between my breasts. I groaned as he pressed my flesh against his cheeks.

I felt his whiskers, rough and itching. I whimpered, my body drinking in the sensations. I squirmed beneath him, my pussy growing wetter and wetter. Juices ran out of my cunt, puddling beneath my ass. My tangy musk filled my nose.

He licked and sucked on the inner slopes of my breasts, his face turning back and forth. Then he kissed lower, smooching around my breast. He licked at my underboob, moaning out like a horny hog just eager to feast on me. "Oh, President Carver, yes!" I whimpered.

"Use the little slut's body," my mother groaned. "Just enjoy her! She needs it." "So badly!" I gasped, his cock slipping out of my grip as he moved lower and lower. "I'm so wet for your big dick!" "I just want to eat that cunt," he groaned, moving lower. "I bet you taste so good." "Just delicious," Mom moaned, her body trembling. "Eat my whore-daughter's snatch." President Carver kissed lower and lower. He reached my dusky belly, smooching across my sensitive flesh.

I squirmed, giggling as his lips tickled me, his fingers stroking my side. And then he reached my pubic mound, descending to my hot pussy. And reached my shaved flesh. "Yes!" I gasped as he ran his tongue through my barely legal snatch.

"Eat my pussy! Taste how wet I am! I want your cock in me." "Uh-huh," he groaned, his tongue lapping through my hot folds. I whimpered and squirmed, staring from him to my mother, both their eyes burning with lust as they stared at me.

His tongue feasted through my snatch. He licked and nuzzled. He stirred my pussy to a hot froth. My eyes rolled back into my head. My thighs tightened on his head. I ground my cunt against his stubbly lips.

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Pleasure surged through me. So wonderful. So amazing. His nose nuzzled my clit. His tongue licked through my hot snatch. He shoved his hands beneath my ass, gripping my rump as he feasted on me. His tongue swirled and lapped through my hot folds. And drove me wild. "Yes, yes, yes, eat my whore-cunt!" I howled, my breasts jiggling as I trembled on the table. "I'm going to cum so hard, President Carver. You are such a stud! Oh, yes you are!

Just the biggest stud in the world." "Yes, yes, yes," moaned my mother. "Make my daughter cum, sir. Just make her explode. Then fuck her! She needs your cock in her cunt!" "So badly!" I gasped, so glad my mother understood me.

"Fuck me in front of my mother, President Carver!" "After you've cum, slut!" he growled and dove his tongue deep into my cunt. My eyes widened as the pleasure rippled through me. Such joy surged through me. His cock had me trembling, gasping, groaning in utter delight. My body thrashed on the table. His tongue swirled around my clit, sucking, nibbling, making me feel amazing.

My body thrashed on the table. My eyes rolled back into my head. I shuddered, whimpering, humping against him. It was so good. It was so good. I savored every moment of grinding my pussy against his hungry mouth. "Oh, yes, you're eating my pussy so well," I gasped.

"Oh, you're amazing, President Carver. Just the best. I'm going to cum so hard on your mouth." "Do it," snarled my mother, her body shuddering. "Oh, yes, cum on him, slut!" Her body convulsed. She came on her fingers watching me. I shivered. My pussy clenched on the president's probing tongue. My eyes rolled back into my head. My thighs squeezed so tight on his head as my orgasm surged through me.

Inspiring my mother to orgasm set me off. I bucked on the desk. My tits heaved. My pussy convulsed and juices squirted from my cunt. Rapture washed through my body. Every spasm of my cunt sent a wave of euphoria frothing through my body straight to my mind. "Yes, yes, yes, you are such a stud, President Carver!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "You made me cum! Now you can fuck me!

You can ram that fat dick into my pussy." I thrashed on the desk as he licked up my juices flooding out of my snatch. Dizzy pleasure surged through me. Darkness danced across my vision, stars bursting to life.

My sweaty back stuck to the desk as I squirmed. Mom thrashed with me. She kept fingering her cunt as she came, watching me orgasm like a whore. I whimpered, loving every moment of it. My pussy convulsed, wishing something big and thick filled it.

"Fuck me!" I howled over and over. I wanted him in me so badly. "You paid for my cunt, now enjoy it with that big cock!" "Christ, yes!" he groaned, rising, grasping his fat dick in his hand. "Fuck my little slut!" whimpered mother, some of her black hair spilling out of her hijab as she quivered. President Carver brought that fat dick to my pussy. He rubbed it up and down my slit. Then he jammed it into my depths. I gasped, my body quivering.

His girth spread my snatch open even wider. For a moment, it felt like when Jalal took my virginity, breaking in my cunt for the first time. I whimpered as my pussy expanded around his dick. And then only rapture surged through me. I bucked and groaned, another orgasm bursting through me. My thighs locked about my customer's waist, my tits heaving as the pleasure surged through me.

My pussy massaged his dick as he drew back and thrust in again. "What a tight, hot pussy," he groaned. "Jesus, I've wanted to fuck one of you sluts for so long." He pumped away hard, ramming his cock so deep into my cunt.

I whimpered, my pussy massaging his dick, convulsing around it. The president of my college plowed my twat so hard, savoring my flesh writhing about it. Pleasure twisted his face. His balls thwacked into my ass as he pumped over and over into me. He grunted, his hands squeezing my tits hard. I gasped, scratching at his chest as such pleasure surged through me. I came again.

"Yes, yes, yes, I can't stop cumming on your cock, President Carver!" I howled. "It's just that good." "And she's just that slutty," groaned mother, still frigging her own pussy, her face so flushed, big tits heaving in her blouse. "Plow her cunt. Cum in her! You paid for her." "Yes, yes, yes get your money's worth in me!" I whimpered, the shame burning so hot through me, swirling around the euphoria surging out of my cunt.

I was such a whore. I couldn't wait to fuck more and more guys for money. The president grunted and groaned, his face growing ruddier and ruddier. Even his bald spot shone crimson. He fucked me so hard, jackhammering my cunt with that fat dick of his.

I loved it. I gasped and moaned, squirming on the desk as the pleasure rippled through me, my pussy convulsing over and over. He squeezed my tits, twisting them. I whimpered in delight, bucking on the desk. It creaked, groaning from the force of his thrusts, sliding back an inch. His back arched. His face twisted with rapture. "Cum in me!" I howled. "Yes, yes, cum in my little slut!" whimpered Mom, her voice throaty, on the verge of another orgasm. "Christ, yes!" howled President Carver. He rammed his dick into my convulsing pussy.

His hot cum flooded me. I gasped, bucking as my cunt milked his erupting cock. My customer's jizz filled my naughty, nineteen-year-old pussy. My eyes rolled back into my head as I thrashed on the desk. My fingernails clawed at his chest as he pumped me full of his spunk. "He's cumming in me, Mother!" "Wonderful," Mom moaned, her face twisting with ecstasy. Her body convulsed, cumming again on her fingers.

"Fill her to the brim!" "Yes!" he grunted, his dick spurting the final time into me. "Oh, President Carver, thank you," I whimpered. "Such an amazing fuck. You're the best!" He grinned down at me, breathing in deeply as my pussy milked his softening dick. My orgasm died inside of me, leaving only buzzing bliss behind. I beamed up at him, my breasts rising and falling as I sucked in deep breaths. "You were such a good fuck," I purred. "Thank you for paying for me. I came so much." He glanced at my mom, studying her as she pulled her fingers out from beneath her skirt, dripping with her juices.

"Mrs. Umayyah, I'll pay you $50 to lick your daughter's cunt clean of my cum." I gasped in shock that he would ask that of my mother. She wasn't a slut like me. And then Mom shocked me by saying, "For a $100 I will lick every drop of your cum out of my little slut's cunt." To be continued.