Vanessa Cage in Step daughter gets fuck by daddy

Vanessa Cage in Step daughter gets fuck by daddy
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I woke up on Saturday morning quite groggy. I reached down and winced; my pussy was still sore and raw from the savage fucking that Jason had given me the night before. I got up from the sofa bed and staggered. My legs are usually weak after a good rest, but combine that with getting fucked by an almost-foot-long dick, and&hellip. well, you get the idea.

"You're awake." Jason's voice startled me and I spun around. He stood there about ten feet away in his jeans and boots, smoking a cigarette and smiling wickedly. "Yes…" I said, pursing my lips slightly. He let out a barking laugh. "I know goddamn well you enjoyed it," he said. "All those fuckin' orgasms I gave you; maybe if you're lucky, you'll get even more tonight." I scoffed, but deep down, I was hoping it could happen again, despite the dull aching in my pussy.

I was hurting, but I wanted SO much more! "I'm gonna go wash up," I said curtly, and walked toward the bathroom. As I passed Jason, he blew smoke in my face, and then SMACK! He slapped me hard on the ass.

I let out a yelp as he snickered. I stormed into the bathroom and closed the door behind me. As I was washing up, my thoughts were entirely of the previous night's wild ride. I had never been treated so roughly, but I enjoyed every minute of it. The tingling sensation in my pussy told me I was wet again. My parents, uncle, aunt, cousin and I spent most of the day on the Smithsonian, going to the different museums and stuff.

Quite intriguing… but I could barely take my eyes off of Jason. Good thing I'd worn my sunglasses. But I had the feeling he knew I was checking him out… At one point, he went away to go to the bathroom and was gone for a good ten minutes or so.

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He came back and we were ready to go. We got back to the house at around 4:00. Jason and I were told that the "legal drinkers" were going out to dinner once again. Jason and I would once again have the house to ourselves for a good few hours. 'Oh, goody!' I thought. 'Hopefully we can have another hot fuck!' But as I would find out, I was in for WAY more than I'd bargained for… I spent most of the afternoon in the living room watching TV, while Jason was in the basement playing video games or whatever.

It was around 6:00 when he came upstairs. Just as he slammed the basement door, there was a knock on the front door. "Oh yeah," said Jason with a grin. "I forgot to tell you, we have a little more company." He went to the door and opened it. "Oi-Oi-Oi!" he yelled upon opening the door. I heard a group of people responded with another huge "Oi!" "Enter the mansion of mayhem!" he joked as he stood aside. Four guys and one girl came into the house. The guys slapped Jason's hand and pounded his fist as they passed him.

The girl gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Aw, shit!" said Jason sarcastically. "How rude of me. Guys, this is my cousin Jeanne." He gestured towards me. "Cuz, this is my band: Zack, Nick, Billy, and T.K.," he said. "And this is Beth," he said, gesturing to the girl. "She's our little groupie." "Hi," I said simply. "OI!" they replied.

Zack, at age 22, was a little taller than Jason, but looked equally intimidating, with piercing dark blue eyes. His hair was jet-black and heavily spiked. 'Hair like that could pop a balloon,' I thought. His black shirt clung tight to his torso, so I could tell he was somewhat burly.

His muscular arms were covered in tribal tattoos, and on his neck, I could see a small tattoo of brass knuckles. Nick was his identical twin. But his head was shaved. Only a small stubble of dark hair covered his scalp. He reminded me of Phil Anselmo, the lead singer of Pantera. He sure looked as brutal as he did. He seemed to be a lot more brawny than his twin brother, which made him look even scarier.

Billy, the youngest, was an inch or two shorter than myself, but he was distinctly broad-chested. His hair was dyed a deep, midnight blue and was in a simple Mohawk, not nearly as wild as Jason's. He wore a leather jacket that was covered in patches and chains. He looked like a typical tagalong kid, but looking at his hard face, into his startlingly teal-blue eyes, I could tell that despite his size, and being only 17, he was a pretty rough-and-tumble kind of dude.

He even had a tattoo over his left eye that made him look like Scar from "The Lion King." The only difference: Billy made Scar look QUITE tame.

T.K. was 20-going-on-21. He was about the same height as Jason, give or take an inch or two. But he was easily the craziest-looking guy of the gang. His hair was black with a slight hint of red, and was over two feet long in tight, braided locks. He reminded me of Jonathan Davis of the band KoRn. His eyes were a mesmerizing shade of grayish-green, and he wore a heaping amount of black mascara and eyeliner. He stood, scarily in a black leather trench coat.

All in all, T.K. looked more like a Goth than a punk. He also looked to be a bit scrawnier than the others. I ached with lust for these bad boys, but then I noticed the other piece of estrogen in the room. Beth was 19, but came to exactly my height.

Her hair came down to just above her waist, and was a deep, beautiful crimson. Her eyes were bright blue, perhaps with the tiniest hint of hazel. Her breasts were considerably bigger than mine, at least 32-DD.

And she had a round, firm ass. Now I had always been slightly bi-curious, but looking at Beth, something told me I was possibly fully bi-sexual. "What's up, Jeanne?" said T.K. in a low, growling, but deeply seductive voice. This sent shockwaves through my body. He took my hand and kissed it. Was he a vampire or something? Because that kiss seemed to send a tingling sensation straight to my pussy. I felt myself wet again. Suddenly, he started sniffing me like a dog.

After a few seconds, he stopped and gave a low, but highly sinister laugh. "Guys, the bitch smells ripe for the pickings," he growled. I scoffed in disgust, but I was oddly turned on. "Come on, we're going downstairs," said Jason. I followed them back down to the basement. T.K. was still a little too close to me, but I decided not to complain. But even Billy was now walking closer to me, looking at me with those eyes, those virally sexy blue-green eyes.

I came to my own conclusion; that one reason so many girls lusted after bad boys was because their eyes had some kind of seductive spell about them… We got downstairs and there was definitely the air of punk down there now.

I could hear the music coming out of Jason's room, and there was a strong smell of beer and cigarettes. Jason then yanked his jacket off and removed his shirt. After throwing them aside, he turned to me, grinning. "Get ready for the wildest ride of your life." I flinched as Nick grabbed my waist from behind and pulled me back against himself.

I was even more chilled when I realized he was shirtless, and I was right; he was extremely brawny. He snickered. "Don't be afraid, I'm not gonna hurt you…badly," he teased in my ear. He kissed up and down my neck while reaching around up under my shirt.

I gave a soft moan as I felt his rather large hands grasp my tits. Seconds later, he withdrew his hands and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. He backed up about an inch and lifted my shirt up over my head.

As he unclasped my bra, Zack moved in front of me, his dark eyes filled with fiery lust, and they followed my bra as it fell to the floor, exposing my breasts. Zack had taken his shirt off as well. Indeed he was quite muscular, and his chest was kind of hairy. As Nick continued to fondle my tits, Zack started to rub himself and flex his muscles. He scratched the hair on his chest and grinned slyly at me.

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My pussy had gone untouched, but the mere sight of this almost made me cum right then and there. Zack walked up to me and lowered his face to mine.

He inhaled deeply and laughed. "T.K. was right," he said in a smooth, sexy voice. "You are ripe for the pickings." And with that, he locked his lips onto my own and gave me a very rough kiss. A moan of approval escaped me as his tongue slithered into my mouth. He started to fondle my breasts now, so Nick moved his own hands down and started fondling my ass. I could feel a protrusion against the inside of my thigh and knew that he was getting hard.

Meanwhile, I reached up and rubbed Zack's body as we continued to kiss, my hands roaming his stomach, chest, arms, shoulders and back. After a while, he laid off. Then he looked down at my tits, licking his lips (OMG, did they always have to do that?) with a seductive smirk on his face. He took my right tit in his hands and before I knew it, he leaned in and bit down, hard. I half moaned, half screamed as he devoured my tit, coming dangerously close to orgasm again.

Now T.K. was moving in front of me. He was without a doubt, the skinniest member of the band, but he actually had a decent build. His green-gray eyes pierced me as he moved closer to me. He leaned down and I felt his braids brush against my bare skin. I shivered as he kissed my throat, going down until he reached my left tit.

Then, with nearly the same ferocity as Zack had done, T.K. chomped down on my tit. At this point, I felt like I was in a sensual heaven. I then looked up at Jason, who was standing some five feet away, rubbing his dick through his pants. He grinned. "It's nowhere near over," he chuckled.

Nick suddenly moved from behind me, and a second later, someone else stood behind me. This time, I felt two large lumps on my upper back. I knew right then, that it was Beth who had replaced Nick.

Before I could do anything else, she leaned in and nibbled on my left ear. "Mmmm," I moaned. Beth laughed. "Ooh, you like that?" she said, in a voice so scintillating it should be banned.

"Mmm, yes I love it," I replied. She then started kissing and licking my neck as Nick had done. I could feel that she had her tongue pierced. Her soft, silky hands caressed my body, going through my hair and down my back and my hips, sending strong vibrations through every inch of my body. Just then, I noticed Billy standing directly in front of me. I swear, what the kid lacked in height, he made up for in rock-hard muscle.

He walked up to me and knelt down in front of me, right in between Zack and T.K. He put a hand up to just below my tits and ran his fingers down to my pubic line. I moaned, and he let out a sexy growl. Then he did something a little freaky; he put his tongue right in my bellybutton. No one had ever done that to me before, but hell, there's a first time for everything.

While he kissed my navel, he started unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans. Slowly he slid them down to the ground. Reaching up, he did the same with my panties. I felt a chill on the skin around my pussy, and knew that I must have been wet as hell as I stepped out of my pants. "Spread your fuckin' legs," he demanded. I did so, and he leaned in and deeply sniffed my sopping-wet pussy.

He looked up at me with a wide grin on his face. "You're a dirty little whore," he said. "Just the way I like 'em." He pulled my lips apart and then assaulted my twat with his tongue. "Oh fuck!" I screamed.

Within about a minute, the combination of Beth's kissing my neck, the twins' sucking on my tits, and Billy's viciously eating my cunt sent me over the edge.

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I trembled violently as wave upon wave of fiery orgasm shot through my body and my juices squirted out onto Billy's face. "Oh my God, oh my God," I panted, still shaking. Zack and T.K. stopped eating my tits and Beth stopped kissing me. I stumbled over to the sofa bed to keep my balance, and after a while I regained my composure. Jason walked up to me and gave me a deep kiss.

"The fun's only just beginning," he said, smiling. "Get on the edge of the bed and get on your knees." I did so. "Billy," he said. Billy nodded and went to stand right in front of me, while Jason walked to his room.

"I play fuckin' rough, bitch," he said grinning, his face and chest glistening with my sex juices. "Mmm, I like it rough!" I said, returning a dirty smile. I leaned in and tongue-kissed him, tasting my cum on his lips. I then started to kiss and lick my way down. I licked my sex juices off of his hard, masculine chest, and I sucked and nibbled on his nipples, spending about 30 seconds on each one. "Oh fuck yeah," Billy groaned. I went further down, licking every crease in his washboard stomach.

Finally, I got down past his navel and I looked up at him. "Are you ready?" I asked him. "Fuckin' do it, whore," he said. I unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans. Just as he had done with me, I slowly slid his pants and underwear down. His cock sprang out. WOW. The damn thing was nearly the same size as Jason's! It bobbed up and down, the tip glistening with precum.

I took it in my hand and slowly stroked it, making him moan. I took a quick glance up at him and then proceeded to lick the head of the shaft, cleaning it of the precum. "Ahh!" he groaned. I laughed and started licking his cock up and down. After a minute, I wrapped my lips around his cock and took as much of him into my mouth as I could, which made him moan even more. I went slowly at first, and I gradually picked up the pace.

I was just about to go deep-throat when he suddenly pulled himself out of me. I looked up at him, shocked and disappointed. "Get on your back," he demanded. I rolled over onto my back, and he dragged me so that my head was hanging over the edge of the bed. Then he looked over at the others. "I know you want some, Beth." I looked and saw that all the guys were completely naked now.

Jesus Christ! No cock was less than 9-½ inches long or less than 2 inches wide. Beth was also naked, her huge tits protruding beautifully from her chest. She walked towards us, slinging her red hair back. She leaned down and gave me a long, deep kiss.

Straightening up, she did the same to Billy, before climbing up onto the bed. She bent over so that her ass was in Billy's face, and her head was just above my cunt. Jason was back now. He had gone to his room to turn the music off, and he came back and turned on a big stereo just across the room. Heavy metal and hardcore punk filled the room as he then moved over and knelt down on the bed in front of my cunt.

"You're about to see just how freaky I can get!" he said. He then threw my legs back so that my ass was sticking up. He held them in place as Beth buried her face in my twat. "Oh!" I moaned. Then what Jason did truly was freaky; he leaned forward and started licking my asshole. I had never had any kind of anal stimulation before, but this gave me new sexual gratification as his tongue went up and down the crack of my ass.

Meanwhile, Billy had leaned in and started chomping on Beth's pussy with a vengeance. Now he directed his throbbing 11 inches of man meat back into my mouth. I did my best to suck him off while writhing from having both my pussy and my asshole eaten out. I wasn't being quite successful, and Billy seemed to sense it. So he took over; he started fucking my face as hard as he could, driving as much hot beef into my mouth as possible. With the continuing stimulating going on in my pussy and ass, I moaned around his cock.

He really liked it as he ate Beth's pussy like a cannibal, and shoved his dick even farther into me, his balls slapping against my nose.

Beth assaulted my pussy even harder as Jason darted his tongue in and out of my sphincter. It was too much for me. Orgasmic lightning struck me again and my pussy shot forth sex juices, drenching Beth's face.

Not soon after, the tongue-fucking she was getting from Billy sent her over the edge too as her own juices flowed out of her pussy, covering his face and chest, and some of it pouring onto my face as well. And still, Billy shoved his monster cock into my mouth. "Oh fuck," he groaned. I could tell he was about to cum as well. I reached up and grabbed his nipples to intensify his stimulation. His cock started to swell in my mouth, and I squeezed his nipples as hard as I could. "Oh fuck!

Oh FUCK! OH FUCK! OOHHH FFFUUUCCCKKK! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" And at long last, his cock spasmed and erupted a huge load of hot jizz down my throat. He kept his cock in my mouth until he was quite sure that he had given me everything he had to offer, moaning in orgasmic bliss.

Finally, he went limp in my mouth and pulled himself out. He sat on the bed beside me, panting very heavily. "Goddamn," he said breathlessly. "You're dirtier than I thought." Then Beth turned around and squatted down, straddling me. She leaned in and gave me another kiss. "Oh, we're just getting started," she teased. Then she turned herself back around. This time, her dripping pussy was right above my face; we were in a 69 position.

She pulled me up so that I was now fully on the bed. "You know you want it," she said in the same teasing voice. 'Bi-curious my ass!' I thought. 'I might as well be bi-sexual!' And, placing my hands on her hips, I pulled her down and started to fuck her pussy with my tongue. She gave a moan of approval as she then proceeded to eat me out again. I returned with another moan.

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After about a minute— "Hang on a second," said Jason. We stopped eating each other out and looked at him. He nodded to someone and got back on the bed. That someone got onto the bed behind Beth. I looked up and saw that it was Nick. Jeez Louise! His cock was easily the biggest in the room, even bigger than his twin brother's! Beth raised her hips up slightly and Nick directed his prick into her pussy. At the same time, I felt Jason ram his own dick into my soggy twat as well.

Again, the pussy-fucking lasted only a minute or two. All the guys were doing was getting their cocks nice and wet. As they pulled out, Beth and I resumed our pussy-eating. I looked up to see that Nick was pressing his meaty erection against the entrance to Beth's asshole. A wave of shock and fear pulsed through me as I realized that Jason was going to do the same thing to my own ass. Only with me, this would be my first time.

Sure enough, I felt the head of his cock against my ass. "One," said Jason. "Two," grunted Nick. "THREE!" they yelled in unison, and at the same time, Nick rammed his cock into Beth's ass, and Jason shoved his big fuckrod balls-deep into my ass.

Beth moaned; I gave a muffled scream as he tore into me. "Ohh! Ahh!" I cried out as he started to piston his cock in and out of my butt. Nick pushed Beth's hips harder into me as he started to fuck her as well. Beneath the pain of being fucked in the ass, I started to feel pleasure, perhaps because Beth was also gnashing my clit like a madwoman. I intensified my own eating of her pussy, every now and then moving my tongue to take a lick on Nick's balls, causing him to give low growls of pleasure.

After about ten minutes of pussy-eating and ass-fucking, Beth and I convulsed into simultaneous orgasm. Our hips bucked into each other and our faces were drenched in hot juices. Then we heard the boys groaning.

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I felt Jason's dick tense up in my ass as he fucked me harder and faster. Nick was letting out loud, angry growls as he fucked Beth. Finally, he thrust, Jason thrust, and they shot their giant loads of cum into our asses.

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"Oh fuck!" I heard the guys saying as their seed gushed out. They kept pumping until every drop had been expelled. They snickered. Then Nick bent down and licked Beth's juices off of my face. "Suck my fuckin' load out of her ass," he said in a harsh voice. My God, how much dirtier could it get? I raised my head and devoured Beth's ass. In response, she moaned and started eating my ass as well. I felt Nick's spunk flow into my mouth, but I didn't swallow just yet.

No, I had other plans. Beth finished sucking Jason's load out of my ass, and apparently she read my mind, as she didn't swallow either. She got up off me and kneeled on the bed. I sat up, and then I grabbed her head and locked my lips onto hers. We tongue-kissed for nearly a minute, swapping our saliva and the boys' sperm back and forth.

Ultimately, she decided to be the bigger whore and swallowed most of the jizm. She flashed a smile at me. "Welcome to world of anal non-virginity," she whispered as she got up off of the bed. "Alright, get the fuck outta my way!" Zack shoved his brother aside and moved in front of me. Nick glowered at him as he reached down and crushed my lips with his own. My hands roamed his body. I started making my way down, licking the hair on his chest.

Suddenly, I felt another tongue enter my pussy. I moaned and whipped around to see who it was. "Ah yes. You are more than ripe for the pickings." It was T.K. He was looking at me with a crazed expression on his face. He licked his lips of my pussy juices and darted back downward. My eyes flashed to his dick. His was the smallest of the group, but at 9-½ inches, still very impressive for a guy of his stature.

As T.K. began eating me again moving his tongue from my clit all the way up to the crack of my ass, Zack turned my head back towards himself. I continued what I was doing, sucking on each of his nipples just like I had done to Billy, then making my way down to his 10-inch cock, which I stroked and teased, making him throw his head back in ecstasy.

Now my jaw was still sore from Billy's cock and from eating out Beth, but hell, I didn't care. I was going to be a WHORE today! I parted my lips and slid them down to the hilt of Zack's dick, deep-throating him. I reached up and scratched his chest hair. I felt T.K. stop eating me out and he sat up and teased my clit. Then I felt his cock run up and down my slit. I'd already had three orgasms, so I was hypersensitive now.

I could cum at any second as I felt him slide his 9-½ inches up my twat, bending over me so that his braids brushed my skin again. Zack's cock deep in my throat, I moaned. "Goddamn!" said Zack. "Yeah, deep-throat that big dick, bitch." I was getting aroused big-time by their dirty talk. I bobbed my head up and down at amazing speed while T.K.

savagely pounded my pussy from behind. Then he started pinching my clit, which sent me into overdrive. I orgasmed again, my body jerking violently as waves of pleasure raced through me. Both guys removed their cocks. "Turn around," ordered Zack. I turned myself around to face T.K., who was grinning. He'd had his pussy, now it was time for some head.

I lowered my head and took his cock into my mouth like it was nothing. Zack then plunged his cock balls-deep into my pussy and began pounding away like a madman.

I would have thought that I couldn't cum anymore, having already had four earth-shaking orgasms. But a while later, as Zack rubbed my clit, I found out otherwise. Just as T.K. started to spew what seemed like gallons of hot cock juice into my mouth, I nearly choked on it as another orgasm rocked my world. My body felt weak as hell now, but Zack continued to slam into me again and again. I heard him groaning and knew he was about to cum. "Oh, FUCK!" He pulled out of my pussy and dumped his load onto my lower back.

Or so I thought… T.K. grabbed me and turned me over onto my back. I was facing Zack… He totally pulled a Houdini on me!!! He hadn't busted his nut on my back; all he did was dribble some drool on me to make me think that! And as soon as I was facing him, he shot his huge load all over my face and tits. I screamed in shock. I looked up at him to see a sinister grin on his face. I glowered. "You FUCKIN' assho—oohhh!!!" Beth had stepped forward and began licking the cum off of my tits.

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She moved her way up to my face, cleaning it of every bit there was. I collapsed on the bed, weak. Jason stepped up and flicked my nipple. I gasped. "That wasn't even the grand finale," he said, smirking. I didn't know if I could take anymore!

"Yeah!" piped up Billy. "Now we're about to break the face of sanity!!!" Ohhhh, boy… Nick lay flat on the floor, his 12-½ inches standing straight up. Billy got me up off of the bed and pushed me down to my knees. I could barely touch my pussy as I spread my lips to engulf the monster shaft.


Slowly I slid myself down, but Billy pushed his weight onto my shoulders and with a scream, Nick was fully inside me. Billy quickly got down to his knees behind me.

He pulled me off of Nick for a second, and then buried his own cock into my pussy, making sure it was nice and slick.

Once it was, Billy pushed me back down onto Nick's cock. Then he spread my cheeks and with one forceful shove, rammed it home to the hilt up my ass.

I barely had time to scream as my cousin Jason positioned himself in front of me and shoved my head down to his cock. I took his mammoth prick into my mouth and sucked like there was no tomorrow. T.K. and Zack stood on either side of me. I grabbed their erections and started pumping vigorously, and the true orgy began.

My head was spinning in a whirlwind of punk rock and brute-force sex. I bounced my burning twat up and down on Nick's cock while Billy ravaged my shit hole. I deep-throated Jason while jacking Zack and T.K. off. Every now and then, Jason would move aside and Beth would take over. I ate her pussy so hard, I thought I wouldn't taste anything else for weeks!

I had officially become a five-cock-one-pussy whore! We were all groaning and screaming very loudly; I wouldn't be surprised if the neighbors could hear us, even over the blaring music. The savagery went on for about 10 minutes… Jason was the first one to cum; screaming like a maniac, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock deep in my throat. Hot jizm spurted forth and I swallowed every bit of it. Next to him, Beth was rubbing and fingering her cunt wildly until a stream of her hot juices sprayed out onto my face.

I glorified in every bit of it. On either side of me, T.K.'s and Zack's moans had risen to screams. I pumped harder until they simultaneously summoned forth their sperm. They stepped in front of me just in time to cum monstrous loads all over my face, making me even messier. I scooped it up and swallowed it, bringing grins to their hard faces.

Then I heard Billy's yelling. I felt his cock grow in my ass and then he plunged as deep as he possibly could, emptying his balls into my wanton rectum. Beth quickly moved behind me as Billy pulled out and got up.

She sucked his load out of my ass and came to kneel down in front of me. Giving me another deep kiss, she swapped the sperm to me. It was a considerable amount, despite Billy already having a huge orgasm just over an hour ago.

Still, Beth was the bigger whore than me, and she swallowed most of it. Once I'd stopped pumping Zack and T.K.'s cocks, I was rubbing my clit with a vengeance. As I bounced up and down on Nick's pecker, I had my sixth orgasm, which was stronger than any I'd EVER had in my life. 'This HAD to be it,' I thought. Nick suddenly threw me off of him. I lay on my back and he straddled me, jerking his cock violently.

"Ohh! Ohh! Ohhh! Fuck! OOH! OH FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!!!!!" Him having the biggest cock of the five, I expected him to have the most to offer, and sure enough, ten jets of jizm came gushing out of his cock, coating my tits in a sea of white. Beth knelt down beside me, lapping the cum up like a dog.

I took some of it myself as well. Finally I was relatively clean. The seven of us lay there on the floor in a pool of sweat and sexual fluids. We were breathing heavily and our heads were spinning. My pussy was worn the fuck out. Nothing would be touching it for about a month. Zack got up and turned the stereo down.

I looked to my left and T.K. was lying beside me, with that grin back on his face. "Guys," he said, "I think the bitch is satisfied." "Overly satisfied," I laughed. "Damn, I've never had a bitch this hot," said Billy, reaching for his pants and pulling them back on.

"Jeanne, you should come back up here sometime," he said as he lit up a smoke. "Hmm, maybe I will," I teased. "I'm sure she'll be back soon," said Jason, who had already pulled his pants on and lit a cigarette. "VERY soon." The guys laughed loudly. "Jason, you're such a dick," I scoffed.

"Aw, you like my dick," he said. "And my pussy," snickered Beth. They were absolutely right. I LOVED their dicks…and her pussy. Hell, I practically worshipped them!

Suddenly, we heard a car pull up into the driveway. "SHIT!" we all screamed. I quickly grabbed my clothes and scrambled for the bathroom with what little strength I had, while Beth and the guys scooped up their clothes. Cleaning myself up, I hoped there wouldn't be any evidence of the orgy. My mind then flooded with the thoughts of the last two hours. I had never been so promiscuous in my entire life! I could barely clean my pubic area; my pussy hurt like hell from the six shattering orgasms I'd had.

Still it only took about a minute. I quickly donned my clothes and came out of the bathroom and the guys were either fully clothed or shirtless, sitting around smoking their post-sex cigarettes. "Jeanne!" My mother called me from the top of the stairs. I'd regained a bit of my strength and managed to get up the stairs. "Hi!" I said, smiling. She looked at me funny, though. Was she suspicious?


"Are you okay, sweetheart?" she asked. "Yeah, I'm fine," I said. "You're sweating," said my father from behind her. "Me and the guys were just wrestling around," I said. "Oh, Jason brought his friends over?" said my aunt. "Yep," I said. "They're a rowdy bunch." I laughed. "She's telling the truth," my uncle told my parents. "If they're not grinding it up on their guitars, they're roughhousing.


Wild kids." "Well, I'm not too surprised," said my dad, laughing. Even my mother flashed a grin. "Have fun," said my mom. "Remember we're leaving after lunch tomorrow." "I know," I said. I turned around and went back downstairs. The guys, Beth and I spent the rest of the evening playing video games and chatting. No one mentioned the recent fuck session, but it was definitely on our minds… My parents and I left at around 1:00 p.m.

the next day. I made sure to give Jason a long, sensual kiss before we left (while we were still in the basement, of course). I thought of him and his friends the entire ride home… Ultimately, I decided to go to school in Maryland. That way I could be close to Jason. I was busy, but any chance I got, I'd go over to his house.

He and/or his friends would fuck my brains out. But NOTHING ever came close to the orgy that I was the center of on that December weekend, which I had dreams about for months&hellip. THE END