Beauty acquires doggy position from hunk

Beauty acquires doggy position from hunk
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African Intense Experimental Adventures Chapter 2. [email protected] If you want to know more about the three writers of this Adventure go to Chapter 1 and I began describing myself (Jeff) my wife Kate and our best black friend Dean. One day we may get together to tell out true story but this is a fictional story. "Get back here Jay. I've set up the camera. "Kay I see you have that lovely red negligee I picked out for you to wear. Good.

Ben and Ted take your places as you tried with the other applicants. Hopefully this one will be a go. This time I believe we have the perfect couple." Let me tell you about the three main people who are in this fictional story. Kay is white 18, 5'4" 108 pounds.

with an athletic gymnast body. She has 34C bra size, 22 inch waist and 34 waist. She has dark blond hair that falls to her shoulders with brown eyes. She is Jake's wife. Jake is white 18, 5'6" dark brown hair and brown eyes. With a good gymnastic body. Not a body builder but good gymnastic body. He is Kay's husband. (Professor) Doctor Dan.

He is black 6'2" 195 pounds and work out as well and compete as a body builder. He is well built with a muscular body including legs, arms chest to a washboard stomach. Hopefully everyone isn't thinking I am bragging I am just proud of my body since I work hard on it.

Doctor Dan is the man that will introduce Kay and Jake to many new sexual experiences throughout this fictional adventure. Two more Characters will be in Chapter 2 Ted is black 6'1" 175 pounds. He works out but doesn't have a body like Doctor Dan. But not a gymnastic body either. More like a basketball players body. Ted is 18.

Ben is black 6'3 210 pounds of solid muscle not an inch of fat and 18 years old. He also works out and has the body of a QB in Football player.

I stepped back until I was standing beside Doctor (Professor)Dan. "I'll help you out with your first camera handling and directing. Any questions?" Doctor Dan asked and smiled at me. Lets hope this couple works out.

I'm tired of interviewing couples only for them to cop out at the last minute. Jake as the director you will be instructing, your wife, Kate to go along with what ever they do." Doctor Dan said. "Ben and Ted have been over the script already a few times. So far we couldn't get any real serious couples. None serious about being Directors and Actress that is. Come here and look at the script. Jay: I took the script from Doctor Dan and opened so both me and Kay could look at it together.

I couldn't believe what I saw. The script said Kay was going to be a bar at the end of the night. Kay had walked in from the street into the bar.

There were three men in the bar. The bar keeper, and two black men. Doctor Dan would be playing the bar keeper. The two black men that would be played by Ben and Ted. They are the last two customers in the bar. Kay was to walk up to the bar tender and ask she could use their phone.

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Kay was to say she had come from a woman's meeting that ended over an hour earlier than she expected. Unfortunately there hadn't been a phone where the meeting had been held. I wanted to call my husband and tell him to pick me up earlier. Both black men would come over and stand on each side of Kate and ask her why bother her husband. Why not spend the hour having a few drinks then call her husband. Both would start feeling her up. Then the two muscular black men as well as the muscular black bar keeper would invent things as the action in the movie would continue.

All this was on the first page. "Hold on there." I said.


"I can't allow Kay to be felt up. She's my wife." "Don't tell me your as stupid as the others. Here you say it's your life dream to be a director and you won't allow your wife to do a little acting. If you don't want to be a director at least think of your wife's dream of being an actress." Doctor Dan said. "Your willing to have a couple of black men feel you up. Aren't you Kay. You know it's acting. Don't you Kay?" I looked at Kay and Kay was looking at me. "You know it's my dream to be an actress Jake.

Come on please. You've told me so many times you wanted to be a director and for us to work together. This is our chance. Our dream come true. Please dear." Kay pleaded.

"Well okay. Your right it is just acting and I do want you to be happy and it has been my dream to be a director. Lets go for it." I answered. "Okay Kay change into the outfit Doctor Dan laid out for you in the w omen's washroom. Ben and Ted can change into the clothes Doctor Dan left in the men's washroom for you then everyone come back here." I said.

"Make it fast everyone, we haven't got all day." Doctor Dan yelled. While Ben, Ted and Kay were in their separate washrooms changing Doctor Dan began to teach me about the camera and how it worked.

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I was so engrossed I didn't here everyone return. I looked up to see Ted and Ben first. They were wearing tight red plaid hunting shirts and really tight jeans. They couldn't have been wearing underwear because I could even see the out line of their soft cocks and they looked huge.

But strangely they only wore socks and and no shoes. Then Kay walked in the room. I almost fainted. Her plaid skirt barley covered her pussy and I could actually see her bare ass cheeks. I wondered if she had panties on. The top wasn't much better. The blouse was so tight over her large breast that she couldn't do it up to the top. It barely covered her nipples that looked hard. The bottom was tied just under her big breasts. "You can't wear that." I said.

"Fuck she's hot looking." Both Ted and Ben said the same time. "Settle down Jake. You can see your wife has no problem with it since she is wearing the outfit.

As for you two just settle down until I say action." Doctor Dan said in a light tone. "Okay." I answered. The doctor did have a point Kay didn't make a fuss about the outfit and after all it was just acting. "Kay go to the bar door open it and when I say action pretend you just walked in.

Then walk toward the bar. When you get to the bar ask to use their phone because you got out early from your ladies meeting. You can improvise from there sweetheart. Same with Ted and Ben. Get going Kay." I directed. "As soon as you get to the door open it, but wait until I call action before you let go of the door pretending you just walked into the bar and wake your way to the bar." "Now that's what I call directing and not fucking around like you were before.

Keep up the good work Jake." Doctor Dan said. I waited until Ted and Ben sat down on the stools in front of the bar and Doctor Dan playing the Bar Keeper went behind the bar. I looked toward the front door and could see my wife Kay holding the outside door open. Then in the loudest voice I could manage I yelled. "Action" I lined the camera up so it followed my wife as she walked into the room. She walked at a steady pace. Not slow or fast. I could tell she was a bit excited by her breathing as her large breasts raised and lowered almost enough to bust the top button of her blouse.

Her skirt flipped up a couple of times giving everyone a view of her her shaved pussy. I turned the camera to the bar. The bar tender as well as Ted and Ben were both staring at Kay as she made her way to the bar. "Hello Gentlemen." She said. "Well hello bitch." Ted said. I was about to say something when I looked up into Doctor Dan's eyes, who was playing the bar keeper. It was like he was saying "Play along with this and your wife will be famous." Then I heard Kay saying.

"Oh my that's not my name. It's Kay. I have a little problem." "I don't see any problem." Ben said. "But sit here beside me and tell me and my pale Ted. Maybe we can help. Move over Ted and let the lady sit between us." Ted stood up and moved to the next seat and Kay sat down between to two muscular black men.

"Well actually the question is for the bar keeper." The bar keepers eyes seemed to light up and he smiled. "Oh really. Well I'm definably glad to help a hot woman out. Just tell me what's on your mind." "The ladies group I was at today ended early and all other women left. My husband was suppose to pick me up after the meeting at six and it's only four now. Would you mind if I called him and asked him to pick me up here?" My wife asked. "You can but why not stay have a few drinks and wait as planned and go back to where the two of you were suppose to meet at six.

How does that sound. You Ted and Dan can go over to the comfortable couch and just relax and drink for a couple of hours in fact I will lock the front door and join you." "That does sound like a nice idea.

I am kind of tired from the stupid women's meeting. They are always hectic and a drink or two would help me relax. Sure I'll go to the couch and relax." Kay said and walked to the coach. I followed her with the camera.

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She sat in the middle of the coach. The Bar Keeper when to the front door and pretended to lock the door and came back. Meanwhile Ted sad on one side of my wife and Ben on the other side.

"Gee that blouse looks tight on you Kay you should undo that top button so you can relax and breath." Ted said. "Or would you like me to do it for you." "I know. At the meeting a jug of water spilled all over me and this is all that was in the room to change into. It is tight. Sure you can undo it for me Ted." Kay answered. Ted leaned over my wife and slowly he unbuttoned her top button as more of her big breast spilled out.

However to my surprise Ted didn't stop with just one button he undid the next one and untied where it had been tied just under her large breast. "How does that feel." "You might as well take the damn blouse right off and really feel comfortable Kay. I'll help you." My wife put up no resistance and I drew the camera so it would show the close up of Ben helping her take her blouse off.

She had one sleeve out when Ted helped her with the other sleeve. Then to my surprise I saw Ben reach for Kay's hand and place it directly on the lump in his jeans. "Do you like the feel of that slut?" He asked.


On the other side of my wife Ted had pushed my wife's short skirt up to her waist and was fingering her pussy as she spread her long legs for easy access for his big fingers. "Oh yes, yes that feels good. Oh yes. More. I want to cum.

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Work my clit. Work it good." My wife moaned.

In front, but to one side, so I could focus the camera on the action, the bar keeper pinched Kay's hard nipples and once in a while bent down and sucked on one then the other. I couldn't believe I was getting a hard on watching these three black men making out with my wife of less than an hour. Now she had one of her hands on the bulge's of Ted's tight jeans and the other hand on the bulge of Ben's tight jeans and she was moaning. "Let me see those cocks guys.

I want to see those big cocks. Your's to Doc I mean bar keeper." "Holly shit." My new wife was actually begging to see three black men's cocks. What got into her. But then what got into me. At least my wife Kay was acting. I was just being a jerk getting horny watching Kay feeling the black men's crotches.

My cock was so hard it threatened to burst through my jeans. All three men took no time at all to remove their shirts, undo their tight pants and pull them down.

None of them had underwear on and all three of their long hard thick black cocks bounced out and slapped their washboard stomachs.

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Fuck those cocks were huge. None were less than eight solid inches of black cock. There balls looked huge as well and probably full of hot cum.

Ted and Ben stood up. "Thanks guys." The bar keeper said.

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"Lay down bitch. I want to fuck you good and hard the way a bitch like you really need." "Gladly Bar Keeper. Your cock is so big and thick." My wife said in a lost voice. She laid down and spread her legs. "Push that big cock in me." The bar keeper got on the coach, spread my wife's pussy lips over and bent his head. I could hear him licking Kate's pussy.

Kate was moaning like she had never moaned before. "Oh yes, yes, more. I'm so close to my orgasm. More. I'm cumming, yes. Now fuck me with that big cock." The bar keeper got up and started lay on top of my wife. He made sure there was some space and I focused the camera to take in as much as possible.

His dark brown mushroom size cock head was entering my wife's wet pussy. Then he was down and pumping into her. I saw as his muscular ass cheeks moved up and down and my wife moaned each time he pumped into her. Fuck she was taking at least ten thick inches of black cock in her pussy. "I'm cumming again." Kate moaned again and again.

"Fuck your hot bitch. So fucking tight. Damn your tight. This has to be the best fucking pussy I've ever fucked." The bar keeper groaned out of lust not pain. He fucked and fucked my wife a good half hour. I do mean hard. Her body was bouncing off the couch every time he rammed that big black cock in and out of her pussy. Each time groaning. "Take my cock bitch." The bar tender seemed like he was going to take hours fucking my wife before he came.

All the time he fucked her he called her degrading names. Also Ted and Ben had joined in calling Kay degrading names as Dan rammed his thick eight inches in and out of my wife's wet pussy. I could see it rubbing against her clit the entire time and she lifted her butt up to keep his dick inside her. Finally he seemed to freeze his cock deep in my wife. "I'm cumming big time slut.


OH yes big time." I saw his ass cheeks dimple together and knew he was shooting his load but dam inside my wife. He hadn't even used any protection or pulled out of Kate. Oh well I guess it was too lake to worry now. I said to myself.

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"Get on the floor like the fucking bitch dog in heat you are. Then get on your hands and knees." Ted yelled as soon as the bar keeper pulled out of my wife and got off her and stood up.

I was amazed to watch my wife get off the bed and get on her hands and knees on the middle of the large rug. "I'm ready for you Ted." Kate moaned out load. "Please ram your big cock in my hot pussy." My sweat new wife was really a bitch dog in heat.

Kate hadn't even looked up or over at me. It seemed getting her fucking pussy filled with cock was more important than I was. For some reason that gave me even more of a boner. Ted moved behind my wife and aimed his big black cock at Kate's pussy and rammed it into her. I heard her moan in lust. "Oh yes Ted that feels good. Fuck me hard with that big cock." She looked up at something.

Ted had a good grip of my wife's hips as he kept ramming his cock into my wife's wet pussy over and over again. I looked over and saw Ben waving his big thick black cock and walking toward Kate. "Do you want to suck this slut? Do you? Speak up you fucking bitch." Ben whispered loudly. "Yes. Oh fuck yes Ben. I want to suck your big cock. Please push that big cock in my mouth. I need to suck your cock." My wife pleaded. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My wife of less than an hour was on her hands and knees getting fucked by one black man with a good size cock and begging to suck another black man's cock.

On top of everything I was directing the whole thing and had a boner. Once more Kay was being fucked and fucked hard from both ends this time, what seemed like forever.

Then I heard Kay screaming as she withdrew from Ben's cock. "I'm cumming again. Keep fucking me Ted. Fuck me hard Ted." Then she opened her mouth wide and Ben shoved his entire cock in Kate's mouth and down her throat. I couldn't believe she swallowed his entire cock. I was amazed watching her throat took on the form of Ben's large cock. I then heard Ben groan. "I'm cumming bitch. Take my cum." Then I heard Ted moaning.

"Shit take my cum up that hot pussy of yours slut." I watched as both Ben pulling his cock out of my wife Kay's mouth and Ted's cock out my Kay's pussy. "That was hot bitch.

I loved watching the action." The bartender said. "Believe me she was even hotter in action. How about another beer." Ted said standing up and getting dressed. "You got that right." Ben said with a big smile. "I'll have a beer also." "Okay Jay shut the camera down." Doctor Dan shouted. END OF PART 2.

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