Japanese lady drilling guy home made movie part one

Japanese lady drilling guy home made movie part one
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The Bimbo Formula Chapter 5: Bimbo Wife Sucks Cock by mypenname3000 Copyright 2016 Frank Everything happened so fast.

Shock gripped me as my dick squirted the last burst of cum into Janet's bimbo ass. I stared at my wife in shock as she stood over the collapsed form of Ryan, Janet's husband, an empty syringe gripped in my wife's hand. Ryan whimpered on the floor. "Frank, we need to talk," my wife said, the bubbly, bimbo tone vanished from her voice. Alice, my wife, still looked like a bimbo. She stood naked, her large tits jiggling with even her slightest move. They were full, large, and so perky, defying gravity like they were fake, but they were all natural.

Well, no, they were created by my bimbo serum. Alice's green eyes focused on me, a hungry smile crossing her lush lips. I swallowed, intimidated by my wife. A few days ago, she had been a dumpy, though loving, woman.

We were both intelligent, both Chemist. She had assisted me in making the bimbo serum and injected herself with it. She had transformed into the red-haired goddess standing before me. But the formula also made her an empty-headed bimbo. Her intelligence had vanished, replaced by a gullible, happy, horny woman that would do anything I told her so long as I could rationalize why she had to do it.

Now Alice happily sucked my cock because she believed my cum was medicine to keep her beautiful. The downside was other men could trick her. She had let a man at the mall take her to his home, strip her naked, and fuck her under the guise of "modeling." But now Alice's intelligence was back.

Whatever happened downstairs when Ryan realized I was upstairs fucking his bimbofied wife under his nose had prompted Alice to take the intelligence serum I had made.

Then she must have whipped up a compound to knock Ryan out. I swallowed. Would the unbimbofied Alice be furious at catching me fucking her best friend's ass? "Hey, honey," I said, pulling my cock out of Janet's asshole. "Oh, my god, Ryan. Are you okay, honey?" gasped Janet.

She turned around, my cum leaking out of her well-fucked ass and pussy. "What happened to him?" "I gave him medicine," Alice purred. "He'll be vastly improved when he wakes up.

Trust me, Janet." "Of course I trust you," Janet giggled. "You're a super smart sciency person. Like Dr. Frank." "Yes, I am," Alice nodded, setting the syringe on the dresser as she walked to the bed, her lovely breasts jiggling.

"So, the intelligence serum worked," I said, all too aware of my hard dick glistening from fucking my wife's best friend's ass. "It did work," Alice nodded. "How long will it last?" "Say an hour," I answered, my mouth dry. I swallowed. "So, um, how do you like.the changes to your body?" Alice looked down at her body.

She squeezed her large breasts then ran her hands across her hips. "Well, I always wanted to look good for you," she laughed. "I never thought it would come with such a high price." "It has to be how the compound bonds with the fatty tissue in the brain," I said. "An inhibitor can be added into the compound to keep it from affecting the brain, based off the intelligence serum.

And, I'm sure we can make your intelligence permanent." Alice crawled onto the bed, her breasts dangling. She was so gorgeous. I had loved my wife, and I knew she tried hard to look good for me.

But she never could shed the weight. Not with the schedule working at BT Inc., the Chemical company we both had been fired from, placed on her. "Why would I want to make it permanent?" she asked. "Being a bimbo is.freeing." "But, you've been taken advantage of by men," I pointed out. "Like you?" Alice glanced at Janet who beamed back. I swallowed. "I know I shouldn't have, but you would never suck my cock or let me try anal before.

And then when you injected Janet, well, I'm weak. I'm only a man." "And recruiting Becca as our fuck secretary?" I shuddered when she said fuck. The old Alice would never say that word. "I let myself get carried away. You hate me, right?" My stomach swirled. "I.I" "Maybe I should." Alice grabbed my dick. It throbbed in her hand.

"But I've had so much fun being a bimbo. It's freeing. I'm doing things I've only fantasized about. Being with women, with other men. Even a Black man." A shudder ran across her face.

"And being spanked, Frank. I had heard there were girls that liked that, and I always thought they must be such idiots. But there is something hot about a man disciplining you." "And you're not mad about me fucking Janet or Becca?" "He was giving me a medical exam," Janet said.

"He had to fuck me to make sure I was okay. Don't be mad. He's a doctor. We have to what he says." "I'm not mad," Alice smiled at her friend.

"In fact, I have great news for you. Ryan isn't your husband any longer." Janet blinked. "He's not? Why?" "You are too beautiful for him. You deserve a man that is good enough for you, not a man who's cock is toxic and will make you stop being beautiful." Hearing the lies from my wife's mouth made my dick throb. She stroked me as she stared at her friend.

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Janet bit her lip, her blue eyes worried. She glanced at Ryan as he lay on the ground. "But.I'm his wife. We were married and everything. See." She brandished her ring. "This means I'm his property." "But only so long as you wear the ring," Alice said. Then she reached out and pulled off Janet's wedding ring. "Now you're divorced. I can do that, because I'm a doctor, just like Frank." "I'm divorced now?" Janet gasped.

"But.but.I love Ryan." "But he's a bad man. He cheats on you. He told me all about his secretary he fucks at work." "I knew he was an asshole," I muttered. "No." Janet's lip trembled. "But.he loves me." "He doesn't. I'll prove it." Alice tossed the wedding ring and it bounced off Ryan's head. "Hey, wake up, Ryan." The man groaned. He stood up again, but he looked nervous. The anger Ryan had when he burst in on me fucking his wife had vanished.

He rubbed his hand through his hair, his lower lip trembling. He gave a nervous glance at his wife. "Do you love your wife?" Alice asked. "I.I." "Answer the question." Alice's hand tightened on my cock as her stern voice lashed out.

"No," Ryan muttered. "What did you do to him?" I asked, blinking in shock. "Neutered him." A vicious smile crossed her lips. "He always was such a jerk to Janet." "Y-you don't love me?" Janet asked. "Is that because we're divorced now." Ryan just shrugged. My mind spun as I thought. "You added ferrous-phosphate-7 to the dick serum you invented." My wife winked at me, a mischievous smile on her lips.

"So you see, Janet, Ryan's not your husband anymore. Right, Ryan?" Ryan flinched and nodded his head. "What every you say, miss." I laughed. "He's a little beta male." Alice turned to look at me. "Just remember that, honey." A chill ran through me. "We need to have ground rules.

Me, Janet, and Becca will be your wives. I think it's hot." Her thighs squeezed together. "And you can enjoy other bimbo women, but you don't get to have a giant harem." "Fair enough," I grinned. "You need to convince them that polgummy is legal for them." "Polgummy?" Alice smiled.

"That was how bimbo me tried to say polygamy." "It's cute." She blushed and smiled at me. "Ryan, go bathe Janet.

Make sure she's perfectly clean so Frank can fuck his new wife whenever he wants. That's your new job. You're Janet's slave." "Yes, miss," Ryan whimpered. "I'm Frank's wife?" blinked Janet. "Not Ryan's. This is so confusing?" "Is it? Who would you rather fuck?" asked Alice. "Frank. His cock is so much better than my ex-husband's." Janet threw her arms wide. "He's that much bigger than him." My dick throbbed again. "But." Janet frowned. "What about the.um.law thingie." "Polgummy is legal when your husband is a doctor," I said.

"Right, Alice?" "Right. A doctor can have three wives. With his first wife as the chief wife the junior wives, like you, Janet, have to obey." I grinned at Alice as she leaned down and licked at the tip of my cock.

"Don't you forget it when you change back." "You'll probably have to remind me," Alice smiled. "But I'm sure you'll be persuasive." "It really doesn't take much." I glanced at Janet, her large breasts jiggling as she hopped off the bed.

She was so happy to be married to me. "I also have an idea to make money," Alice purred. "Tell me." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice "I think I'll tell you after I've had my fun," I purred, bending down to lick up my husband's cock.

A week ago, before I became a bimbo and experienced all the delights of sex, I never would have sucked my husband's cock, let alone after it had been in my best friend's asshole. Now I let my tongue slowly slid up his shaft, savoring the sour flavor before I reached the tip and sucked it into my mouth. "But." groaned Frank, "what if you transform back.before we finish?" "That's really up to you," I winked at him. "I never did all the things you wanted before the change.

Let me enjoy them." "Yes," he grinned at me. His hand ran through my red hair. My lips sealed around the crown of his dick. I swirled my tongue around the tip. His hips bucked. He let out a low, throaty moan. I savored the power I had over his cock. I loved how I made him shudder and gasp. I should have done this before. Blowjobs weren't demeaning, they were empowering. This was my cock, and I was having fun playing with it and listening to my husband's gasps and moans. His pleasurable noises were successful results that proved my mouth knew how to satisfy my man.

"Damn, Alice," he panted as my cheeks hallowed. "It's a shame you can't be hot and smart all the time." I smiled around his cock.

I wanted to be an idiot again. It was wonderful having my thoughts full of joy, happiness, and fun. Everything was so amazing, and I discovered such wicked delights to indulge with. If I wasn't a bimbo, I doubt I would ever cheat on Frank. I just wasn't that type of woman. But I wanted to. My pussy ached to fuck a Black cock. The UPS man I sucked off the other day had been hung. What would it feel like to be taken hard by one? I sucked harder as I worked my mouth down Frank's cock. More and more of Janet's flavor filled my mouth.

Frank's cock brushed the back of my throat. I didn't stop. I followed the bimbo instincts lurking in my new body and swallowed. "Yes, Alice," he groaned. "Your throat feels so good, pumpkin. I'm not going to last long in your mouth." Good. My pussy itched. I swallowed and moaned, letting my throat massage his cock. The bed creaked as he kept shuddering. His chest, already looking more fit than he had a few days ago—and Frank had been no slouch—thanks to the injection I whipped up.

Even when I was a bimbo, I could still do science. His dick throbbed in my mouth. My hands found his balls, playing with them as I slowly slid up his shaft. My lips formed a tight seal as I sucked, eager for the cum filling his balls.

My injection insured Frank had no refractory period. His balls tensed in my hand as I reached the tip of his cock. I let my tongue caress the tip, gathering up his salty precum, a mere taste for the explosion of cum that would fountain into my mouth. "Get ready," he groaned. "You can spit. I won't mind." I wanted to swallow. I fixed my green eyes on him as I purred around his tip. My fingers worked his balls, coaxing his cum out.

His hips lifted off the bed, shoving his cock an inch into my mouth. Then he crashed back down, grunting as his balls clenched. Hot, salty cum flooded my mouth. I savored every moment of his cum spilling through my mouth.

I let it wash over me. My eyes fluttered. The pleasure was intense, delicious, and wicked all at the same time. My pussy clenched as I drank down every last drop of his jizz. Some leaked out of my lips, rolling down my chin as his cock kept erupting. Delicious. I held the last blast of his cum in my mouth as I popped his dick off.

I opened wide, showing Frank the semen pooling on my tongue. I swirled it around while he groaned at me, his eyes burning with lust. I was a girl just like in one of those pornos I knew he watched. I swallowed. "Damn, that was so hot, Alice," Frank groaned. I licked my lips then smiled at him. "Are you ready to hear my plan?" He nodded his head eagerly. I crawled slowly up his body, letting my heavy tits drag across his still hard dick, his stomach, and then his chest.

My fat, hard nipples throbbed against him as straddled his waist and ground my dripping pussy against his thick shaft. I leaned in to him, my face inches from his, his eyes wide as he groaned. He was putty in my hand. When I was a bimbo, I couldn't help doing what Frank wanted, but I was certain right now he would do anything I desired. My pussy clenched. I ground harder on his dick while he trembled.

"We need to make money," I groaned, the tip of his dick brushing my pussy folds. I undulated my hips, shifting around until his tip popped into me. "Yes," he groaned as I slowly slid down his shaft.

I trembled atop him. His cock filled me up more and more. My pussy drank in his girth and shot pleasure throughout my body. I my back arched and my pussy clenched down on his throbbing shaft until I took every inch of him.

"We need to throw a party," I purred. "Like a Tupperware party. A bimbo party. They have to pay to attend. We film the transformation. We use the part before the orgy for the marketing." "Orgy?" Frank groaned as I slid up his shaft, my pussy clenching down on his girth. "Of course there will be an orgy. There'll be many hot, beautiful women. Bimbos. They won't be able to help themselves.

Then we can sell the orgy footage to the married MILF website and get even more cash. Me and you'll be in the middle. Just imagine it." "Damn, Alice," Frank panted. "What happened to my wife?" "You improved me," I purred before I kissed him hard on the mouth.

His hand seized my ass, squeezing both my cheeks and pulling me up and down his cock. His fingers kneaded my flexing rear as I rode his dick. I shuddered as I slammed up and down. My clit rubbed into his groin every time I fully impaled myself. I drank in the pleasure, letting the ecstasy roll through me.

"Do you love my plan?" I panted when I broke the kiss. My nipples tingled as they rubbed into his chest, shooting pleasure down to my pussy clenching and relaxing on his dick.

"Yes." "Aren't I the best wife ever?" "God, yes," gasped Frank, his hips thrusting up, meeting me and bouncing me on his cock. My clit ached every time. The pleasure shot through my body. I tossed back my hair, drinking it in as I pictured the orgy of hot, beautiful women all writhing to make my husband and me so much money.

We would be billionaires when we were through. We would make our boss, the harridan that ran BT Inc, into our bimbo slut. She thought my husband's plan for plastic surgery contained in an injection was ridiculous.

It would be wonderful teaching Veronica Beigh just how wrong she was. I closed my eyes and imagined the bimbofied woman licking at my pussy. My orgasm burst through me. "Yes!" I hissed as I slammed my spasming pussy down Frank's cock.

I shuddered atop him, the pleasure rushing through my body. Frank's hands squeezed my asscheeks as he worked my pussy up and down his cock. The pleasure hammered my body. I writhed atop my husband. His cock kept sliding through my orgasming sheath, prolonging my pleasure. The ecstasy bombarded my mind. I gasped and moaned as it built inside me.

Then it left. I gasped and moaned, lying on my husband's chest as he kept sliding me up and down his cock and fucking his hips up. I groaned and kissed him, slowly working my hips again, drinking in the lingering buzz of my orgasm flooding through my vein.

"You love it, don't you?" I groaned. "You want to fuck an entire orgy of women. You want to cum in their married pussies while their husbands have no idea what is happening?" "Yes," I gasped. "Where are we going to find them?" "By showing off your bimbo wives to their husbands," I grinned.

"Outside the mall, we can show off our bodies and get the husband's interested. They'll be willing to pay the money to have wives that are as hot as me." "God, yes," Frank groaned. "You should take Becca in to talk to the manager of the Le Mystique department store.

We'll want to start making arrangements to stock our product in stores. And Becca can be very persuasive." "Alice!" groaned Frank, his hands squeezing my ass at the thought of prostituting nubile Becca to sell our formula.

His hands pulled me down his cock. His dick erupted into me. His cum flooded my pussy. I shuddered as blast after blast of his hot spunk filled me up. I drank it in and loved being filled with his cum, a second orgasm rippled through my body as I squirmed on him. The warm, wonderful, marshmallowy bliss descended on my mind.

I smiled down at my husband as his cock gave me my special medicine. I let out a delightful giggle as my orgasm finished rippling through me. "Frank!" I squealed, giving him a hug. "Didn't I come up with the most awesomest, coolest, most amazingly smart sciency plan of all time!" "You did, pumpkin," grinned Frank as he stared into my eyes.

He studied my face with intensity. "Is there something on my face?" I asked, sitting up on him. "No, you're face is perfect. You're back to being a bimbo." "I am," I smiled, bouncing on his cock, letting my boobs shake before me. I loved how they bounced. They were so soft and marshmallowy, just like my thoughts.

"And Janet's your wife now." "Polygamy's a wonderful thing," Frank grinned. I let out a snort of laughter. "It's polgummy, silly. And it's only allowed for super smart sciency doctors like you." "That's right," I grinned at her. "And only three wives." "Ooh, can I tell Becca now? She'll be so happy to be more than your employee wife." "She's now a junior wife, just like Janet." With a clap, I slid off Frank's lap and rushed out of the bedroom, cum leaking down my thighs.

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I didn't care if I made a mess. It was so wonderful. Janet was Frank's junior wife. My bestest friend and I were married to the same man. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frank "Are we there yet?" Becca asked as she bounced in the back of the car. All three of my wives were squeezed into the back, cuddled up with Becca in the middle.

They all wore tight, sheath dresses that clung to their curvy bodies and barely covered their asses. Sitting down, they were all on display. None wore any underwear. "It's only been five minutes," I said. "Sorry, hubby," Becca giggled. "He's my hubby and boss now." "You're our bang secretary wife," laughed Alice.

"Bang, bang, bang." Janet clapped her hands. "Which wife am I?" "Best friend wife, duh," snorted Alice. Ryan, Janet's legal husband, sat beside me in the front seat. He was such a changed man, completely whipped. We sent him out to print the fliers before we headed to the mall. Of course, he paid for it. Alice's compound completely neutered him. He would do anting anyone told him. It was a useful compound to have.

I carried a vial of it and the last bit of the bimbo solution. We would need money to make more. Luckily, the porn sight was wiring us the money for the two videos of Becca and Janet we sold them.

"I can't believe this day," Janet giggled. "I'm a model now. My video's on the internet." "We should put my modeling video on the internet, Frank," Alice giggled. "I looked so hot on it." "But I want that one all to myself," I grinned at her. "You're my private model." Alice grinned in delight, excited by the compliment. I glanced at Ryan. He stared down at his hands folded on his lap. "How does it feel knowing your hot ex-wife is a model on a porn site?" "I'm happy for her," he muttered.

God, it was satisfying seeing the asshole so emasculated. "Are we there yet?" Becca asked.


"I just told you no," I groaned. "But soon." "Oh, sorry," she giggled. "I'm just so excited. It's the mall." "I love going to the mall. Can we buy clothes?" asked Janet. "We're handing out fliers. For the business," I reminded her. "Yes, yes. We need money.

Then I can buy more clothes." I nodded. "Yes, once you've earned me more money, then I'll buy you three all more clothes so you look even sexier. But you need to earn that money. Get the guys horny and have them take the fliers. We need ten women, each paying a thousand dollars.

We only have enough money to buy the chemicals to make ten more treatments. We need to make them all count." In my pocket, I had our last bimbo treatment in case I needed to make a demonstration to the manager.

"You can count on us," April said, sitting up and trying to look serious. "The bimbos are on it, hubby." "The bimbo squad," giggled Becca.

She glanced out the window. "Are we there yet?" "Yeah, we're almost there," I sighed. "Just need for the light to change. Then you're going to be my whore and make me some money." "I'm your bang-secretary, whore wife," Becca saluted.

"That's my job on the bimbo squad." "And I'm the super smart sciency wife," grinned Alice. "And Janet, your the super-sexy model wife." "Yay, polgummy!" cheered Janet. The light changed and I made the turn into the parking lot. I found a space near the entrance by Le Mystique, a the large clothing department store.

It was the nicest place to shop for women's clothing in Federal Way. "Ryan, set up and make sure my wives don't get into any trouble." "Yes," Alice nodded. "If we get into trouble, Frank will have to spank me." "I will," I nodded.

"So you better be good, or I'll paddle your pretty bottom until it's bright red." I climbed out of the car and the three women piled out. I held out my arm to Becca. The eighteen-year-old airhead took it, her blonde curls bouncing about her shoulders. Her dress was light-blue and the stretchy fabric clung to her bouncing breasts and thighs.

I glanced behind her, loving the sight of her gorgeous ass writhing in her clothing. She was my bimbo wife. "Polygamy is great," I grinned, sliding down to cup her ass. "Polgummy," corrected Becca with a giggle. "Mmm, can we get gummy bears when we're finished." "Of course," I told her, then gave her a quick kiss that had her gushing and sputtering. Ryan trailed after Alice and Janet as they headed for the mall's entrance. He carried a folding table and the box of fliers, his shoulders hunched over as he scurried after the pair.

I hoped they didn't get into too much trouble, but knowing bimbos, they would get out of hand. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Alice My hips swayed in the tight, slinky, green dress I wore as I strode beside Janet. We had our arms entwined, and I couldn't help looking down at her bouncing boobs. They were my boobs. I was married to Frank, his first and bestest wife, so whatever was his was mine. That was how marriage worked. And Janet was his. I was so happy my bestest friend was no longer married to Ryan.

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I never liked Ryan. I was glad I fixed him while I was unbimbofied again. The super smart part of me knew how to handle the situation. Bimbo me had freaked out. But that was the past. Right now, we needed to get men interested in the changes we could give their wives. They would be so much happier with a hot, bimbo wife. Their wife would suck their cocks and clean the house naked and have so much fun.

My pussy itched at the excitement. We reached the entrance to the mall and turned to face the crowd. Several guys took notice of us.

We beamed at them and waved. Janet's boobs jiggled in her red dress. Her nipples were hard dimples poking at the front of her dress. I looked down and was happy to see mine were just as hard. "Hi," I gushed at a pair of guys. "Aren't we hot?" "Yes," grinned one of the guys. "You two are looking great." "But we weren't always hotties," Janet said. "Only recently we looked like this." She handed over the fliers. The guys looked at the pictures, then back up at us, then back down at the picture.

"These women are you?" I nodded my head. "Our hubby came up with a rev.rev.revolushin airy new product that makes women hot, sexy bimbos like us." "Uh-huh," nodded Janet. "And your wives can, too. They just need to come to our party." "And pay just the tiny amount of a thousand dollars." "What?" the guy groaned.

"A thousand?" "Wouldn't it be worth it for your wife to have big, round boobies like these?" I asked, pushing down my top and exposing my breasts to them. "Look at how firm and natural they are." "Fuck," the guy groaned. "Uh-huh," Janet nodded, baring her big boobies too. "Our hubby invented a super smart sciency formula that will change your wives into sexy bimbos like us. We just need, um, what's that word, Ryan." "Investors," Ryan muttered.

"That's right. Investors. Smart, handsome men like you to investor in our hubby's business," smiled Janet. "Your wives will be super hot and sexy.


And so horny." "Very horny. We're horny all the time," I nodded. "I'm horny right now," added Janet. "Uh-huh," the second guy said. He had short, black hair. "How horny?" "So horny. My pussy is so wet. See." I lifted my skirt. "Oops, I shouldn't have done that. I'm being so naughty." "Damn," the first guy moaned, his cock bulging his pants.

"A thousand dollars and would they be as, uh." "Dumb?" suggested the second guy. "Excitable and horny?" the first continued.

"Oh, yes," laughed Janet. "It's so wonderful. We don't have to think anymore. We just do what our hubby tells us." "Would you suck my cock," the second guy grinned.

"Of course not," I giggled. "You're not our hubby." "That would be so naughty," agreed Janet. "We're good wives." "But you made my cock hard," the second guy pointed out, "by being so hot and sexy. And you know it's painful for a guy's cocks to be hard." "That's blue balls, right?" I asked. "Guys need to cum all the time." "Exactly, and since you made us horny, don't you think it's your responsibility to fix us?" "Dude," the first guy said.

"Janet?" I frowned, my naked boobs jiggling. There were other guys gathering around us. A few were black. They had cameras out taking pictures. "Well, if we made them ache, maybe we should fix them," she frowned. "Ooh, I wish Frank was here. He would know what to do." "Your husband is Frank." "Yes," Janet and I said together. "He's our husband." The guy blinked.

He didn't know that polgummy was okay. "Well, I happen to know Frank." "You do," I smiled. "I didn't know that." He pulled out his phone and typed on it. "Let me just text him and ask." He kept fiddling with his phone. "Hey, look, he said yes." He held up his phone. There was a typed message from Frank. "It's okay to suck a guy's cock if you made him hard and he's in pain." "Wow," I giggled.

"I didn't even hear your phone beep." "It's on silent." "Okay," I nodded, glancing at Janet. "Let's help them out. Frank says we have to." I licked my lips, my pussy so excited. All the men, and a few women, were staring at us. They formed a crowd at the entrance of the mall. Phones snapped pictures of us.

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We were modeling again and helping out the men we made horny. I fell to my knees. "Oh, shit," the first guy said as I unzipped his fly. "Right here?" "You're in pain," I giggled. "I have to relieve you." "What a pair of sluts," a woman sneered. "Holy shit, I can't believe this is happening." I sucked the man's cock into my mouth as Janet did the same to the second guy.

She sucked noisily, bobbing her head while the man groaned. I sucked hard on my dick, swirling my tongue around it as I stared up at the man. "I can't believe this is happening," he groaned, filming me with his phone. "This slut just started sucking my cock.

She's a complete bimbo. It's so hot." I looked up into the camera.

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I was modeling and helping this man out. I was such a wonderful, amazing person. And it was so fun. My pussy itched between my thighs. My mouth made these wicked noises, sucking and slurping, as I bobbed my mouth deeper and deeper down his cock.

"And this chemical will make my wife into a bimbo, too?" groaned the man whose cock I sucked. I moaned a yes around his dick. "Fuck," I groaned. Ryan handed out fliers while Janet and I kept helping these poor men out. I worked more and more of my mouth down his cock, the tip brushing the back of my throat.

The men watching us snatched up the fliers while rubbing their crotches. Janet and I made more men ache.

We would have so many cocks to suck. Frank would have to spank me so hard for being such a naughty wife, but I had to do it. I squeezed my thighs together as I swallowed my cock. The man groaned as I deep-throated him. His cock throbbed in my mouth.

He loved it. I was making him feel so much better. I shoved a hand between my thighs and rubbed at my wet pussy. I caressed my hot labia and then shoved two fingers deep inside me. I moaned about the cock buried in my throat. "Shit," the guy grunted. "Holy shit." "What a bunch of sluts," groaned a guy.


"I can't believe this is happening." I couldn't either. Being a bimbo caused so many problems. Luckily, I was equipped to help all the men.

"Shit," the man groaned. His dick throbbed. His cock erupted, pouring his cum right down my throat and into my belly. My pussy clenched around my fingers. A small orgasm rippled through me. I loved that wonderful, fuzzy bliss rushing through all my veins. My pussy milked my fingers and my juices flowed out, coating my hand and filling the air with a wonderful musk.

The guy pulled out his cock from my mouth and zipped up while asking, "Give me one of those fliers." "Sure," Ryan said. "Look what you did to me, slut," a young man growled, his face pierced. His cock had a silver ring through the tip. That must be so painful.

"Better help me out." "Yes, sir," I grinned at him before swallowing his dick, his ring brushing the roof of my mouth. "Damn, you are old enough to be my mom," he groaned. "This is so fucking hot. Suck my cock, you slutty MILF." I tried to ask what a meelf was, but my mouth was full of hard cock. So instead I sucked hard to make sure he felt amazing. My fingers kept stirring through my pussy. Beside me, Janet sucked a Hispanic man's brown cock, her mouth bobbing fast.

I smiled at her around the dick in my mouth. With my freehand, I reached out and fondled her exposed breast. That was a mistake.

All the guys groaned and it was so clear I was only making their dicks hurt more. I would have a lot of cocks to suck. I was ready to suck them all. My fingers pumped in and out of my pussy as my second cock erupted into my mouth. I barely had time to play with his ring before that wonderful, delicious, salty treat filled my mouth. I swirled it around. Before I could really savor it when another man fucked his cock hard into my mouth.

He didn't let me suck him. He was in so much pain, he gripped my red hair and slammed his dick deep into my mouth, his balls slapping my chin. "Fucking slut," he snarled. "Oh, yes, you are such a slut. I'm going to make my wife into a whoreish bimbo like you.

She's such a slut. Just like you. Oh, yes." My pussy clenched down on his fingers. He was so strong, using my mouth to make himself feel better. My fingers pumped faster. I ground the heel of my hand on my clit. His dick slammed down my throat. "Fuck that slut's mouth," a Black man groaned, rubbing at his cock in his sweat pants. "Shit, she is going to choke on my monster." I shuddered, eager to suck his cock next.

"Got to wait your turn," groaned the man fucking my mouth. "Little slut needs to swallow all my cum first." I sucked and caressed his cock with my tongue. His fingers dug hard into my hair. It almost hurt, but the pain made my nipples hardened. He grunted and his face twisted as the pain built in his cock, but I knew he would feel better once he came. In the distance, police sirens blared. "Shit," the Black guy snarled.

"Fucking slut, drink my cum!" growled the man. His dick erupted into my mouth. I shuddered as the hot, salty jizz splashed inside of me. I swallowed and swirled the cum around inside my mouth. It was so thick and hot. My pussy spasmed. My clit throbbed. My orgasm burst through me.

I swallowed his cum as the pleasure rushed through me. I squeezed my eyes shut as my body writhed. My juices squirted out of my pussy, drenching my hand and thighs. The pleasure rushed through my body, hammering into my mind. "Damn, the cops are coming," someone yelled. I barely registered as the man ripped his dick out of my mouth. I coughed and shuddered, falling forward onto my left hand as my right continued frigging my pussy.

A second orgasm burst through my body. "So good!" I gasped. "Oh, yes.

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Oh, fuck!" "Let's get out of here," a guy said. "Need to bounce." "Cops," I groaned, looking up at the Black man. He had a big grin on his face as he rubbed his bulging dick through his sweatpants. "Yeah, the cops are coming." "Oh, goodie," I groaned. "I always love the boys in blue." The Black man's smile grew.

His friend, a shorter man with a shaved head, grabbed his sleeve. "Come on man, we need to go." "You always listen to cops?" grinned the Black man. "That's the law," I nodded. "You have to obey the cops no matter what." "Well, I'm an undercover cop and I need you to come with me." My eyes widened. "You need my help?" He kept rubbing his bulge. "Yes, I do. Me and my frien.fellow cops.

You sexy bimbos have made us all hard and we need to fuck you over and over until we feel better." "Yes, sir, Mr. Officer," I grinned, still fingering my pussy. My body shivered as another orgasm washed through me. He was Black. I so wanted to help him out. I hoped he was as big as the UPS men.

My naughty pussy would love that. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet. I thought I heard Janet calling my name, but there were a lot of shouting and the sirens grew louder and louder. People were running in every direction, many hopping into cars and speeding off. The Black cop and his partner lead me to a van and threw it open. It was gray and the back had a shag carpet.

"In you go," the officer said with a hungry smile. I climbed in and kept frigging my pussy. I was so happy to help out the cops. To be continued.