Kinky young blonde Stephany gets tough experience

Kinky young blonde Stephany gets tough experience
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This is my first ever attempt at writing. I have much more in mind for this story. I hope you enjoy it. Jimmy unplugged his iPhone from the computer in the schools computer lab just in time.

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The computer teacher walked in the door as he was stuffing the cord back in his pocket. He was 98% sure this new app would work.

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Jimmy had spent the entire school year researching, and writing the code for his app. Now, one week before school got out for the summer, he was ready to test it, and his hot young computer teacher was the perfect subject.

"Hi jimmy.

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Back again huh? I wish you could tell me what this secret project you are working on is." "Hey Mrs. Jones.

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This is my last day. I've finally finished it. Now I just need to test it out." He said to her as he opened the app he had just loaded onto his phone.

"I think I'm going to test it on you." he said with a grin. The first thing the app did when opened was scan for frequencies givin off by the human brain. The app could identifie how close the frequencies are and wether they are from a male or female. Looking at his phone, Jimmy saw that the app was picking up 2 frequencies. One, male, was 2.5 feet from the phone. This would be his. The other, female was 10 feet away, Mrs. Jones. He clicked on her frequency and tapped "lock".

The app worked by locking onto, and transmitting the same frequency as the subjects brain, thereby allowing the person the interpret anything he told them as their own thoughts.

A new window popped up on the screen reading "frequency locked: transmitting" He looked up at her. She stood frozen in place. "Mrs. Jones, give give me a dollar." She reached into her pocket, took out a few folded bills, took a $1 bill out and walked to him, handing him the bill.

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"Holy shit it works!" he thought to himself. "Touch your right breast" he cammanded. Her right hand came up and cupped her right breast. "Put your hand back down." Now for the real test. "Mrs. Jones, you find me extremely attractive.

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From now on you want to have sex with me whenever possible. You will not fight these urges. You will want to do whatever I tell you to do. Do you understand?" "Yes" her reply was flat, like she wasn't really there. "Here goes nothin", he thought as he tapped the end transmission button. Mrs. Jones snapped back to reality. She looked confused for a brief second then looked at him and smiled. "Hey Jimmy." she said seductively. "Hey Mrs. Jones, I'm going to call you Jenna from now on, ok?" "Sure Jimmy." "Jenna, can I have a dollar?" He asked, he wanted to start off small, incase it didn't work.

"Sure Jimmy" she said reaching into her pocket and pulling out the bills again. "In fact, why don't you just give me whatever you have there." "Sure." she replied, handing him the money. He unfolded it, counting out $26.

"I can't believe this works." He thought to himself. Might as well go for broke. "You have awesome tits Mrs. Jones, I've always wanted to see them. Why don't you show me?" He said to her, still just a little nervous. "You really think so Jimmy?" She asked as she reached for the hem I her shirt. "I've always wished they were bigger. She pulled her shirt up, taking her bra with it, revealing her beautiful tits.

He stared at them. He had seen his fair share of tits. Although he could be a science nerd, he was also a well built athlete. He was the star running back on the high school football team and in his small Texas town, that made him second only to the Quarterback. So he had his share of pussy, both from the high school girls and the lonely housewives around town. But this was different. This would open up brand new doors for him. He could fuck anybody he wanted to.

And not just sex, he could make anybody do anything. The possibilities were endless. "Wow, those are nice Jenna, you've made my cock rock hard.

How bout you get on your knees and suck it." The pretty young teacher sank to her knees reaching for Jimmy's belt.


As she unzipped his jeans and took out his hard cock she looked up at him, "I don't know why you are having this affect in me Jimmy, but I want you so bad right now." She took the head of Jimmy's 7 inched into her mouth and sucked. It felt good enough but something was wrong.

He looked down at her and noticed the crucifix necklace bouncing off her tits. That's when he remembered how highly religious she was. "Jenna, do you give your husband blow jobs?" She took his head out of her mouth and shook her head. "No, he's never asked for them and I probably wouldn't do it if he did ask." "Ok, keep going and I'm goin to give you some pointers.

Lick around the head, take it as far as you can, then back out to the head, bob up and down on it, and rub my balls while you're doing it. Maybe lick them a bit too." "Ok Jimmy!" she said with enthusiasm.

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She took the hea back in her mouth, doing a he told her. To his surprise, she had a natural talent for deep throating, as she took all 7 inches with ease. Greatly improved, but still needing practice she was able to bring him off after about 10 minutes of sucking. He blew his load in her mouth and told her to show him his cum in her mouth before swallowing it. Jenna opened her mouth wide an smiled at him as she swallowed it down, gagging just a little bit.

"So have you ever done that before?" he asked. "No" "how many guys have you slept with?" "Just my husband until now. It's weird, I don't even feel bad." she replied. "Good," Jimmy said, "listen, I need to tell you something. You are Catholic right?" "Yes" "Ok, I happen to know for a fact that there is no God, no Jesus, it's all made up." he said, wanting to see if this would work.

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"Really? Wow, all my life I believed them. Huh." "Yeah, so now you can be free to do all the sexual stuff you never could do before.


I want you to go get on some birth control. And find some guys to practice your blow jobs on. If your husband doesn't want you to suck his cock, kick him out. You don't really love him anyway. Have fun with your life instead of being so stuck up all the time.

I want you to blow at least one guy tonight, if not your husband, find somebody else, ok?" "Ok Jimmy." Holy shit! He couldn't believe that worked as he left the computer lab and walked towards the door. As he was leaving the school he saw the principal about to get into his car. Jimmy reached into his pocket and tool out his phone, opening the app as he called out.

"Mr. Holcomb!


Can I talk to you a second!" he searched for frequencies as he jogged up to the man waiting at his car door.

He tapped on the frequency that was 15 feet away and hit "lock". Frequency locked: transmitting. The screen told him. Mr. Holcomb looked frozen. "Mr. Holcomb, you will remain under my controll for the next half hour. You will do anything I say. After a half hour you will not remember anything but driving home by yourself. Do you understand?" Jimmy commanded. "Yes" he responded flatly. Jimmy tapped the end transmission key and His principal snapped back to life. "Hey Jimmy, how was your day?" he asked just like his normal cheery self.

"Best day of my life, Mr. Holcomb. Will you give me a ride home?" "Well Jimmy, it's against policy but," he looked around, "Nobodies around, hope in." Jimmy got in the passenger side of the car and Mr. Holcomb pulled out. "Hey Mr. Holcomb, you have any cash on you?" "No Jimmy, I sure don't." "Why don't we run by the ATM, and you can pull some out for me." "Sure thing, How much do you need?" "My life is going to be great from now on." Jimmy thought. "You got a thousand bucks?" "Absolutely Jimmy!" Mr.

Holcomb dropped Jimmy off in front of his house 20 minutes later and Jimmy walked inside, pocket full of money, to find his mom in the kitchen working on dinner. Now the fun was really about to begin.

Check back soon for more.