Amazing sweet girls play with pussies

Amazing sweet girls play with pussies
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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life, and as she turned the page she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her as she recalled the pleasure and knowledge they gave her.

She remembered how her adult life had started after the party and how she had lived as a biker's slut before being rescued by Mary. Turning the pages she recalled both meeting and losing Tony before her wild trip to America. Turning forward a little more she read the entry "Happy Fucking Birthday" and recalled her 31st birthday.


***** . Julie was bored, she clicked through the channels on the TV before clicking it off and threw the remote onto the couch in disgust. It was a few weeks before Christmas and Julie was spending her birthday on her own, a situation she didn't normally mind but tonight she wanted company.

Walking into her bedroom she stripped to her thong and bra and stood with her wardrobe doors wide open looking at her clothes.

Running her fingers along the rack she smiled as she came across her biking jacket and holding it up on its hanger admired the silhouette of the female warrior emblazoned across the back.

Deciding it would be too cold on the bike at the beginning of December she smiled as she came across her long grey leather coat. She started looking for a suitable dress when a wicked thought came into her mind. Removing her underwear she slipped the coat on loving the feel of the quilted lining and then ran her hand across the smooth and supple leather.

Before doing the coat up she slipped on a pair on grip top stockings and black stiletto shoes. She paused at the door and admired her reflection and with the coat done up and reaching mid-calf, no one could tell she was totally naked underneath. She walked into the bar that was festooned with Christmas decorations and ordered a drink. The bar was crowded with people getting into the festive spirit and she looked round for somewhere to sit and to see if any of her regular friends turned up.

Julie spotted a couple in their late thirties sitting at a small table where there was an empty stool. Both looked smart and respectable but maybe a little bored with each other's company. He was dressed in a casual suit without a tie and whilst turning a little to fat still had a good body on him. She was dressed in a black cocktail dress with some small sequins, which was a little tight for her generous curves.

Julie thought to herself, as she walked over, that they looked like Mr & Mrs Normal out for a pleasant evening. As she neared the table she turned on her most charming smile and asked in a soft voice, "Hi, is this seat taken?" The couple eagerly invited Julie to take a seat, obviously welcoming the interruption.

Julie nearly choked when the man said, "Hi my name's Bob and this is my wife Sue can I take your coat?" Trying hard not to burst out giggling Julie explained that she wasn't that warm so it would be better if she kept in on, but undid some buttons at the bottom to make it easier to sit revealing a fair amount of stocking.

The couple included Julie in their conversation and they were soon getting on well together chatting about trivial but pleasant things. Whilst she was listening to Sue explaining something about what was on TV last night she felt a hand gently stroking her left knee.

When Sue looked away Julie took the opportunity to flash a quick smile at Bob before Sue turned back to the conversation.

Julie felt Bob's hand creep higher up her thigh and was a little surprised to feel another hand rubbing her right knee. Julie opened her knees allowing both hands to stroke and caress the inside of her thighs as she felt her pussy begin to dampen as her brain started to think about sex. It was obvious by the way the couple carried on the conversation that neither of them knew what the other one was doing, so thinking to herself that the night could turn out to be quite interesting after all, she stood quickly offered to buy a round before their hands met in the middle.

As she stood at the bar she felt Bob standing behind her pressing his body close as he enquired whether Julie needed a hand. Feeling her pussy dampen, she bit back the comment of she would rather have a few fingers than a hand and whispered in his ear she would meet him in the car park.

As Bob headed off telling Sue he was going to the toilet Julie deposited the drinks on the table. Sue was eager to carry on the conversation and couldn't hide her disappointment when Julie told her, "I have just seen some friends that have come in and I must go and talk to them, I will be back in a few minutes." As Julie made her way to the car park she passed a table with two women sitting on it.

Before they could speak Julie held her finger to her lips and checking she was out of eyesight of Sue bent and whispered in one of the woman's ears. The woman smiled and nodded as Julie moved on. Julie looked round the car park and was nearly pounced on by Bob who began to kiss her hard. As their kiss intensified with the raw lust running through them, Bob worked his hand inside Julie's coat. He groaned as his hand encountered bare flesh where he expected clothing and he ran his hand across Julie's hardening nipples before trying to move lower.

"God you are so sexy" murmured Bob "not like my wife who is not adventurous at all, God I want you". On hearing this Julie sank to her knees and unzipped his trousers and pulled his semi-hard cock free. She ran her tongue around the head tasting his pre-cum before sucking him deep into her warm mouth. Bob groaned and running his hands through her hair began to hump into her mouth.

Although Julie knew this had to be a quickie she wanted to make sure she got some pleasure out of this encounter as well and stood before he could cum. Bob moaned in disappointment as he whined "Oh no you are just like my wife, she hates the taste of cum as well." Julie laughed as she lifted the coat up and over her back and bent over the bonnet of a nearby car exposing her bum, telling Bob over her shoulder "I just want that big cock inside me baby". As she lay there spread-eagled she felt the cold of the metal creeping through her coat and the cool air across her exposed flesh.

Opening her legs Julie knew she was wet enough for Bob to enter her and she moaned, as he wasted no time plunging deep into her. The cold had done nothing to dampen Bob's enthusiasm and his stiff cock sank into Julie's willing flesh. He began to hump her like a man demented and as his cock drove in and out of her Julie felt the tingling of an orgasm building in her.

Bob tentatively touched Julie's star in an uncertain way and Julie lifted her head and told Bob, "Put your finger or two in baby I love having my ass played with". Bob groaned out loud as he told Julie " wife won't even let me touch her there" and pushed a finger deep into Julie's ass.

Before Julie could cum Bob started to grunt and with frantic strokes pumped his cum into her body whilst fingering her ass. Julie let Bob go before pulling her coat back down and making her way slowly back to the table. Bob and Sue were sitting there in silence and whilst Bob looked a little guilty, Sue smiled broadly and was obviously very happy that Julie had returned. The conversation started again and as Sue chattered on gaily Julie felt the trickle of cum wetting her thighs.

Realising she needed to make a few emergency arrangements before the inside of her coat was ruined she stood, announcing she was going to the toilet. Sue stood as well and said "Need the loo myself so if you don't mind I will join you". As they entered the toilets Sue was telling Julie how sexy she thought Julie was and was cracking jokes about how boring her sex life was with Bob. Julie stopped and looked Sue in the eye as she said, "Is that why you were touching my thigh earlier then Sue?" Sue looked a little guilty as she nodded her head stammering out that when she was at college years ago she had a lesbian affair and missed it finishing with, "I hope you aren't too offended, it must have been the drink" Julie didn't say anything but pulled Sue by the hand into the large cubicle.

Julie calmly unbuttoned her coat and hung it on the back of the door standing before Sue naked apart from her stockings and shoes. Sue moaned under her breath and held out her hand to gently touch Julie breast. Julie felt the electric shock run through her from the touch and as her nipples hardened she pulled Sue closer and kissed her gently on the mouth.

The kiss soon became more passionate as Sue's hands roamed across Julie's body touching and marvelling at the feel of her skin. Sue sank to her knees as she softly murmured "I want to taste you darling" planting kisses on Julie's tummy as she worked her head lower. Julie leant back against the sidewall and lifted one leg onto the bowl to give Sue easy access to her pussy. Julie felt Sue's tongue run across her pussy lips and leant back ready to enjoy her mouth when Sue suddenly froze.

Sue looked up from her kneeling position and said "Oh my God, Julie you are full of cum." "I know" replied Julie "It's your husband's he has just fucked me in the car park." Julie waited for the reply and after a brief pause Sue chuckled throatily as she said "Well if it's my husband's mess I had better clear it up," With that last comment she buried her head between Julie's legs and started to lick in earnest.

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Julie felt her tongue run through her lips before plunging deep into her body. Sue scoped and licked savouring Julie's juices mixed with her husband's still warm cum. Julie moaned as the woman worked her magic and felt the orgasm build in her body as Sue continued to lick and flick at her clit.


As Julie moaned loudly she gripped Sue's hair and pulled her in as the orgasm flooded through her. Sue pressed her mouth over Julie's pussy and as Julie's inner muscles contracted she sent a fresh flow of cum mixed with pussy juices into the woman's mouth. Julie pulled Sue to her feet and was kissing her passionately; tasting Bob's cum when the cubicle door burst open. Julie broke the kiss and recognised the two women standing there who she knew from her local gym and had been sitting in the pub earlier.

Jill and Lynne were both well-built and Julie knew that they were both fairly butch lesbians with a passion for fucking women with large strap-ons, something Julie had enjoyed from both of them, both apart and together.

Winking over the shocked Sue's shoulder, Jill quickly caught on and looking at Lynne said "Well, well Lynne, looks like we have a couple of sluts in need of our services." Sue was about to object when Julie put on her best little girl lost voice and said, "We had better do what they say Sue they might hurt us and it would be so, so embarrassing to be caught like this".

Sue nodded timidly as Jill turned and slipped an out of order sign on the outside door before locking it from the inside. Whilst this was happening Lynne reached under Sue's dress and roughly pulled her knickers off and pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. Sue couldn't help but moan as she felt the woman invade her wet pussy and made it even wetter. Jill and Lynne pushed Julie and Sue over to the washbasins and ordered them to bend over.

Sue's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she watched the two women buckle on their 10" strap-ons. "I don't think I can take something that biggggggggggg," said Sue, her last word being forced out of her body as Lynne forced the dildo deep into her pussy.

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Julie braced herself and moaned with contentment as Jill slide into her soaked pussy. The two butch women began to pound Julie's and Sue's pussies with vigour enjoying the sight of the plastic stretching them as they slid in and out. Julie felt her orgasm build and pushed back to meet Jill's thrusts before moaning "Yessssssssss fuck me hard you bitch".

Julie's shout of excitement triggered Sue's own orgasm and she felt herself cum and her juices flooded around the pumping plastic. Julie smiled to herself as Jill slowed her pumping and their eyes meet in the reflection of the mirror. They smiled at each other and Julie winked as she said "Oh God I feel so violated Sue, good job they didn't try to fuck our asses as well". Jill bit back her laugh at this sexy girl impaled on her dildo and looked at Lynne as she said, "Well we had better rectify that hadn't we Lynne".

Julie wiggled her ass in delight as Jill withdrew and began to push the dildo into her ass.

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Jill leant forward and whispered in Julie's ear "God you are a horny bitch, how long do you want us to play along with this pretence that we don't know you?" Julie turned her head and kissed Jill passionately on the mouth and then whispered, "Until my friend is screaming for mercy, now fuck me till I scream." Jill needed no second invitation and drove the dildo into Julie's ass filling and stretching her opening.

Turning to Lynne who was still embedded in Sue's pussy she exclaimed "Let's ride these bitches sister until they beg for more". Lynne pulled the wet dildo from Sue pussy and placing it at her anal star began to gently push.

As she did so she began telling Sue, "You love this don't you slut? You want Lynne to ream your ass don't you slut?" Sue started to deny it as she had never even let her husband touch her ass but her brain was screaming out to get fucked. Looking over at Julie who was getting pumped by Jill and obviously enjoying turned her head and snarled at Lynne "Well what are you waiting for, fuck me hard".

Lynne resisted the urge to slam into her and steadily pushed the dildo in. Sue began to swear and curse as it slipped deeper and deeper into her virgin ass willing Lynne on with "Oh yes.

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shit. oh fucking yes. Oh fuck me like a whore. god it's so fucking big". Hearing the encouragement Lynne pushed the dildo home and turned to Jill giving her a high five as she said "This little bitch is loving this sister". Lynne started to pump into Sue loving the way she was moaning and groaning and when she felt her begin to buck and moan she slammed with renewed vigour.

Jill not to be out done drove into Julie and the friction on her clit caused her to orgasm as Julie started to scream as her climax burst within her. Jill and Lynne pulled out of the two women and left them both clutching to the basin for support, as their buckling legs would hardly support them.

Laughing they un-wedged the door and as they left Jill called over her shoulder "Better get them asses covered girls otherwise we are gonna be back for another go". Julie collected her coat and covering herself helped Sue rearrange her clothing as they made their way a little unsteadily back to the table. "You took your time," exclaimed Bob, looking a little miffed at being left on his own. Julie looked Bob in the eye and watched his face colour as she said quite calmly in a low voice, "Sorry Bob darling, but Sue her had to lick the cum out of my pussy after you had filled it the car park".

Bob's mouth dropped open as Julie went on "Oh and then both of us got our asses fucked senseless by two dykes with large strap-ons". Bob turned to Sue in shock but could see from the glazed look on her face that she was still in a high state of sexual excitement. Before he could speak Sue looked at him and said in a low lust filled voice "Bob, take me home, fuck my pussy then my ass and then I want to taste your lovely cum". Bob was speechless but grabbed his coat and turned to thank Julie but found he was staring at her departing back.

Julie walked across the car park singing softly but happily to herself, "Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Julie.

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Happy fucking birthday to me."