Busty asian whore goes crazy jerking

Busty asian whore goes crazy jerking
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Danielle and I actually met online during my senior year of high school. We talked for eight months before we met. Over that time we fell in love with each other.

To this day I still love her. The first time we met in person I could tell she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. She was beautiful, smart and she knew how to make me smile. Danielle is about 5'2'' shoulder length brown hair, light blue eyes you can just get lost in, nice 36B tits and a nice tight little ass. We've been married for 6 years now and after three kids she is still just as beautiful, if not more than when I first met her.

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I'm 5'8'' dark brown hair, green eyes, athletically built and my cock is almost 7in long and 3.5in around. After putting the kids to bed one night, I was laying in bed reading a book, in just my normal sleep attire, a pair of boxers, and she came in and closed the door as quietly as she could not wanting to wake the kids. Turning around she had this wicked little smirk on her face which instantly made me wonder what was on her mind. Curious I asked her, "What's up with you?" Knowing sure well that she had something planned for tonight but I didn't know what it was.

"Nothing, you'll see," she said as she winked as me and skipped off to the master bath and closed the door behind her. I couldn't help but wonder what was going through her head, but all I could do was sit there and go back to reading my book. After a few pages, I heard the click of the door and peaked over the top of my book.

Seeing her standing there in the doorway, in a see through light blue babydoll and matching panties instantly made my cock twitch. Walking over to me, she through back the covers and kissed me softly as she slid overtop of me, stadling my waist.

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Laying there making out with her, she began to rotate her hips stimulating my hard cock through nothing more than her panties and my boxers. As we laid there kissing, I ran my hands up and down her back rubbing it softly. As I slid my hands down to her ass, I squeezed it a little. Giving it another playful pinch, she moaned a little as I slid my hands back up the front side I raised the babydoll over her breasts and down her arms.


Sliding it down her arms, I gave her nipples a little pinch. Dropping it over the side of the bed, she moaned as she came down and kissed me deeply. Making out with her some more, my hands found her soft warm breasts. Playing with her breasts I could tell she was getting really turned on from all the moaning she was doing when I would take her nipples between my fingers and roll them softly.

Slowly she pulled back and moved next to me taking my boxers and sliding them off my hips.

Tossing them across the room, she smiled at me again and leaned over and gave the tip of my cock a few soft licks. Giving the bottom of my cock head a long lick, she opened her mouth and slowly slid her mouth overtop and down a little bit swirling her tongue licking at the sides as she did. Moaning loud enough for her to hear me, she sucked softly as she pulled her mouth off of my cock and then licked the tip again, getting the pre-cum that had leaked out. Leaning up over toward her, I took the thin pieces of fabric holding her panties together and slid them down her legs.

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Pushing them over the side of the bed, I pulled her hips toward my mouth to be greeted with a freshly shaved pussy with a little triangular patch right above her clit, as she opened her legs for me. Leaning in I gave her clit a few licks before making a little O with my mouth and sucked hard on her clit, just the way that she likes it, just before she let out a loud enough moan that I thought would wake the kids up.

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Letting go she took my cock back into her mouth to muffle the moans that I was making her do. Giving her clit another lick, I slid it over the outsides of her pussy lightly before flattening my touch and licking along both sides sending shivers up her body shake so much I could feel it with her mouth licking my cock.

Dipping my tongue in and out a few times, she let out another moan releasing my cock from her mouth and turning around and kissing me deeply. "I've had enough of that mister, I want something bigger," she said grinning at me, as she took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few times.

Watching her closely, she moved onto her back never missing a beat with her hand on my cock.

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Pulling on my cock softly, she pulled me on top of her and took the tip of my cock and slid it up and down her slit making it wet with her juices.

By now she was making a small wet spot on the sheets under her ass from how wet she was. After she gave herself enough teasing, she stopped with my cock right over her entrance. Letting go of my cock as I pushed into her, I leaned down and kissed her passionately as she wrapped her legs around my hips and helped push as much of my cock into her as we could both get inside. As I started to move in and out of her pussy slowly, I kissed her again and then kissed my way down her neck to one of her nipples and sucked on it softly for a little bit.

Sticking out my tongue, I gave her nipple a few licks before drawing a line with my tongue from one nipple to the other, coming to it, I gave it a few flicks.


Feeling her body shake, I knew that I had just giving her a small orgasm from all the stimulation that I had just giving her body. Giving her nipples a few last minute sucks, I kissed my way up to her collar bone, and planted a few soft kisses there. Slowly pulling almost all the way out, I would push my whole cock back into her quickly.

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Doing this a few times, I kissed her again deeply. Quickening the pace, I knew that I wasn't going to last much longer, hearing her breathing I had a feeling that she wasn't going to last much longer either.


Giving her a couple quick hard and deep strokes quickly pushed me over the edge. Holding myself deep inside her, she wrapped her legs around me squeezing me into her, as we both let out loud moans and came together. Kissing her softly, I pulled out of her after I softened and laid next to her pulling her in close with her head on my chest.

"Babygirl, that was the best surprise I've gotten in a long time. I love you!!" I said and kissed her deeply as she lifted her head to look at me. "I love you too sweetie," she said and kissed me back. Laying her head back down, I reached over and turned off the light and pulled a blanket over top of us as we drifted off to sleep in each others arms as the lovers that we will always be.