Plowing a sexy wet crack on the couch

Plowing a sexy wet crack on the couch
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This takes place at a maximum security prison with no windows for woman only. No men here, not even a guard; any male that visits is escorted to the warden's office separate from the rest of the prison by a hall. Just think of a giant concrete cube with doors surrounded by razor wire on three sides and an unforgiving jungle on the other.

The prisoners never come out into the yard only a few selected tend to the grounds. We watch a van bringing in another woman to the prison. This prison takes only the unruly, the real bad ass. The gates open and the van pull into the receiving area as the door seals behind it.

The van stops and the driver turn off the motor and waits. The woman in the back says hay dumb ass is you going to get me the fuck out of her.

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The looks at her through the rear view mirror and says nope. I just deliver you here; I am not allowed to get out no matter what. Anyway my doors lock automatically as soon as I go through the door and won't unlock until I exit the gate. Another door opens you can hear it clang as it unlocks you can tell it is a heavy door.

We can hear two sets of footsteps come closer to the van as an officer swipes her card key and enters a code the side door unlocks and opens by itself. Two very fit women stand ready to take her and say exit now calmly or we will remove you with force. The woman says fuck you bitches I am not going anywhere until I am ready to as one of the guards calmly takes out a air-taser the woman see it and says like that is going to change my mind and the guard shoots the woman and pulls the trigger.

Zap, tap, tap, tap, and tap as the woman jerks and screams in pain and falls out of the van. They pull her out as another guard comes from a different direction to the driver as he rolls down his window he gives the paper work to her and she signs his paper work stating that they have custody of her she thanks him and the thanks her as the van door closes and locks he waits until the two guards have each grab a arm and watch them lift her up off the ground as the third brings a special dolly over and they strap her in and wheel her off.

The man notices that that wasn't a regular police air-taser. And asks one of the guards where I can get one of those. The guard that signed his paper work speaks if you are good I will get you one for Christmas as the door closes with a loud clang as he starts his van he says oh yea I would love to get you for Christmas and unwrap you as he drives to the door which opens for him. He watches it close behind him as he droves to the gate it opens as he passes through it and it closes.

His doors unlock, as he talks to himself saying dam I wouldn't want to be a guest there and disappears down the road. The guards wheel the woman down the hall to the hospital where all new prisoners go.

They place her in a room with nothing in it but a shower and a hose. They each get a pair of scissors and start cutting off the woman's clothing she moans as drool runs out the corner of her mouth. As they have cut her free of all clothing they untie her from the dolly as she slides down onto the cold wet floor.

They break an ammonia capsule and wave it under her nose as she breaths she gasps and wakes up. What happened to me you bitches will pay for this as the guard calmly takes the air-taser out this time the woman stops crawling toward then calming down realizing she is now naked.

She says what the hell.


One of the guards speaks welcome to the new rock. This place makes Alcatraz a kiddy ride. Here all inmates are naked at all times, so you can't hide anything.

There is nothing here to use as a weapon, everything is computer controlled all you have to do is ask. You think you are a bad ass here that will change. You might even get reformed. Here we work on the merit system you are good you are rewarded. If you are bad well let's say we have ways to punish you.

You have already met the taser this one is special before you think about it.


There are encoded to work for only the guards, it packs more of a punch than the police issue ones. Others I am sure you will be introduced to others throughout your stay here.

Now will you take a shower on your own or do we have to use the hose on you. The shower has hot water the hose cold your choice. The woman goes to the shower which turns on by its self. The water running over her body she asks for soap the shower hears her and liquid soap pours out the shower head. This amazes the woman as she soaps up her body. Now that she isn't trying to fight we see she has long slinger legs nicely shaped hips and a round tight ass.

She soaps up her breasts which are nice and full a little heavy she has a few stretch marks on the tops of them. But very nice nipples that make you want to just suck on them. Last she washes her pussy, closely trimmed hair, very puffy lips and a large clit that quickly pops out. After she rinses off and steps away from the shower it shuts off. How do I dry and comb my hair she asks.

A reminder if you are good you are rewarded as around the corner a salon chair with a hair dryer on it. This one is different it has a veeded out seat and asked why. Well it is that way because most of the women enjoy the hair combing so much they have an orgasm.

No way the woman says, and sits down. Just enough room to sit well but you have to spread you legs to the sides of the chair. This does sit good as warm air starts blowing on her head.

What about the rest of me she asks the guard says look at your arms the water is treated to be absorbed into your skin as it is almost dry.

The guards grin at each other as the woman closes her eyes as the warm air blows over her face. Not knowing to her there is a added ingredient to the air one that makes her light headed as she moans hidden restraints come out of the chair and restrain her arms at her wrists and at her ankles and larger ones at her inner thighs and inflate with air until they are tight.

Now her conditioning can begin now that her mind is numb.

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Another guard enters this one is naked as the others leave. She comes up to the woman and leans over her and removes the hair dryer to the side as she combs her hair.

What a good girl you are I thing you deserve a reward now as she speaks begin first session as the chair raises up and leans back to a forty five degree angle. Oh very nice the guard says as she caress the woman's breast watching as her nipple get hard as she massages it. She takes a device from the back of the chair and places it between the inmate's legs, a few adjustments and the inmate's puffy pussy lips are spread wide.

Oh nice and pick inside the guard says as she runs a finger over her clit that has become hard. The guard now speaks ready as a section of the floor opens up. The guard goes back up to the woman's breast and starts sucking on her nipple as she moans as the woman sucks and talks to her gently telling her what a good girl she is. From the floor we watch a vine spiral out and start up the woman's leg, up her inner thigh to her open pussy.

It caresses her pussy and finds her clit hard the vine attaches to her clit causing her to gasp loudly. The guard tells her every time you are good you get rewarded. The vine sucks her clit deeper in to it, then a needle like barb pierced her clit causing her to jerk as the pain quickly goes away the vine injects her with something that causes her body to flash with heat as her open pussy lips quiver trying to break free. Another vine comes up looking like a small cock and pushes into her pussy.

AH, ah, ah she gasps each time it expands and contracts. The inmate's whole body comes alive with feeling and images in her mind of being fucked hard and enjoying it. The guard saying I don't think we need this spreader no more and releasing it. As it falls off her pussy, her lips wrap tightly around the vine trying to pull it deeper into her pussy.

As the vine goes deeper into her and getting larger with each contraction opening her up. The inmate arches her back as her first orgasm washes over her as a fine sweat breaks out all over her body.

The vine starts thrusting deeper into her with long strokes. You can feel how wet her pussy is now, the guard whispers to her again saying what a good girl you are, as she sucks a hard nipple again. This one will respond well to the treatment and puts a metal collar around her neck. Feeling very horny herself the guard gets on her knees and lays down on her arms until her nipples just graze the floor.

She relaxes her back which makes her ass round more, and spreads her legs opening herself up. Another vine comes up from the hole, rises up and shoots into the guard's pussy deep and straight into her womb.

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She screams yes… as it starts pumping into her hard. She leans back into it as it fucks her harder, her body moves with each thrust. Her nipples graze the cold floor. It doesn't take the guard long until she is sloppy wet her juices running down her thighs.

The vine keeps fucking the guard as it teases the inmate's cervix before pushing through in to her womb. The inmate screams and jerks as another orgasm washes over her. Another small vine runs up and pushes against her tight ass hole. Her pussy spasms and opens her tight hole just enough the vine shoots in. the vine continues pounding both women's pussy, as it runs up the inmates ass oozing a liquid. So that the vine can clean her out, all the way until it enters her stomach and fills it full.

It starts to pull out making a vacuum pulling the liquid through her body as it sucks her empty. The vine explodes hard into the guard, you can see the vine contract as it pumps her full of it's cum. It pulls out of her and the excess squirts out of her pussy.

The vine sucks the inmates pussy dry of her cum and pumps her full of it's cum as it pulls out her pussy squirts out the excess as she gasps for air. The vine disappears into the hole and it seals up as the chair returns to its chair mode the guard now standing leans over her and tells her again what a good girl you are as she starts to finger fuck the inmate. It doesn't take her long until the inmate orgasms and squirts onto the guards hand and all over her inner thighs.

The guard replaces the hair dryer after combing her hair again and leaves as the two other guards come back in. The air in the hair dryer changes, as the chair releases her before she starts to wake. The guard start talking, yep mark another down for Cumming in the chair you owe me five bucks.

The inmate says what happened; the guard says what do you think happened feel your pussy.

The inmate fells where she has squirted and says dam I have never done that before. The guard checks the collar around her neck but checks to make sure it has locked.

Ok let's go to the scanner please. The inmate asks can I take another shower. Not until later lets go to the scanner. What is the scanner the inmate asks? The guard tells her is a body scanner it will scan her body so it can make restraints to fit you and only you.

What is the collar for? The collar is for the guards to id you with the computer know you by your voice and your body. It will know you more than anybody after the scan.

Step inside as a door opens and she walks in alone the door closes behind her. A soft voice speaks take three steps and put your arms straight out your sides. The inmate obeys as a blue line of light starts at the floor and runs up her body on all sides. Scanning every curve of her body, it scans her hips and ass and breasts twice. The computer speaks again relax your arms to your sides and scans again.

The computer speaks again walk down the hall to the other door. As she walks the computer scans her again. She reaches the end and the door opens the guards are waiting for her as they take her to her cell. They stop at one and the guard speaks inmate number 10669. The door opens and she enter the room. The door closes and seals. Light seems to come from every where even the floor. Being tired she lays on the floor which is warm, and starts to drift off to sleep. The computer voice comes on inmate 10669 sleep the rules will be given to you as you sleep you will remember them and disorderly conduct will lead to punishment.

She mummers ok as drifts off to sleep. As she sleeps the computer tells the rules and for the rest of the night. The next morning a loud horn blast wakes her up as she jerks awake. Dam it she yells. The computer speaks good morning time for a shower as her door opens. 10669 stagger out the door. And falls in line with others who are also naked, a few of them say look a new one fresh meat.

One inmate slaps her ass as she goes by and says. Oh nice and tight I will have some of that later. Like hell you will 10669 yells. The other inmate calls her a bitch and slaps her.

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10669 explodes and punches the girl in the gut as she falls down 10669 grabs her by the hair and uses it to pull her head up and pounds it on the floor. She does this about three times as she starts to pound her head again she a sharp pain and Zap, tap, tap, tap, and tap. As she falls off the inmate jerking and drooling, not even here a day yet says one of the guards as more guards enter with dollies and load the woman up and take them to medical.

The beat up inmate goes to surgery to get patched up. 10669 having been hung up by her wrists until her feet just touch the floor tied at her ankles.

As she comes to she is hit with cold water from the hose. It hits her hard like a fist as she screams for them to stop. She started it, she screams. Yes she did and you hit her back that was fine but you didn't stop. Your anger and rage will be controlled. I can't help it, she cries out. It is like a switch is flipped in my head.

I am calm now. The guard says good but you will still need to be punished and removes some devices from the table. What are this 10669 asks the guard. The guard tells her these are your restraints they fit only you. These are to bind you for your punishment as she pushes a button on the table her legs start to spread apart she feels her body tighten as her arms are spread out her sides. It hurts as she screams as it pulls her into a flat split with her arms up in a Y.

This has tightened her ass cheeks and her puffy pussy lips have opened apart. The guard says you do have a nice tight ass you need to learn to take complaints. As she slaps her ass, as the pain rips through her body in a deep part of her she gets aroused. She can feel a burning in her pussy and her nipples harden. Let's start with the breasts shall we as she places the metal bra over her breasts and runs the straps over her shoulders and around her back where it clicks in the back.

You have made a mistake this doesn't fit. She says just before it activates and tightens to fit her perfectly.

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It seems to suck her breasts into it then stops. This doesn't feel too bad the inmate says as she sees her get what looks like bikini bottoms without the crotch. She puts them on her and they clicks both sides and they fit to her. The guard squats down at the inmate's crotch and gets real close to her pussy.

The guard says nice pussy also and blows her hot breath on it which sends Goosebumps up the inmate's body. She gasps as the wave runs through her body. Have you been with a woman the guard asks? No the inmate says never I love a hard cock between my legs. The guard says I enjoy both you may also like it. As she leans into her pussy and pulls one lip open to the side you hear a click, then the other and click.

The inmate feel a pulling sensation on her lips and it pulls her lips apart and keeps them there.

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We are almost done the guard says as she gets up and goes to the table and gets a tray with the rest of the things on it and returns to her crotch. The guard gets what looks like a butt plug, and ducks under her and spins around to her ass.

The inmate feels her hand on her ass as she spreads an ass cheek to see better before placing the end of the plug as her entrance. The inmate tenses and shakes as the guard plunges it in, making her gasp. The guard then let's go of it and lets the inmate's ass muscles finish pulling the plug into her. What was that for the inmate asks. We don't want to ruin any surprises for you now quite.

The guard uncovers a needle and the inmate says what the in the hell are you going to do with that. As the guard moves to her clit, the inmate feels the needle pierce her. She cries please stop I will be good as the guard pushes the plunger down. The clit reacts as soon as she pulls the needle out but squeezes it any way making the inmate scream. As it swells three times its size, she feels wave after wave of heat rush through her body her breasts get hot and her nipples hurt where they have gotten so hard.

Then she puts ankle bands and wrist bands on her like wonder woman would wear. Impossible to slip off as they lock, oops I almost forgot the last items as she puts bands above her knees. I think that has got you. Let's check that pussy one last time as she runs her hand down and cups her open pussy.

Oh yes nice and wet and hot as she inserts a finger inside as she gasps.

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Oh tight and hungry as the inmates pussy starts sucking at her finger. She then goes back to the table and pushes a button and lets her down onto a cart. Unable to move where she has been stretched the guard comes over and puts her hands behind her back as she locks them to the panties at her cuffs.

And pushes her back to her cell, the guard speaks and her door opens. She pushes her in and removes the front of the cart and tilts it up, letting her slide out onto the floor. The guard rolls her over on to her stomach and attaches the plus bar to both ankles and to each knee cuff and at her hands on the panties. She speaks again.

Inmate 10669 this is what will happen. You are restrained so you can't touch yourself in anyway. The shot I gave your clit will make you super horny shortly your pussy is spread open so air can hit your clit begging to be touched. In this condition you will never orgasm you will get go the edge but never release until the injection wears off.

As she leaves the cell she speaks to the computer punishment has started. The door seal as the computer starts by making a small warm breeze blow across the floor. The warm air hits her clit as a wave of heat runs through her body the inmate thinks I can break free these restraints can't be that tough, and pulls and thrashes about until she gives up.

The bra kicks in by squeezing her breasts and running out to her nipples. Oh my god the inmate says as she rolls over onto her back the best she can get as more air blows across the floor. She gasps as she says I need to cum please let me cum. She remembers the butt plug. Maybe I can push it out and use it. As she pushes out with her ass muscles the plug stays. She didn't know that there was an inner ring at the base of the plug locking it in it swells up to make a tighter seal as she feels it expand.

Then a low moan is heard in the room of someone being pleasured as they say, fuck me please fuck my pussy like that deeper harder. You can hear how wet the person is. As the inmates mind fills with the images of fucking. The butt plug jumps inside her as she tries to fall asleep waking her up as images of cock and pussy flash on the walls of the room even on the floor and the voice teasing her by saying you want some.

Come take me as a woman's voice is heard. She hears a woman having an orgasm and a guy in orgasm. Sweat beads pop out all over her body which makes her clit wetter as the air hits it. She feels the bra latch onto her nipples and pulls them hard as she tries to roll over and rub her breasts on the floor. No good she doesn't feel anything the bra being metal. She even smells the smell of sex which adds to her ordeal. She is having short hard breaths as her stomach muscles tighten like she is Cumming but nothing happens.

She tries to sleep again hoping it will end, but it does not. The clamps holding her pussy open sends a small shock through them shooting straight to her clit causing her to scream. A soft voice speaks. You will control your anger. You will control your rage. The next morning her door opens and the same guard walks in that restrained her. The inmate begs please let me cum…please. The guard says I thought you didn't like women as she reveals another needle. No please the inmate pleas and tries to squirm away.

The guard speaks computer magnetize the floor please and instantly the metal restraints stick her to the floor as the door closes behind her. The guard looks her over as the inmate is wet with sweat and kneels at her feet and leans into her. The inmate tries to pull against the restraints not to no good. The guard says let's see that pussy shall we, she sees it is very wet but no cum, her clit is still enlarged but not like it was.

The guard blows on her pussy as it tenses up. We will fix that as the takes the needle and pierces the inmate's clit again causing her to scream and gasp for air as she tosses her head side to side.

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The guard pushes the plunger down giving her another dose. Why the inmate pleads. The guard says you have not submitted yet. The inmate says I am hungry I need something to eat. I know the guard says and pulls out a feeding tube and sits at her head and tells her this one is special no gag reflex as she puts it in the inmates mouth and pushes it slowly as she leans her head back letting the tube slide down into her stomach.

She then puts a funnel on the end and pours two cups of liquid down it. Then pulls it back out slowly there that wasn't hard was it. What was it you gave me the inmate asks the guard says a liquid that has all the required nutrients of a meal. We don't eat solid food here in case of butt plugs. For being good you will get a reward as the shot takes effect again. The guard goes back to the inmate's crotch and breaths on her clit that has enlarged again.

The inmate begs lick my pussy please. The guard says only because you have earned it and licks her lips and inserts her tongue deep into her pussy the inmate gasps as she holds her breath wanting to orgasm. The guard then takes her clit into her mouth and swirls her tongue around it before sucking on it. Then quits and looks up at her and smiles and says nice tasting pussy as she stands. Getting the tray and saying computer release floor magnet and open door.

It happens and she leaves and the door closes behind her. The inmate pleads don't go please. The sounds and smells fill the room again as the moving air teases her clit. The inmate gives into herself and relaxes fully as a glassy look comes over her face. Her body no longer fighting the restraints, the warm breeze gets harder as it blows over her clit her pussy just quivers and her clit shakes. Her metal bra massages her breasts and pulls her nipples.

The butt plug starts to grow longer in her ass as it starts to pulse.


The computer scanning her body and recording the readings as it shocks her pussy lips. She starts to make a low steady moan. The computer now satisfied that she has truly submitted. A panel in the wall slides open, then the computer turns on the floor magnets.

You hear clicks all over her restraints except for her bands they stay on her and unlock. The computer pulls her loose restraints from the room it appears that it can control what it magnetizes. The inmate still glassy faced as a chair rises from the floor under the inmate until it has her seated in a reclined position.

The chair magnetizes pulling her arms on to the arm rests and spreading her legs to the sides of the chair. The butt plug releases and is pulled out of her by the magnets in the floor and out the panel it goes as the door closes.

The soft computer voice speaks that is a good girl you have learned to submit you will be rewarded. A low buzzing sound fills the room as the voice speaks when you hear this sound you will get aroused. This repeats over and over. The chair splits between her legs cupping the cheeks of her ass and stops at the small of her back and spreads her wide apart. A section of the floor opens at the chair and the vines come out again.

A small one races up to her clit and attaches to it, and starts sucking and pulling it. More wrap up her legs and start wrapping around her arms tying them to the chair. More run up her stomach, up her between her breasts and starts wrapping them up and squeezing them pushing blood into her hard nipples before attaching to each one and starts sucking and pulling on them.

The inmate still under the power of the injection, still glassy faced as wave after wave washes over her. Her dripping pussy wanting to be penetrated quivering on its own. As a large vine rises up, with a fat semi-tapered head as big as a fist and a skinny shaft.

It takes aim and shoots in forcing her pussy to spread apart and entering into her until just the head is in as her pussy wraps around it she lets out a gasping squeal as it pulls back out and shoots back in. a large flower bowl open below her pussy to catch her dripping fluid. The inmate still can't cum yet until the injection wears off. There is no counter injection that can be given.

You can hear her pussy gurgling as she gets wetter. Her body ripples with each hard penetration the vine makes. Just going head deep she has filled the flower bowl with almost a quart of her pure pleasure liquid, the guard enters the room with an empty vile.

Collects some and quickly leaves the room. The vine continues fucking the inmate.