Nice girl opens up slim vagina and loses virginity

Nice girl opens up slim vagina and loses virginity
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Jim's job for the bachelor party was bringing some entertainment. He hired a stripper and was also thinking of getting a porn movie for the guys to watch before the stripper arrived. He looked on line but decided to just find an adult store and buy one there. He then hoped into his car and headed across town to the only one that he could find.

He had never been in an adult store. He had just turned 22 and was wondering what kind of DVD he would get. As he entered the store he was amazed at the size of the store and that there were so many different types.

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He decided to just look around and see if anything caught his eye. Looking around the store he could see one guy checking out the rental DVDs and a couple of guys who were both wearing backwards baseball caps and they looked like they thought they were cool. Also he then noticed two hot girls who looked about his age and they were checking out the items that were in a glass display case.

He could see that the case held Dildos and also other sexual aides. He walked down a couple of aisles and headed over to check out the girls without looking like he was. The first one a blonde about 5 ft tall and she had a sweet ass. Her friend a red head was a little on the chunky side but he still thought to himself that she is fuck able.

The blonde turned and caught Jim checking her out. Jim just turned quick and started to walk away.


He stopped on the next aisle and came across the fetish section. He picked up one that caught his eye. It was a video of girls being shaved and then fucked by the guys that shave them. He had never seen a shaved pussy in real life. His ex would never shave her pussy let alone trim it. He decided to get that for his own enjoyment.

Still checking out the two girls he decided to just get one other for the party. He chose one and started to head to the register. He had to go by the girls one more time. If he was trying to be smooth it didn't work as he dropped the one that he was getting for himself.

The blonde bent over and picked it up for him. She handed it to him and he said "Thanks". She just said " Not a problem". " I see you like shaved pussies". Jim nods his head and is about to walk away when she says " If you want to see one up close my friend and I can show you ours".

Jim stops and turns around and the blonde says to him " We live about three blocks from here and if you want you can come over to our place and we can show you our shaved pussies.

Jim thinking this must be a dream. He just looks at her and says OK. Jim turns to her and says " My name is Jim". The blonde tells him " Hi Jim, My name is Amy and this is my friend Tina". Jim heads to the register to pay for the two DVDs that he was getting and caught up with the girls outside. They told him where they lived and he should follow them.

Jim hoped in his car and followed them. They called for him to come in and Jim entered the small apartment that the girls shared.


They offered him a beer and he declined. Amy then sits on the couch and Tina sits down next to Jim. She asked Jim " So Amy tells me you've never seen a shaved pussy". Jim just says "Yes that is right". Tina then pulls her shorts aside and Jim can see heaven. He then Jokes well I guess we can say She withdraws his cock and once again takes it all the way to the back of her throat and just then Jim unleashes his load in her mouth. She somehow swallows it all down.

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Amy now naked on the couch tells Jim " Get over here and lick my pussy". Jim heads over and gets between her legs and seeing his first shaved pussy up close he sticks his tongue on her clit and he hears her let out a moan. He then puts a finger in her pussy. He can once again feel himself getting hard again. Amy enjoying him eating out her pussy and moaning starts to tell him " Don't stop I am cumming. He then puts in a second finger and he can feel her pussy tightening around his finger as she was cumming.

Tina is next to him on the couch and she is masturbating herself to an orgasm. She then tells Jim " You have to fuck me now". Jim gets up and puts his cock right on her clit and starts to rub it and then he puts his cock in her pussy. She felt so good and he really enjoyed being able to see everything.

Amy get behind him and started playing with his balls as he was fucking Tina, He know he was going to cum if she kept doing that. Amy stopped licking his balls and told him " Ok enough with her, Now fuck me!." He withdrew his cock from Tina and then into Amy's pussy. Tina then started on his balls like Amy had done and he knew that he was going to shoot his load. Amy moaning with every thrust told him to cum in her pussy.

Jim did as he was told and sent a huge load deep in her pussy. He withdrew his spent cock and both just sat on the couch trying to recover. Amy and Tina started to kiss each other and Jim still sitting on the couch naked his cock once again coming to life.

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Both girls looked over at him and Tina says " Look like someone is ready for some more. Tina takes his cock and puts it in her mouth and Amy starts to lick his balls. He can tell that he has some more stamina this time since with the both of them working on his cock he doesn't cum yet. Tina tells him to sit on the couch while she ride him. So doing as he is told he lets her ride his cock. Amy gets in front and is licking Tina's pussy as she is riding him.

She gets off and turns around so that her asshole is now facing Amy and Amy gets her little blue vibrator and starts to put it in her asshole and Tina moaning from having a cock in her pussy and the vibrator in her ass.

Jim can feel her pussy tighten on his cock and he cannot hold his load and sends a big load in her pussy. The three of them just sit on the couch spent from fucking. Jim gets up and is getting ready to put his clothes back on to leave. Amy tells him " We are not done yet, Take off your clothes". Jim takes off his underwear again. Amy then tells him. " Since we are both shaved, We decided to shave you". Jim looking at the two girls asks them " What." Tina says " We are going to shave all the hair off of you".

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Amy grab the trimmer that they use on themselves and starts to take the pubic hair that he has off. Jim still stunned is just sitting there as the girls shave him.

They finish and clean off his cock and balls and Jim amazed at how he looks with no hair on his balls starts to get hard.


Amy starts to suck on his cock and Tina comes out of the room after putting away the shaving items. Jim notices she is wearing a strap on cock.


Not knowing what she is going to do with that he asks her " What do you plan on doing with that?" She looks at him and says " I am going to fuck you in the ass". Jim shocked says " I 've never had anything in my ass', Tina tells him " Don't worry I will put some lube and it wont hurt at all.".

She gets behind him and puts some lube on the fake cock she is wearing and puts it next to his ass. She then puts the tip in and Jim starts to object her fucking him in the ass. When she plunges the fake cock in his ass and he starts to let out a moan. Amy still sucking on his cock feels his cum explode into her mouth. She swallows it all down. Tina continues to fuck his ass and they take turns fucking his ass. As Jim starts to get hard again. Amy tells him to fuck her and Tina would fuck him in the ass as he fucks her.

So Jim puts his dick in Amy and Tina puts the fake cock in his ass. They are fucking and all three are moaning and Jim unable to hold it any longer shoots his load deep inside Amy. Tina takes the fake cock out of his ass. And the three sit on the couch. Jim so worn out from fucking and being fucked fell asleep on the couch. He wakes up in the morning to seeing both girls sucking his cock. He shoots his load and both girls take down his whole load.

Jim grabs his clothes and gets dressed and starts to leave. Both of the girls kiss him and tell him thanks for knocking us up. Jim totally forgot that he never asked if they were on the pill.