Sexy Ethan Fox gets a wet slimy cummy hole from Kyler Moss

Sexy Ethan Fox gets a wet slimy cummy hole from Kyler Moss
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The phone rings. I answer, "Hel-" "Don't speak. I'll be home at 8. Be in position." No sweet talk, no asking how my day was going. Just his demand.

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Shit. Not good. I looked at the clock.


7 already?! I get up and get busy. I glanced at the clock, two more minutes. I get in position, knowing you won't come in any earlier, but even if you're late, I'm not to be. It feels like forever, but I finally hear the front door open.


My heart soared. I love knowing you've come home to me. Then I hear your voice. I can't make out what you're saying. Then I hear her.

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You've brought someone home. "You'll see. She's a bit naughty, but she's such a good little bitch. You're going to have some fun," I hear you talking to this other woman. I can hear you coming down the hall. I watch the door knob turn, then the door open. You come into our bedroom, looking so damn good, it hurts.

Then she follows. Jesus, she's gorgeous. I bite my lip to keep from smiling. Daddy's brought home a toy! I think to myself. I watch the two of you approach the bed. "I see you've obeyed. But you're missing something," you say to me. I was so caught up eyeing the new candy that I didn't notice the bag in your hand.

You set it on the bed, reach inside, and pull out a black leather contraption. I clear my throat, our sign of me asking permission to speak. "You may speak," you respond. Softly, just like you expect, I say, "I apologize, but I'm not sure what that is, Daddy." "This, my beautiful, disobedient, little slut, is a chastity belt." You see my eyes widen, my glance over to the other female.

You smile when you see that I've finally noticed her smirk. "Oh! You thought I brought you home a toy, didn't you?" A direct question needs no permission to answer verbally. "Y-yes, Daddy." "Did you do anything extra to earn a plaything, my little whore?" "No, Daddy." "No, you didn't," you confirm.

You reach into your pocket and pull out your knife, and quickly cut the thin straps on my thong. "You didn't earn anything new, you earned yourself a punishment." You toss the shredded thread of fabric out of the way, reach into the toy box and pull out your crop. My legs start quivering. "Stand up, and bend over the bed with your legs apart." I do so quickly.

"Missy, come over here and meet my little whore." The woman stands close and you hand her the crop. "This is Missy. Well, Mistress, to you." She is going to help me administer your punishment. Do you remember earlier this week, when you were having a bit of fun online? You got into a pretty steamy conversation with another man. That part was fine. We have discussed the limits you have, and you did not go out of them.

Except when you decided to leave me hanging and finish your little rendezvous. THAT is where you fucked up." WHACK! You slap my ass cheek.

I gasped and clenched my hands in the sheets, not making a sound. "You made a bad choice, little bitch." WHACK!

The other cheek is stinging now. "You chose to let me wonder.

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You chose to give your full attention to another man. So I chose to bring another woman home. And she's good, too. She can make the toughest guy turn into a puddle with her touch. You won't be so lucky. Missy, on her clit. I don't care how you work your way there but pop her on her clit." Mistress ran the tip of the crop up the back of one leg and then the other.

Then she ran her hand across both of my ass cheeks, soothing the sting just a little. I felt my body relaxing. POP! My whole body jumped.

That hurt, so bad. Still, no sound comes out of my mouth. Daddy lets out a little chuckle. "You wanted to act like a slut? Tonight, you will be a little slut. You will do what you're told.

But tonight, you have Mistress and me to please." You start strapping on the belt. "But you aren't getting any release. Do you understand, little Slut?" "Yes, Daddy. I understand." I respond. The chastity belt has a triangle front and middle, a thin strap up the ass that attaches to the belt.

But, there's something strange about this one. You don't let me wonder for long. "I had this one made for you. For this punishment.

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The part that covers that sweet clit is removable." You detach the piece. "You will find out why later. Missy, she's yours." "Good. Come here, Slut. Get on your knees and get me ready to take your Daddy's cock." I obey immediately. I push her skirt up her thighs and around her hips. She's not wearing any panties, so I lean in, raise her leg and put it over my shoulder, and lick her from her pussy all the way up to her clit, I focus on that little bundle of nerves for a few minutes, licking and sucking, scraping my teeth, just enough to cause some pain.

POP! I jump and gasp into her mound, my own clit on fire from the crop. "Don't try that again, you little bitch.

You'll regret it next time." I continue to lavish Mistress's pussy with attention until she cums, hard, into my waiting mouth. Then you grab me by my hair and spin me to face you.

You shove your cock into my mouth, deep and hard, causing me to choke. "My turn, Slut. That's it, take it all. Breath through your nose, and don't you dare stop." You don't really give me a choice though, you don't let go of my head, using it to push onto your cock. "Get me nice and hard, Slut.

I'm about to slide into Missy's pussy and fuck her like you want me to fuck you." A few more strokes into my mouth and you slide out. "On the bed, on your back, head at the edge." I reposition, then you guide Mistress over my face. You push her forward, while you push your length back into my mouth. "Get me wet, then get your Mistress wet. You will watch me fuck your Mistress.

You will keep your hands away from your body. You will keep us wet and you will eat your Mistress's pussy again, understand?" You slide out. "Yes, Daddy.

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Yes, Mistress." I once again bury my face in Mistress's pussy, making sure that she's wet enough to take my Daddy's huge cock. "Don't take your eyes off my cock, Slut. I want you to watch me slide all the way in." As you finish your words, you push your hips forward sliding into Mistress's freshly licked pussy.

"Mmmmm. Fuck, Missy. You feel so damn good. Slut, you better get busy. I want to feel Missy cum on my cock." I start licking and tasting both you and Mistress. As you pull out, I keep my tongue on the underside of your cock, tasting Mistress all the way to the head. I stay there until you're back in. Then, I focus on Mistress's clit. As I lick and suck, I'm lost in how she tastes and sounds. POP! This time, I can't hold back a noise. Fuck that hurts.

"I told you to work on both of us. Did you forget about your Daddy, again?" "No, Daddy. I'm sorry." I tilt my head back and start licking and sucking around your cock while you're still buried deep in Mistress. She can feel my tongue. You whisper in Mistress's ear. She laughs and trails her fingers up my side. SMACK! Mistress shows my tit some tough love.

You start pumping into Mistress again and I try to keep up. I didn't notice myself reaching up to play with Mistress's clit, but you did. POP! Son of a bitch! "Hands!" You barely missed a stroke. My hands shoot back down to the bed, but it's too late. Mistress already has a length of fabric, tying my hands together so I can't touch anyone. Mistress's moans are getting more breathy, her hips are bucking harder both back into you and then into my face. I focus on her clit.

As Mistress's pussy clamps onto your cock, she screams, "Jesus, Nathan! Fuck yes. Right there! Can you see that, Slut? Don't you wish this was you getting fucked so well? Oh, oh yes! FUCK YES. Nathan, show this Slut what she's missing." I see you pumping harder, at an angle that is definitely hitting her G-spot. Within a few minutes, Mistress is cumming on your cock again. I can see your hands grip Mistress's waist. I know that you're close.


I shift and use my tongue to trace your balls. I feel them pull up. I blow a little on them. I hear you hiss a breath in. You keep slamming into Mistress's pussy. I continue to tease your balls. Switching between the two, then sucking both in as much as I can. Your balls tighten up. Right before you cum, you grab my hair and pull my head back.

You pull out of Mistress's hot pussy and slam into my open mouth. Straight to the back of my throat, and release yourself. "Swallow every drop, you little Slut. That's right. On your hands and knees. Clean me up, then your Mistress." You move away when I'm finished and I turn around, lean down in between Mistress's spread legs and start cleaning. I can hear you going through the toy box.

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"Stay on your hands and knees, Slut." Mistress moved out from under me. Next, I know, my body is being pushed to the bed, my still-bound hands put behind my head. My hips are pulled up, the back strap on the belt is released and I feel a tongue on my ass hole. I can't hold back a low moan. "You're right, Nathan. This little bitch really is a slut." Mistress giggled.

Next thing I know, the cold, slick feeling that could only belong to lube is being massaged into that tight little rosebud. I feel a finger push through the ring of muscles, I can't tell who it belongs to. Then, my abused clit is being toyed with. "Let us know if you're enjoying this, Slut. Your Daddy has worked so hard to plan this time with you. Tell him how much you love what's happening to you," Mistress demands. "Mmmm. Yes. I love this. I love feeling my clit being played with, Daddy.

Thank you!

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Thank you for taking care of me. I love my asshole being stret- OOOOOH!" You wait until the precise time I'm telling you that I love what you do to my ass to shove the biggest anal plug we have in. You replace the back strap on the belt and slap my ass right on top of the base of the plug.

"I told you, you don't get release tonight, Slut. Sit up. On your knees, spread them apart." You reach towards the toy box and pull out the butterfly vibrator, the one that straps on, letting the vibrating motor sit right on the clit.

Mistress moves in, takes the vibrator and straps it on to me, playing with the remote, sending short, torturous shocks straight to my clit. "You, my little Slut, get to sit there. You get to watch your Daddy please your Mistress.

You get to feel stimulation to your clit while feeling that plug in your ass. But you don't get to cum. Mistress has watched some of our videos, enough to judge whether or not you're going to cum.

She's in charge of the remote. You do not take your eyes off of us. You do not try to get out of your binds. You will regret any mishap." "Yes, Daddy." I watch you lie Mistress back, worshiping her body with your mouth and fingertips.

Pulling at her nipples while simultaneously sliding your fingers into her pussy. At that moment, my butterfly starts up. It doesn't take long for my breathing to change and right before I was going to fall over that edge, it was gone.

I groaned. Mistress laughed.

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It doesn't take her long to explode on your hand. You both take your time, teasing, sucking, licking, and then fucking. It must have been at least an hour of torture. Of watching you fuck Mistress so savagely, because you know I love it that way.

Of continuously being brought to the brink and never being able to fall to pieces. When you have exhausted yourself and Mistress, you pull me to my feet and bend me back over the bed. WHACK! WHACK! My ass cheeks are stinging again. "Do not ever brush me off again. You belong to me. Your body is mine.

Your heart is mine. You are mine. Do not forget that." You spank each cheek to emphasize each sentence. "You will sleep with your rear addition. You will also be tied to the bed. You will not touch yourself tonight. Or us." "Yes, Daddy." We went to bed, all of us. Every time you and Mistress started playing, she started playing with the remote. It was a long, long night for me.

I didn't mean to make you upset, and after tonight, I'll never make that mistake again!