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Small gay teens group movie Kuba Pavlik  Robert Driveman  Thomas
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In The Warehouse [for a reader who gave me some ideas.] "Only twenty-five years old. And already, your body responds like you've been doing this for years." She struggled and managed to raise her head slightly.

She looked at him through eyes swollen with tears and stinging from the sweat running down her forehead. From behind the ball gag, she grunted and whimpered, trying to beg him for a short break, just a few minutes to catch her breath. Joe gave her a big smile and turned to John. "It sounds like 'please'." He pushed her chin up with his thumb. "Is it please?" She nodded anxiously, then realized her mistake and started shaking her head quickly from side to side.

Her eyes widened with panic but it was too late. John swung the bamboo cane hard across the backs of her thighs.


Her legs turned to jelly and she stumbled backwards. The twine that connected her nipples to the iron rings in the wall jerked tight and she screamed into the ball gag.

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Tiffany rushed forward to check that her nipple rings were still intact and she nodded to Joe. He smiled back. Tiffany, always eager to see her slave suffer, slid her hand between the girl's legs and rubbed her clit. She licked the slave's neck, then started planting small kisses at her ear and worked her way down to her left nipple, all the while listening to her moan. As weak as her legs were, the girl managed to spread them open, inviting Tiffany's fingers to explore her soaking wet cunt lips.

Tiffany pushed two fingers into the girl's cunt and fucked her deep ten times, listening to her grunt like an animal in heat, then pulled her fingers out and dug her nails into her pussy lips.

The slave froze, her body went rigid with fear.

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Tiffany started pulling upward, stretching the lips between her bright red nails. The slave's legs stiffened and she rose to her tip-toes, Tiffany pulled her up and up further, the slave trying to pull herself up using the iron manacles around her wrists and the chains that hung from the rafters. John circled around in front of her and rested the bamboo cane flat across her belly. The slave -- nameless since her arrival several weeks ago -- tried not to look at his face, but she was drawn irresistibly, her feeling of complete submission more and more complete every time she looked into those dead, black eyes.

As much as she hated to admit it to herself, he was the reason she came here. Joe was cruel and Tiffany was inventive, but John was completely merciless. It was only John, she knew, who could give her what she really needed.

She could see in his eyes that he knew it too. They were the perfect pair -- user and used, sadist and masochist, master and slave. Joe and Tiffany were no more than the masterminds who made the connections and whose money provided the money for their travel expenses, their gear, and this abandoned warehouse, located miles from nowhere, the basement of which was now her home.

Now and forever. While Tiffany twisted and pulled at the slave's cunt lips, John walked from side to side, hitting her with the bamboo, hard and swift, raising welts on her belly and the front of her thighs.

She felt her drool and hot tears running down her neck, dripping off of her nipples, pooling on the concrete beneath her. John was counting out loud, his eyes locked on hers with each blow. "Thirty-one.

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Thirty-two." Tiffany's hand was up inside her now but she was barely aware of it. "Forty-four. Forty-five." Something was deep inside her ass too.

Tiffany's fingers? Her other hand? A dildo? "Fifty-nine.

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Sixty." There was a faint noise outside but she couldn't raise her head. "Seventy-two. Seventy-three." She started shaking now, she couldn't take any more, she would go insane.

She squirmed, shaking her legs as best she could, her muscles exhausted but finding strength somewhere to struggle. There were sounds all around her, footsteps, talking.

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"Eighty-six. Eighty-seven." Catcalls and whistles. Clapping. Laughter. She felt a hand on her bottom and realized her cunt and ass were empty - Tiffany had taken her hands out of the slave's holes and she'd been too far gone to even notice.

She looked and saw Tiffany sitting in a chair, wiping her hands on a towel and smoking a cigarette. She was surrounded by men. Ten? Twelve? Twenty? "Ninety-two. Ninety-three." The hands were smacking her ass now. It was almost comical. The thought that she would even notice it when John was ripping the flesh off the front of her body with the dampened bamboo. "Ninety-nine. And …" John reached for the control box and pressed the red button. The slave rose another three feet into the air - her cunt was now even with John's face.

He motioned and two of the men came forward, grabbed the slave's legs, and pulled her open like a wishbone. John rested the bamboo directly on her clitoris, running it up and down lightly over the stiff, bright red bud. The slave jerked and squirmed, begging behind the gag, humping her hips up and down, exhausted but frantic.

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"Do you have her?" John asked. The men nodded. "One hundred," he said as he brought the cane down as hard as he could directly between her legs. The last thing she remembered was her eyes rolling up into her head before she passed out.

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* * * "The pig's awake!" The voice came to her through a thick haze of pain and confusion. She tried to open her eyes but they were swollen from the crying. She opened her mouth to say something but she felt hands holding the side of her head and a thick cock rammed itself home in her mouth.

She gagged but he kept it all the way in, fucking the back of her throat, balls slapping against her nose. She was floating in mid-air, she felt hands holding her arms and legs. Somehow, there was a cock up her ass and a cock up her pussy, her body was sideways and her legs drawn forward and opened wide. Every inch of her belly and thighs screamed in pain, each time the cocks rammed into her, she felt every one of the welts twist and burn. She came and they laughed. "Feel how the fuck pig tightens up when you fuck her ass hard?" The man in her ass grabbed her hips harder and fucked deeper.

She felt herself ripping open but it made her cum again. He came too, shooting his warm cum into her ass, then pulled out. Another cock slid into her right away, bigger and thicker. She gasped for breath, gagged on the cock in her mouth.

He started cumming too and pulled her face hard against his crotch. Most of the cum shot directly into her belly but some of it squirted back out of her nose and between her lips and his cock. When he pulled out, she coughed and sputtered, but another cock was there, stiff and ready, and pushed down into her throat again.

"Ten dollars says she can't." "You're on." She felt the men holding her legs move slightly, twisting her hips even further vertically, then the man whose cock was in her ass pulled out.


She felt empty, a void where a cock should be, and sucked eagerly at the man in her mouth. Maybe he would take the other man's place. She was swimming in that fantasy when she felt the other cock return, this time pushing into her side by side against the cock in her cunt. She tried to flail her arms but someone was holding her wrists and she couldn't move.

The head of the cock was inside her now and she knew there was no way of stopping him. The man who was fucking her pumped harder and faster, the other cock slid into her slowly. She came before he was even halfway in and they all laughed again. "Maybe we should get something up her ass too!" The cock went all the way in now and the two of them matched their rhythm, pulling nearly all the way out, then ramming home with one quick, deep push. She came again, not even worrying about whether or not she could breathe around the big cock in her mouth.

She felt something at her asshole and went wild. She started bucking up and down, humping against the men inside her cunt, pushing her ass open, taking the cock in her mouth deeper until her lips were locked around the base. She had no idea what they were shoving up her ass but she wanted it, needed it, pushed herself down after it, inviting it in, deeper, harder. The man in her mouth pulled his cock out and sprayed cum all over her face and hair. She licked her lips and cheeks, grunting like an animal, humping the three cocks inside her lower holes.

"Wow, never seen a ho take a doggie bone like that!" She felt them push hard on the thing up her ass and realized it was a rubber play toy, the big swollen head was the end of a fake dog bone.


She came again, clenching down tight on the men in her pussy, who came with her, groaning and ramming harder and faster. …end of round 1.

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