Bangla desi Poor Girl Brishti giving u her pussy for Eat it

Bangla desi Poor Girl Brishti giving u her pussy for Eat it
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*****Disclaimer: This story is one of my darker ones, with strong non-consent themes. It's also just a fantasy, and the acts in this story I do not condone or support in real life. That's why this is just a fantasy! Now that that's out of the way, I hope you enjoy…***** Miranda was a beautiful, slender brunette with hair the color of raven feathers, smoky eyes, and a delicately chiseled, almost regal face.

She was a girl men would fight over. Curved and athletic, her pout-prone face managed to give off an innocence on the surface with naughtier promises simmering just underneath.

Until recently, she'd been married to the love of her life, Jake Shaw, and life had been, well…perfect. But despite their supposedly idyllic lifestyle, Jake's long, frequent business trips overseas had taken their toll, and the couple had grown apart. Miranda had gradually grown fond of her bodyguard, Matthew…and one thing had led to another. Finding out about the affair had enraged Jake. He'd recorded one of Miranda's illicit sexual romps with Matthew, and the betrayal —coming at a time when the couple was actively trying to get pregnant—had sent Jake over the edge.

Her once loving husband had now kidnapped Miranda, bound her naked in a shipping container, and hired five men to rape her. That was the horrifying ordeal Miranda struggled with on this Friday night, on a secluded dock, isolated from anyone who might help. And to make matters worse, Jake had left only to return carrying the unconscious figure of Matthew… Miranda's eyes snuck a glance Matthew's way, but her tormentors were keeping her busy.

Radic, a Russian with barbed-wire tattoos around his bulging biceps, was spearing his manhood into her gaping cunt from behind, one hand fisted in her hair, growling as he fucked her. "Uhh… uh… UH! Your cunt is nice and wet for my cock, bitch. You love being raped, don't you?" He tugged on her hair, drawing a sharp gasp of pain as she threw her hips back to meet his penetrations.

"Y-yes Master. I-I love being raped," she said submissively. Meanwhile Felipe, a handsome Spaniard with less rugged features, gently slapped her in the face as he saw her gaze slide in the direction of her helpless bodyguard.

"Look at me, slut. Until Radic comes in your worthless pussy, you can make yourself useful and suck my balls. Now what do you say? Call me Master!" Miranda groaned. "Yes Master, whatever y-you wish," she replied. With her hands bound behind her back, she could only lap at Felipe's sweaty sac and feel Radic's shaft stabbing through her pussy like a knife.

"Are you going to CUM in that little whore or what?" Viktor, one of the men who hadn't yet had the chance to do more than fondle Miranda's young body and kiss her, was clearly becoming impatient.

"Hold on," Radic grunted. "I want to look in this slut's eyes when I gush inside her twat." He pulled out, flipping her over, and slammed her down on the bed. Felipe scuttled up the bed to give the girl plenty of room as Radic spread her legs and re-positioned his cock between her delicate, petal-like labia. "Back in we go, bitch." He grunted as his shaft lanced into her slick folds. Her cunt was already tainted with the cum of two of her captors, so her slippery, cum-coated sex easily accepted Radic's thrusting shaft as he gripped her by the throat with one hand and fondled her medium-sized tits with the other.

"Uhhh!!! Almost there, little bitch. You feel me swelling inside you?" Miranda could feel it. She moaned, her breasts shaking with the force of the Russian's ruthless fucks. Suddenly she saw Felipe's testicles swaying above her face.

"Did I say you could stop sucking my balls, slut? Keep at it!" "Y-yes Master," Miranda whimpered. She stuck her tongue out as the sweaty sac descended to her lips. She sucked in one of his balls, fervently suckling even as she felt her pussy getting pounded harder than ever before. Then she felt it—thick spurts of cum bathing the insides of her snatch as Radic growled his release. "UUuuhhhh!!! Deep in your pussy, bitch.

So fucking deep…feel it in your womb!" Little did Radic or the girl realize at the time, but the muscle-bound Russian had just impregnated the helpless girl with his child.

A full minute later, with Radic heaving great gasps of air, the big Russian pulled out his semi-hard manhood and looked at the pool of cum nestled between the girl's thighs, brimming in the girl's pink opening like glistening mercury. "Who wants sloppy FOURTHS?" Radic chuckled.

"We're fucking this bitch to death before this night is through, aren't we?" "No… please stop," Miranda whimpered. "Shut up and keep sucking," Felipe warned. Miranda lapped at his wrinkled scrotum, hearing him sigh with satisfaction as she tried not to be disgusted by what he was making her do.

Meanwhile, she was suddenly hyper-aware of a limp body being laid beside her on the bed.

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Out of the corner of her eye she saw Matthew's boyish face set off with the light blonde beard that she'd always found sexy. Someone had covered up his mouth with duct tape and blindfolded him. She was aware of her husband standing near the bed now, watching her being tormented.

Oh god—what was Jake going to do next? Felipe's hands stroked Miranda's tits with deceptive care. "OK, slut, time to make good on our agreement. You promised you would sit on my cock, with my cock right up your sweet little ASS, if I spared you from the whip. Time to pay up." Miranda shivered with dread, but she felt a faint ray of hope as Jake's voice interceded.

"Hold up." She couldn't see Jake, but she sensed him gesturing at the only two men who hadn't fucked her yet, Viktor and Baen. "You two, go ahead and fuck my slut-wife in her worthless cunt.

Felipe, you'll have to bust her ass later." Trying not to let the disappointment show, Felipe shrugged. "Hey, you're the boss-man." Miranda tried to move her mouth from underneath Felipe's swinging testicles, but Felipe twisted the girl's nipples with both hands and told her to just keep sucking as he straddled her face.

The gorgeous brunette obeyed, clenching up as she felt Viktor's bulbous cock-head at the entrance to her thoroughly raped slit.

He pushed between her vaginal lips, plunging into her with a tempo like a bull in heat. He fucked her without mercy, without care, only considering his own desires, as their bodies smacked together with a rhythm that had Miranda moaning with Felipe's testicles in her mouth.

Jake stood back, arms folded, waiting for Matthew to come around. It would be any minute now, and once the bodyguard did wake up…then it was time for the final phase of the evening. The betrayed husband had decided exactly what would happen to his cuckolding slut of a wife and his wife's secret lover. "Please…oh please!" Miranda mewled. She didn't know what else to do but withstand the hard pounding Viktor was giving her. The Ukrainian was wiry and thin compared to some of the others, but he was still a brute of a man, his torso rippling with muscles.

As he gripped her by the throat the same way Radic had done, he slapped her breasts with the other hand, deepening her moans, and yet his shaft sent shivers of pleasure through her pussy as he filled her to the hilt with the constant slapping sound of his furiously jostling testicles. Soon he was swelling up inside her too.

She could tell because as he neared orgasm, his hand tightened around her swanlike neck and she had to gasp for air. At last Viktor practically started bellowing, his release imminent. "Uhhh!!! This slut's milking me dry," Viktor shouted. "AHH!!" Miranda trembled as she felt the fourth cock of the evening spew and gush inside her throbbing cunt. With Viktor shuddering, his cock still spasming with little bursts of cum, he pulled his manhood from between her swollen lips and wiped the last vestiges of his jism on her clit.

She clenched up with surprised pleasure at the sudden swipe of Viktor's softening prick across her clit, which sent her hurtling over the precipice right into a mini-orgasm. "Uuuuuhhh!" Miranda couldn't believe it. She hadn't realized how aroused her entire body had become, getting fucked so savagely by these awful men. Part of her had even felt the choke-hold around her neck to be incredibly arousing.

Maybe the primal, feminine need to be dominated had finally thrust the powers of her rational brain firmly aside. Now her bound hands clenched underneath her butt as Miranda let the climax flow through her, and she had to bite her lip to stifle the loud moan that wanted to rip free.

Instead she just shuddered on the bed as the men watched, as her husband watched her come. Shame reddened her cheeks. The sexy girl was almost glad that Felipe's testicles were still in her face so that she didn't have to see the looks from the men around her, all probably staring at her helpless body even as it betrayed her.

Now, the fifth and final man, Baen, positioned his raging hard-on at the opening of her now completely cum-drenched sex. He fucked her with the same wild, primal, and totally merciless rhythm that now made her brutalized pussy ache and throb as if it would never feel the same ever again.

Her ball-sucking techniques meanwhile were steadily improving. She slurped and sucked on Felipe's wrinkled folds until he shocked them both by groaning plaintively, his hand gripping the base of his cock as he abruptly pulled back and aimed it in the throes of his climax. "Uhhh! Fuck, you are making me CUM.


You weren't supposed to, you nasty slut!" Felipe growled as cum fountained from the tip of his manhood, spraying Miranda in the face and across her tits. Miranda closed her eyes as cum peppered her forehead, eyelids, nose, chin, with more flecks covering her creamy breasts. "Uhhh! About to join you," Baen shouted, groaning like a dying beast as he threw his hips forward, his cock lancing deep into the gorgeous brunette's sloppy-slick folds.

He bellowed, emptying his balls in her gooey pussy, and pulled out. Miranda looked down at what was left of her innocence, which was nothing. Her cunt was a cum-soaked disaster. She felt it running down her inner thighs, dripping from her labia in a dozen different places. The sexy girl felt completely, irreversibly tainted by what they'd done to her.

They hadn't just raped her pussy. They'd imprinted the experience on her mind, and she'd never be the same. Jake knelt down, eyeing his wife's brutalized sex. "Five cocks and one pussy. Not bad, gentlemen. For this next part, though, you'll serve more as spectators than participants." Sven, the leader of the five, merely nodded. "Whatever you say, Sir." Miranda looked at her husband with pleading eyes, but there wasn't much left to say.

The loving husband he had once been…whatever was left of that man must have been buried deep, deep inside. She didn't think she could reach him.

It was too late for that. Instead she looked over at Matthew. Poor Matthew. Her bodyguard, her secret lover, slowly came to with a plaintive groan. "Ah, he's waking up. Good," Jake said. He motioned at Sven and Baen. "You two, get him on the bed. Make him kneel between the bitch's legs." The two men took the semi-conscious Matthew and threw him on the bed facedown. His wrists were tied behind his back just like Miranda's. Jake tore off the blindfold. Now Matthew's bleary eyes blinked rapidly as he slowly became aware of his surroundings.

That's when Jake ripped off the duct tape from his mouth, making Matthew cried out. "J-jake!? What's going on? What the hell are you doing?!" The bodyguard rasped. Having had no water for hours, his throat was parched and his voice sounded like gravel crunched underfoot. "You thought you could fuck my wife and cuckold me and get away with it?" Jake said icily. "Well now that I know the truth, I thought you two should share in the same fate." Miranda's spine felt a chill of heart-rending fear as her gaze met Matthew's fearful eyes.

Matthew's eyes widened now as they zeroed in on Miranda's cunt, as he took in the sight of five cocks' worth of seed glistening in her gaping pink hole, cum clinging to her labia and oozing out of her thoroughly fucked snatch.

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"You see it now, don't you? The men made quite a mess of her." Jake brandished a handgun suddenly, which sent fresh surges of fear through both the wife and her secret paramour. Now Jake pressed the barrel of the gun just above Miranda's pussy, shoving it hard against her shaved pubic area. "Maybe I should put a bullet in this cunt right now, make you watch her die right in front of you." "Jake, please no!" Miranda wailed, her eyes clenched shut as she tried to pretend none of this was real.

"Oh god, stop it!" Matthew shouted. "I'll do anything, just don't hurt her." Jake slowly slid the barrel of the weapon along the girl's labia, framing her exposed, ravaged pussy. "Lick up that cum then, you traitorous bastard. Lick up the cum in my wife's pussy and swallow ALL of it. If you let even a drop stain the sheets, you'll watch her DIE. Got it?" "Yes, okay! Please don't hurt her!" Matthew implored.

He quickly darted his tongue into her soft folds, lapping at the sticky fluids.

Miranda's inner core tightened with arousal. Her cum-encrusted pussy began to moisten with a new fluid…her own cunt cream overlaying the scent of all the drying jism. Matthew's diligent tongue kept vacuuming up the remnants of the five men's spunk. The captured bodyguard's Adam's apple moved as he swallowed frantically, taking each of the combined men's loads down his throat.

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He kept slurping at Miranda's pussy until it glistened only with his saliva and her slowly gathering juices. Then he slid his tongue along her labia, down to the crack of her ass, where one errant stream of male jism had strayed. Huffing, he resumed licking at Miranda's slit, his tongue loving her and caressing her. Miranda looked down at Matthew. Did she regret what they had done?

Did she regret making love to a man who wasn't her husband? If she'd known what a horrific nightmare her actions would lead them to, she would never have betrayed Jake…but she also had to admit, deep down…perhaps she really did love Matthew.

And Jake? Jake wasn't the man she'd thought he was… "Jake," Miranda begged, "please, you've…you've humiliated me beyond words.

You've watched as these men have fucked and abused me.


You've whipped me. Please…I'll get a divorce if that's what you want. I'll do whatever you want, just please let us go." "I want you to CUM in his mouth, whore. Do it," Jake hissed.

Matthew's tongue kept lapping at her sex. Now he slid his tongue upward, stroking her clit. He nibbled on her clit, sucking it hard as Miranda's chest heaved. Her breasts rose and fell with a new sense of urgency as she shoved her crotch involuntarily into Matthew's face.

She thrust her clit into Matthew's mouth like a proffered sacrifice to a god, whimpering as he sucked fervently on her little joy nub, his tongue swirling, stroking, and leaving a barrage of tender flicks. Then he took one final, deep tug on her clitoris, his teeth grazing her sensitive nub in the most exquisite blossoming of sensation. Miranda sighed, her cunt fluids flooding Matthew's mouth and giving him a flavorful mouthful as he gasped. Too soon, a hand was yanking him backward by the neck.

Jake looked down at the sheets, stained dark with the girl's excess fluids. Her pungent aroma clung to the fluids dribbling down Matthew's chin even now.

"What did I tell you, you traitorous scum? I said if you got the sheets stained it would have consequences… Now you get to watch her die." "NO!" Matthew cried. Miranda's eyes widened as Jake pressed the barrel of the gun between her cunt lips and pulled the trigger.

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*TO BE CONTINUED…* *NOTE: This is NOT a snuff story despite the dark cliffhanger, I promise. Hint: Is Jake's gun even real? Or is he playing mind games with them? We find out what happens to Miranda and Matthew in the next and final chapter, which I'm almost done writing.

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I hope you enjoyed the story. If you didn't, I accept honest feedback and critiques, just not useless comments like 'this was horrible' or 'you need help.' Everyone has fantasies that, while exciting or arousing to some, may not be to others' tastes. If this isn't your cup of tea, that's okay, just don't make a blanket judgment about someone who's just trying to honestly play out their fantasies in a safe space.

To the many readers who have sent me kind comments, thank you so much! It's meant the world to me. ~Kitty