My handed slave bo gags on my dick

My handed slave bo gags on my dick
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I never have gone to an adult theatre by myself. But today I was feeling very horny and couldn't help myself.

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As I drive there with anticipation I feel my pussy moistening. Once there I grab some lube and enter, heading straight for the desk to greet the manager. I make my way to the couches in the center of the room and it is only minutes before men begin to surround me.

I feel several hands slid under my tank top. Men begin pinching my nipples and rubbing my breasts. Several find their way to my loose pants and slid their hands to my mound.

Immediately I feel fingers penetrating me as I sit there and let the guys feel me up.


I am getting quit aroused and enjoy the attention and anticipation. There are cocks shoved in my face and I lick all I can. Some of them providing a tasty treat of precum. I suck cock after cock feeling their strength throbbing in my mouth.

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I slide down in the chair and expose my quivering asshole for more hands to explore me. Instantly men rub my saturated ass with their fingers.

Two men penetrate my ass with their fingers simultaneously and it about sends me over the edge. Eagerly I meet the banging with my thrusting hips as men continue to rub and kiss my body. I am about to cum and I tell the guys to not stop. They keep their rhythm until I cover their hands with my warm juices. I reach out for the very hands that just penetrated me and lick them all clean while more hands explore my curves.

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I want some cum to fill my ass I tell the men and I head to the front of the theatre where there is an oversized bed on the floor. I bend over so that my ass is in the air. Men begin to touch me once again and rub my wetness. I push them away as I finger my cunt. You're only allowed to watch me masturbate now, until I am ready to take cock up the ass I tell them.

They obey and stand back to watch.

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Many of them throbbing with anticipation, aching to not loose their loads. The thought of so many men watching me masturbate makes me hot and I begin to rub my clit furiously, bring myself to such an intense orgasm that I collapse. Just as soon as I am done, the men move in pick my hips up and I feel them bend me over the edge of the bed.

"Now bitch it's our turn and you will take all these cocks up your ass, just as you wished," one says to me, There is an older man with a huge cock standing behind me and he tells me to keep quiet as he shoves his cock into my asshole. I scream and several of them men slap my face. More reach into restrain me. He pumps me hard and without mercy while some continue to restrain me and others can't keep from shooting loads onto my face.

He gives one last hard pump, moans loudly and fills my ass with cum. Next is a young man who is also well hung and he pulls my hair back, looks at me, spits on my face, slaps me and tells me he will hurt me if I scream. The men standing around throb as they see me abused and watch his cock slam into my vulnerable asshole. I can help but scream as this is such a long cock and it penetrates deeply.

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As soon as I scream he lifts my head and slaps me. Holding my face up others slap my face, several more cum on my face. It hurts but I am being restrained and if I move they hurt me more. He shoves my shoulder into the mattress as his rhythm increases and I feel his cock pulsating in my asshole, with his last pump I feel him fill me with his load and he holds his cock in place, enjoying the depth of my ass.

A black man strokes his cock just before entering my ass and with several pumps fills me with his load. Several more enter my ass with several pumps and fill me with their loads too. By this time my ass is dripping cum.

I am made to squat and let the cum drip from me onto a mans chest. Then I am forced down onto him to lick it all up. With my ass in the air I am being spanked with out mercy. It stings badly I cry.

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When I am finished licking up all I just dripped from my asshole I am stood up and slapped from one man to the next. Cheers erupt from the men as they see me cry from the abuse.

This makes them slap me more.


One man grabs my throat and chokes me until I can not breathe. When he lets go I gasp for air and I am thrown to the bed onto my stomach. I feel the ropes tying me down on my arms first, stretching them apart. Then the ropes restrain my ankles as far apart as they will go. Now bitch you will take what ever we feel like putting in you.

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I feel several guys shoot their load onto my back. Immediately I feel a man that I can not see lay on me and enter my ass.

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His cock is average and he pumps me full of cum. Bitch you are such a slut and deserve everything we are giving you, whore. The next man climbs on and pumps me full of his load. And on and on until they have all cum in my ass.


I feel something inserted into my ass, it's hard but flexible, it's retrieving all the cum from my ass. Then I feel them place this same object into my mouth as they chant "suck slut suck." I am forced to drink the cum down as they all take their turns spanking my ass Once I clean myself out they release me and shove me out of their way, like discarded trash.

"Now bitch if you come back here again alone, expect to be fucked like a whore again. Get the fuck" one tells me. I wipe the tears, dress and leave.