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Time Eternal Dozing to the hypnotic mechanical hum of the twin-engined Piper, I drifted back to the erotic memories of the previous night and the voluptuous chocolate Chiquita with whom I had the good fortune of spending the warm tropical night with. Soft and willing, she had eagerly coaxed my life giving essence into her delicious depths on several lust driven occasions.

Her lovemaking skills rivaled those of the most experienced professional with a youthful insatiability that drained my throbbing gonads that had been idle for several months. I should like to encounter her again upon my return from the photographic expedition I had joined with several of my colleagues to clarify the distinction between my fantasy and reality.

Suddenly, the aircraft veered violently to the left as the port engine screeched to an ominous halt. Survival mode kicked in midst the incoherent chatter from the two men in the cockpit just before the wings clipped several tree tops and we spun uncontrollably amidst a sickening screech of tearing metal as the rapid transition between horizon and forest spun past my window.

Then, with a final deafening explosion, only silence.


The starboard wing burst into flame first, and I tumbled out onto a leafy parapet through the ruptured fuselage just before the main fuel tank ignited and the resulting explosion threw me against a decaying stump into darkness.

Sometime later, I awoke to a setting sun and a dry forest of scrawny flora alive with forest creatures scurrying nearby. The hulk of the aircraft still smoldered with acrid black smoke that made breathing almost impossible. A quick survey revealed a badly lacerated leg, sore ribs and one eye swollen shut, but enough adrenaline to pull myself further away from the carnage behind a slight knoll downwind.

Ripping away my torn pant leg, I made a haphazard bandage around my bleeding calf before darkness overwhelmed me once again. Fading in and out of consciousness, I relived the crash and wondered if any of my comrades had survived. As I pondered my fate, there was a sharp stinging sensation in my genitals. Raising my torso slightly, I encountered a large green serpent with its fangs buried in my gonads.

With all my remaining strength I tried to pull it away. My scream was barely audible as I fell exhausted onto my back heavily, staring at the darkening sky overwhelmed by my apparent impending mortality. My obituary would be a killer.

Suddenly a dark silhouette appeared above me with a pair of the most perfect tits ever created. She pushed the reptile away, pulled me gently into a sitting position and deftly hoisted me over her shoulder before turning towards the depths of the forest. Effortlessly she jogged through an obscure winding trail as the remaining contents in my stomach churned in protest, finally taking flight in a gut draining spew. After a seemingly endless distance, we finally emerged from the thick growth into a clearing with several unearthly camouflaged domes positioned in a tight circle.

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Around the encampment were several topless Amazons. Adorned only with shimmering loincloths, they rushed to us and gently eased me from my rescuers shoulder and carried me into one of the structures. I was laid onto a small cot and orders were issued in a strange dialect.

My clothes were quickly removed and exotic leaves were laid over my wounds. A small fragrant bowl was placed close to my nose and after a few whiffs of the vapor, I felt painless sleep overwhelm my stirring curiosity. Several days passed before I awakened judging from the stubble on my face. As I stirred back into the land of the living, my head felt like it had encountered the business end of a Louisville Slugger, my chest advised me a deep breath was out of the question, my bound leg throbbed continually and my gonads had swollen to twice their normal size.

My rescuer gazed fondly at my now relentless erection as I stared at her perfect tits supporting her large, erect nipples. A second beautifully sculptured Amazon stepped through the door and paused to study my erection briefly with a smile. Easily over six feet tall, she was beautifully proportioned with shoulder length black silky hair and dark "bedroom" eyes. Her full kissable lips and firm, suckable breasts begged for the attentions of a virile male.

Despite my impairments, my libido kicked into overdrive. The first Amazon, upon seeing my arousal, rose and easily straddled the cot as her loincloth vanished to reveal a hairless set of of puffy labia crowned with a circle of fleshy prehensile teeth! I screamed as she slowly descended onto my engorged organ with a sadistic smile.

As the dripping toothy snatch slowly engulfed me, I could feel the teeth slowly scoring the sensitive flesh along the length of my shaft. Again I shrieked at my impending emasculation as my captor threw her head back and laughed viciously; her vagina clamping down spasmodically forcing the sharp teeth deep into my sensitive flesh. Gritting my teeth from the pain, I bid a final farewell to my beloved package when a brilliant beam of light suddenly filled the room.

My castrix screamed and leapt from the cot, tearing strips of flesh from my cock as she bolted through the opening and fled into the forest. Suddenly, I was flat on my back on the forest floor, the structures and their cock eating occupants had somehow vanished.

Somehow, I remained conscious despite the agonizing pain in my groin as a tall figure with a long white gown stood over me and extended its hand. I gripped it firmly but was unable to stand. The shimmering figure touched my temple with his other hand, and everything I had been through raced through my consciousness.

I then witnessed the demise of my companions, the fruitless search for the downed aircraft, and the reluctant officials suspending the search. I experienced the Amazon world, where men with tiny genitals were forced to mate with their beautiful yet deadly counterparts now desperate to procreate with the number of virile "male seeders" dwindling. Finally, I gazed into the minds of my rescuers; a collaboration of different alien species devoted to planetary sovereignty devoid of alien intervention.

With a mosaic of our short history replayed with sounds and images, I learned my species would soon join the multitudes of now extinct cosmic life forms that had inevitably succumbed to their greed and shortsightedness.

My "time-line" had ended in the crash and my survival had been extended only through the intercession of the Amazons. With an information overload, I tumbled into unconsciousness with a monumental headache. Sometime later, I awoke on the same knoll that had offered me some protection from the smoldering aircraft earlier.

Thankfully my erection had subsided and my genitals were now just a mass of clotted blood. Being left to soon join my fallen companions intact was strangely merciful compared to a front row seat to the end of the world anywhere else.

I watched the birds take flight overhead, and basked in the warmth of the midday sun as the jungle seethed with life about me. As my life began to fade, I could think of very few places I'd rather spend my final moments than in the company of my departed colleagues. Nearby, I heard a high pitched squeal accompanied by the sounds of shuffling feet and braced for my demise. Midst the fragrant aroma of jasmine and fresh ocean air, I slowly awoke to the vision of an angelic face filled with concern.

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The nurse studied my face anxiously until my weak smile broke the tension and she withdrew replaced immediately by Carl's weathered face - Carl was a member of the flight crew I had seen burn in the plane crash. He spoke with a brash growl most would find intimidating. "Hey stud, how ya doin?" "Geez Carl, damn good to see you how's the rest of the team?" "Out fumblin in the jungle; reckon they be coming back tomorrow.

I stayed behind to keep an eye on you and partake in the local poontang. Damn near lost ya, old buddy that bitch you were smitten with done dumped you in a scalding can of whoop ass. Good thing I was next door to hear you screamin'. Doc says you'll be OK - probably shoot blanks though." "How long. ." "About a week come tomorrow.


Everything's cool though, just kick back and don't worry about a thing. I'll check in a little later, gotta hot nympho clawing the table down at the corner cantina." He winked and disappeared as the nurse returned.

"You be OK, gringo," the nurse murmured unsure of her words. "Dr. fix rib and leg, but not sure peepee work;" she blushed slightly highlighting her sensuous neckline and delicate features.

"You sleep now," she whispered as she opened the valve on my IV and within a few moments I slipped into a dreamless sleep. In the darkness punctuated by the sound of the incoming tide, I awoke to three robed figures surrounding my bed.

"Your resiliency is most unexpected," they observed in unison. As my mind spun into awareness, I recognized my visitors almost immediately as the aliens that had saved me from the amazonian killer pussy. "The narcotic your mate utilized in her seduction inadvertently opened a portal to parallel dimensions.

Your continual existence will be scattered randomly between these alternative realities. Far beyond your comprehension, you will eventually corrupt the cosmic continuum. Your existence must therefore be terminated." He leaned over me with a glowing ball in his hand. "Excuse me," I croaked as my survival instinct kicked in, "My life is more than just an inter-dimensional continuum wrecking anomaly!

Why don't you just seal the portal? Look, I encountered a group of sexually frustrated cock eating mama wannabes. I experience that kind of shit all the time when I'm stoned!

" My mind was becoming more clear despite the drug induced tranquilizer the nurse administered earlier. "Why not let me experience these dimensions and concentrate your efforts on Darth Vader." The three aliens paused before huddling together mumbling among themselves for several minutes. Finally, they spoke without speaking in unison. "Although joining the collective intelligence of your species is your ultimate destiny, we will extend your time line unless your interface negatively alters the continuum.

Be aware, your perceptive evolution is fleeting as will be your realities. Be free and love. They vanished leaving me with a new lease on a new life. On quick recount, I had nearly perished twice, tangled with amazons and aliens, conquered my mortality, and gained access to coexisting worlds of endless possibilities; indeed, a most excellent adventure!

If this was only the beginning, a strong toke was in order. The nurse entered when I groaned while trying to turn on my side. She rushed over to me and with her gentle touch, I realized I could perceive her life; her Father's early demise by the Cartel, nights of endless study for her medical certification, a childless marriage to a heartless playboy, and the unfilled dreams of a soul mate.

She placed a cool washcloth on my forehead as I recalled the last words of the aliens. Despite our limited time on this dying rock, and the myriad of circumstance I might encounter, I would endeavor with compassion and understanding as my working foundation. "I need some good marijuana for the pain," I mumbled in her ear. She pulled back in surprise, and a smile slowly crossed her delicate face. Patting the back of my hand, she nodded and disappeared only to return with a small zip lock baggie and a weathered pipe apparently stashed somewhere nearby.

Eagerly, she helped me light the herb and shared the fragrant bud amidst a kaleidoscope of sounds and colors. I was able to console her emptiness,and soon we were locked in a tender embrace. She slowly reached beneath the sheet covering my torso and found the tender flesh laying lifelessly in repose.

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Her warm breath, soft hair tickling my chest and thighs, and gentle fingers exploring the mosaic of my genitals soon produced a wanton stirring in my loins. Throwing back the sheet, she straddled my torso and drew the head of my organ into her warm mouth coaxing it to its painfully throbbing fullness. I gently guided the crux of her hips over my face and with a gentle tug removed the last cloth vestiges covering her moist trimmed pussy.

My tongue dove into the quivering folds as her mouth fervently massaged the head of my damaged organ. The slurping noises were hard to suppress as we feasted on each others building passion. We were both skilled, and slowly enticed spine tingling arousal, my lips not enclosing her tiny clitoris until her hips thrust forcefully into my face. He first orgasm was quickly followed by a second, more explosive release that exposed years of unfulfillment.

Her third orgasm was induced with my finger probing her g-spot, followed quickly by my painfully explosive release on her fluttering tongue. Quickly reversing her position, her hand quickly wrapped gently around my deflating organ and she gently massaged our spent fluids into the glans and corona. In turn, my hand gently massaged her tender mound until we both drifted into a restful slumber.

The surreal scene was shattered when Carl staggered in and exclaimed; "Can't keep a good man down, can ya?" My companion shrieked and tumbled from the bed taking the sheet with her. With an unrecognizable exclamation, she disappeared down the hallway leaving me completely exposed to Carl's shocked gaze. "Geezuz man how in the hell you expect to satisfy a woman with that hunk of ground beef?" "With my tongue," I retorted and we both laughed.

"Can ya make it to the jeep the boys should be landing at the strip within the hour." I motioned towards a neatly folded set of clothes in the corner and Carl brought them over in a WW2 vintage wheel chair sitting next to them. We made short work of getting me clothed and rolling down to the vintage jeep. When Carl tried to start the aging relic, it backfired once and refused to turn over.

On impulse, I reached over and touched the exposed grease coated block and could feel energy racing through my fingertips. The engine snapped to life. "How in the hell. .," he queried as I wheeled over to the passenger seat and gingerly slipped on board. "Dunno," I offered wondering what came over me. We eased down the wash board road and pulled up to the strip just as the aircraft bearing my companions made a rough landing.

There was mayhem when they climbed out of the cabin onto the tarmac. Reunited with those I had perceived as lost was exhilarating. We headed back to the motel and dropped off their equipment before heading over to the closest cantina. Hidden beneath the pile of expedition gear were two small cages containing several large green serpents of an unknown genus. Under the orange glow of a flickering streetlight, one of the serpents struggled in timeless agony as she gave live birth to a plethora of small green offspring.

Within a few short weeks, these serpents would be impregnating the gonads of the unsuspecting male villagers, transforming them into unstoppable love machines that would inevitably succumb to their perpetual erections. The following morning, I awoke in the loving arms of my nurse, Camilla. Somehow during the previous evening, she had returned me to the clinic and buried my cock in the folds of her vulva. I gently woke her and she rolled off me with a contented sigh. "My companions.

."I queried. "No mas," she stammered, and slowly began to get dressed. "You stay conmigo." "What about your husband?" "No mas esposo you stay conmigo!" Hardly in a position to argue, and stunned by the alternate reality of the previous night, I almost succeeded in getting to my feet until the pain threw me back onto the bed.

Camilla wagged her finger no and rushed over to open the valve on the sedative. As I faded into oblivion again; I realized I was somehow trapped in a series of alternative realities. To break the cycle would require a catalyst. It was late afternoon when I awoke in a small dwelling outside of the village.

I could hear Camilla singing softly to herself as she labored over a small two-burner stove while a large dog barked incessantly just below an opening in the seasoned bricks one might call a window. The bed was quite comfortable and the humidity was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Noticing I was awake, Camilla hurried to my side and stroked my face. "Sweetheart, I must know what drug I was given by the women that attacked me." She studied me, digesting my question at length before she responded; "Maybe mescalina - very potente, maybe kill you!" "Peyote, Mescal. . Geez how long before the effects go away?" "Long time, maybe always you have - me care for you now!" I pondered my future with her after dismissing her with a smile.

Apparently the plane crash was real more than I could accept for the remainder of what I'd recently experienced. Quick assessment; I was busted up but alive and under the care of a lovely and lonely chica that gave great head. It would undoubtedly take some time to detox and heal up enough to get to a phone and rejoin the living back home.

Studying the voluptuous behind of my caregiver, I thanked my creator and pledged to leave the peyote to Don Juan. Upon clearing my throat, Camilla returned to my side and I embraced her with every ounce of strength I possessed.

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Melting in my arms, she oozed into bed next to me and soon we were dozing contentedly ***** Camilla and two ragged looking Doctors stood over the empty bed while a local law official scribbled notes on a worn pocket pad in the background. The crestfallen nurse was in tears as she described the events leading up to the patients mysterious disappearance.

In an effort to avoid an international incident, a full state run investigation was initiated. Within 48-hours, a special team arrived by helicopter and immediately commenced their search. Although they soon uncovered the wreckage of the missing Piper aircraft, their search for the surviving photographer was abruptly terminated when members of the investigation team fell victim to an aggressive hoard of green, testicle sucking, erection inducing serpents.

The whispering voices fell silent as I tried to focus my eyes in the dim twilight. Camilla was gone, replaced by a group of primal dark-skinned jungle natives staring down at me laying on the knoll where I had been awaiting my demise close to the remains of the shattered aircraft. The air was cool and humid with a lingering fragrance of hyacinth.

Sparsely dressed with loincloths, animal skin sandals, thick black braided hair, and necklaces of an assortment of local flora, the jungle dwellers were quite intimidating. The older males had necklaces with animal teeth interwoven with a myriad of unrelated objects scavenged from the jungle I recognized a wristwatch one of my fallen companions had worn. A young barefoot girl with the whitest teeth in the world pushed her way through the crowd and sat down next to me.

Wordlessly, she removed my tattered garments and began to lick the dried blood from my leg. Another younger sibling joined in, and suddenly I was awash with noisily licking blood sucking natives. To my horror, the gentle tongue bath soon turned into a ravenous feeding frenzy. The last dregs of adrenaline kicked in, and I began kicking and swinging, screaming like an alley cat during mating season.

Much to my amazement, they stopped and backed away in stunned silence. Somehow, a gnarly root appeared by my hand, and using it as a brace, I stumbled to my feet and into the brush towards the sound of rushing water somewhere beyond the clearing. It was a momentous struggle, and after a few hundred meters, I fell headlong into a rapidly flowing stream almost entirely obscured by the tropical overgrowth. The cool water rushing against my wounds soothed and invigorated me sufficiently enough to continue downstream by navigating through the shallows.

By nightfall, I was exhausted, and fell into a small still backwater, drifting into a dreamless sleep with little water creatures nipping on my toes. The sun was high when I awoke to the dull insistent throbbing of my ribs and leg and constant gut rumbling hunger creates.

I made my way over to some fruit trees and surveyed my surroundings as I gulped down the sweet tangy fruit. The cannibals had apparently left me to my demise, but the stream must have some type of therapeutic effect, as I felt somewhat revitalized and set out to follow the river to it's inevitable rendezvous with the sea.

Constantly beating back hoards of flies, I stumbled my way through the rushing water supported by my trusty root until, somewhere towards the late afternoon, my legs gave out and I drug myself onto a dry bed of algae surrounded by tall tubular plants. Drifting off to sleep, I remained hopeful the jungle predators would leave me alone. Somewhere in my dreams, I felt a gentle sucking on my genitals but quickly dismissed the feeling as a replay of on of my previous encounter with Camille.

It wasn't until I awoke to the early morning light that I realized one of the tubular plants was anchored to my groin, sucking the life out of me! After my earlier viper encounter, I was quite overly protective of my family jewels, and quickly scrambled free of the horny intruder. In doing so, I found my torn cock was now fully healed with nary a scar, and my gonads had returned to the normal size.

These plants, in addition to being natural cock suckers, were also therapeutic cock healers too! After a few moments hesitation, I repositioned the open end of the tube over my glans and let it have its' way with me.

Well schooled, it soon had me spewing my essence down it's length. No sooner had it sucked the last drop from my tingling appendage, when it swung free, and a second tube replaced it.

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By the time the third tube had sucked the last of my essence into its bowels, my gonads were shrieking in agony and I stumbled away from the small growth into the depths of the stream grasping my package. The cool water soothed my aching gonads and over extended cock.

Despite their overt enthusiasm, the plants surpassed any human counterpart I'd ever encountered. A small tendril from one of the larger tubes meandered through the water up over my thigh and gently circled my wrist, tugging it gently. Hesitantly, I followed it's lead as it pulled me towards the shallows and forced my hand underwater onto a dull green rocky outgrowth before uncoiling itself and meandering back to the mother plant.

Curiously, I began to dislodge the slimy fist-sized object, and in doing so scraped it against the surrounding stones. It glittered where the slime had been removed. Carefully, I washed the slime away to reveal an ugly golden idol.

The face was all scrunched up and the chubby limbs embraced something akin to stylized rocket ship. Behind me somewhere, I heard a disgruntled human groan and dove flat into the water, dropping the idol while keeping my head just above the rippling surface. Three travelers with over sized backpacks emerged frantically swinging their machetes at everything from the thick undergrowth to flying insects. The looked like human windmills on steroids and I damn near choked on the water as I burst into laughter.

They froze and one pulled out an elephant rifle, pointing it in my general direction. I waved and slowly rose out of the stream stark naked with my hands over my head. It must have been quite a spectacle as they froze with a look of total bewilderment. I now could clearly make out the two women and one man who was now pointing the gun at his foot. "Think you might want to aim that cannon at a different target," I offered to the guy while gazing at the two females. One was a slim young blond, and the second older female was a redhead with somewhat over sized tits and hips.

He raised the gun to my general direction and queried "Who are you?" "I'm a jungle nymph, Tarzan," I quipped. "Where did you get the boom stick?" The girls laughed as he stammered something unintelligible and I quickly covered my package with a nearby palm leaf.

"Seriously, the aircraft I was a passenger in crashed back there somewhere, and I've been stumbling through this stream trying to find some semblance of civilization.

Good to see you folks - mind if I ask where your headed?" There was a pregnant pause, then the redhead spoke up; " We're a family of wildlife biologists from USF Sarasota investigating reports of a unique ophidian whose venom causes male erections.

I'm Ruby, my husband Horace, and my daughter Jennifer." In turn they reached out and we shook hands. "Most call me Alex (I grasped at a fictitious name until I knew they were for real), and I'm a wildlife free lance photographer, or at least I was before my equipment went south!

Just upstream, there's a band of cannibal types you might want to avoid; and there are some tubular plants just beyond that bend with unusual feeding habits certain to appeal to most males. Don't suppose you might have access to a phone, would you?" "Got one back in the Range Rover and some spare clothes too," Horace offered. "This area doesn't seem conducive to our further exploration anyway, we might just head back to camp." "Hold on," I exclaimed.

I eased back into the cool water and recovered the golden idol handing it to him upon my return. "Might be more of these things on the riverbed and those tube plants might appeal to the plant heads at the U. Just need something to cover myself with." "Dear Lord," Horace exclaimed as fondled the artifact. Jennifer handed me the towel she had around her neck and I quickly tied it around my waist just before we all splashed into the water forming an impromptu line as we edged upstream.

Almost immediately we uncovered several pieces of jewelry and other trinkets before we arrived at the growth of the tube plants. Within moments, the plants had latched on to their objective and Horace was rolling in the water like a trapped shark.

A tube swung towards my groin and soon had me in the throes of ecstasy as the two women shrieked and clumsily bailed for the shore. I then learned the plants were bisexual as they soon had the women sprawled spread eagle in the shallows with their wrists and ankles secured by vines.

The tubes were buried in their crotches and latched firmly onto their breasts pulsing feverishly. The air was filled with flying clothes and orgasmic exclamations as we were simultaneously drained of our orgasmic fluids. As our bodies eventually succumbed to exhaustion, the tubes slowly returned to their upright positions. We lay motionless in the refreshing stream recovering; our reproductive organs were deliriously overextended, wobbling lazily in the ripples. Jennifer looked amazing naked with her small youthful tits, and her peach fuzzed pussy.

Normally, I would have tried to ravage her, but I simply wasn't up to the task .I eased over to her and cradled her head and shoulders as Horace plopped his head on Ruby's fleshy thighs gazing at the auburn bush covering her distended labia.


"We gotta get some of these," Horace murmured as his wife nodded in agreement. Gradually we recovered from our erotic overload, and gathered our attire. Fortunately, our golden artifacts were easy to locate, and we soon meandered downstream wordlessly onto the crude trail. Swatting at the swarms of flies, we made our way to the Range Rover and headed to the base camp where several other scientist were sitting around a small campfire. Introductions were made, and with a crash course on the satellite phone use, I made several calls to skeptical associates and family who all assumed I was a crank caller.

It would be challenging to prove my identity to immigration with little more than a birthmark, but I remained cautiously optimistic As the scientist babbled about their findings, the reality of finally returning home sunk in and I slipped away in the cool evening air to ponder the factors that had gone full circle from the time the I had left home to the present.

Jennifer soon slid next to me on the moss covered log and grasped my hand. "Some experience this afternoon, wouldn't you say?" "Beyond words, Jennifer; but seriously lacking the intimacy of real human contact." "For sure.

Do you have someone special waiting for you back home?" "No, always avoided lifelong relationships. I've seen too many of my friends live their lives in sexual frustration." "A free spirit, then?" "Yeah and you?" "I'd like to have a family someday; but my life is too complicated for that additional responsibility at this time.

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Do miss the intimacy from time to time though." I put my arm around her waist and she leaned her head on my shoulder. "We are so cruel to ourselves at times inhibiting our lives with regulations that defy our very nature." "Think you might forget the regulations with me tonight?" It was a soulful plea that spoke of years of wanting.

I kissed her lovingly, and she melted in my arms. Stroking her face, she closed her eyes and sighed in fulfillment, encouraging me to share my sensuality with her. With tender touches and loving kisses, she was soon sprawled on her back with an open invitation to taste her bounty. My tongue tasted the soft supple flesh from her temples to her ankles, stimulating her hidden erogenous zones and arousing her libido.

Within minutes, we were locked in a full embrace, tumbling through the mossy forest floor as our bodies united in bliss. Our attire seemed to vanish as her smooth supple skin caressed me and her soft lips bathed my upper torso with passionate kisses.

Responding in kind, I savored every pore of her flushed body, pausing on the areas that induced her sighs until I reached her protruding pubic mound. As I began a slow sensual feast of her genitals, her body responded with ever increasing spasms of pleasure.

Her feet wrapped around my waist and her hips thrust into my face forcefully until the first orgasmic waves rippled through her body. I eased off just long enough for her to reach a tentative resolution before renewing my efforts.

It is hard to say how many times she climaxed prior to begging me to stop, which I eventually did reluctantly. Positioning myself above the trembling vision of beauty, I slowly eased into her warm silky depths, feeling her muscles tighten as my gonads brushed her bottom.

Slowly and gently, I thrust into her until she squeaked as another orgasm overwhelmed her. She was so aroused, that she went through a whole series of orgasms before I finally erupted within her. I collapsed beside her, and we embraced until we heard Horace call for her. After she scrambled back to her tent, I remained beside the rotting log, thanking my Creator for the experience.

Sleep came softly. The morning eased over the tree tops like a song as I got dressed and prepared for my journey home.

Nursing a cup of black coffee, I was soon on my way, leaving the magic and mystery of the jungle behind. The extremely comfortable seats had me dozing contentedly amidst the hypnotizing sound of the engines. Behind me, two scientist continued their excited techno-babble about their recent discoveries. I awoke in a void on a small cratered rock no bigger than a Volkswagen bug. One small distant star offered the only light source. It was warm, the air was crisp and clear, silent, and I was alone.

At least I thought I was alone until a barely audible high-pitched voice rose from one of the small craters; "Welcome temporal wanderer!" "Uh greetings where are you?" I ventured, with my head on a swivel. "I'm right beside you, silly boy," it responded; "Wait, I'll alter my phase to your perceptive level." Suddenly a beautiful fairy like apparition appeared next to me, with large blue eyes and radiant blond hair. "Welcome to my little corner of the cosmos!" "Thanks - Nice rock," I offered skeptically.

"Been here long?" She studied me skeptically for a moment before a childish giggle filled the air and she playfully slapped my thigh. "You must be a real temporal virgin!" She closed her eyes and squinted with mental effort for a a brief moment. "You are!," she exclaimed gleefully, "Welcome to forever after!" "Geez lady, one minute I'm on a plane heading home and the next minute I'm on an asteroid with a fairy, or pixie - or whatever, telling me I'm some kind of virgin, which I'm not, thank you very much." Her eyes flared momentarily as I continued.

"I'd be more than happy to return to my seat on the plane if I knew how." "I know how frustrated you feel I was once as yourself," she responded.

If you desire I will openly share what I have learned, but you must freely open your spirit and quit staring at my tits!" "Sorry, they're captivating," I replied sheepishly. "I'm not aware of how to open my spirit, but my current position leaves me few options." "Indeed your species is quite primal, and it will require much patience, but I shall endeavor. Here are a few basic truths. . time was and is eternal, all you know and believe is suspect, everything you perceive is suspect, and nothing ever remains constant.

You no longer have a home, what you perceive as security is most assuredly insecure. ." "Wait," I exclaimed holding my head, "I'm suffering from an epic mental meltdown. ." She giggled and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. "This may take a little longer than I had originally anticipated!

Let's pause and refocus." Suddenly, we were in a beautifully white bedroom with a massive bed overlooking a blissful sunset on a tropical beach. Her clothes had vanished and a pint sized bong was smoking lazily in her right hand. "Soon you too will be able to create your own worlds on this temporal plane, and there remains a multitude of other parallel realities just waiting for you to explore." "This is perfect for now," I assured her and wrapped her in my arms.

"The cosmos surely can wait!"