Busty milf avy scott gets some black cock

Busty milf avy scott gets some black cock
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Moms submissive Side: The day started off the same as usual for Cindy, sending her two sons Jason and Brad off to school do the dishes and straighten up the house. As she was cleaning up Jason room she noticed the computer was flashing, a small blue light. Ignoring it she continued to clean the room, after all what could a fifteen year old be watching? After about fifteen minutes her curiosity got the better of her and she went back into his bedroom.

Moving the mouse the screen came to light, there was an IM from his black friend Howard. She tried to open it but it had a security setting and she needed a password. She left his room and continued to do her daily routine.

Cindy was 38 years old, flaming red hair, large 40 double d tits and a tight ass. The boys friends were always referring to the word MILF around the house, whatever that was.

Alex her husband of 16 years was a chemical salesman, he made a good living but was always out of town. This most recent situation he had been gone eight days and hey had not had sex in almost four months.

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Cindy had a 10" black dildo which was her constant companion. Her biggest fantasy was to be gangbanged by a group of blacks with large cocks. She always wondered if black cocks felt better. A college friend of hers would only fuck black guys, she claimed there dicks felt different and much better then the white guys. She had a small salad for lunch and was thinking about turning on the soaps. Then the idea hit her to go back to her son's computer and see if she could get into the message.

Seated at the computer she attempted to gain access. After about 30 minutes she was about out of ideas for passwords. Looking down at the desk she saw on a piece of note paper the words MILF Tits 40DD. Ok she tried it, no luck. Now just one last try, she typed in Cindy 40DD. The computer allowed her access. Howard had sent a message, "hey dude can I come over and watch your moms hot ass and tits today?

I jerked off three times Sunday after I left your house, she fucken hot"!

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Cindy was taken back by the message but to be honest she was also quite flattered. A fifteen year old hot for me, wow. She closed the computer and headed for her bedroom. If he was coming over after school today she decided to dress sexy and give them boners.

In her drawer she found a pair of pink lace boy short and a matching half bra which allowed the entire top of her tits to be visible. Ok now a pair of shorts and a tank top. She found a pair of black heels and the outfit was complete. At 4 her son Jason entered the kitchen, "Hi mom, wow you look great what's up dad due home"?

Now she had to think fast. "well actually he was going to be home early, but then something came up and now he'll be gone till Tuesday". "I need to change", "no mom don't change, you look great".

Brad entered the kitchen, "Hi mom, what's up". Brad who was only thirteen was aware of her outfit but embarrassed to say anything. "Nothing honey, same old stuff". "Would you like a snack"? "No just an apple I have homework". Jason smiled "an apple sounds good I have homework too". Both boys went to there bedrooms and she went upstairs as well. She took off the shorts and tank top and grabbed a pair of jeans and sweater. She started heading for the stairs when she heard Jason muttering.

Opening his door she found him seated at the computer in only his briefs. "What's up" was all she got out.

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He stood up and faced her; she realized he had a very large bulge in his briefs. My god is that cock attached to my son went through her mind. It was at least 9 inches long and as thick as her fist. Jason had a very pissed off look on his face, "mom did you go into my computer"? Instantly she decided to lye, "No honey why"? "Sorry nothing, by the way Howard is coming over later perhaps he can have dinner with us"? "Sure why not" she headed for the kitchen. It took about ten minutes for Howard to arrive and they all ate and joked.

Howard left, and by 10 they were all ready for bed. The next day started off as usual, by ten she was again curious about Jason's computer. She sat at the computer and typed in the password. The screen popped up and there was a picture of a 10 inch black cock. Wow was the first thing she thought. Now she read the message, "mom if you like what you see text me". "Tell me if you want to see in person"! Wow she thought I sure as hell didn't see that one coming, she closed the computer and went into her bedroom.

In her night stand was the dildo, she kissed it on the head and swirled her tongue around it. She was definitely hot and bothered. How did he know I was looking at his computer? Now she was angry, the little shit was baiting her. It was a great looking cock but they were children. She put the dildo away and went to the kitchen for a drink. It was 11 am, today was Friday; the boys didn't get home until 5:30 or 6.

Her mind kept going back to the large cock she had seen. If she sent a text she had crossed the line, still four months with no dick was almost unbearable. Could Jason be trusted? Sitting at the kitchen table she lamented about it for over an hour. She had a glass of wine when she entered the kitchen, by 12:30 she was working on her third.

What harm could it do to play along, at the very worst she get a look at a large black cock. Taking her phone she composed a text, "the picture was interesting, I would very much like to see it in person, do you think it's appropriate"?

She pushed send; it took about 45 seconds for her phone to buzz. "Howard will come home with me tonight and spend the weekend". "Make sure you have on the same outfit you had on the other day". She sent him a text right back "I said I'd like to see it but that's all Mr.".


Her phone buzzed again, "just have the outfit on"! Jason was assertive but that excited her, she changed back into the outfit and opened another bottle of wine. It was 4 pm so she sat in her room kissing the dildo and wondering how the big cock would feel in her hand.

At five she heard the front door, Jason yelled "mom where are you"? She opened the door to her room, "I'll be right down honey". Putting the dildo away she headed for the door, as she opened it he was standing there. "Hi honey" he slapped her across the face hard. "Why weren't you down stairs waiting for us"? "Jason don't you ever", he slapped her again, "get in here and close the door". "Listen bitch, from now on you'll do as you're told all the time". She was very excited with the way he was treating her, but at the same time confused.

Her crotch was wet and her nipples were hard, "Jason I". "Howard get up here now", Howard was in her room immediately. Howard walked over grabbed her waist and stuck his tongue in her mouth. She was so shocked she kissed him back, but then yelled, "What the hell do you two think you're doing"?

Both boys said nothing; they took her hand and pulled her to Jason bedroom.

Once inside they locked the door, Jason told her to take off her short, "no fucken way mister". The boys exchanged glances; Jason went to his desk, from the bottom draw he took out a wooden paddle.

"I said take off your shorts" she stood there glaring at him! "Ok you are going to get your ass paddled twenty times, if you say anything the count will start from the beginning".

"You most certainly will not", that was all she was able to get out as Howard pushed her down on all fours and held her in place. No matter how hard she squirmed to get free he was just too strong. As the paddling began it stung, she felt tears welling up in her eyes, Seventeen, sixteen, fifteen, "Jason please stop"!

The count started over again, now her ass cheeks were burning, she was crying but decided to keep quiet, finally he was finished.

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Her ass was on fire. "Now I told you too take off your short". She opened the button and wiggled out of them letting them drop to the floor.

Howard pointed to her crotch, "look man she soaking wet". It was true he pussy was flowing juice. "Mom first thing is Howard need to get a nut out" "he'll be taking you into your bedroom". "I'll keep Brad occupied until he gets off, come down with your shorts on and we'll have dinner". Her ass was on fire, she was so horny she couldn't believe her body.

"I don't know what a nut is", before she could say another word Howard grabbed her tits. "It's when I dump a load of cum in you, Cindy". "Now just a minute", "mom I think another ten should do it".

She was back on her knees with her ass in the air, her cheeks were getting black and blue, they hurt like hell, her crying was uncontrollable. The paddling stopped, both boys just looked at her. She stood and wiped the tears away, "I suggest you ask Howard to go with you". She was hot her ass really hurt, strange as it was she was enjoying the sensations. In a low sexy voice she whispered "Howard would like to go to my room with me"?

"I would love to help you get a nut out"? Howard took her hand and they started for the door, "mom" "yes Jason"? "Loose the bra". "Jason I", she saw him grab the paddle, off came the bra. She handed it too him, both boys were staring at her hard nipples. "Wow Howard she's really excited about helping you" "yeah those nipples are standing straight up". "Howard you guys stay in here, I'll go down stairs and take care of Brad". "If she gives you any shit the paddles on the desk".

"Mom you had better be a sexy slut for him". The door closed and they were alone, "Cindy come sit on the bed with me we can make out". "Ok honey but my ass really hurts", "I'm not sure I can sit that's how bad it hurts". She sat on the bed, they started tongue kissing, he was messaging both nipples with his finger.

She was really getting worked up, now he found her patch of red hair above her slit. Finding her clit he slowly started working it until it was as hard as her nipples. She was breathing very heavily; her hand was gently rubbing the head of his cock. "Honey why don't you put that big boy in me"? "Please do it slowly so I can adjust to its size, ok"?

Howard slid her down the bed so she was flat on her back. He moved between her legs and started rubbing the head of his large cock on her pussy lips. She felt a slight pressure and the head parted the lips and went in half way. Pulling him close she whispered "slowly baby my pussy need to get stretched out to accommodate you, just go slow".

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He stopped moving while her pussy got accustomed to his size. He could feel the wall of her pussy milking his hard cock, the feeling was incredible. Moving his lips close to here ear, "you have one tight hot pussy Cindy". In a raspy voice "your cock feel great baby I'm really ready for the rest of it, just go slow". Howard pushed all ten inches in until he bottomed out, she grunted as he hit bottom.

No cock had ever been that deep inside her. She had never had a cock this big before nor had she ever had a black cock. The sensation was overwhelming her. Spreading her legs as wide as possible she said start a nice slow rhythm baby", "just keep in mind my ass really hurts". He started pumping slowly at first, gradually his speed increased, she was moaning with pleasure; the pain in her butt cheeks seemed to heighten the sensation.

He was giving her all ten inches every time he pushed his cock down into her. Now she started pushing her mound up to meet the downward stroke of this beautiful cock. Deep within her pussy she felt a rumbling which she had never experienced before, there was an orgasm coming. She was now thrashing under him like a wild animal. "Fuck me baby, oh yes fuck me deep, I'm cummmmming"!! The orgasm exploded out of her as she moaned with pleasure. This pushed Howard over the edge; he stiffened as he drove his cock as deep as possible.

Cum started flowing into her unprotected pussy, the feeling of warm cum filling her pussy was a sensation she hadn't felt in a long time and it caused her to dig her nails into his back and pull him to her. She screamed so loud Howard was afraid they may be heard by Brad.

They both laid there catching there breath his cock still in her. "Cindy baby you have one tight hot pussy"! "Thank you sir, your cock is great too". "Close your legs Cindy". She closed her legs as her pussy was leaking cum and pussy juice profusely. His cock was still rock hard and he was deep inside her, his pubic mound was pushing against her clit. Looking up at him with a dreamy look in her eyes she said "hold yourself up like you are doing a pushup".

"I'll move my pussy up and down your wonderful cock". Slowly she started moving her pussy up and down the length of his shaft. "Baby your cock feels wonderful", how does my pussy feel on it"? "You have a great hot tight pussy", "I can't get enough of it". Her breathing was getting faster she was pushing her pussy so she had the cock in to the hilt. "Baby you can have this pussy anytime you want". Her breathing was deep she was getting close to another orgasm. "Honey I need your cock, I'd love if you would wear a condom but".

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From deep within her pussy she felt the rumbling of another orgasm. He hadn't moved a muscle; she was now bucking like an animal under him. Grabbing his neck she pulled her pussy all the way up on his cock and held on as she exploded with another screaming orgasm.

Now he drove his cock down and cum flowed deep into her pussy. They both collapsed, "you ok Cindy"? "Baby my ass is on fire but my pussy feels wonderful, thank you for the great fucking". "Anytime you need to get a nut or two out I'm your girl". "I do hope you will need to get many nuts out"? She started to sit up, "Cindy quick put on your panties, Jason will want to see the amount of cum I put in you". "Really"? "My panties will be soaked in nothing flat". "Just do it". "Ok panties on", wow I'm gushing cum out from down there".

"Cindy I want you to rub my cock over your face so there is cum on it", "Then suck my cock clean and put on a robe and we'll go downstairs". "Yes sir"! They entered the kitchen, Jason was talking on the phone and Brad was in the den watching TV.

"Hi Brad", hi mom". Jason hung up the phone, "she do what she was suppose to"? "Man your mom is one hot tight pussy", "good let me see what you did". Howard opened her robe; her crotch was soaked cum oozing down her leg.

Jason saw cum on her face and lips. "Well mom how was it"? "I think the results speak for themselves don't you"?

Jason grabbed her nipple and squeezed hard. "How was it bitch"? "Jason, his cock felt great, he can fuck me any time he wants". "His cock is so large when he cum's I can feel his cum shooting into my cervix, that is the ultimate feeling for a woman", "All I can while he is fucking me is too keep cumming".

"Just look at my crotch I'm leaking cum all over me and the floor". Satisfied with that answer he smiled at Howard, I ordered Pizza it will be here soon, I'll pay the driver and we'll eat in the den so Brad wouldn't become suspicious. "Do you mind if I don't sit"? "My ass is on fire". "You will sit on the couch near Brad, understand"! "Yes Jason". After they ate Brad wanted to go to his room and play his xbox, Cindy said it would be all right but not to stay up past 11.

He went to his room and closed the door. "Howard let's go down the basement", "mom when you finish cleaning up join us". "Jason, would it be ok if I put on a fresh pair of panties please"? He looked at Howard, "what do you think"? "Sure why not, let her change we can fill her up tonight without any trouble and fresh panties would be nice". "Ok mom but a light color so we can see you leak it out". "Mom don't take too long"! In her room she check her panty draw, there were only two light colors left, yellow and green she chose yellow.

They were both lacey boy shorts, she looked hot in either pair. She fixed her hair, applied a little makeup but was careful not to wash off or even disturb the cum smeared on her face.

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Before heading for the basement she checked on Brad who was already half asleep. She turned off the xbox and covered him and headed for the basement. Jason and Howard were sitting in there underwear, they had a porn tape on.


"Jason why are you watching that stuff"? "I like it". "It's terrible". "Mom your right, its terrible, get on your knees and give me a super blow job". Cindy looked at her son, for the minute she hesitated. "Jason do you think", was all she got out before Howard grabbed her and pulled her across the back of the sofa. Her ass was sticking up; her feet were off the ground. He was way to strong to break free, she started crying. Jason handed Howard the paddle, "you decide how many my man". "No please my ass is on fire I'll be good I promise".

"I think ten should do it, don't you". "Sounds good to me". Howard hit harder then Jason, she was crying after only the third hit she knew she had seven to go. As the last paddle struck her, they released her; she fell on her butt and jumper two feet. "My god my ass is on fire I'm not sure I'll be able to walk, please not more". "Then do as you're told"! "I will please no more I'll be good".

"Now come here and blow me". "Take your time I really want to enjoy this". She sucked his cock for a solid ten minutes; suddenly he grabbed her face and started pumping cum in her mouth and down her throat. She just kept swallowing until he stopped. "Wow that was great mom you sure know how to suck a cock". "Thank you Jason. You guys should know I really enjoy sucking cock". Looking over at Howard she smiled "hey baby, need me to get a nut out of him for you"?

"Sounds like a plan Cindy, spread your legs". He mounted her, her pussy was stretched from the first fucking so it was much easier and felt wonderful, Howard rolled over, she was know on top pumping her pussy slow and steadily on the large cock. She felt a finger in her ass, it was wet and sticky. Jason got behind her; she felt pressure at her ass hole. Plop the head of his cock was in her ass, he had lubed her up so his cock slide in almost half way.

Her ass cheeks were burning which intensified the feeling in her pussy as the black cock pumped her. Now with a cock in her ass the feeling was incredible. The two cocks were pumping her in a slow steady rhythm; the pressure of having two cocks in her was like nothing she had ever experienced.

They moved in a rhythm almost touching each other. A thin membrane kept them apart but she could feel them rubbing together.

The boys were speeding up the rhythm; she felt small but powerful shocks rising up from the depth of her pussy. Jason started slamming his cock into her ass; ever time he went deep he would hit her ass cheeks which would send sharp pains from her ass to her pussy.

The shocks from her pussy were growing more intense and much more frequently. She started thrashing, moaning and crying as they were all almost there.

Suddenly Jason pushed his cock into her ass as deep as he could, his hands held her, the pain from him grabbing her ass cheek was so intense she moaned and felt a shock as her first orgasm started. At the same moment Jason's cock started flooding her bowels with warm gooey cum. She had never been fucked in her ass much less had anyone cum in it. The feeling just intensified the orgasm she was having. Just when she thought she couldn't take any more Howard's cock went deep and cum erupted from his cock deep in her pussy.

She screamed and had yet another orgasm; she actually passed out for a few seconds. It took almost two minutes to catch there breath, as the boys pulled out she felt cum gushing out of both her holes. Jason yelled "mom get your panties on quick"! She jumped up and wiggled her panties over her hips and pulled them on tight. Her tits were still swaying as she stood there. "You guys certainly like me in these cum soaked panties, don't you"?

"Yes we do". "Now rub our cocks all over your face", "then walk around the room so we can take pictures of the cum stains we made". "Pictures"? "Cindy when you're not around I want to able to jerk off looking at the pictures and remembering the night you got DP by us" "What's DP Howard"? "Two cocks pumping your pussy and ass and cumming in them".

"Oh well whatever its called I really liked it". "Honey I though you would come over every time you need to get ride of a nut, but pictures are ok too"?

She just shrugged and got down on her knees and rubbed their excess cum still on there cocks all over her face and tits. She gave each cock a quick sucking, finishing with a kiss on the head.

Now she walked around the room wiggling her ass, swinging her tits and flashing her cum soaked bush at them while they took pictures. The phone rang, it was her husband Alex, cool it guys it's my husband. As she talked to him the boys rubbed there cocks on her tits which had her nipples hard in a couple of seconds. The boys heard her tell her husband "I bought some protein stuff today I thought I'd try and loose a couple of pounds".

"Yes a chocolate and a vanilla, sure did, tried them both and believe me I'll be keeping these around the house from now on". "I even tried them at the same time" "Ok see you next week". She hung up and grinned at them, "can we go up to bed guys"?

"Sure mom lets go". As they all headed for the stairs she heard Jason, "wow mom you ass looked incredible from this view". "You have a huge cum stain right in the middle". "Do you like the look"? "Yes very much". "Well then here's a picture for you". She put her hands on her knees and stuck her ass way out so the cum stain was very evident. Slightly turning so her big tits were visible she smiled for the camera.

The boys took at least five shots each. They entered Jason's bedroom and Howard asked "Cindy can we get some shots of the cum soaked front of your panties and maybe a cum soaked bush shot"?

"You sure can sweetie". For the next twenty minutes she posed for them. They were tired and sleepy, "Jason, Howard I have a question"? "Please understand I'm not being difficult this is just a question".

Both of them replied in unison "What"? "I love fucking and sucking your cocks, but cumming in my pussy while it really feels great I still can get pregnant". "Look moms either get the morning after pill or start having black babies".

"Ok sweetie", I need the cock so I'll deal with it, besides I like cocks without condoms much better anyway". The three of them fell asleep in Jason's bed.

They were woken up by Howard's phone ringing; his father was calling to tell him he'd be there to pick him up in 15 minutes he needed help with a job he was working on. Cindy sat up, smiling at him she cooed "well baby there's no time for a good morning blow job, sorry". She got up, put on her robe and headed for the kitchen, "Jason honey I'm making coffee and to check on Brad", I'll be back to give you a morning blow job in a few".

She was still in the cum stained panties when Brad entered the kitchen, "Hi mom what's for breakfast.

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While Brad was eating she ran up to Jason's room, he was sitting at the computer screen. "Honey ready for your blow job"?

"No mom I'm going to fuck you ass". "He made her lay on his bed and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her ass. Since it was still very tender the shocks as he pounded her made her cum three times before he unloaded a very health load in her.

She immediately pulled up her panties. After Brad had left to see his friends she and Jason sat in her bedroom. "Jason Honey do you think Howard will be back soon, I already miss his cock"? "Oh yes mom your pussy was outstanding", "I know he'll be back by Monday at the latest". "Good from now on I need some serious fucking and to be DP often". "Jason one last thing", "yes, "by Sunday I'll probably be naughty again, be sure you have our paddle near by, ok".

He smiled, "mom get down on all fours I think five swats are in order", and dropping to her knees she stuck her ass up for him, "yes darling mommy needs it".