Pretty Veronica having it hardcore meaty dick

Pretty Veronica having it hardcore meaty dick
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CHAPTER 1 lucy had worked hard all year without a day off and without any decent amount of time to herself, she would start work at six in the morning and finish about seven in the evening the company she woked for had set up a new office in a small town and lucy had been sent to help set it up, all lucy had done for the last eight months was work, work, work, she knew it was gonna be like this but she knew the pay she would get would be massive.she didnt have time to socialise and not knowing many people she didnt have any friends to hang out with, even if she did she was always too tired anyway, the one thing lucy really missed was sex, by her own admission lucy was a nymphomaniac, some would call her a slag, but lucy didnt see it that way she like the pleasure of sex, she enjoyed trying everything she could think of, men, women, orgys, lucy loved it all, she espacialy loved being the center of the attention as well.

the only sex she had enjoyed over the last seven months was the occasional use of her vibrator, when she wasnt too tired. but now lucy was about to have four days off and she had planned to get her fuck on, lucy was staying in a hotel and through the past months had made aquantances and spied protentual people for her sex marathon, she had planned diffferent ways to approach or seduce each of them, although it probably wouldnt be that hard, lucy was very good looking, 20 years old, slim, with a toned body her long dark hair came down to her large breasts, she was about five foot five, lucy always thought her ass was her best feature, small and pert, they finished her legs off perfectly, lucy had always taken care of her self and enjoyed showing her body off, something else she had missed in the last seven months.


lucy arrived back at the hotel just before eight oclock she went to her room had a shower, got dressed and went down to the hotel bar swimming pool, as she entered she entered the changing rooms she glanced around at the women, lucy liked the fthemale body more then the male, it was more seductive she thought.

lucy rthemoved all her clothes and placed ththem in her locker before before putting on her swimming custom she enjoyed exposing her body to strangers and locker rooms were a great place to be able to do it freely, lucy only managed a few laps of the pool, she was already so tired, she was resting against the side of the pool when someone spoke to her, "hello miss carter.", lucy turned around to see a young women smilling at her, it took lucy a moment to reckognise her, it was chloe, one of the live-in room maids.

"oh hello chloe, how are you? lucy asked, "fine thanks miss carter, i hope your having a good evening." replied chloe, "yes thanks just unwinding, im about to get out now, would you like to join me for a drink?", chloe had said good morning or good evening to lucy almost everyday and had ocassonal small talk in the hotel elevator, chloe was about as close to a friend as lucy had.

"yeah sure that sounds nice." answered chloe. the two women got out of the pool and headed back to the changing room, chloes locker was just a few ddors up from lucys, they made small talk as they got to know each other, and continued it into the shower room, the shower room was one big shower with many shower heads on the wall, each one was sectioned by small tiled walls about waste hieght, lucy and chloe took stood next to each other in thier own "cubicles" and carried on chatting, lucy admired chloes body and as she soaped herself up noticed chloe looking at hers.

when they had gotten dressed they went to the bar and ordered some drinks, they talked long into the night swapping stories and having a laugh with one another, eventualy they got onto the subject of boyfriends, "no i dont have one, i dont really like being tied down to one person" lucy informed chloe. "how about you?" "girlfriend actually" chloe said, "well actually we are on a break right now." "oh that sucks, how come?" lucy asked. "she wasnt ready for a physical relationship." chloe said looking a little upset, "im sure she wil come around soon enough, these things take time." lucy said reasurringly.

lucy looked at her watch it was gone midnight and lucy was feeling tired, she finished her drink and got up, "im pretty tired so im affraid im going to have to call it a night, thanks for this evening its been great to talk to someone, i hope we can do this again soon." chloe smiled and down her drink, "yeah me too, tonight was really nice." "well im sure i will see you in the mornig" lucy said. "oh no im not working tomorrow morning, its my day off." lucy turned back to the redhead and whispered in her ear, "in that case i would recomend you take that cute maids outfit to your girls friends house and try your luck, belive me i wouldnt say no." lucy smiled and winked.

chloe looked thembarassed but also happy, lucy gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek said goodnight and left, chloe sat at her table grinning from the compliment she had recieved, a smile grew over her face as an idea flashed through her head.


lucy got back to her room, her head was a little dizzy she hadnt drunk in a while and wasnt used to it, she took off her clothes and climbed into bed, it wasnt long before she was fast asleep. lucy was awoken early the next morning by a knock at the door, before lucy could get her senses together there was another knock, followed by, "house keeping.", lucy composed herself enough to shout back, "not today thank you." lucy shouted back, lucy looked at the time, it was a little after nine, this was the latest she had slept in for as long as she could recall, she turned over to go back to sleep, when she heard her door unlock and open before closing again, lucy turned over in her bed to see the maid had let herself in, "no, no, not today please, im still." lucy noticed it was chloe standing in front of her, "oh hey, i dint relise it was you, i thought you were not working today." lucy said as she tried to recall last nights conversations, "im not" chloe said, lucy looked confused she was still half asleep, "i dont understand." lucy said trying to make sense of the situation.

chloe placed her hands just below her hips with her palms pressed against her legs she pulled her hands upwards and her skirt slowly lifted revealing her naked pussy, smoothly shaven with a red brazilian, she left her pussy showing, and then under her black blouse and white shirt, exposing her round tits, she lent against the wall and ran one hand down her tits to her cunt, then slipped a finger inside herself while looking at lucy, "you said you wouldnt say no" chloe said as she began to breath heavy, lucy pulled back her cover and got out of the bed, she walked over to chloe she dropped down to her knees and began french kising chloes pussy, it had been a while for lucy and even though this wasnt part of the things she had planned it was still a great way to start things off, and she wasnt about to waste time, she licked and sucked on chloes cunt like a wild animal, rubbing her face into it, lucy hadnt had a women for a few years it was something that didnt present opertunities often, lucys face glistened with love juive she licked and sucked as chloe began to moan in pleasure, lucy took hold of chloes leg lifted it and pulled it around causing chloe to face the wall, lucy pushed her face into chloes pussy as hard as she could, before she pushed her tongue into chloes ass and started to analy tongue fuck her, chloe bit on her lip and whimpered with lust, she reached down and and pushed two fingers into her pussy before taking putting ththem in her mouth and sucking off her own love juice, lucy slipped her finger into chloes cunt and then another into her ass, lucy fingered both holes at the same time, as she did she knelt up and sucked on chloes tits, chloe moaned louder and louder until she came, chloe pulled lucy up and kissed her passionatly then pushed her on to the bed, lucy fell back on to it with her legs hanging off the end, chloe got down on her knees between lucys legs and began to eat out lucys cunt, pussy juice flowed out of lucy as chloe licked her clit, lucy began screaming with pleasure, lucy was out of practice so it didnt take long before she felt her first non self inflicted orgasm brewing, she grabbed hold of chloes hand and pushed one finger inside her asshole then slammed it in and out slowly but extrthemley hard, she let go of chloes hand and chloe instinctivly took over slowly pulling her finger almost all the way out of jilss ass before slamming it back in, whilst still licking lucys pussy and clit lucy screamed loudly as she came, chloe felt her mouth fill with love juice, she swallowed it all and began to slow her licking and fingering down, matching the rythum that lucy was thrusting her hips, chloe, got up on to the bed and layed on top of lucy they kissed, pushing thier tongues into each others mouths, tasting thier own pussies on the others breath.

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chloe sucked on lucys tits as the two rolled over on each other touching and kissing one another, lucy reached over to her bedside drawer and pulled out her vibrator, she climbed back on top of chloe but faced the over wayshe pulled chloes legs up and back so her knees were almost touching her tits, lucy then lent forward and locked chloes legs behind lucys arms chloe was now staring up at lucys pussy and asshole, she moved her head forward and pushed her tongue into lucys ass, lucy took hold of her vibrator and looking down plunged it into chloes pussy, pumping it in and out as fast as she could as she did she pushed her body wieght down on chloe and grinding her cunt and ass on chloes face.the vibrator pumping in and out of chloe soon made her cum again, she reached down and took the vibrator from lucys hands and pulled it out of her pussy, she pushed lucy down a little off her face and brought the vibrator up to lucys pussy and pushed it in, lucy layed on top of chloe and gently licked at her clit, while chloe thrust the vibrator deep into lucy until she too came, lucy turned around and again the two kissed and rubbed thier bodies together, they eventualy got up and went into the shower, they saoped each other up running thier hands over each others bodies, the warm soapy slippery feeling was enough to make ththem begin kissing passionatly they began to finger each other again, as they did they both lowered to the floor, they opened thier legs and pushed thier cunts together and began to grind against one another the two women sped up as they felt thier clits being stimulated by the others, soon they were grinding thier hips as though they were being fucked, both moaning with pleasure, they came togther suddenly and threw ththemselves into each others arms and sitting on the floor of the shower the kissed and touched one anothers bodies.

after thier shower the women returned to the bed and got dressed, "now thats room service" lucy said laughing, chloe laughed too as she got dressed, "i better go now i have to meet my girlfriend." lucy smiled and wished her luck, she walked her to the door the kissed her goodbye.

lucy went to her closet got out her bikini put it on and headed to the outdoor pool to relax.

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CHAPTER 2 it was late afternoon and and lucy had be sunning herself by the pool for many hours she decided to get a drink from the bar, as she orderd she nothice a young boy walk past her, she felt him checking her out in her bikini, she had seen hm and his friends around the hotel and decided this was a good time to approach him, the boy was a typical big headed seventeen year old with sex constantly on his mind, the boy walked down some steps that led to a room that had pool tables and arcade machines in, as he reached the bottom of the stairs he felt someone behind him, he turned to see lucy stood on the stairs, looking at him, lucy didnt say a word, she pulled her bikini top to one side as her big tits fell out of ththem, she rubbed her fingers around her nipples looking at the boy, then she pulled her bikini bottoms across to reveal her smooth pussy, the young lads mouth fell wide open, "like what you see?" lucy said seductivley, the boy nodded, dumbstruck, lucy moved her hand down to her pussy and rubbed it, "do you want to fuck me?" lucy asked, again the boy nodded unable to speak, "good, room 312 on the fifth floor, bring your friends." lucy moved her bikini back and walked away, the young laad stood still for a moment before running as fast as he could to his friends, he told ththem what had happened, at first they didnt belive him but eventualy agreed to go with him, thier were six of ththem in total all were sixteeen or seventeen, as they made thier way to the room the boys all laughed and joked thinking it was some prank thier friend was playing, they knocked on the door and lucy answered wearing a hotel robe, "ah hello boys come on in."the laughter stopped as the boys looked at each other in disbelieve, they followed lucy in and closed the door, the boys were not sure what to make of what was happening, "did your friend her tell you what i wanted?" the lads looked at each other, this was real they thought, they all nodded thier heads, "shy little things arent you." lucy said feeling very in control, thats one reason she liked ththem young "are you sure your all up for this?" lucy said walking up and down the line of boys, again they all nodded all be it somewhat nervously, "good all of you take off your clothes.", the boys looked at each other and slowly took off thier clothes lucy watched as the boys all stood in line with rock hard cocks sticking out in front of ththem, lucy walked past all of ththem with her hand out and ran her hand over thier cocks, she then turned to ththem and dropped her robe to reveal her naked body, all the boys mouths dropped open, lucy got down on her knees and the boys all gathered round her, lucy had six hard cocks incircling her head, she wasted little time and ran her tongue up the shaft of each cock, as she did she tock hold of random ones and gently rubbed ththem before moving on to the next, as she came full circle back to the first cock, she placed her mouth on the end of it and pushed down taking it deep into her throat, lucy sucked hard on it for a few moments then moved on to the next still genlty wanking random cocks with each hand, she reached the fourth lad and began to suck on his cock, the excitthement was too much for the boy, lucy felt him tense up, before feeling his cum squirt into the back of her throat the lad came lots and lucy kept her mouth on his cock untill she had sucked out and swallowed every drip, she took his cock out of her mouth and looked up at him then with a smile and a wink she said, "dont worry it happens to all of us." the lad looked a little thembarrased but smiled back, his drooping cock was already beging to harden again, that was the other thing lucy loved about young lads they cum and then be good to go again in minutes, lucy continued sucking on all the cocks, taking ththem deeper into her throat and sucking on each a little longer everytime, lucy then took hold of two cocks and pushed ththem both into her mouth, then a differnt two and finally the last two, lucy stood up and led one of the lads to the the chair that was next to the bed and sat him in it, lucy turned away from him and sat herself on his lap, she fed his cock in to her ass then instructed another boy to stand in front of her btween her legs, he instinctivley pushed his cock into her pussy and began fucking her, the lad under lucy also started to thrust his cock in her ass, lucy instructed another to of the boys to each climb up onto the arms of the chair, from thier the boys cocks were at lucys head height lucy took a cock in each hand and wanked ththem, licking and sucking on both as she did, lucy bounced hard on the cock in her ass as the other boy fucked her cunt hard lucy had missed cock, the feeling of getting pounded by two at once was heaven for her, lucy continued to wank and suck the boys either side of her suddenly the boy to the left came, a massive amount of jizz across her tits, this caused the other one to cum, a larged spray of cum landed on and in lucys mouth, her chin and then her tits, lucy licked the cum from her lips savouring the taste, lucy rthemoved the cocks from her ass and cunt ad got the two lads to stand in front of her as she sat in the chair, she took hold fo thier cocks, holding ththem right in front of her face and wanked ththem furiously, lads came at the same time covering lucys face with cum, she sucked on thier cocks getting every drip out of ththem, lucy let the cum run down her neck and on to her body, sat in the chair lucy ran two fingers over her cum covered tits and sucked the jizz off ththem, she then got up and laid on the her back on the bed she instructed the last two lads to fuck her pussy and mouth, the first boy climbed on to the bed and squated over her head pushed his cock into her mouth and and fucked her mouth pushing his cock back her throat, the other boy stood at the edge of the bed between lucys legs and fucked her pussy hard.

lucy felt the lad cum in her mouth, she swallowed the first two sruirts then let her mouth fill with his cum, when the lad pulled out lucy let the cum run down her chin and onto her tits, then the other boy pulled his cock from her wet pussy and fired his cum over her stomach and cunt, by now the other lads were all ready to go again, lucy told ththem to take turns and they could fuck any hole and cum anywhere they wanted, the first boy stepped up and pushed his cock into her pussy and began to bang away, two ther lads got on the bed on each side of lucy she wanked and sucked ththem off, untill each came on her face and body, the lad fucking her began to speed up lucy looked down at her jizz soaked tits bouncing up and down as the boy fucked her, he suddenly stiffened and pushed hard as he came inside her, as soon as he pulled out another lad took his place pushing his cock into lucy and fucking her hard, another lad climbed up on the bed and wanked himself hard over lucys face, lucy opened her mouth wide, the lad aimed his cock at it and came, the first shot streaked across lucys eye and on to her forehead, the next spray hit her lips and her mouth, lucy raised her head and took his cock into her mouth, swallowing the rest of the cum, the boy fucking lucy also came inside her, again as he pulled out another lad got up to take his place, this time the lad lifted lucys legs a little and rammed his cock into her ass, the lad pumped hard and fast and soon came, lucy could feel his head swell inside her ass as he pumped his cum into her, this excited the rest of the lads and they all took a turn fucking lucys asshole, sometimes cumming inside sometimes pulling out and cumming over her body, lucy had cum many times during the the gang bang, she looked down at her cum covered body she liked the idea of being used as a cum dumpster, the notion of being a slut always turned her on.

to help get each lad hard again lucy took thier limp cocks and sucked and licked on ththem, her face was sloppy and sticky from all the cum that the boys had fired over her and the cum that dripped from thier drooping dicks, the lads kept fucking lucys holes way into the evening, lucys asshole and pussy were throbbing, and full of cum her body and face were soaked in the lads jizz, there were even small pools of jizz on the bed around her body, the lads were all exhausted, as was lucy, after the last lad came inside her pussy, lucy stared at the cielling trying to catch her breath, without looking at ththem she thanked the lads for a fun day, she expressed her wish to do it again soon if they kept it a secret, the boys agreed, got dressed and left, for a while lucy just laid there, but it wasnt long before she felt the urge to be naughty, lucy reached down and pulled out two vibrators from under the covers, and two classes that were next to the bed, lucy began to run her haneds over her body through all the cum, her whole body was covered in a thick layer of cum, lucy scooped as much up as she could pouring it into the glasses, she did the same to the pools of cum on the bed sheet, then she sat up and placed the glasses under her pussy and asshole, she tensed her stomach and pushed, a steady stream of cum poured from her cunt and ass filling the glasses, lucy was still covered in cum, she took the two vibrators and the two glasses of jizz and went into the shower, she didnt turn in on, instead she took the first vibrator and turned it up to its highest setting and pushed it all the way into her ass untill there was none of it sticking out.

lucy could feel it vibrating inside her pushing against her womb, she could already fel the orgasm building, lucy took the second vibrator and stuck it to the shower floor, lucy squatted over it and slipped it into her pussy and bounced up and down on it as hard as she could, lucy ran her hands over her sloppy tits, she pinched her nipples and pulled on ththem, as the pleasure built up and the lust took over lucy took hold of one of the classes of cum she opened her mouth wide and poured it in, lucy swallowed fast as her mouth filled with the mixed jizz of the boys, lucy swallowed mouthfull after mouthfull as she themptyed the first glass, jizz spilled down her chin and neck, lucy tried to catch it with her fingers, bringing it back to her mouth and swallowing it all, the rest the ran down her body lucy rubbed into her tits and cunt, lucy was on the verge on cumming now she raised the second glass and poured it all over her face and open mouth, lucy let the jizz run down her throat and bodyshe rubbed the cum into her hair and skin, franticly sucking on her fingers and tits to consume all the cum, with one last huge bounce lucy came crashing down on the vibrator, cumming hard, from ther lucy fell forwards on to her hands and knees, the pushed on her stomach muscles causing the other vibrator to themerge from her ass, it fell to the ground still buzzing away, lucy had cum so hard her legs had turned to jelly, she layed on the shower floor for a while before getting up and turning the shower on, lucy washed the cum from her hair and body, her pussy and asshole were sore and sensative to touch.

the gangbang had been as naughty as lucy had wantewd it to be she felt like a little slut and she loved it. lucy put on a hotel robe and changed the bed sheets, she turned on her tv ordered some room service and spent the rest of the night relaxing.

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CHAPTER 3 lucy awoke the next morning and was surprised how late it was, almost eleven oclock she hadnt had a sleep like that in a long time, feeling full of energy and knowing her next scheduled sex session was untill later that night lucy had some time to kill and so decided to go out, she put her bikini on under her summer dress, she was intending on doing more sun bathing, she really wanted to go naked but there were no nude beaches around and the hotel wasnt going to let her do that, lucy decided to have a drink and something to eat at the outside bar before she went out.

as lucy came outside she passed the young lads from the night before, she gave ththem a checky hello boys and continued on.

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lucy sat down and ordered a drink and some food, as she ate at her small table lucy kept thinking about how much she wanted to lay in the sun naked, suddenly lucy had an opithany, lucy finished her food and quickly downed her drink, lucy headed back to her room, lucy went to the window and just as she rthemthemberd on the outside was the hotels fire escape, feeling adventurous lucy opened her window and climbed out on to the fire escape and headed up she quietly passed three more floors of other rooms windows untill she was at the top of the fire escape, it was very high up, lucy felt quite shaky being so high up, all that was left was a twenty foot ladder bolted to the wall that lead to the roof, lucy climbed the ladder making sure not to look down, lucy was soon on the roof a massive flat area with small walls around the outside of it in one corner of the of the roof was a small shed like box with a door on one side, lucy went over to investigate, she pulled open the door which led to some stairs going down into the hotel, lucy went down ththem to another doorthis one was very stiff but eventualy lucy opened it and found herself in a big supply room filled with cleaning products, towels, hotel uniforms and many other things, it was clear no one had been up to the roof for a while, lucy pushed the stiff door back shut and then opened the main door or the supply room, lucy found herself on the top floor of the hotel at the very end of the corridor where the hotel stored all of its equipment the corridoor was littered with cleaning trolleys and stacks of seats from the function rooms, there was no elevator to this floor only a stair case, lucy headed down the stairs then into the elevator and back down to the hotel lobby, lucy headed into the hotel shop and took some cold bottles of drink some snacks and a few magazines, she payed for ththem and headed back to the elevator, as the doors opened chloe stepped out, lucy smiled at her, "hey, hows it going with your girlfriend?" lucy asked "not bad thanks, im going to meet her now, and we are going to spend the day by the pool." "thats souns nice." lucy said smilling, "have a nice day, the both of you." "thanks, actauly i was going to see if you wanted to join us." "sure sounds great, give me a call when you get down there then." "ok will do, see you later." chloe said as she walked away.

lucy jumped into the elevator and pressed for the top floor, the door opened and lucy proceeded up the stairs, quietly looking around to make sure no one was around, she slipped back into the supply room and headed for the door to the roof, as she did she noticed some white plastic fold up sun bed, it was big but lucy managed to drag it with her to the roof, lucy dropped all her stuff and went back down into the suppley room, lucy grabbed some towels and a broom then went back to the roof, lucy used the broom to wedge the top door shut, she then set out her sunbed and padded it with the towels, lucy stripped naked and laid back on her sunbed letting her body soak up the sun, it felt great to be naked and the thrill of being alone on the roof was getting lucy excited, she got up and casualy walked around the roof, breaking into a gentle jog so she could watch her tits bounce around freely, as her confidence grew lucy peered over the side of the building looking down at the people in the pool, she then looked over the front of the hotel the street below was busy and if anyone had looked up the would have seen the top half of a naked women looking down at ththem, lucy carried on walking around the roof looking down at everyone, she eventually returned to her sunbed and relaxed on it reading her magazine.

lucy was interupted by her phone ringing, she fished through her bag and answwered it, "hey chloe are you at the bar now?" "yeah me and pipa are here do you wanna join us?" chloe replied. "yeah could do unless you two are intrested in joining me?" lucy said with a hint of mystery.

"why were are you?" "just bring some drinks and meet me on the top floor." lucy said.

"ok see you in a min." chloe said sounding excited". lucy but her bikini back on and then her dress, unwedged the door and went back down to the suppley room, she made her way down the hallway then down the stairs, where chloe and pipa were coming out of the elevator, chloe introduced pipa and lucy then asked what lucy what she was doing, lucy led chloe to the suppley room, there lucy told ththem both to grab a sunbed each while lucy took some more towels, as the three themerged on to the roof chloe and pipa gasped, "wow this is so cool" chloe said.

chloe and pipa set up thier sunbeds next to lucy who had rthemoved her dress and was bathing in her bikini, chloe and pipa had thier swim suits on under thier clothes and decided to bath in ththem, the three women relaxed in the sun, untill the silence was broken by chloes phone, "fuck, i just got called into work." chloe said angrily "that sucks, what are you gonna do?" asked lucy "i gotta go in when they call, but you guys can still hang together." lucy looked over at pipa and nodded, pipa reponded the same way, "ok well i will catch up with you two later" chloe said as she got dressed and left.

lucy and pipa carried oon sunbathing on the roof, pipa was a little shy and lucy did her best to make conversation with her, eventualy pipa began to talk more and soon the girls were chatting and laughing, "this really is a cool place, i bet you could sunbath naked up here." pipa said.

"i was before you guys came up" lucy replied.


"oh good, so you wont mind if i do then?" "no not at all i will join you." pipa and lucy rthemoved thier clothes and continued sunning ththemselves, then pipa spoke again, "you have a great body i can see why chloe wanted you." lucy wasnt sure what to say, "its ok chloe told me all about it" lucy paused for a moment then asked pipa a question, "why dont you want a physical relationship with chloe?" "i do but i wanted everything to be great for chloe and i dont rerally have much expirence i didnt want to dissapoint her." pipa looked a little sad.

"im sure you could have found girls to get some expirence." " i tried but i would always bottled out, and there is something else, sometimes when i cum i." pipa paused feeling thembarassed but lucy already knew the answer, "you spray?" "yeah, and i dont think chloe would like it?" lucy looked at pipa and smiled, "trust me girls like it." pipa smiled a little but was still not convinced, "would you like to practice with me?" lucy asked, pipa looked at lucy, smiled and nodded her head, lucy sat up on the side of her sun bed and opened her legs, pipa knelt down between lucys legs and pulled open lucys pussy lips, and began to kiss lucys clit, "make sure you tongue is very wet then rub it on my clit." lucy instructed pipa, pipa pushed her tongue against lucys clit and began to massage it, lucy closed her eyes and began to breath heavily, pipa slid her tongue down lucys pussy and pushed it inside, pumping her tongue in and out of lucys wet cunt, lucy reached down and took one of pipas hands and placed it on her tits, pipa fondled ththem, sqeezing her nipples, pipa moved her tongue back on to lucys clit, "slide two fingers into me" lucy said, pipa slipped two fingers inside lucy and continued to lick and suck on lucys clit, pipas fingers glided in and out of lucy faster and faster, lucy began to moan with pleasure, she reached down and pulled pipas fingers out of her pussy and pushed one into her asshole, pipa moved her tongue back down lucys pussy and slipped it inside her again, lucy pushed her cunt hard against pipas face, "swap your finger and tongue." lucy whispered, pipa pulled her finger from lucys ass and and her tongue from lucys pussy and ran it down to lucys asshole, pipa lightly ran her tongue around lucys rim before pushing it inside, she pushed two fingers into lucys pussy and pumped ththem hard, doing the same with her tongue in lucys ass, lucy pulled pipa up on to the sunbed, they sat facing each other pipa sat between lucys legs with her legs over lucys the two kissed passionatly while they reached down and rubbed eachothers clit as fast as they could, lucy pulled pipa against her thier tits pressed hard against the others, pipa pushed her pussy against lucy and the pair began to scissor quickly, pipa began to moan with pleasure as, she felt herself coming and began to sob with orgasm, pipa started to slow and pulll away but lucy stopped her, "its ok let it happen, i want it" lucy said driven half by trying to help pipa and half from pure lust, pipa pushed her pussy hard against lucys again she could feel her clit rubbing against lucys, they began to speed up again and again pipa felt herself begin to climax this time she kept rubbbing her pussy on lucys, pipa felt the uncontrolable wave of pleasure serge through her body, she came hard, her pussy still pressed against lucys let out a huge spray of love juice, it shot straight up into lucy and pipas faces and over thier tits, lucy felt her cunt suddenly fill with pipas love juice, pipa could barley get her scream out,being so over come with pleasure, just the occasional whimper made it out of her mouth, lucy leaned in and the to kissed as love juice still sprayed up between thier faces, soaking the pair of ththem, as they kissed they licked and sucked the love juice off each others face, pipa pulled her pussy away from lucys a tiny bit, her love juice sprayed up into lucys face, lucy opened her mouth wide catching the spray right into her mouth, pipa screamed with pleasure as her orgasm faded her pussy spray ended on lucys tits, lucy grabbed pipa and kissed her pushing pipas love juice into her mouth, pipa swallowed it and the two of ththem kissed passionatly.

both girls fell back onto the sunbed pipas legs were shaking uncontrolably from her massive orgasm. "that was amazing." pipa said trying to catch her breath, "i think if you do that with chloe she would be extrthemley happy." lucy said reassuring pipa, who smiled bashfully back at her.

the two women cleaned ththemselves up with some towels and went back to sunbathing. sometime later chloe arrived back, lucy looked at the time, it was almost time for her appointment, she told chloe and pipa that she had to go and they should use the time oon the roof to thier advantage, as she left she looked back and saw pipa kissing chloe and sliding her hand into chloes pants, lucy smiled knowing they were about to have a good time, but she had one of her own to get to.

CHAPTER 4 lucy had gone back to her room had a shower and put on some very trashy clothes, as she applied her make up her phone went off a message appeared saying "ready now" lucy looked at it smiled and left the room, lucy was wearing a ver short denim skirt a small boob tube and a little black jacket over that, lucy went to the elevator and went up two floors, she headed down the coridoor and knocked on the door of one of the hotel rooms, there was no answer so lucy opened the door and entered the room, the room was a lot bgger then hers, one of the penthouse suits, lucy made her way to were the noise was coming from, lucy entered the main room where ten older men were gathered round a table playing cards they all looked up as lucy entered.

earlier that week lucy had been eating in the bar when she had overheard a group of men talking about where they could find some prostitutes for an evening, the thought of pretending to be a prostitute for a group of dirty old men made lucy excitited and the idea of being paid for it made her feel really dirty and naughty, that was enough to cause lucy to walk over to the men, "excuse me gentlthemen i couldnt help overhearing, i may be able to provide you with some entertainment.", one of the men spoke up, "well hello my dear, do you have any friends who may like to have a party with us?" "no i work alone", lucy felt all thier eyes on her looking her up and down she felt her nerves going, "i garanteee im all you need." she said trying to resert her confidence, the men looked at eachother, with a few nods and shrugs the first man looked lucy up and down, "how much for one night with all of us here?", lucy wasnt sure what to say and randomly spatout a number "one hundred?" she said sounding very unsure, was one hundred dollars too much or too little?

she wasnt a porstitute she didnt know, she looked at the men, who looked at each other then back at her, "seventy five". the first man said, lucy didnt care about the money she just wanted the attention of ten old randy men but still, seventy five bucks for ten me, what a check she thought to herself. "sure." she said, feeling a little under appreciated, the first man told her where and when and that they wanted her to dress like a prostitute too, with that lucy left ththem to it.

as the men played cards the first man turned to lucy, "take off your clothes and make us all some drinks please my dear.", lucy did as instructed and rthemoved her clothes the men called out what drinks they wanted, lucy found a small bar in the room and began making the drinks, this wasnt what lucy had expected and the fact they were all more intrested in the game then her naked body made lucy a little jelous, but she decided to see where this was all heading, lucy took the drinks to the big round table and passed ththem around, then the first man spoke again, "now be a good girl and get under the table, start with me and work your way around the table my dear." the man moved his chair out to make room, lucy got on her hands and knees and crawled in under the table where she saw the ten men all had thier cocks out, the first man pulled his chair back to to the table, lucy looked at the old mans cock, then took hold of it and ran her hand up his shaft and then back down to his balls, she then placed the head of his cock into her mouth pressed her lips on his shaft and wanked him with her mouth, as she sucked on the old mans cock she massaged his balls with her hand, it didnt take long before she felt his warm cum squirt in her mouth, lucy gentley sucked on the mans cock until he had stopped cumming, she licked his cock clean then moved on to the next man, lucy made her way around the table swallowing all the cum the men produced, when she had finished the first man moved his chair and lucy crawled out, the first man gave lucy his hand and he helped her off the floor, and guided her on to the table, "why dont you play with your pussy for us, and if and one wants a bit they will let you know." lucy wasnt sure what he ment but standing in the middle on the table lucy began playing her pussy rubbing it and sliding her fingers in and out, she moaned softley and squeezed her nipples, suddenly one of the men said, "i will have some now dear", lucy didnt know what to do, but the man motioned her to walk over to him, "keep playing with it" he said, lucy continued to touch herself right in front of the old man, at that point he tilted his head back and opened his mouth, then motioned towards his mouth, lucy understood and standing on tip toes lifted her pussy over his face and lowered it on his mouth while still fingering her clit, the old man lapped and likcked at lucys cunt, lucy was enjoying this strange slave girl game she was playing, the old man stopped licking and pulled his face away from lucys pussy,"thank you dear" he said, lucy moved back to the middle of the table and continued playing with herself being called over by random men and letting ththem lick and eat her pussy, lucys confidence began to grow and the next time lucy moved back to the center of the table she picked up one of the thempty bottles of champaign and placed it below her and squatted over it sliding it inside her, lucy bounced up and down on the bottle getting herself on, she glanced around at the men, they continued with thier game occasionaly giving her approving looks.

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just as lucy was starting to cum the men all got up from the table, "we have finished our card game, would you like to follow us to the bedroom please." the first man asked lucy, lucy got off the table and followed the men into the bedroom and laid on the bed, the men rthemoved thier clothes and one by one climbed on top of lucy and fucked her, none of the men could last very long but lucy managed to cum a few times from the thought of a gang of old men fucking her,each of ththem pulled out and came on lucys tits and stomach, after the last of the men had shot his load over lucy, the first man spoke, "now play with our cum." lucy placed both her hands on her cum soaked tits and rubbed the cum all over her body, sliding warm cum into her pussy then all over her stomach, lucy rubbed her hands in the puddle of cum between her tits and scooped up a load of old man jizz, she let it drip and run down over her nose and mouth then rubbed it in alll over her face, lucy scooped up all she could and pushed it through her hair, lucy was covered in cum, she could feel her skin becoming very sticky, there was still lots of cum on her tits jill rubbed her hand in it then wiped her hand over her ass and legs, lucy rubbed her hands in the cum again then sucked on her fingers and licked her hands, lucy was now covered in sticky drying cum, the old men watching gave a little round of applause.

then the firts men spoke again, "please follow us.", lucy got up and folloew the men into the bathroom and into the large shower, they knelt her down and all stood around her "we are going to help clean you off my dear." the man said, before lucy could say anything the men all began to piss on her body, lucy was not ready for that but was immediatly felt turned on by it, none of the men pissed higher then her tits, lucy wanted more so lent her head back into the stream of the men behind her she felt thier warm piss soak her hair, getting more excited lucy closed her eyes tightly and moved her head foward, three streams of piss hit her in the face soaking her, lucy couldnt help herself, with her eyes still closed she opened her mouth and let it fill with the old mens piss, as her mouth filled she spat it out over herself, lucy ran her hands over her body rubbing the piss into her skin, then placed her hand on her clit and wanked it hard cumming in seconds.

the men all finished pissing then turned to the shower heads and turned ththem on, again the first man spoke, " before cleaning youself you must first clean us.", lucy got up off the floor and proceeded to wash the men with a soap ans sponge, one by one the men left the shower and got dressed until only lucy was left, lucy washed herself clean and put on one of the hotel robes before joining the men in the main room, the men had all gone back to playing cards, the first man turned to lucy, "thank youo for the entertainment your money on the side please see yourself out, goodnight." how fucking rude these guys are lucy thought to herself, what kind of women would do that for seventy five bucks unless like me they liked it, lucy wasnt going to take the money but on the side was a small package way to big to be seventy five dollars, lucy opened it and then realised, the man hadnt ben talking in dollars he had been talking in thousdands, lucy could barley believe it, she took the bundle of money and hurried back to her room, lucy opened the bundle and through it over her bed jumping up and down screaming with excitment, she threw off her trashy clothes and jumped into the money naked, rolling around in it, she grabbed bunches of notes and rubbed ththem against her tits, lucy took a load of twentys rolled ththem up and pushed ththem into her pussy, she rubbed her clit untill she came, laying in all the money lucy caught her breath, pulled the rolled up money out of her pussy and tidied up her cash then went to bed, lucy could hardly sleep with excitment, she began to form a plan for her last day off.

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CHAPTER 6 lucy awoke the next morning full of energy, the excitment of the money was still buzzing through her, she got dressed and decided to take the money to the bank to keep it safe, just as she was leaving a thought popped into lucys mind, she sat back down and thought things through before taking out thirty thousand dollars, she hid it in her room then took the rest to the bank. lucy was on top of the world, she had forty five thousand dollas extra in her bank account and another thirty she was going to blow on an amazing night of sex, she had a lot of planning to do but she was confident she could get it all sorted out today ready for the ultimate fuck fest tomorrow.

lucy wasnt sure where to start but then rthemthembered the old men from the night before, lucy went back to the hotel and saw the men outside by the pool, as lucy approached ththem men the first man caught sight of her, he looked up at her smilling and said, "oh no thank you my dear not today." the old man had assumed lucy was there to propersition ththem, "sorry you misunderstand me, i was wondering if you could tell me if you know of escourt services." lucy said.

"oh i see, well as it happens that barman over there just gave us a few numbers for some, would you like ththem?" "yes please." lucy said, the old man gave her a copy of the list of numbers, it was quiet long, lucy thanked him and headed back to her room.

lucy began to ring the numbers, she enquired into how much it would cost to have a person all night and what they were willing to do, after a few hours of negotiating with several different people she had managed to secure ten men and ten women all willing to do everything lucy wanted, it had only cost her a thousand a head, she still had fifteen thousand left so lucy went to the hotel lobby and used the money to aqquire a pent house suit for one night, with everything in place lucy wondered how she could waste the rest of the day.

lucy decided to tease the young lads from before, she looked around the hotel for ththem, then rthemthembered they hung out down in the pool table room, on her way down the stairs she could hear the voices of the lads laughing and joking, lucy krept up to the doorway and looked inside, there were more lads then last time lucy counted eleven of ththem.

lucy walked into the room, "hello boys" she said, the lads spun around at the sound of her voice, none of ththem said anything they all just looked, lucy saw bulges in some of thier shorts, just being there gave ththem wood, lucy walked in and closed the door behind her she looked around then used a stool to prop under the door handle, locking it. lucy confidently walked around the room with all the lads watching her "lets play pool" she said finally, the lads looked a little dissapointed, but lucy quickly put a smile on thier faces, "every game you win i will take off an itthem of clothing if i win even one game you all have to get naked." the lads looked at each other and nodded, they set up a game and let lucy break, lucy had no intention of winning the first few games and each time she lost she rthemoved clothing until she was down to her black bra and thong.

however lucy wasnt about to let the lads off so easily, the next round lucy cleaned up, without the lads getting one shot, she instructed ththem to all take off there clothes, lucy continued to tease the lads by winning the next six games the lads trying desperatly to win and get lucy naked she was enjoying having eleven naked lads all with rock hard cocks standing around her, in the end she decided to give ththem a treat, she let ththem win the next two games first taking off her bra the her thongs, she too was now naked, "if i win the next game then you all get nothing if you win then i will give you all something nice" the lads nodded again and set up another game, lucy didnt want to win this one and barley tried, once the lads one lucy instructed ththem to all line up, lucy walked up to the first lad dropped to her knees and began to suck his cock, tickeling his balls as she did soon the lad came in lucys mouth, she swallowed all his jizz and sucked his cock clean then moved on to the next, lucy made her way down the line of lads swallowing load after load, when she was done lucy got dressed and smiled at the lads as she left, she made her way through the hotel to the elevator, when she got in she realised the men in the elevator with her were two the old men from the night before, lucy quickly pressed the themergency stop button dropped to her knees and opened the mens trousers both men were surprised but allowed it, lucy pulled out the mens cocks and with one in each hand she took ththem up to her mouth and licked on both of ththem before pushing both into her mouth and wanking on thier shafts, she felt one of the mens cum hit the back of her throat quickly followed by the other, lucy continued to suck until she was sure the men had both stop cuming.

lucy stood back up turned around and started the elevator while the two men did thier trousers back up then lucy left the elevator without saying a word. lucy walked back down the hallway and turned the corner to her room as she came round the corner she saw a hotel waiter delivering food to the room next door, lucy quickly took off all her clothes and hid ththem behind a plant, she waited for the waiter to come out of the next room then crept up behind him, "excuse me" she said with a soft innocent voice, the waiter turned around and jumped with surprise to see a naked women stood in front of him, "i appear to have locked myself out of my room could you help me" lucy said, not even trying to cover herself, the waiter tried not to look at her and thumbled for his key card he quickly swipped it against her door and let her in, lucy kept eye contact with him as she brushed past him into her room, she loved teasing men, the poor waiter didnt know where to look, "thank you here come in a second you deserve a tip" the flaustered waiter followed her in trying not to look at lucys naked body, suddenly he felt her hand against his cock he looked down and saw lucy on her knees opening his fly, completly dumbfounded the waiter watched as lucy sucked on his cock, he felt her tongue roll over his bellend and her wet lips slide up and down his shaft, the feeling was amazing he felt lucy spped up and soon fired his cum into her mouth, lucy sucked his cock clean, then jumped back up, she smiled at him with a cheeky grin, "thanks for leting me in" she said, "er yeah your welcome mam" the stunned waiter said before leaving.

have sucked a lot of cocks lucy decided she would spend the rest of the evening relaxing, she ran herself a hot bath and soaked for a few hours before watching tv and ordering room service. CHAPTER 7 lucy woke up on her final day off she got washed and dressed and headed to the hotel reception to get her key for the penthouse suit, she then headed up to check it out, it was as big as the old mens one with a large shower and big living area, all she needed now was her guests. lucy knew they were a few hours away from arriving so she wondered down to the hotel bar and had a few drinks before chilling out by the pool, eventualy the time had come, lucy went back up to her room and put on a very sexy black dress, then went up to the penthouse and waited.

the bell rung lucy scrambled to answer it, lucy opened the door to be confronted by three women, she let ththem in and offered ththem drinks, the door rang again this time it was four men, lucy let ththem in and showed ththem to the bar were they mingled with the other women, not long after the door went again lucy opened it and there stood two women and another man, as she showed ththem in lucy felt excited she loved being the center of attention, this was the first time she had payed for sex though and wasnt sure how to act, all the people there knew what lucy was expecting from the phone calls she had with ththem, lucy decided it would be best to act like she had done this many times before.

lucy confidently walked into the middle of the group and pulled off her dress, standing in just her black underware and heels, she picked up a glass of champaign and downed it, lucy walked up to one of the men and kissed him passionatly rthemoving his clothes as she did, as they kissed lucy reached down and wanked his cock slowly, before kneeling down and sucking on it for a few moments, lucy lifted his cock and sucked on his balls, she ran her tongue over his balls and up his shaft, lucy got up then walked over to one of the women, again she kissed her passionatly and rthemoved her clothes, lucy kissed her way down the womens body sucking on the womens tits, then down to her pussy, lucy licked the womens clit then thrust her tongue inside the womens wet cunt, lucy kissed her way back up the womens body, over her tits and back up to her mouth, they kissed a few more times before passing the women to the naked man, the two began to kiss and touch one another, lucy made her way around all her guests getting ththem naked, going down on ththem then pairing ththem up with one of the others, lucy rthemoved her underware and proceded into the middle of the room, all the escourts stopped playing with each other and gathered round lucy, lucy instructed a man and women to kneel behind her, lucy laid back on ththem to her left the women lent over her giving her a tit to suck on, while to her right the mans cock was at easy reach of lucys mouth, she switched between the tit and the cock sucking on eachnext she got one man and one women to lay on each side of her and lick and suck on each tit, she next got another man and women to lay between her legs and lick on her pussy and asshole, finaly she instructed the last two men and two women to stand over her mouth and take it in turns while she preformed oral sex on ththem.

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lucy kept it going for almost an hour, twelve hands ran over her body, two tongues probbed her pussy and asshole, two mouths sucked hard on her nipples, a tit and a cock were pressed against her face and four perople shoved thier crothes into her mouth, eventualy lucy got up, and went to the bar she handed a few of the escourts bottles of champaign and they all began to spray each other with ththem, one of ththem poured some down himselfwhile lucy and another women sucked it off his cock, lucy poured some down herself, the women stopped sucking on the mans cock and licked the champaign off lucys tits, lucy stood up an did it again this time the women pushed her mouth into lucys pussy and let the champaign round down into it then into her mouth, when the bottle was thempty lucy handed it to the women, she took the bottle and pushed it into her cunt, then began to bounce up and down on it, lucy took another bottle of champaign and got the women who was fucking the bottle to stop, lucy then instructed the five women to climb up on the worktop and get on thier hands and knees and face the other way, all five womens asses were facing lucy and the men, lucy gave he bottle to one of the men then instructed the other men to get one each, each man took his bottle of champaign and pushed it into the asses of the women, tilted ththem upwards and started to pump them in and out of the womens assholes, lucy watched as the liquid drained from the bottles into the womenshe told the first man to pump harder and faster, the women began to moan and wail with pleasure the first women in perticular, soon the man was pumping the bottle in and out very fast the women screamed with orgasm, at this moment lucy positioned herself in front of the the woman and told the man to pull out the bottle and the women to push hard, as he man pulled the bottle from the womens ass, a huge spray of champaign flew out into lucys face and mouth, lucys tits were covered by foamy champaign lucy pushed her hand down over her tits down to her pussy and rubbed the champaign into her clit.

lucy placed her mouth on the womens asshole and drank the champaign pouring from it, lucy moved away and told the man to continue drinking the champaign from the womens ass, lucy then moved behind the next women and told the man and women to do the same thing as the last, lucy made her way down the line taking champaign shots to her face, mouth and tits then telling the man to keep eating out the womans asshole, by the end lucy was soaked and a little drunk all the escourts were fucking and sucking on each other, lucy made her way over to a women who was on all fours giving a man a blowjob, lucy layed on her back and moved her head between the womens knees and lifted to her face to the womens cunt then began to lick on the womans clit, lucy felt someone lift her legs, then the feel of a hard cock pushed into her pussy, lucy continued to eat the womans cunt while one of the men fucked lucy hard, lucy made her way over to a small table and layed back on it she instructed the men and women to pair off and que up, she opened her legs wide and indicated to the man to fuck herthe man stood at the end of the table, between lucys legs and pushed his cock into lucys pussy and started fucking her, lucy laid right back on the table, her tits moved up and down in rythum of the mans cock thrusting in and out of her, with her head resting on the table lucy got the women to face the man and sit on lucys face, then gave the man some more intsructions, the womans pussy pushed against lucys mouth, her nose pressed hard against the womans asshole, lucy pushed her tongue inside the womans cunt, licking her wet meat, the woman ground her hips over lucys face, lucy pushed her head up, rubbing the womans cunt lips across her face, the womans love juice dripped into lucys mouth, the man pumped lucys pussy hard and deep, grabbing her bouncing tits, the man felt he was about to cum and followed lucys instructions, he pulled out of lucy, and quickly scrambled over her body, the woman lifted her pussy of lucys mouth and the man quickly pushed his cock inside her, the man fucked her hard and fast before pushing hard as he came inside the woman, he pushed a few more times pumping his cum deep into the woman then pulled out, he then placed his cock into lucys waiting mouth were she sucked the cum off the end of his cock, the man moved away and the woman sat back on lucys face, lucy pushed her tongue back inside the woman and instantly felt the mans cum pour into her mouth, lucy did her best to lick and suck all the cum out of the womans cunt, when she was sure she had it all the woman climbed off and the next couple repeated what the first had done, for the next two hours another nine men fucked lucy hard in her pussy while lucy ate the cunt of the woman sitting on her face before drinking the mans cum out of the the womans pussy, by the time lucy had had ththem all her mouth was sloppy with cum and pussy juice running down her cheeks and chin.

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while lucy had been enjoying being fucked and eating cum from pussies, the rest of the escourts had been told to cum into a large glass bowl, the women had helped the men wank off while and the men helped the women that could spray thier pussy juice to also cum into the bowl, lucy came over and inspected it, the bowl was an average punch bowl size and the escourts had managed to fill it almost half way, lucy took a glass and dipped it into the bowl filling it with the jizz-love juice cocktail and poured it into her mouth, lucy downed the entire glass full, lucy dipped the glass back in flling it half way up and handed it to one of the other women who was sat next her the women took the glass to her mouth and began to drink the mixed cum, lucy could see the woman was gagging but was trying to drink it all, as she swallowed the last mouthfull her gag reflax took over the women puked most of it back over herself, lucy dropped to her knees and began licking it off the womens body, the women, not wanting to dissapoint lucy scopped as much of it up as she could and swallowed it again, keeping it down this time, lucy made her way up the womans body to her mouth, the pair shared a sloppy long kiss before lucy moved back to the bowl, she told everyone to have a drink if they wanted it, to her surprise most of the women came and took a glass, some sipped on it some downed it in one others would drink some while pouring it over ththemselves or someone else while another licked it up, lucy even saw a few of the men doing shots of it., there was still plent in the bowl, lucy took another glass full and got one of the women to lay on her back, she then got two of the men to hold the womens legs up and back towards her head so her pussy was facing the ceiling, lucy pulled open the womans pussy and poured in the glass of jizz, filling it, lucy pushed her face into the womens cunt and sucked out the jizz cocktail, lucy repeated it untill her glass was themptyon the last go lucy pulled the woman on top of her so her pussy was on top of lucys mouth, lucy let the last of the jizz cocktail run into her mouth.

lucy was overwhelmed with lust again, she got down on her hands and knees and instructed the men to take it turns fucking her in which ever hole they pleased, then lucy instruted the women to lay back on the small table infront of her so she could eat thier pussies, any women that could was also told to spray in her face. lucy felt the fist mans cock ram into her asshole as he started fucking her hard right in front of lucys face was a wet pink cunt just waiting to be eaten, lucy pushed her face hard against it and licked away, for the next four hours lucy was fucked almost none stop, she felt like a dirty used whore and she loved it, each man would pull out and another would take his place while the first got one of the women or himself to finish him off into the punch bowl, while lucy was getting banged from behind she was franticly licking pussies, evry so often a few of the women would rub thier clit until they sprayed thier cunt juice into lucys face, lucy swallowed all she could her hair and face were soaked and a huge puddle had formed on the floor under her, lucy occasionaly lowered her head to the floor and slurpped at the puddle of cunt juice, lucy came over and over again, by the third hour she was so exhausted she could no longer stay up on her hands and knees, she dropped on to her back and lifted her legs so the men could continue pounding away on her pussy and asshole while the women would squat over her face rubbing thier clits and cumming on her face and tits, lucy was almost catatonic by the end of the fourth hour of continual sex she had cum more times then she could rthemthember her voice was sore from all the screaming orgasms, her pussy and asshole were sore too she knew she only had one left in her, she instructed the man with the biggest cock to fuck her one more time as hard as possible, the man positioned himself then pushed his cock inside lucys cunt, and began to fuck her harder and faster then anyone had all night, lucy moan and wailed with sheer pleasure the man banged his cock in and out of lucy so hard that she was knocked forward across the floor a little bit with every pump, lucy felt her orgasm building and felt the man speeding up as he was about to cum too, lucy screamed at him to cum inside her, the man pushed hard and stiffened as he fired his load into lucys pulsing vagina.

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