Denisa and Laura toying one anothers wet shaved pussies

Denisa and Laura toying one anothers wet shaved pussies
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The Young Backpacker's First Reaming It had been a long hot grueling hike and I was truly grateful the fifteen steep switchbacks were now behind me.

Now I was enjoying the rewards of that effort. The grassy meadows laced with colorful wildflowers blowing in a cooling, welcoming breeze was a nice change from the claustrophobic forest I been in most of the day. It had lightened my spirits considerably despite the burden of my rather heavy pack.


This was a particularly remote section of the trail and I hadn't seen another person on it in days. I also had no communications with the outside world whatever this being the mid - 70s and all. Nor did I want it anyway. Solitude in fact was a major reason for this adventure.

At nineteen, I thought this adventure would allow me to ponder what I really wanted to do with my life and being alone in this place I thought would help with that. Ahead of me scattered groves of trees broke up the expanses of meadowland and a welcome sight greeted my eyes. In a big shady patch an old and heavily worn fallen log was on the side of the trail.

I knew the butt of many a hiker had likely worn it to a state of perfection. It was now time for me to follow in that fine tradition and I sat down to take a much deserved water break. After gulping down some water I just sat quietly for a bit and enjoyed the moment.

I realized my clothes were sticky and uncomfortable from my perspiration. Then I had a crazy thought. Since I had not seen a soul in days, why not hike nude!

I stood and pealed them off my smooth 5'7, 132 pound body then put my socks and boots back on. A shirt across my shoulders protected them from the straps of my pack and I was off. It was a very liberating feeling and far more comfortable.

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The cool breeze directly on my skin was wonderful. My dick and balls wobbling back and forth took some getting used to but I did soon enough. I logged the easiest, almost dreamlike miles in the next couple of hours. About the time I was due for another break I spotted a small tarn tucked among a semi-circle of trees about t fifty yards off the main trail where I thought I could cool off a bit.

After a quick walk I was at the edge of the clear as glass water and dipped my hand in. It was far too cold to swim or bath in. After dumping my pack I just flung some water lightly on my body. It felt so refreshing I did it several times. I stood naked taking in the beauty of the mirror-like reflections when I realized it was time to water a tree so to speak.

I turned and went a few yards from the tarn then let the yellow stream pour from my dick and splash onto the base of a tree trunk. I finished then suddenly felt something warm on each of my shoulders! "You have a beautiful ass kid!" a deep male voice said from behind me! "WHAT THE!!" is all I managed to get out before the voice said "BEND OVER! We want to see it better!

" Whoever it was, they were much bigger and stronger than me. Despite my resistance the strong hands bent my upper body forward till I had no choice but to grab the tree to keep my balance "YEAH! now that's a nice view, LOOK AT THOSE SWEET CHEEKS! I BET THE HOLE LOOKS EVEN BETTER! I felt another set of hands take over the duty of holding my shoulders as the first guy spread my buttocks wide open. The sudden rush of air on my most private orifice was titillating.


"This sunscreen ought to make good lube! Hold still kid! Terrified and not believing this was really happening I felt my left cheek being pulled aside. Then something I concluded was a finger touched my opening.

It worked gradually deeper and then just thrust in up to the knuckle! I let out a gasp. The big intrusive digit started moving in and out. "There, now that feels nice doesn't it?


I was stunned when I heard myself actually let out a purely impulsive "Yes" "Is this the first thing you've had in your cute ass?" "Y, yes" I stammered.

Then his finger bent a little and massaged my prostate.

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A shiver shot through me and my body shook. Another finger joined the first and started going back and forth in me. "So, you're a virgin back here!

Well, we are going to change THAT! Be right back" he said pulling out of me. I heard him fumbling around for a moment as I trembled and waited. Next I felt something wedging itself between my buttocks! "Relax your butt for me kid, your anal virginity is History!" The rubbery, slippery tip touched my anus and started probing into it. It tried to keep the invader out but it started to hurt. "Take a deep breath and slowly let it out.

Relax, in, hold it, and hold it, ooouuut." I did as he said and as I exhaled his shaft eased past the gates of my sphincter and slid far into the sultry depths of my RECTUM! I couldn't help but let out a groan of pleasure as it entered.

"GOD! IT FEELS SO NICE IN THERE!!! YOUR BUTT IS SO TIGHT! Then it starting going back and forth like his finger did had. It felt sooooo GOOD!!!

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The sensations were so intense and pleasurable they totally caught me off guard. "YOU love it don't you?! You love having me fucking you in your sweet little ass! My balls were swaying between my thighs and his slapped rhythmically against my rear as he pumped in and out.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore and barked "I'M CUMMIMG!!! He thrust as deep as he could and grunted loudly.


Then I felt his seed spew far into my bowels. When his dripping, softening cock pulled out of me I thought the ordeal was over, I was wrong. I had been so lost in the experience I hadn't even noticed the other guy was no longer holding me! "Okay your turn, how do you want him?!" I heard the guy say.

"Put him down here on his back with butt on this." The other guy responded. I was then allowed to stand and turned around to get my first glimpse of them.

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They both wore large mirrored sunglasses that masked their identities. They were at least six ft. two and probably a good eighty pounds heavier than me. One had a plain t shirt on but was naked from the waist down and sported a big limp dick. He's was obviously the one who had just fucked me. The other guy was my bigger concern.

Standing stark naked his body was bulky and muscular and his fully erect, more than eight inch organ swept upward in in a gentle curve culminating in a big knobby tip. A foam sleeping mat had been laid out on the ground with a wad of clothing in the middle of it.

They made me lay on my back with it raising my hips a little. The guy who had just fucked me got behind me and held my arms behind my head. The other slathered a copious amount of sunscreen on his cock. He knelt and in a swift motion his powerful hands grabbed my ankles and pushed my legs all the way back till my thighs were smashed against my torso. I felt my buttocks fully separate and I knew my little anus was now totally vulnerable.

Actually knowing what was going to enter me in a moment was both more terrifying and exciting and I trembled as he positioned his massive body above me. The plumb sized knob touched my quivering anus and started pressing. At first my body resisted then I felt myself starting to stretch around it. I remembered to breath and gulped a bunch of air. As I slowly exhaled my body relaxed and the guy's penis plunged suddenly to the hilt in my rectum!

It was so DEEP! We both let out a loud grunt as my ankles came to rest on his broad shoulders. I was looking straight up at the guy's face as he exclaimed "MAN! YOUR ASS FEELS AWSOME!!! I'm GONNA FUCK THE HELL OUT OF YOU!!! True to his word he started pumping my butt like crazy. I knew I should be fighting this.

I knew this should be terrifying and disgusting to me. I knew all of that but it felt so…so…DAMNED GOOD!!! He adjusted himself to fuck at an even steeper angle and started doing long slow strokes. My ecstasy suddenly shown on my face, I just couldn't help it." YEAH, I knew it, you LOVE IT! YOU LOVE HAVING MY BIG COCK IN YOU LITTLE BUTT!!!

A familiar tension started building in my loins. NO! I can't let it happen I thought! But it had simply been too much and there was no stopping it! With my arms held being held behind my head I was helpless. A huge spasm coursed through my crotch and balls then my dick shot a load of my own cum onto my face!

"YEAH!!! WOW!!! No question you like it NOW!" the guy said thrusting so hard his groin was slamming against my buttocks. Pulling all the way out then burrowing to the max in my sensual depths, his pace picked up, thrusting like a piston in my violated anal cavity.

The guy threw his head back and announced breathlessly that he was cumming. I felt a powerful pulse at his base then a torrent of his semen blasting in and flooding my rectal chambers. The spasms ebbed and I could feel his cock shrinking and going soft. Then he pulled his spent and dripping phallus from my now deflowered bottom.

My anus now gaped wide open and it felt very strange to have cooler outside air move against my rectal walls. I also felt as empty as a sheath with the knife missing.

The guy got up saying "THANKS FOR A GREAT FUCK KID!!! Then they sprinted off swiftly disappearing behind a dense grove of trees in the direction of the main trail.

My head spinning and trying desperately to make sense of what had just happened to me I put my legs back down and laid there for a few minutes. Had I actually been sexually assaulted?

Was I now a victim? Should I report it? How?

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If so, what proof did I have? Would I have the nerve to report it? How could they even be caught in the first place? I knew from the map that the main trail had many intersecting trails coming up soon and they could be heading down any of them. I was days from the nearest civilization.

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Aside from my anal virginity they had taken nothing. I had not really been physically harmed at all. I had no marks or bruises that I could see.

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They had left nothing behind but the cum that was now dripping from my ass. This was long before DNA testing so a sample of it would have done no good. I had no proof at all!

Even if they could somehow be caught it would be my word against theirs. Then the most confusing part, would I even want to report something that had felt so great even knowing it had been morally wrong? Even though I had …Actually ENJOYED IT?! What would that mean? I had always been attracted to girls. Guys had never even been on my radar!

Since I liked it was I now gay? Bi? A slightly bent straight? As I composed myself, gathered my things, and continued hiking down the trail, this whirlwind of thoughts churned endlessly through my mind. All I could really conclude was the one most terrifying truth of all; I wanted to feel it again! I wanted to feel the sensation of another cock sliding in and out of my butthole!

The implications of it didn't matter anymore. I just wanted it! And from that day on there were many occasions when I did get it.

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