Orange is the new cameltoe

Orange is the new cameltoe
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Emily's jaw also dropped as she realized who had opened the door for her. "Aaron? What are you doing here?" "I live here, Emily. What are you doing here?" "I work for Kim Moody. I'm a part-time paralegal at her firm." "Kim Moody is my mom." "Oh." ". Well, come in." I stepped aside to let her in. "You look great, Emily." "Thanks." She smiled. She certainly did look great. Her curly dirty-blonde hair cascaded down one shoulder in ringlets.

Her dress was a shiny, glossy crimson that combined classy and racy perfectly: it came down to her ankles, but there was a large slit all the way up to her hip. Also, the deep "V" in the back allowed me to see that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath the dress. "You'd better hope it doesn't get cold in here." I teased. "Shut up! I'm nervous enough already!" She laughed nervously.

"Or that you don't get. Aroused." I said mock-seductively, lightly running my hand down her bare back. "Quit that!" She shivered and smacked my hand away, just before my mom looked over. "Aaron, I see you've met Emily. She's my new paralegal, so you'll be seeing a lot more of her. Try not to scare her off." My mom said, feigning sternness.

"Right you are, mother." I said, exasperated. I led Emily over to a quieter part of the house so we could talk. "How do you have time for playing basketball, being a student, and working at my mom's firm?" I asked her.

"Well, I'm only working part-time, and basketball's really just for fun." She explained. "Besides, the paralegal work will help me get experience working in a legal environment." "So you plan to become a lawyer, then?" "I think so. Both my parents are doctors, and I don't really feel like following in their footsteps." We chatted for a while longer, until Emily asked something I wasn't ready for.

"Aaron, I hope you don't mind me asking, but where's your dad?" Seeing the look on my face, she quickly apologized and assured me I didn't have to talk about it. "It's fine. Since we're going to be seeing more of each other because of your job, you might as well know." I took a breath. "My dad disappeared when I was seven. No one knows what happened to him. I've asked my mom, but she doesn't like talking about it, even to Nicole and I. It'll be ten years pretty soon, so my memories of him are a little fuzzy." "I'm so sorry." She said, giving me a hug.

"It's fine. I turned out pretty well, don't you think?" I smiled weakly. "Yes, I do." She said. With that, she lifted up my head and gave me a kiss. Because of her heels, I barely needed to bend down to reach her mouth. We stood there in the dimly lit corner for what seemed like hours, but was probably only a minute or two.

"C'mon, show me the upstairs." She said as she took my hand and led me upstairs. I showed her Nicole's room, the guest room, the game room, and even Nicole and I's bathroom before we finally came to my room.

"And here's my room." I announced, leading her in with my hand on the small of her back. She took a look around before seeing something she liked. "Lots of books, more books, even more books (what can I say? I like to read), computer, trophies, drawings. Guitars! You play guitar?" "Yeah." "Play me something!" "Alright." I smiled, glad for this distraction from thinking about my dad.

I picked up my acoustic and began strumming absentmindedly. "What's your favorite song?" I asked her. "Hmm. I don't know. You know I like rock." I picked a song: "Wake Me Up When September Ends" by Green Day. As soon as I played the iconic opening notes, Emily exclaimed, "Oh, I love this song!" I smiled at her as I began singing.

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"Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last Wake me up when September ends Like my father's come to pass, seven years has gone so fast Wake me up when September ends" Emily sat down next to me on my couch to listen to the rest of the song. ". Wake me up when September ends" I looked up at Emily, her eyes misty as I finished the song.

"That was beautiful, Aaron." She murmured. "Thanks." I smiled shyly at her as I got up to put my guitar away. I knew my singing voice was only alright, but it was nice of her to say anyway. When I sat back on the couch, Emily leaned into me, resting her head on my chest as we both stared at the surfing poster on my wall. I started stroking her hair.

We sat there like that for a long time, both lost in our thoughts. I leaned over to kiss Emily on the top of the head. When I did, she lifted her head up and kissed me back. Just when I thought she was going to pull away, Emily leaned into the kiss even more and started softly rubbing my thigh. Button by button, she opened up my shirt and took it off. She did the same for my pants and boxers, sliding them off together so I could kick them away. I decided to take a more dominant approach this time.

Pushing Emily down so she was laying on the couch, I climbed on top of her. I planted kisses on her neck and collarbone on my way down to her chest. When I pulled her dress straps down off of her shoulders, my suspicions that she was braless were confirmed.

I grabbed a breast in each hand, gently squeezing and caressing their soft, warm flesh. "Aaron -- the door." She moaned urgently I got up to close and lock the door, and when I came back, I found Emily bent over the arm of the couch, waiting for me. "There isn't much time." She urged. How could I refuse an offer like that? I hiked up her dress above her waist, taking care not to rip it. She had white lace panties on, which I slid down her legs and tossed aside.

Then, I used my foot to kick her heeled feet apart in order to spread her long, tapered legs. (Not violently, obviously.) I licked my fingers so I could insert them into her more easily, but when I reached down there, I found that she was already sopping wet. "Little excited, were we?" I asked her as I grabbed my rock-hard dick and rubbed the head up and down in her slit. "Fuuuuuuuck." She moaned in response. Having decided that I had teased her enough, I plunged my cock a couple inches in.

Emily gasped, telling me to keep going. When I pushed the rest of my cock in, Emily had to muffle her scream by biting her bottom lip. She reached back to spread her own ass cheeks, allowing for even deeper penetration.

"Ahh! Deeper, Aaron." Emily cried. I did my best to oblige her, forcing my cock in as far as I could on each thrust. Emily's moans grew louder and louder. For some reason, I felt compelled to give Emily's ass a sharp spank. She moaned again, somewhat in shock and pain, but mostly in pleasure. I continued pounding away at Emily's pussy until my muscles started to cramp.

At that point, I realized how much of a toll this was taking on me physically. I did my best to persevere, hoping Emily would climax soon. Fortune smiled on me that day as Emily let out a small scream. "Oh my god!

Fuck. Yes!! Aaahh!" Her contracting pussy squeezed my cock so hard, I thought I was gonna lose it in there. Being me, I decided to try something risky. While she was cumming, I pressed a thumb on her asshole. Not in it, just on: I wanted to test the waters. Luckily, she seemed to enjoy it, as her panting and contractions increased in intensity.

"Here, let me finish you off." She finally offered, after her pussy relaxed enough that I could conformably remove myself. I was silently glad that I had jacked off in the shower earlier; otherwise, I wouldn't have lasted long enough to make her cum.


I pulled out with a strangely sexy squelching sound, my cock dripping with her love juices. Emily made me sit on the couch as she took my cockhead into her mouth. Suddenly, she grabbed her beautiful boobs and squished them together around my cock. This was the first time a girl had done that to me, and it was a uniquely sexy experience. She kept the head of my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it and sucking as she rubbed her boobs up and down the shaft.

After just a few seconds of this, she had me ready to explode. I warned her by putting a hand on her shoulder, so she released my cock from her mouth and tits and started using only her hand. She jerked me until I came all over her tits.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the amount that I shot onto her chest considering I had masurbated in the shower earlier. After I finished, she gave my dick a quick suck to make sure all the cum was out of there, and then began scooping the jizz off of her tits.

"Doesn't that taste bad?" I asked as she started licking her fingers clean.


"Most guys' cum tastes terrible, but actually, yours really doesn't. Do you eat a lot of pineapple?" "Umm. No?" I laughed, unsure what that had to do with anything. I tossed her a box of tissues so she could finish cleaning herself off. Once we were clothed again, I offered her my arm as a gentleman does a lady.

"Shall we continue the tour as if nothing happened, milady?" "Sure." She giggled. As we walked down the stairs, something occurred to me. "Y'know, Emily, we've had sex twice, and yet, we still know very little about each other." "I was thinking the same thing!" She exclaimed. "I think the party's basically over, so how about we have lunch sometime this week?" "Sure, but don't you have school?" "Yeah, but campus is open at lunch for juniors and seniors.

I'll pick you up at noon on Wednesday." "I think that'll work." She smiled. Sure enough, the party was basically over and guests were streaming out the front door in various states of tipsiness. I pulled Emily aside for a quick kiss and then ushered her toward the door, slapping her butt as she walked away from me.

After we changed into more comfortable clothes, Nicole and I helped our mom clean up the house. Then, my mom plopped on the couch and suggested we watch a movie together. Nicole hemmed and hawed, but my mom and I persuaded her to relax with us.

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We decided to watch some sappy romantic comedy (mostly because of Nicole), which I was fine with, because I wasn't really watching anyway. About halfway in, my mom went to bed, leaving just me and Nicole there.

Nicole fell asleep a few minutes after our mom left, so I turned off the movie and carried her upstairs. Kissing her on the forehead, I closed the door and went into my room. I wasn't really tired, so I decided to get started on drawing the picture of Ashton I took earlier that day. I copied the picture from my phone to my computer so I could see it better. At around 10:00, I finished the initial pencil sketch and decided to go to bed. (Yeah, I know that's early.

I was tired, okay?) I turned out the light and was getting ready to go to bed, when I heard a noise from Nicole's room. I crept across the hall and put my ear up to her door. ".I can't, my mom would kill me.

Ok, fine.

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Just wait. I'll be there soon." I heard her get out of bed, so I moved to the shadows of the corner. A small light flicked on in her room and she started opening drawers. When I heard her moving toward the door, I realized that I had no time to move. I stood perfectly still, hoping that her eyes wouldn't be adjusted enough to the dark to see me. Nicole tiptoed past me and down the stairs. She unlocked and went through the front door, silently closing it behind her.

I watched her walk out to the sidewalk and decided to follow her. I ran back upstairs to get my phone, just in case, and came back to the front door. Nicole started walking toward the park in the middle of our neighborhood. I sprinted from our front door to the large tree in our neighbor's yard. From behind the cover, I watched Nicole walk over to the playground and stand there, as if waiting for someone. I continued moving from cover to cover until I was only about twenty feet away from her.

After a few minutes, a tall figure showed up. He walked over to Nicole and started talking to her. When she responded, the conversation started getting heated. "What do you mean 'we can't be together anymore'?!" He shouted as Nicole tried to calm him. He reached for Nicole and she pulled away. When she angrily told him to fuck off, he stopped dead. Then, he reached for her again, more aggresively this time. She slapped him hard.


He shoved her backwards and she stumbled, falling to the ground. It was at this point that I decided to intervene. I made my way over to them, but when Nicole looked at me, the guy turned around and saw me.

"This is none of your business." He said dismissively.

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"That doesn't matter." I growled. "Get away from her, fuck-face." I walked forward so I was only a few feet away from him. "Leave now, and I'll pretend you didn't say that." "You leave now, and I won't rip your hands off for touching that girl." I had decided not to use her name so the guy wouldn't know who I was later. "Fuck you." He replied as he reached into his pocket. My years of karate kicked in. One of the most important things you can learn in self-defense is that if someone reaches for his pocket in a heated situation, he's probably about to pull out a weapon.

I quickly shoved him backward to allow Nicole time to get up. Sure enough, he pulled out a short tactical knife, the kind that's sold in camping stores. It was too dark to see who he was, but he was a couple inches shorter than me and slightly built.

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"Get out of here, girl." I warned her, never taking my eyes off of the attacker. Nicole ran home, tears streaming down her face. Luckily, I could tell that he wasn't an experienced knife fighter. Someone who knows what they're doing holds the knife blade-down to allow for powerful overhead strikes. He gripped it blade-up and advanced toward me. I shifted my center of gravity lower and got ino a fighting stance.

At the same time, I started talking to him in a calm, calculated tone, trying to stop him from attacking or at least distract him.

"Stop now while you still can. You've never stabbed anyone, have you?" He didn't respond, but the nervousness in his motions confirmed my suspicion. "What's that, a four-inch blade?

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Do you know what that would do to me?" "Shut up." He muttered. "Say you stab me with that. First you'd puncture my skin and rupture some blood vessels.

Then, you'd go through a layer of muscle and fat. After that's the good stuff; if you miss my bones, you'd probably ruin some vital organs." "Shut up!" He said, more insistently this time. "I might die." I added, trying to pick my first move. "Do you think you could handle that? Watching my skin grow pale as my eyes lose their light?" "SHUT UP!" He screamed, sounding like he was going to be sick. "It'd be a slow, painful death, too. It might take hours.

How would you feel if--" I stopped suddenly as I made my move. I lunged forward and hit him squarely in the nose with the palm of my hand. This served two purposes. The first was that the pain of a broken nose distracted him from the fight, and the second was that his eyes teared up, which blurred his vision badly. He reeled backward, waving his knife hand blindly.

I kicked him in the stomach so he would double over, then moved behind him. I grabbed his wrist and twisted it until he dropped the knife out of sheer agony.

After that, I forced him to the ground so I could pull his arms behind him, disabling him. "I suggest you go to the hospital." I coolly said. "I'll let you go if you never go near that girl again. Ok? Otherwise, you'll be going to the morgue instead of the hospital." He didn't respond. "Ok?" I twisted his arms even farther behind his back.

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"Ok, fine." He gasped. "Now, I'm going to get off of your back and you're going to stay on the ground, facing down, for sixty seconds. If you get up, I'll come back to you and break something else. Something important. Something not so easily fixed. Ok?" "Yes." I cautiously lifted myself off of him, grabbed the knife, and began backing away.

True to his word, the guy stayed on the ground. I jogged back to my house, checking on him every few seconds. On the way, I threw the knife in our trash can outside. When I walked in through the front door, he was gone.

I entered to find my mom sitting with Nicole in the living room. "Sit." She commanded. I realized I was in trouble, but I didn't really care. Nicole was fine, I was fine, the bad guy learned his lesson, end of story. "I'm glad you're alright," She hugged me. "but neither of you is to do anything like this again. Nicole, you are very grounded. Aaron, I'll let it slide this time." "Thanks, mom. I'm sorry." I was grateful that she saw it this way. Also, I realized that Nicole must not have said anything about the knife.

"Now, back to bed. Both of you." I grabbed Nicole in a one-armed hug and walked her upstairs. "Who was that guy?" I asked. "Just a guy I was trying to break things off with." She said. I got the feeling she wasn't telling me the whole story, but I didn't press her on it. Nicole hugged me good night and then ushered me out of the room. Despite being all wired from the fight, I found that I was extremely tired and fell asleep quickly.