Fiesen Homo Sex mit heißen hunks

Fiesen Homo Sex mit heißen hunks
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The forest was still covered in darkness, the early birds had just woken, as had Marvin. His left hand was numb due to lack of blood caused by the head resting on his arm. By the way Larissa had nestled against him, Marvin knew this was the opening they had been looking for. Now it was up to him to form a bond, to transform attraction to connection, something which he knew had to happen as soon as possible, before they reached the encampment.

Slowly he dentangled himself from the naked woman next to him, careful not to wake her up. Opposed to the sun, Marvin descended. Fully covered by the blanket, he moved between her legs. The musky smell emitted by his object of interest filled his nose and blood started to rush in his member. Larissa's mound was covered with short, dark hair; it failed to fully cover her wet, puffy labia. The sight of her inner lips, which where slightly bigger then her outer ones, made Marvin's mouth water.

Marvin puckered his lips and started to blow ever so slightly, his breath warm over Larissa's pussy. Then he realized there was no use teasing, as she was still a sleep. He lowered his face and gave a first lick over her labia. His already aroused mind perceived only the pleasant taste as his tongue trailed up and down. A wetness besides his own salvia started to fill his mouth. Soft moans sounded from outside the blanket, moans which turned to a gasp when Marvin slid a finger in to the wet folds of Larissa's pussy.

With his finger inside her, Marvin needed another place to put his eager tongue. Up there covered by a small hood, his tongue found a small nub, and he gave it a lick. Her hips bucked and the blanket was pulled away. "What? What was that?" Larissa gasped. Marvin raised his head to speak. Before he could utter a single word, Larissa's hand was on the back of his head and pushed him back between her legs.

"Don't stop now!" One finger got company from a second. Together they curved upwards to reach that rough spot his teachers had shown him years ago.

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Sucking and licking on her clit, his fingers moved in and out ever faster. Larissa's small moans had transformed into screams of lust. On her naked body shone a thin layer of sweat and her perk breasts rose and fell in shallow gasps.

When her hips started to move uncontrollably Marvin removed his finger. With her long legs over his shoulders, he grabbed her waist. Once again he covered her womanhood with his lips and he was overtaken by the strong musky taste that filled his mouth instantly.

With his tongue deep inside Larissa's pussy, he pushed her over the edge and her juice gushed into his mouth. Marvin moved up, and they lay panting next to each other. After a minute or five Larissa turned on her side. With her head resting on one arm she looked at her rescuer with dreamy eyes. "Is that how you pleasure your women up north?"she asked. "No one made me feel that good, ever." Marvin just turned his face towards her, and smiled.

"Wow, your face is all wet. Was that me?"she giggled, then gave a lick over his cheek. "Yes that was me." she answered herself.

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Her face bore a naughty grin. Then she frowned. "Why are you so silent" she asked. "Is something wrong?" "No, I was just thinking." "About what?" "About, how I would like to do this every morning," he answered as his hand caressed her cheek.

"Oh, I would certainly like that. And maybe you can; I intend to keep you close." And with that she positioned herself upon him. She learned forward to kiss his face, to kiss his lips, and to kiss his neck. Her erect nipples pressed into his chest and Marvin's hands roamed over her back. Larissa started to grind her moist pussy on his still engorged cock, but he grabbed her shoulder, and after one deep kiss, he pushed her away.

"Do we have time for this, my lady?" he asked. "No, I guess not. We should going," Larissa answered ruefully. They got up and packed their belongings, still unclothed so they could steal glances of each other's naked bodies. Then with his weapons in place and the duffle bag on his back, Marvin grabbed Larissa's hand. Together they walked through the woods.

They hiked until the trees gave way to a stream. On their side the bank was shallow. Pebble separated the lush grass from the slowy flowing water. The other bank was a different story, a five-meter high clay wall made it almost impassable. "Do we have to climb that?"Marvin asked doubtingly. "No don't break a sweat," Larissa answered, laughing. "We'll walk upstream and reach a shallow point in half an hour." The sun stood at its highest point and burned down on the wandering couple.

Suddenly Larissa pulled her out of Marvin's and looked shocked. "The other bank gets patrolled. How could I have been so careless? Someone could have seen us," she said. "Don't worry. There hasn't been anybody, But you're right, it was careless of us." "You're sure nobody saw us?" "Yes, I'm certain," he reassured her.

Larissa wondered why it was so easy for her to trust him. The rest of the walk they kept their distance.

This resulted in a awkward tension between them, which Marvin tried to break.

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"Is this the same stream we left yesterday?" he asked. "Yes. It flows around the hill we crossed. If you were to follow it, it would lead you to the waterfall where we got out. That route is a bit longer but easier than the one we took." "And what about men on horses how do you get the animals up the fall? Or don't you have horses?"he asked next. "We have horses.

When you move downstream, ten minutes before you reach the waterfall, there is a small game trail which leads out of the forest." "Okay." Then it was silent again. It was not a long silence for they had reached the place Larissa had mentioned. Marvin spotted a young man hiding in the bushes that grew on the other bank. It was not before they had waded halfway through the stream that they were challenged.


"Stop! Who goes there? Name yourself!" the serenity ordered. "Hello Thomas. It's me Larissa." They hadn't stopped and as they walked up the slight slope the man emerged from the bushes. "Lady Larissa, you're back," he said with relief. "We got worried when you were not back last night. Lord Robert is in the camp setting up a searching party." "I'm fine Thomas.

Go back to your spot. We will move on to the camp." Just then he seemed to notice the stranger standing behind his mistress. He nodded and went back to his hiding place. A short while later, they came out of the trees. They had reached a field bordered by forest, but on the far side a four-man-high cliff loomed. Marvin counted ten small tents and one big tone.

Even with the four shacks, which leaned against the cliff, they weren't nearly enough to harbor all the people that filled the place. Larissa walked to the big tent so he followed her. "Where do all these people live?" Marvin asked, walking next to her. 'What?" "There are too many people and too few tents.

Where do they sleep?" "In the mine," she pointed to the cliff. "It has run out of ore more than a hundred years ago.


No one knows of its existence." The big tent apparently functioned as a mess hall. A man leaned over the table, his back to Larissa and Marvin. He was surrounded by a small group of people who were listening to what he had to say. Upon their entering a woman looked over the man's shoulder.

"Robert ,"she interrupted and nodded to the entrance of the tent.


He turned around and his face bore a mixture of concern and irritation. However when he saw who was standing there, only relief was shown.

"My love," he exclaimed and with three long strides he held her in his arms. "I was so worried." He grabbed her face and kissed her deeply. "John! John!" A brown haired woman came into the tent. "Larissa I heard you were back. We have all been so worried.

Where is my John?" Larissa turned around and her face saddened. "I'm sorry, Marta. There was a second party. They took us by surprise, they killed…" "No, not my John," Marta cried, her expression changed to shock and the to anger.

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"You said you would watch over him, watch over them all," she accused with tears streaming over her cheeks. "Why do you live?" she shouted. She took a knife from her belt and stepped forward.

The crowd in the tent was frozen in surprise, except for Marvin, He grabbed the woman's shoulders then he pulled her into his embrace. The knife fell out of her limp hand and Marta started to cry against Marvin's chest. Robert just then noticed the stranger standing in his tent. "Who are you?"he asked, then he turned to Larissa.

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"Who is he?" "I'm Marvin," he said. "This is Marvin," she said at the same time. The she elaborated "Had he not rescued me, I would be dead by now." "Marvin it is a honor to meet you.

I'm Robert, heir to Bramen." Two women came and took Marta from Marvin's arms. They guided the crying mess out of the tent. Thus freed, Marvin bowed. "The honor is all mine, my Lord." he said, his lips parted in a smile.

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