Drenched in fake cum at glorhyhole

Drenched in fake cum at glorhyhole
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Susie awoke with a start, curled up against a large plush blanket. Keeping her eyes closed, she stretched slowly, enjoying the feeling, when the memories of what she had endured came rushing back to her.

Still stuck in the half-dream of waking, Susie almost felt like it had been a terrible dream, for clearly she was alone. Yet, the soreness of her ass and vagina told her otherwise, and the sudden lack of memories of how she got home made her sit upright, only to find that she wasn't home.

The blanket fell away, showing her to be sitting on a large mattress, almost like a big dog bed, in a secluded corner of the main vet lab. She felt her hair, hanging loosely behind her head, and it was clean, slick from being washed recently.

A peek under the covers told her that she had showered as well, all the dirt and blood and animal semen had disappeared. As she sat pondering what had happened to her, Dr. Stone walked into the room. She was clothed as before, in khaki, with a clipboard going through her morning routine when she caught sight of the risen Susie. "Good morning Susie, how are you doing?" The politeness, after her ordeal yesterday, was clashing. Susie stammered in reply, "um.

where am I? . How did I get here?" Dr. Stone smiled at her, "after the tigers fucked you, you were in pretty bad shape. And you stunk of tiger sweat and cum, which would stink up the whole lab and prevent some of the prey animals from being comfortable in the lab.

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I cleaned you up some and let you sleep in my old dog's bed. Were you comfortable?" Susie could only manage a half smile as this information poured in. Dr. Stone continued, "now, of course, we can't let you leave the premises. What you've seen and experienced would no doubt get us in trouble, and of course you are still too valuable of an asset to let go." Susie looked at her, the realization that she was a prisoner jolting her awake.


"What do you mean I can't leave? How can you stop me?" The vet looked at her and nodded to the covers. Susie threw them back, not really caring that she was naked, to see a black band wrapped around her ankle.


"That is a transponder, and an electronic collar. We can keep an eye on you at all times, and should you try to pass beyond the borders of the zoo, you will receive a very nasty, debilitating shock." Dr. Stone held up a remote control-looking device, and turned one of the nobs. A sharp pain ran through her leg, tingling her thigh.

Tears welled up in Susie's eyes, "so I'm your slave now?" Dr. Stone put down her clipboard and walked towards Susie. "Now, I wouldn't think of it like that. You have a job here, and will remain here, as our breeding stimulation device, but we'll take good care of you, should you cooperate." She knew she was trapped.

She was tagged like a wild animal, stuck in this zoo. Her only hope, she reasoned, was to play along and hope that in time someone could help her out.

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Susie nodded, "yes ma'am, I will." Dr. Stone looked at her hard, "I have my doubts. But we'll see about that when you meet your new pet." Dr. Stone stood, walking to a cabinet, and from it she removed a large snake.

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The constrictor writhed in the zoologist's hands, Susie immediately shuffling against the wall to put as much distance between her and the serpent. "NO fucking way. I'm not letting a fucking snake fuck me. Are you crazy?" Dr. Stone stood, grabbing Susie's cheek and jaw with a surprisingly strong hand, holding her gaze as an authority look came into her eye.

"Now listen to me. First, you're going to enjoy this as much as you can possibly imagine, so quit your bitching. Secondly, remember where you are, and how bad it could possibly get. So behave missy, and do as you're told." The tone of her voice did not lend itself to argument, and Susie meekly slumped onto the sheets, her eyes still petrified with fear of the monster approaching. Dr. Stone sat on the mattress, next to Susie's legs, and tugged them apart.

Grimacing, Susie obeyed, feeling the snake flick it's long tongue across her body, smelling her as it got closer. Susie's pussy lips were drawn wide apart by the expert fingers of the zoologist, and the tail of the snake was slowly pushed inside her tight vagina. While the snake was nearly 4' long, only the first 7" or so were able to be shoved into her vagina.

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Susie froze, not wanting to move, just watching Dr. Stone insert this reptile into her pussy. As it slid inside, her dry pussy felt stretched and rubbed raw from the scales, the tail began to twitch. Once it was fully inserted, and no more could possibly fit, Susie groaned with feeling full.

The snake was thicker than any cock she had ever experienced, stretching her puss lips to the max, she was afraid they would tear. The vet sat on the bed, holding the rest of the snake between Susie's legs. "I wanted to see how you would take it, not bad for a beastial whore like yourself" She stroked the snake's head, and it began to writhe more and more, twisting in Susie's pussy.

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The sensation was strange, but intense. The snake's scales scratched the inside of her pussy, but she could feel the muscles of the animal writhing inside her, rubbing against her g-spot as the snake tried to escape.

Without wanting to, pussy began to glisten with excitement. Dr. Stone saw her involuntary reaction and smiled, "I knew you'd love the snake, look at that wet cunt." Dr. Stone held the animal firm, watching the pain turn to pleasure in Susie's eyes, the snake thrashing now, only held by the head in her hands.

Susie's hips flexed, fucking against the motion of the snake, wanting to push it out and pull it in deeper at the same time. The two of them writhed together, snake and woman entangled in a single erotic dance. Susie felt her pussy contract, and knew she was going to cum soon. The snake kept at it, twisting, rubbing against the walls of her pussy, until Susie could hold back no longer, and with a loud scream she orgasmed again, her slickness making the snake slide out of her pussy, thrashing to the ground.


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Stone scooped it up, grabbing the animal and bringing it back to Susie's side. "You're pussy must have been really stretched by the tigers, you took that snake really deep into you, but we're not done." Panting from the orgasm, Susie didn't know what the vet meant until she felt Dr.

Stone's hands spin her over, landing roughly on her stomach. Her perky little ass was pointed high in the air, and the Doctor straddled her back, holding her down as she pried her ass cheeks apart.


Susie felt the doctor open up her tiny pink asshole, and she started to struggle under her. "NOOOOOO, GET OFF OF ME!!!" The vet let go for a moment, giving Susie a brief moment of hope.

But the doctor's hand closed on the remote control, and with a flick of the main dial send a violent shock coursing through Susie's body. Her torso convulsed from the pain, the energy running along her muscles. It was paralyzing, more painful than anything. Finally, after what seemed to last forever, the pulsing died down, and as she moaned in pain and confusion the vet once again took her place straddling Susie's back, pinning.

The expert fingers quickly worked her ass, pulling her cheeks apart, but this time she offered no resistance. She felt the large snake tail, now lubed with her own cum, wiggling its way into her ass, and she screamed into the mattress. Dr. Stone only got a few inches inside her ass, but it still felt like it would tear her in two. She bucked, her ass puckering to force out the intruder, but the vet held the snake firm, enjoying watching Susie squirm on the mattress, unable to help herself from being penetrated by the animal.

Pulling the snake in and out, she made to fuck Susie's little hole with the snake, eventually hearing the girl tire and succumb to the fucking, letting out little whimpers as she was pressed down into the mattress. Dr. Stone slowly pulled the monster out of her ass, replacing the snake back into its cabinet, and returned to the mattress to pet Susie's head.

"You enjoyed yourself, didn't you slut?" Susie blushed, realizing this was the first animal to make her cum while fucking her. But the pain in her ass was immense, and she looked up at Dr. Stone's eyes, "No.

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It hurt." But she knew she was lying, and that just made her feel even dirtier, now that she admitted to enjoying the fucking by an animal. What did this mean for her? Was she as depraved as Dr. Stone made her out to be? The doctor looked down at her, smiling. "Well, my little whore,we have plenty of work for you to do as well, but that can wait until tomorrow."