La Nipote fa pompini allo zio incesto italiano Granddaughter does blowjob

La Nipote fa pompini allo zio incesto italiano Granddaughter does blowjob
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It was the summer after my second year away at school. My girlfriend had decided to stay home after graduating and went to a small community college.

She lived in a small private community in a rich neighborhood.

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White picket fences, beautiful houses, pretty well everyone's dream. We had been together for almost 5 years now so I was a regular at their house and had grown close with her family. They had decided to go on vacation, but because of her summer class my girl was unable to go.


After such a long time being together we knew we needed to spice things up and when could we ever have a better chance. Her parents left on Thursday night and I was to be at her house at 6 am sharp Friday morning. This is when my life changed forever. I was greeted by my beautiful tall blonde bombshell as she wore a little sundress that I loved. Something was different though. Before I entered the house she stopped me and ordered me to strip naked OUTSIDE.

I looked around and at this time no neighbors were awake so I thought oh hell why not. I handed her my clothes and was allowed in the house. That was the last time I saw those clothes that weekend.


Upon entering she sat me down and explained that this weekend I will become her slave. I smiled knowing that this weekend would be full of sex and would simply be an amazing time but I had no idea what would come next. I agreed to be her slave and with this she began by bending me over her beautiful long tan legs. 1.2.3 I counted as she smacked my ass.

24.25 finally my beating came to an end. I got up and thanked her for punishing me and she knodded approving. I was sent away to make breakfast.


Around 11 am was when I realized that not only was I her slave I was now her pet! As I got up she asked where I was going. "Just to the bathroom babe" I replied.

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She laughed and said " did you ask permission slut?" No ma'am I replied and she smiled and got up leading me to the back door. My princess then attached a thick black dog collar around my neck and a leash to it and opened the door.

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Ass naked I was led outside on a leash to use the bathroom. From this moment on that is the only way I was allowed to take a piss.

Night had fallen and I got ready for bed. When I went to her room I noticed something strange.

Hoover the family Great Dane's cage was in her room. I asked why and she simply said don't worry. After an hour or so of amazing sex and face time for her she had enough. I received 25 more spankings and was told to get in the cage. "Since you're my little fuck toy you'll sleep here".

Her final words to me were " sleep tight tomorrow gets hard". I awoke the next morning to her opening my cage.

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After my piss break outside and making breakfast she took me into her room. "Here put this on" she said as she handed me a stack of her bigger friends clothes that she had collected over the years. The stack included a lime green thong, a white mini skirt, a white bra, and a black tank top. I did as I was told and put the women's clothes on. "Aw look at my little pet dressed like a slut" she said. " do you like dressing as a sissy boy slut?" " yes ma'am" I quickly replied. What I saw next made my jaw drop.

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Her and I had bought sex toys over the years but they were just small toys that were fun to play around with when we were together but this was something different. She pulled out a large pink dildo about 8 inches long and 3 inches wide. It was attached to a harness which she put on swiftly and skillfully. "I've always dreamed of the day when I get to use this on you and not my girlfriends" she said with a sinister smile. As she bent me on and removed the thong I felt the cold lube run down my backside.

She used her fingers to work it into my asshole and like a shock I was suddenly rammed by her strap on. I cried out in pain at first and was met with reach around slaps everytime I yelped. She pounded my ass harder and harder. I thought the pain would kill me at first but little by little my body began accepting the cock. After awhile I almost enjoyed my brutal fucking.

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After my torment had ended we bathed and ate and did the thing a normal vanilla couple would do, but with a twist. I was her slave which meant at all times I was to be catering to her needs. I was to sit on my hands and knees at all times and my back was used as a foot rest.

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My personal favorite was eating her amazing tight little pussy on command. No matter what I was doing at any minute I would be called upon and have to drop what I was doing.

I would lick and suck her little pussy until she came and with no hesitation I would be sent away to continue my chores.

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On our final night together I was given one last surprise. After she allowed me to make love to her she got up and got a small box out of her closet. Before opening the box she asked "do you enjoy being my slave babe?" " of course baby you know I love making you feel like a queen" with that answer she opened the box which contained a male chastity device.

She put this on me and locked the small pad lock and put the key on her key ring. "Now slave you belong to me" "only I can set you free and now I know you won't be anyone else's slut away at school". To this day I wear that device and love that my princess controls how and when my cock is used.

over the next few months I became better and better at being her slave. To this day my beautiful girlfriend is in private my master. She owns me both physically and mentally and I will always love this about her