Naked spring break party first time Sex Ed

Naked spring break party first time Sex Ed
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[b][/b] you are a 23 year old married female who is 7 months pregnant and is at the grocery store. Appearance is slightly curled blonde hair, blue eyes, DD breasts, 5ft tall with a very round pregnant belly.

A button up white blouse, a black pencil skirt and black stilettos. critisism is very welcome, just be nice about it please and thank you!

Anyways, enjoy! ;) You walk into the grocery store after a long day of work at the office; you're tired, you're feet hurt, and worst of all.your breasts have been tender and swollen all day long. Because of that, your pussy has been on fire all day, and haven't been able to steel a moment to yourself in the bathroom as you have before.

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Your pussy is itching for a rub, your breast wanting to get suckled on, pulled on, and devoured. Alas, your husband is working late tonight and your vibrator and hands will have to do.

As you walk to the dairy section, the cold, brisk hair makes your nipples poke out hard, you feel like evreryone can see your hard nipples. The thought makes you soak your black lacy thong.

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Your face is flushed and your heart rate is elevated. The thought of masterbate on in the parking lot crosses your mind, but you shake the thought away. "Too risky, too kinky, not lady like either." When you get to the cash register, a young woman is your cashier. Long black hair, brown eyes, wearing one of those tacky outfits. As you bend down to grab the milk, a button on your shirt flies off, nearly hitting the cashier in the face.

You can see her squirm as your big jugs are pretty much out for show now. You try despertly to close the giant cleavage of the shirt, but you sigh and give up. "She's another woman," You think. "She'll understand." " far along are you?" The cashier asks me.


"Oh I'm seven months, just ready to have this baby so this," I say pointing to my button that is now on the ground, "doesn't happen anymore. The cashier does a nervous kind of laughter. "Yeah." You notice her staring at your breasts, but instead of yelling at her to stop or feel disgusted.your mind shuts down and you notice how dark and deep her eyes succulent her lips long her fingers are.

Your head is screaming "tell the stupid cow to quit staring at your tits!" But her body wants those plump, red lips on your tits.

"Ma'am?" She says shaking you away from your thoughts, "Yeah? Sorry I must have.gotten distracted." "The total is 69.96" you swipe your credit card, but it doesn't take it. "Oh that silly machine has been doing that all day." Says the cashier. "Here," she comes around to your side, and sees you are holding the card upside down.

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She takes it and turns it the right way, but her arm grazes your nipples and you moan slightly. Embarrassed, you turn your head away. "Do you need any help with your bags?" Without thinking you say yes.

She walks with you out to your car, putting your groceries in the car. You smile and turn around and say thanks. The clerk gives you a smirk and lightly plays with the bottom of your skirt.


"You seem to need help with more than.groceries." You blush and want to push her away, but your body stays still. She runs her hand up under your skirt to your soaked black thong, flicking your clit through the cloth.

You open your mouth to moan, but her plump red lips close over yours and she nips at your bottom lip as her long, cold, index finger thrusts into your pussy. You know this is wrong, but you shudder under her touch. Next thing to go is your shirt and bra, your swollen breasts finally being released. "Fuck." She mumbles as she sees your white jugs, nipple hard and at attention.

The second she starts to suckle down your milk you shudder and orgasm; hard.


She looks up and smirks and drinks until she's full. "Take off your fucking panties you cunt." You do as she says and take them off, opening your legs for your new lover. She gets on the ground and her head disappears up your skirt. Her hot tongue swirls around your clit and you groan out loud, spreading your legs wider. "Come on lick that pussy.suck my cunt juice you lesbian whore." You flush at your own words, never being so filthy mouthed in your life, she responds by thrusting her tongue deep into your pussy.


You scream and shudder and moan in pleasure. Her teeth graze your sensitive bud and that's it; you cry out in pleasure, filling her mouth with your sweet, sticky cum. She keeps licking your sweet pussy lips until you flop down on your seat. She crawls out from under your skirt and kisses you, letting you taste yourself.

You suck and lick on her plump lips, wanting to get as much as yourself as you can. "Well sexy mama." She whispers huskily, "I believe it's your turn to return the favor." You look at her, your blue eyes filled with lust.

"Help me lay down the seats.and trust me I will." You both giggle and you crawl into the back and you both lay down the seat and shut the back of your SUV door. You giggle and kiss her again, licking her lips, thrusting your tongue into her mouth. She rips off her ugly clothes as you make out. You kiss on her neck, licking and sucking on it, then down to her nice B cup tits and you ravish them, sucking on one and flicking the nip of the other.

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"Oh that's it sexy mama.come on.suck on your baby girl's tits.oh yeah that's it." You gush at her dirty talk and kiss down her stomach and kiss around the inside of her thighs. She whines.

"mommy don't tease me." You stare at your very first pussy, with her puffy lips and a pretty good size clit, you rub her love button and take your first lick.

It's tangy and salty, but so good. You lick and suck and thrust your tongue as your lover moans and wraps her leg around your head. You feel so alive and go to town, sucking on her clit and she screams, your first taste of real girl cum floods into your mouth. You lick it all up and smirk as you pull away, your cum drenched lips oozing her juices.

"Lay on your back mommy.I wanna make you feel so good." You lay back and she spreads open your legs and sits her pussy right on hers. You moan loudly as she starts to rock her hips, tribbing you. Your juices slosh, your pussy lips kiss, and your clits bump against each other.

The SUV reaks of your smells, and you love it. She leans over and suckles on your milk filled breasts. That sets you over the edge and you scream and orgasm, setting hers off and she screams as well, your cum mixing together. She jumps off of you and buried her head in between your legs, and after she cleans you up she smirks and gets dressed and leaves the SUV; leaving you in a cum drenched mess with a card on your clothes.