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Gorgeous Blonde Babe Gets Her Pussy Pounded
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Chapter Two A Bright New World "Carl… boy is that you?" a man maybe 20 years older than Carl shook his shoulder to see if he was alive. Carl looked at him through hazed eyes. The man turned his head and shouted out of the cottage.

Carl couldn't make out the words; he had been stuck in that cabin for over a week. Before Carl knew it he was being hoisted up and carried out of the cabin. His mind went dark and he woke on the back a truck moving fast over the snow. He blacked out again… He woke in the doctor's office with a drip stuck in his arm; he could feel a cool breeze rolling in from the window on his left. He closed his eyes and savored it then he started to look around.

He was alone. There were flowers on his bedside cupboard and a box of snacks on the table to his right. He closed his eyes trying to remember what happened. He expected to only see darkness but short clips of what happened arose in his mind; the truck taking him into town, the doctor checking his vitals; the voices cheering at his return. He felt a tinge of pain and opened his eyes hoping that it would go away… and it did.

"There's something… Something I need to remember" he held a hand over his face exhaling deeply as he closed his eyes yet again. His mind played his thoughts to him as if he was a bystander.


Everything from the howling of the wolves, the smell of the fire, the touch if her body on his and that final kiss. He remembered her saying she would be in touch and then the headache became too much he decided to rather try and think as little as possible. The irony in the thought of not thinking made him smile. He closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep. Just as he started to drift off he felt a soft and delicate hand stroking his feverish forehead moving into his hair.

His eyelids were heavy- it took him a second or two to open them. When he finally opened his eyes he was looking into a purple glow. "It's you…" His voice broke with a trace of fear.

"Mhm, I bet you were starting to think you were crazy…" She looked different than when he first saw her, her nails were long and black, so where her lips. She had hair that was black as night and instead of the rags she wore before she had a long black dress that seemed to be ever moving. It was liquid in a way. He remained silent just staring at her. "Are you still afraid of me?" she looked at him with the portrait of surprise painted on her face.

"I gave you power beyond your mortal capabilities and you… you fear me?" her voice sounded scorned. "What… I don't understand?" he seemed filled with energy all of the sudden - he had questions now and a reason to speak. "Oh, you don't know do you? You mortals are so slow!" She finished her sentence starting to laugh, as if to say "this is too good to be true". "What did you do to me!?" He grabbed at the hem of her dress pulling her closer.

He immediately felt regret dawning on him, he could sense he had crossed one of her lines. She was looking down at his hand waiting for him to withdraw- not saying a single word. He had two simple options let go and apologize or challenge her.

He decided to go with the ignorant route. "Answer me!" his other hand latched on to her left shoulder and he pulled her even closer now so that their faces were no more than three inches apart.

She was stunned, looking at him in silence. Her harsh features turned soft and she seemed much more approachable all of the sudden. She bent her head forward kissing him briskly on his nose then pulled away. A strap of her dress was in his hand and it vaporized as she levitated backwards. She moved around the room making a wide circle before stopping at the foot of his bed, giggling childishly all the while.

"Oh I love it when you're tough with me!" She held both her hands in front of her mouth as if to admire him. "Perhaps I'll reward you for that in turn…" She crawled onto the mattress from the foot of the bed speaking as she made progress up to his side. "What did I do to you?


I gave you the power to dream the power to change your reality. First it will be subtle changes; you will feel stronger then over time your senses will sharpen. And eventually you will develop abilities outside the 'laws of physics' as your scholars call it. You will be able to accomplish things that no other of your time can." By now she was by his side with her head resting on his shoulder. He could feel her warm breathe on his skin, her arm resting on his chest and both her legs wrapping around his left thigh.

He could feel the heat of her burning loins on him. "But in return I will take from you one thing…" So far he was pleased with what she was saying and doing. She closed her eyes resting at his side. "Self-Control." His heart skipped a beat. What would that entail? Why would she even add that?


Why was she nestling up next him? His mind was a blur for a moment until finally he asked; "Why?" She smiled sweetly, "You'll see…" He woke the next day with no one in the room again, just a vacant feeling to his left. She was gone and the realization made his heart sink.

Later that day his parents came to fetch him… a week later he found himself at school again, it was as if he never got stuck out in that cabin.

He knew that things wouldn't be the same forever though that woman in the woods, she changed him and he could feel it in the way he thought, the way he walked and the way he looked at the world around him. He was constantly searching for her though - he wanted to meet with her again. Not for the sake of discussing the changes that he would feel take effect; he just wanted to be with her.

Feel her moist breath in his neck again and her warm body tight to his. He knew that he would have to wait with his search though. After school, at 4 PM, like the other 7 days since he's been back he had to go over to Ms. Smith's vacation cottage for a therapy session. Ms. Smith was a young and intelligent woman on vacation from the Big Apple. She had made quite some money helping rich men and women who needed therapy. For a woman of 24 she had done quite well for herself - she had always had a fascination with the wild and bought a cottage right on its front door.

Right now she was on vacation but the town was small and Alaska didn't have all too many therapists so when she offered to talk with him Carl's parents couldn't refuse her. She was only going to be in town for a few more weeks and then they'd probably only have the opportunity in a years' time again.

So here he was standing in the freezing cold outside her door trying to build up the courage to knock. After a few seconds of breathing onto his palms to keep them warm he stepped forwards raising a hand to knock on the door. Just then then it swung open. At the door was Ms.

Smith- "Hi, I saw you standing outside, do you want to come in?" Her voice was delicate and soothing. "Eh, yes! Thanks" Carl followed her inside and after shutting the door he turned back to her.

She was walking over to the fireplace. He took the time to admire her again. She was a stunning woman, and that's what made him nervous.

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She had long red hair which she had tied back into a ponytail with a piece of lint. She had a lithe figure and it was obvious she wasn't from around here. Her hair, nails and even her skin was well looked after most likely treated with things most women this far north never heard about. "Please, take a seat." She pointed to a coach opposite the chair she was standing at; both seats were set close to the fire to keep them warm.

Carl wasn't surprised that she wanted to sit that close to the fire with the clothes she had on. She was wearing a pencil skirt that went down to just above the knees and a semi-formal jacket worn over a button-up cotton shirt.

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"Okay…" Carl replied awkwardly approaching the couch. "Would you like anything to drink? I have coffee or hot coco?" She had made her way into the kitchen and was sifting through containers to see what she could offer him. "No thanks Ms.

Smith!" She walked back into the room holding a glass of water in her left hand and a notebook and pen in her other. She set the glass down and took a seat opposite him. "I thought I told you to call me Stacy!" She said mockingly giving him a noticeably fake evil eye.

He looked awkwardly around the room not sure how he could respond.

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Her smile started to fade and she hopped right into the session. "So Carl… how are you?" She looked at him with eyes that instilled trust.

"Good, I suppose… and you?" He seemed uneasy. "Hmmm, I'm good thank you, but let's talk about you first, okay?" he nodded in compliance.

"So it's been 7 days since you got back how are you feeling?" Confused Frustrated Strong "I feel fine" "Come on Carl work with me here, I'm trying to help you." "I think I've gotten all the help I could need thank you" he said thinking of the woman that he had learned to know as Danielle. Stacy seemed phased and angry.

He wasn't looking at her but he could hear her taking a deep breathe. "Ms. Smith… Stacy… I could tell you what I feel but that would just end up making me seem like a madman.

I'm not trying to be disrespectful towards you or what you're trying to do but I just think we should letting sleeping dogs lay rest" She seemed amazed at his outbreak.

In a way it was a breakthrough for her. The other 6 sessions had been uneventful. "Carl, look at me…" once his eyes were fixated on hers she continued "…the 'dogs' that you're referring to will eventually wake up. I say we wake them up here where we can control the outcome.

Now tell me what's been bothering you" He remained silent for a while interfolding his hands as he looked at her. "Fine…" He sighed then continued "Everything she said would happen is happening… I feel stronger, look stronger. Not only that, but my senses have sharpened too…" "Who is she?" Stacy interrupted.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you…" "Okay… we'll get back to 'her'. What else has changed? It's a natural reaction to feel stronger after going through what you went through…" She scribbled a few things.

Carl read from where he was sitting, at least two meters away from her, that she was writing the words "serious psychosis - Delusional disorder" "You think I'm delusional?" Rage was swelling within Carl.

She looked at him astonished unsure of what to say. He stood up in an erratic fashion from where he was standing he could see her in a different light. He saw her ample bosum, she was sitting quite close to the fire and with the stress he had just put her under he could see beads of sweat forming all over her skin.

His heart was racing and his mind was in panic. The words "self-control" pulsed in his ears. He started to walk past her heading for the door.

She grabbed him by his arm as he was walking by but he shrugged his arm free. "Stacy just let me get out of here" She was latching onto him again. "Stay… I need you to tell me more" she was standing close to him now and he could see a bead of sweat rolling down from her temple onto her cheek and down to the crevice between her breasts. His eyes darted between her breasts and her face he knew it was too obvious to miss.

"For your own sake, let me go" he took another look at her body and then turned to go. He felt a sense of regret at his choice to leave he wanted to lose control here with her. She grabbed his hand this time. "You're afraid you'll hurt me?" Her voice was filled with sweetness. "No, I'm afraid because I know I will… unless I leave" He turned this time determined to stop himself but she wouldn't let go of his hand.

"That's sweet! Come on let's just talk a little more you can tell me about …" They were standing in a short hallway with only two exits; the door in front of him and the room behind her. Carl breathed out heavily; "No more talking" He turned around in a fitful motion, slamming his palms against the wall on either side of her. She gave off a high pitch shriek more out of surprise than out of fear. Now for the first time she noticed that he had changed since she first met with him.

His shoulders were broad and his arms were strong, she glanced down to his midriff imagining a well formed six pack. She glanced to her left and right looking at his arms. She noticed that they weren't unnaturally muscled but his biceps and triceps were ample enough to make her insides stir.

He was looking into her eyes now, their faces mere inches apart, her arms were still in front of her chest from when he surprised her closing her body language. She saw a burning passion in his eyes; she could see his will breaking as he tried to restrain himself.

She bit her lip then moved her arms to open up her stance and to the sides of his head opening up her stance. The thick tension between them snapped in an instant. Her hands caressed his hair as their lips met. His hands instinctively caressed her ass pulling her closer to him. Their passion subsided and Carl took a step back. They were both breathing heavily. They had a look on their faces as if to ask "Should we?" Then they leapt at each other again, this time she threw her legs around him as he pulled her close.

He took advantage of the situation and started in the direction of the couch. They both laughed as he kicked over the table that she put her glass of water on earlier. The water spilled on to the bear pelt carpet as Carl laid her down on the couch.

He removed his thick jacket in a single motion utilizing both arms then he kneeled over her. She grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head, throwing it aside. And in return he leaned in and kissed her while his hands were working at the buttons on her jacket and shirt.

After struggling past the first two he opted for simply ripping them open. The sound of material shredding echoed through the quite of the cottage. Buttons flew in every other direction, she giggled into their kiss. Then she lifted her body allowing him to remove her jacket and shirt. He stopped kissing her to do so and explored her flat tummy and admiring her body for a while before moving on.

Then while she was working at his belt he undid her white lace bra revealing her firm breasts. He paused for a second as she undid the button of his pants and unzipped his fly. She reached into his boxer freeing his manhood. He leaned over kissing her softly on her lips, then on her chin, in her neck and then turned his attention to each of her breasts in turn.

His left hand was caressing her bosom while his right was undoing the clasp of her skirt. Once the clasp was undone and her fly was unzipped she assisted pushing her skirt down halfway to her knees. He then laid a bit more of his weight on her while kissing her on her shoulder and guiding his manhood to her sex. Before thrusting into her he lifted his body to look onto her face. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip in anticipation.

"You're so beautiful" She opened her eyes to look at him, he saw her flashing her brilliant smile and then he thrust into her. She breathed out as if she wasn't expecting him, her mouth ajar as she moaned ever so slightly. One of her hands was on the small of his back the other one was on his shoulder. He started thrusting slowly in and out of her, each sequence followed by a moan. As he picked up pace he moved his left forearm next to her body, while his right hand was below her bum helping with each thrust.

Her moans were perpetually becoming wilder as the moment became more intimate with every passing second. Carl had never in his life bared witness to a sexier moment, from the layer of sweat all over her body and her heaving chest to the animalistic moans Stacy gave off as she was on the brink of cumming.

Her nails scratched into his back as she came to Carl this was pure ecstasy and he followed suite. For that moment in time they were as one.

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When the moment passed Carl collapsed onto her breathing heavily into her neck. She was still busy shuddering with the tremors of her orgasm when he started kissing her neck again. She was still in a haze, unable to object as he turned her on her stomach. A hand traveled down between her legs making her shudder with a pulse of pleasure. His other hand was beneath her caressing her breast.

Then just as her tremors subsided she felt him guiding his manhood to her entrance. "W-wait- slow down… I'm not ready yet" Her legs instinctively tried to close- he ignored her objection and thrust inside her. As he did this she felt violated. The expression on her face turned from a humoristic "slow down cowboy" to an expression that meant to ask "is this happening?" Their bodies were glazed with sweat and the thrusting motion was made easy by the lack of friction.

She had gotten more sensitive after her first climax making the second one a looming reality. It had only been a few seconds but she reached her peak despite her violated mind set.

She used whatever bizarre motion she could to deal with the uncontrollable surge of pleasure going through her body.

Needless to say she didn't feel violated for long. Carl took each of her hands into his, intertwining their fingers, he was still a long ways off. She tried to get out from under him as another climax was building in her loins but he manipulated his body weight to hold her in place.

He then moved his mouth close to her ear and whispered as he was biting softly on her earlobe; "You're not going anywhere I know you want this" Carl had never felt more powerful in his life he had her under his control.

By the time Carl was finished they were both exhausted. She was still squirming from the tremors of her multiple orgasms. He was exhausted, so he rolled off of her and onto the fur carpet. She followed suite, falling into the gap between his right arm and his body.

She let an arm rest on his chest and her cheek on his shoulder. "I've never experienced that before…" She said sounding woozy.

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"Experienced what before?" he said planting a kiss on her forehead. "So many… I've never had more than one at a time" This made him smile. In the time that passed since the start of the session it had gotten darker. The sun had just set behind the western mountains and the remnants of the day light were quickly fading.

"It's getting late…" she commented snuggling up closer to him, "… I don't suppose you could stay the night?" He looked over to her considering if and what the consequences would be. "My parents would send out another search party…" He said jokingly. Just then there was a knock at the door. The two stared at each other startled as they waited in silence for a follow up knock and when it came they jumped up starting to don their dirty clothes.

She manically yelled out that she was on her way. Carl was into his clothes in seconds but Stacy struggled with her shirt as almost all the buttons had been ripped off. There was another knock at the door so Carl opted for her to put on his jacket she took it and with that he headed for the back door. He heard his father's voice at the door. He enquired about the jacket and Stacy spun a story about Carl forgetting it after his session and then she mentioned that she last saw him half an hour ago.

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By the time their conversation was done Carl was running in the snow in the direction of his home. He took a shortcut through the woods so that his father wouldn't see him on the way back. He wasn't sure why they chose to panic like that but he couldn't undo what was done so he just kept running at a steady pace. When the night drew completely dark- Carl knew he had made a mistake.


He looked up at the stars trying to use them to navigate but he wasn't much good at that. What he knew of the stars he had forgotten as a child. So instead of trying to figure it out he used his new found strength and stamina to keep heading in a direction, hoping it would take him into town. A few minutes passed and Carl was now more lost than ever. With trees, that seemed identical to one another, all around him. "Well this can't really get any worse now can it?" He asked to no one in particular.

Just then he heard a viscous deep growl behind him, he turned and saw a wolf much larger than any he had seen before. It's fur was as black as death. The moment was paralyzing.