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Alexis texas dancin in leggings in a pole
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Clark walked quietly, slowly, through the woods as he made his way towards his favorite place to sit. He grinned as he heard the sound of park rangers thundering through the brush in the opposite direction, yelling at one another to find the 'brat'. Finally he reached the stream that cut through the park and walked up the bank until he found his spot, a small pound were the water poured from the rocks at the northern boundary of the forest.

Looking up Clark could see the stone of Baron's peak in the distance. He smiled as he remembered, for a painful moment, his mother and father taking him up to the top of the mountain.

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Clark tore his eyes away from the scene and sat in his usual place, a smooth rock that was a perfect place for him. As he sat down he looked into the clear water of the pond and found himself looking back, a handsomely plain face with brown hair above brown eyes and a freckled face that was neither long nor short, just right for him.

Somehow he had ended up with the perfect mix of the most common features to be attractive. He frowned at his own appearance, however proud of his own face he might be.

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His face hadn't stopped his last girlfriend, Casey, to cheat on him and dump him when he found out. He lay back and gazed at the clouds, watching them float by… It was the rush and shaking of bushes that woke Clark.

He opened his eyes slowly and turned over as though he was still asleep, looking over at the spot where the sound had come from through half lidded eyes. He watched as a short muzzle poked out from between the bushes and sniffed at the air. Slowly the face of a fox poked out.

Clark opened his eyes and watched it venture out into the clearing, its muzzle twitching as it sniffed at the air. Its muzzle was white for maybe half an inch before it became red. The stomach, barely visible, was creamy white like the muzzle.

The tail was a strange mix of red, gold and white. But it wasn't the color that seemed strangest about the creature to Clark. The beast was large, as big as a person, and had four tails whisking around behind it as it crept into the clearing. Suddenly the creature stopped and looked at him, sweeping its gaze over his 'sleeping' form and lighting on his half open eyes.

"I know you're awake, human." Clark's eyes shot open at the sound of the voice. There was no doubt in his mind that it had been the fox. The voice had been female, lovely and melodic as a choir's chorus.

Then the wind rushed by and the leaves of the trees above them began to fall. As Clark sat up, the fox sat on its haunches and looked at him with its tails swishing about constantly. One of the leaves, particularly large, fell lazily and landed directly on top of the fox's head. Clark watched as the wind picked up and swirled around the fox, causing the falling leaves to do the same.

Suddenly the fox changed, its muzzle shrinking back into its face and changing into a nose, its fur appearing to peel back like a t-shirt after a long day and its tails shrinking back into its rear. As Clark watched the creature became a woman. Then the world around him went black and Clark passed out.

"… dead?

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… human… up… wake up, human? Are you really dead?" Clark's eyes fluttered open to a raging headache and a cute face looking down at him. He rubbed the back of his head and found no bump. He looked around and found that he was laid back the way he had fallen asleep. I dreamed it… that's what happened, I dreamed it all. Clark smiled sheepishly at the girl standing over him.

She looked at him curiously, as though she didn't quite understand… Clark shook his head. He sat up on his stone and rubbed at the back of his head. It felt like he had fallen back and knocked his head on the stone, but there was no mark. He had to have been… "I healed the bump, so you'll be okay now. No more hurt, right?" Clark's eyes snapped open and he looked at the girl who was here in the clearing with him.

She spoke so innocently, but it seemed a bit… stupid. As though she wasn't all there. No, it wasn't that she wasn't all there; she was just a ditz. That was certainly a better way to think on it until he knew her better. Clark grinned at her again.

"Well I've still got a headache…" "Oh, Sorry! I got the bump, but I don't know much about humans. I prefer spirits. Spirits are happier, yep!" Clark looked at her for a moment. She was genuine with her words. Just what the fuck is this…?

She's gotta be a special kid… Clark felt bad for the thought. Then the girl grabbed his head and kissed him. For a moment his mind was blank. Then he felt the questions start to pour in.

What the fuck? What is she… the kiss halted abruptly as the girl pulled back and grinned at him. "Head better?" Clark halted before asking this random chick what the fuck she was doing and realized that his head was better. He no longer felt the thick muddle of his headache, the same way he didn't feel the bump from where he had hit his head.

Then his eyes grew wide and he pointed at the girl. "You're a fox, aren't you?" the girl's smile faded and she looked at him stupidly. "No, I'm a person. Aren't I?

Wait, did I leave a tail sticking out?!" The girl half turned and looked at her ass, actually checking if she had left a tail. Clark rubbed his temples and resolved to go along with it. As ridiculous as it sounded, he wanted to know what the fuck was happening. He looked the girl over as she checked herself and wasn't unhappy. She was a hot girl, if she wasn't all there or even if she was a fox. Her face was framed by slivery hair that fell to her mid back.

She had donned a skintight white shirt that was short enough to show off her belly button and tight stomach and a pair of daisy dukes that left her milky thighs and legs. When she looked back at him Clark caught a look at her silver eyes and he found only more questions. They were bigger than any normal humans eyes, though not large enough to draw any real questions unless anyone thought the girl might be a fox.

Her nose was small; perfect on her face… hell everything about her was perfect. There was not a single blemish on her skin. Finally she stopped looking down at her ass and smiled at him.

"Nope, no tails. I'm a person silly. All human, yep!" The girl just stood there and smiled at him, her eyes shut in a childish, innocent grin as she informed him of her own tailessness. "But you WERE a fox?

Just a minute ago?" "No silly human, girls can't be foxes!" "Then why did you check to see if you had a tail sticking out of your shorts?" At that the girl stopped smiling and looked at him. She seemed to be thinking hard on the subject. Clark waited as she thought about it. But when she kneeled down and began to think about it some more he sighed. "I fell and hit my head because I saw you change from a fox into a human.

You can't tell me you weren't at sometime a fox." The girl looked at him as he spoke and then started laughing. "Silly boy… you saw me? Shoot! I thought you were sleeping!

Naughty boy, tricking me like that!" She looked even cuter as she pouted over his watching her change. He laughed a little at her childishness. "So what's your name?" "Silly person, kitsune don't give out names!

Only people give out names!" "Well then what the hell should I call you?" As he thought on that the girl started smiling again. "How about Happy? May I call you Happy?" "Happy…? Happy!" Clark watched her start to think about it. "I'll call you either Happy or Bella. Take your pick." "Happy!" Clark sighed. He'd thought of a decent name and this weirdo picked the dunce hat. "Alright, Happy, so you're a Kitsune… a fox, right?

So what are you doing here?" "This is my home silly. My tree is here." Clark looked around at the trees and paused as he looked at the birch tree that stood bright green among the rest. He looked at Happy and then looked at the tree, then Happy. They both seemed a bit too lively. His eyes settled on Happy finally as he looked her over.

He couldn't help but start to get a hard on as he looked at her, kneeling there in her short shorts and her ridiculously tight shirt. As his erection started Happy looked down at the slight bump in his groin.

"Oh, the human is finally ready?" Clark followed her gaze and blushed. "Ready? Ready for what Happy?" He watched her as she crawled over to him and smiled. "Ready for sex!" Clark blushed even deeper at her words and stood up, muttering something about going home.

The only thing that stopped him was Happy standing up and kissing him again. As his lips touched hers Clark's mind went blank again. His hands went to her waist as they kissed and then slid up to the small of her back. Clark even went so far as to slide one hand inside her shorts and squeeze that perfect ass. Happy kissed him passionately and held him, one hand on the back of his head and the other undoing his belt. When she released him Clark felt strange.

"Do you want sex? Happy will stop if you don't want sex…" Clark looked at the stunning creature before him and realized that he did want sex. He certainly wasn't unwilling. But as he thought about it Clark thought of the transformation, and her speech… If he got this girl pregnant Clark didn't know if he could deal with that incessant, childish speech all the time. Then he felt her hand reach into his shorts and grab his hardening shaft, felt the other hand on the back of his neck and the globe of glorious ass in his hand, and threw all of that out the window.

"Sex sounds fucking awesome." Happy smiled and squealed, kissing him again and pushing down his shorts. Clark pulled away from her lips and pulled off his shirt, throwing it aside and grabbing the hem of hers. He was breathing hard, his throat nearly closing up as he saw her breasts. They were small C-cup or large B-cup, and prefect as anything else in the world. Clark threw her shirt into the water on purpose and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her face roughly to his and kissing her glistening lips.

The rush of skin on skin contact made them both moan around each other's tongues. Clark squeezed her ass again and was delighted to hear a squeal from his partner as he extricated his hand and unbuttoned her shorts, pushing them down around her thighs and grabbing her ass again as he lift her into the air. Clark felt Happy's hands run over his chest and slide down to his boxers. Before he knew what was happening she had removed his underwear and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to her hot, wet slit.

Clark kissed her harder and pushed into her tight little body. The moment he entered her Happy moaned long and loud, shutting her eyes and throwing back her head as Clark slid into her. Clark grunted as he pulled back and pushed back in, not even halfway inside of her and felling Happy's tight, tight snatch grabbing at his meat as he fucked her.

It seemed strange to Clark, the drainage he felt as he pushed into her. Happy moaned even louder and grunted in pleasure as Clark pushed harder and was finally rewarded with a felling of his hips against hers. He kneeled slowly and set Happy on her back in the lush grass of the clearing, kissing her as he pulled out again.

She squealed as he pushed back into her hard, ramming their hips together. Clark sat up on his knees, keeping Happy's thighs apart and looking down at her body in disbelief as he loved her. "OOH, yes human… fuck… Harder! Oh yes harder harder…!" Clark happily listened as Happy began to massage her hard nipples and moaned at the feeling of his cock stretching her.

He sped up until his hips were slapping against hers hard enough to leave red marks. Happy screamed as Clark rammed into her. Then suddenly Clark felt her writhe around his cock and watched her arch her back, clawing and the earth and yanking out blades of grass by the fistful as she came. Clark couldn't take the sight of Happy's heavenly body in the throes of orgasm and felt his balls tense as he slammed inside of her once more and sprayed her fuck tunnel with his seed.

He felt drained as he pulled out, but he ignored it as he lay down next to the panting Happy. She rolled over and set a hand on his chest, her nails scraping lightly over his skin as he fell asleep to her soothing words. Just as he went under another voice woke him. "What… Sister, you fed on a human?!" ********************************************************** Clark's eyes snapped open as the beautiful girl next to him was suddenly standing up and speaking with someone else.

He turned over and found himself close to blacking out. Happy was speaking to… Happy? No, the new girl was the same but very opposite.

She had Happy's face, but in place of Happy's silvery, weightless hair there was dark hair, black as moonless midnight, and eyes of dark blue. Her body was the same though dressed in a black t-shirt and a pair of long, dark washed blue jeans. Her skin was a little bit darker than Happy's but still milky for a human. Clark shook his head and banished the thought of humanity from his mind. These were creatures, angels maybe, but not humans.

Clark groaned as he tried to stand and found that his legs trembled uncontrollably. He sat down on the rock and watched the two women talk. "Sister, you may have killed him!" "Oh, calm down sissy, the human is awake. See! Human is okay, yep!" The two looked over at him.

Happy didn't seem to notice his labored breathing. When his vision started to cave in again Clark groaned and pitched forward. Then the dark haired girl was there, catching him. "Are you okay? I'm sorry for my sister, she has a bit of a half track mind…" The girl set him back against the stone, ignoring his nudity, and looked at his eyes. Suddenly she kissed him and he felt energy flowing into his body again, this time his mind not blank but shifting through a thousand different things that this girl must have known.


When she pulled away Clark was panting and rubbing his eyes to alleviate his returned headache. "How… How is it that when she kisses me, my mind goes totally blank; but when you kiss me I get a thousand things that I never knew running through my head like I'm going insane?" The girl frowned at him and then smirked. "Kitsune- spirit foxes- share their thoughts and energy when we kiss. I told you she had a half-track mind.

What's your name? I can only guess that my sister didn't ask." As Clark looked into her eyes he felt sad, the exact opposite from the bubbly feeling of looking into her sister's eyes. "Clark…" "Very nice. We've seen you here before but we had decided to stay hidden. She must have thought you wouldn't notice her…" "I acted like I was sleeping. I saw her change from a fox into… her." The dark haired girl looked down at the ground and then over at her sister, swimming in the pond as though she hadn't almost just killed him.

"She… We're twin sisters, born into a Kitsune clan. Until that forest fire a few years ago, when a lot of the trees were burned down. We are the last. We're only half Kitsune, but being twins we're about as strong as the real thing. That's why you felt so drained after you two… after she fed on you.

She doesn't realize the damage she could cause. Its dangerous if I'm not with her, and I didn't think here under our tree she could do anything stupid. I'm sorry, Clark." The girl looked at him with genuine sorrow in her eyes, though Clark had now started to realize that she was the sad, intelligent aspect of the two. "Why is she so… not there… when you're the exact opposite?" Clark looked down at her and swore he saw a hint of blush.

"Kitsune twins are uncommon. Most go crazy, or they're near it. This is our curse. We're polar opposites, she the carefree one track mind and I the sad, pathetic, thoughtful twin who has to keep my ignorant sister out of trouble." She stood up and turned away, watching the naked beauty swimming in the pond, playing with a small ball.

"Sometimes I wish we were reversed… In human terms I'm chronically depressed. I deal with it by taking care of her, but that…" Clark saw tears at the corner of her eyes. She raised the back of her hand to wipe at her tears and took a deep breath. Clark felt sadness spring up inside of him again. These Kitsune were having some weird affects on him. He stood up, shakily again, and stood next to her. "What should I call you?" The girl looked over at him questioningly.

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"I called her Happy, because of her… bubbling personality. But you are much more real, so I can't exactly call you something as ridiculous as that." "Why do you think you'll see us ever again?" "She said that that was your tree, that birch over there.

This rock is my only place in the world. It's my sanctuary, and I would like for you two to think that you've a friend in me. I don't want you to have to hide every time I come up here. If I'm allowed to come up here again…" The girl looked at him strangely for a moment before she smiled.

"Call me anything but sad." "How about Bella?" "…" "If you don't answer I'll have to make it something as ridiculous as Happy." "Alright, Bella… Bella will do just fine. And you most certainly can come up here again. Of course I'd be careful. Now that my sister has had a taste of you, she might want more." Clark chuckled.

"She can have it. I certainly don't mind." Bella turned to face him. "She's not just… When she feeds on you she's taking your soul! You can't let her do that, you'll die!" "There's no one that would miss me.

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I'm an orphan… I live in the foster home down at the edge of the park. There isn't a person there who cares at all." He watched Happy swim, childishly talking to herself, and smiled at the heavy gaze Bella had locked on him. "You're just another human to her.

She'll kill you without a second thought… how is that even fair? You should be…" She trailed off her sentence as Clark looked at her, his eyes filled with the same morose light that hers had.

She couldn't find the words, maybe. Clark made a motion to grab his pants but suddenly Bella wrapped her arms around him in a hug. He looked down at her questioningly. She returned his gaze though she was a head shorter than him. "You don't have to go back yet. This place… this place is special.

Time flows fast here. If you go home tomorrow or even next week here, only a few hours will have passed from when you came.

When did you get here?" "Sometime around… sometime around eleven this morning… but it's already sunset…" "You don't have to go back there.


Not tonight, not anytime soon. Stay." "I thought you didn't want me to lose my soul?" "Well… I mean… I… I think I know… how to… how to, you know, not feed on you…" Clark looked down at her blushing face and swore he saw happiness in those eyes, even though she was looking everywhere but his face. "Are you hungry?" Now her blush spread over her entire face. "yes…" Bella looked up at him with the same innocence that he had seen in Happy's eyes.

Clark leaned down and kissed her, expecting to feel a rush of thoughts. The only thing he felt was a rush of emotion, happiness and a deep sorrow mixed with apprehension and wonder, and even desire. As they kissed the desire grew more and more, causing Clark to pull back and leave Bella wanting more. "I have a question…" She just looked at him somewhat pained. So he had felt her personal emotions. "If you're a spirit, or a half spirit, why do you want me like a human would?" She looked at him with pain in her eyes now.

"I said we were half. We are only half human, yes, but we feel desire and need like any other girl. We have… benefits and disadvantages." Bella went up on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his again, one hand rubbing through his hair as they kissed softly. Clark slid his hands around her back, up her shirt and down into her jeans. She sighed and moaned and purred as she felt his hands explore her back.

The kiss became more passionate and more passionate. Clark pushed his tongue at her lips and she reciprocated. They were unaware of Happy watching them from the edge of the pool, her fingers dancing around in her pussy as she watched them. In reality neither Clark nor Bella cared. They just wanted each other. Clark wanted Bella more than he had wanted Happy, more than he had ever wanted anyone.

Bella pulled away from his lips suddenly and pulled off her t-shirt quickly, more tore the shirt off in her haste to get back to his lips.

He kissed back as best he could, her frantic energy and need driving him nearly insane. His emotions were blinding but hers were deafening and maddening. Clark unbuttoned her jeans and slid down, pulling them down with him as he admired her legs. She groaned at the slow motion. "Ohhhh, god, just take them off!" Clark laughed at her haste. She grabbed his head and pulled him up t her face once more, ignoring the fact that her pants were still on.

At least Clark though that she ignored it. The next time he pulled away he found that her jeans were gone and she was completely nude, leaving her magnificent breasts and her blazing hot pussy open to the warm night air. He thought to ask her but then realized he would have no time. Bella was moving at the speed of a girl who was going to get what she wanted out of him. She grabbed him and pushed him down on top of the rock. Suddenly she was there, his cock rubbing up in between her ass and her lips were leaking onto his lower stomach.

Bella kissed him hard, pushing her tongue into his mouth and moaning loudly. Then she pulled back, looking at him apprehensively as she lifted herself up and positioned herself. She bit her lip as the head pierced her hips and entered her sex. Clark groaned at the renewed feeling of tightness and heat.

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He heard her cry out as she sank down on his cock. "Ah, Ah, Ohhhh fuck YESSSSSS, Oh god that feels so… MMMM!" Clark felt his cock hit the end of her tunnel at the same time he felt their hips touch and thanked to god he had lived long enough to know that feeling.

He sat up and kissed Bella, grabbing her by the hips and pulling himself out of her by pulling up on her ass, bringing her to the brink of empty before sliding back in. She moaned louder the Happy at the feeling of his cock in her sex, and the louder she moaned the more it turned Clark on. He took his hands off of her hips and let her take over, sliding up and down on his cock seemingly effortlessly, with no possible way that Clark could see. He left it to her Kitsune magic and enjoyed it as she moved faster and faster, crying out louder and louder as they fucked.

"Ohhhh, shit! Fuck me; FUCK me, oh yes oh…! AAAAH!" Clark felt her pussy bind his cock inside of her, squeezing him so tight that he nearly did pass out. She squirted as she came, splashing her oils and juices all over them both.

She went rigid as she trembled half on his cock and half off, yelling at the top of her lungs. Clark thought he might have lasted longer if she hadn't been screaming and spraying, but as she came down from her orgasm, still screaming, and Clark felt his head touch her cervix, he grunted and came, shooting his semen straight into her cervix. She fell against him as he came and shuddered another orgasm, her voice and body too used up to give the same performance.

She panted on his chest as Clark wrapped her in a hug. "Sissy, you yell really loud!" Clark and Bella looked over at Happy, laying back on the surface of the water and panting hard from her own orgasm. Clark chuckled at the sight of Happy and Bella both exhausted from their sexcapades. "Are you two sure you want me to hang around? I might actually lose my soul at this rate. Not that I mind, of course."