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Naked gay of danish Real life boyfriends Nathan and Lucas came to us
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Hi! This is my story ever. It's the first part in a series of stories about Matt and his brother Liam. No sex yet, but it will come soon.

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;) Hope you enjoy, don't forget to comment, and tell me how to improve. Thanks! :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MATT & LIAM - Part 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Hey, Liam!

I'm home!" Matt shut the door behind him and went to the living room. He dropped his heavy backpack on the floor and collapsed on the sofa. High school had treated him badly as usual and today had been especially terrible. He thought to himself, "Why is life so evil to me…? Why does everyone hate me so much…? Only Liam takes care of me…" "Hey, Matt. Rough day?" Matt looked up and saw his older brother towering above him and holding a beer.

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At 6'2", 23 year-old Liam was a tall, well-built guy. His sharp features would make the most handsome of movie actors jealous and his physique was one that any underwear model would envy. Despite his hotness, Matt always wondered how Liam never had a girlfriend. He had asked before, but Liam always avoided the subject. "Oh well," Matt thought ,"maybe he hasn't found the 'right girl' yet." "Oh god, don't even ask." "Haha.

Alright, bro.


You can tell me when you feel ok with it." Liam put his beer down on the coffee table and went into the kitchen to grab some other drink for Matt. Rummaging through the fridge, Liam wondered what was troubling his younger brother. He was acting differently most of the time and it was starting to worry him.

Finally, Liam decided on a can of soda, grabbed it, and walked into the living room. Matt was sitting up on the couch, drinking a can of beer his can of beer. "Hey! You're not old enough to drink!" Liam grabbed the beer out of Matt's hands and held it out at arm's length. "Oh yes I am! I'm 18, remember?

Now gimme back my beer." "It's my beer, and for your information, you're 17. You turn 18 next week." "Aw, c'mon. It's JUST a week." "Doesn't matter. I can't have you drunk in my house while you're underage." "Damn it, Liam. You sound like dad." "Of course I do. He told me to take care of you while he and mom are in Japan." "Oh fine." "Here, drink this instead.

You can have your beer next week." Liam put the can of soda on the table and went back to the kitchen. Matt stared hatefully at the soda and stood up. "I'm gonna get my beer whether Liam likes it or not" He went after Liam and entered the kitchen. "Look, Liam. I have the right to " Just as he was about to voice his opinion on drinking, he slipped on a rug, flew forward, and slammed head-first into his brother's torso.

A loud exclamation of surprise and pain followed. Matt held on to his brother's arms for support and he gingerly got back on his feet. He looked up and saw a thoroughly stunned Liam staring down at him. The can of beer he was holding had tipped over and spilled the intoxitaing drink all over his shirt. Horrified, Matt stood up straight and put together a hasty apology. "Liam! Oh god, I'm so sorry!" Liam just stared at him.

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He was still recovering from the shock of his brother ramming him hard in the stomach. A few seconds later, he catches his breath. "Now see what happens when you chase after beer. You're not even drunk and you headbutt me." "S…s…sorry, Liam. I'm gonna go get you another shirt." Matt turned away and went upstairs.

Liam just shook his head. He followed Matt upstairs and leaned against the wall outside his room where Matt was rummaging for a shirt. "I guess this would fit Liam." Matt grabbed a navy-blue shirt and rushed out the room and straight into his brother.

"FUCK! WHAT THE-!" Liam looked quizically at Matt again. He raised an eyebrow as a flustered Matt fumbled with the shirt and gave it to him.

"Here's your shirt. Don't scare me like that again!" "I scared you? How can I scare you when it's only the two of us in this house?" "I don't expect to run into a giant man every time a run out a door!" Liam chuckled a little, stripped his beer-soaked shirt, and threw it over his shoulder. His hard 6-pack was directly in front of Matt who couldn't hep but stare. "Don't tell me my abs scare you too." "Damn you and your abs." "Hahaha.

Why? Is it because you're smooth and slim?" "Oh shut up." Liam decided to taunt Matt some more and grabbed him. "Liam!


Get off me!" He threw Matt on the bed and started tickling his sides. Matt was caught by surprise and ended up laughing uncontrollably. He struggled to throw his muscular body off him. "Liam! Hahahaha! You're gonna crush me, damn it! Hahahaha!" "Serves you right for spilling my beer." Liam continued his torturous tickles as Matt fought. Matt knew he couldn't physically get Liam off him so he decided to use a different strategy.

He bent up and kissed Liam squarely on the lips. "EW! GROSS! So that's why you don't have a girlfriend!" Liam was caught off guard and the tickling stopped.

He grinned widely at Matt.

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"What? What's wrong?" "You're a terrible kisser! GAH! DISGUSTING!" Liam laughed and stood up beside the bed. He grabbed a belt from a hook on the wall and stared at Matt. "Oh, now it's personal! Come here and get what you deserve!" Matt saw the belt and his expression of childish foolishness turned into one of confusion and fear.

"Hey…Liam. Are you gonna use that on me?" "Hell yeah. You've pushed me far enough!" Liam chuckled and made the belt snap. The sound silenced Matt completely and he began to back away from his brother. "Where are you going, Matt?

I'm gonna spank you. You're such a bad boy." "Liam…no…don't" Liam continued walking slowly towards his brother. Matt stood frozen in place, his eyes wide open and staring at the huge belt in Liam's hands.

Liam was just acting. He had no intention of smacking his brother, but he was going to noogie and tickle him again for calling him a bad kisser. "Come to your brother, Matt. " As Liam came closer to Matt, he saw that his brother was trembling. The atmosphere of mischief in the room disappeared and was replaced with worry. "Matt? Are you ok? You're shaking." Matt just stared at his brother. Liam noticed that Matt's eyes were showing complete fear. Something was scaring Matt.

Liam felt the belt in his hands and looked down. It was a thick, long strap of leather with a huge buckle. He threw it on the bed. "Matt? Matt!" Liam reached out for his brother's shoulder and touched it. Moments later, all hell broke loose.

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"NO! PLEASE STOP! DON'T HURT ME! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Liam was taken aback by shock. Matt was screaming and throwing punches. He backed up into a corner and started panicking. Liam hurriedly went to him and tried to calm him down." "Matt! Matt! Calm down! What's happening to you?!" Matt continued screaming and fighting back.

He was completely possessed by something and Liam knew it. He grabbed Matt's shoulders and pinned him to the wall. "NOOO! HELP! HELP! LIAM! LIAM, HELP ME!

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LIAM!" "Matt! It's me!

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It's Liam! Calm down, Matt! I'm here!" After hearing his brother's name, Matt started to calm down. He sank down to the floor on his knees, panting and sweating. "Liam? Help me, Liam…" Matt's voice was shaky and his entire body was shaking. He looked up at his brother and embraced him tightly.

He becan to cry and Liam wrapped his arms around his brother. Someone hurt and terrified Matt. Liam felt so angry and distressed. Who would do that to his brother? Why? He was determined to find out and give them a piece of his mind.



It's ok, Matt. I'm here. I'm here and I won't leave you." Matt continued sobbing and his brother comforted him. He felt his world collapsing. He wanted to die and stop the pain forever. ~TO BE CONTINUED~