Rebecca put on a show

Rebecca put on a show
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Awkward. That was the easiest way to put it as Riley and I headed home. Gene wasn't thrilled to hear that I'd be going back home, but she understood that they were my family and I needed to be with them.

Or at least that was the bullshit excuse that I gave her and she seemed to buy it. Now with the wind howling around us, we walked side by side in silence, mulling over what happened in the classroom.

"How are you still a virgin?" I finally asked, "Every other week you're going out with a different guy." She mumbled something under her breath. "What?" "I hate it when guys touch me alright?" she shot me an evil look, "It's always so cold and it sends shivers down my spine.

I can't take it half the time." "So then why keep switching guys?" "I thought that maybe I'd find a guy who wouldn't have that effect on me y'know?" "I guess that makes sense, but that doesn't explain why your always touching me then. Anytime you want my attention you don't seem to have a problem grabbing onto me, or wrapping your arm around me.

What's up with that huh?" "Obviously I don't feel that way when I touch you," I could hear the annoyance in her tone, but with a sigh her tone quickly returned to normal, "Maybe it's because you're my brother, but I don't get that same feeling when I touch you, or when you touch me either." "Guess I should feel honored then huh?" "That's one way to look at it." We stopped in front of the house, both of us looking it over as if we hadn't been here in ages when in reality it hadn't even been a week yet.

For me anyways. "Before I go in," I began, "I'll make this clear. I agreed to come back because I'm not about to break my word. But I NEVER agreed to stay. If the same shit that sent me over the edge happens again, I'm gone.

And I promise that I'm not coming back. Got it?" "Can you really live without us though? We're your only family after all." "Better question, can you live without me?" my smooth tone caught her off guard, and before she could respond I headed for the door. Riley followed close behind as I walked inside and looked around. Nothing was really different, other then the fact that no one had vacuumed or dusted since I left. The fact that I could tell that was pretty sad actually, but now wasn't the time to loathe at my unmanly quirks as I headed into the kitchen.

"He didn't come back did he?" Ashley asked sitting at the table with Izzy right beside her. They both had their backs turned to us so neither of them realized that I was standing right there. "He did," I answered. Within a blink of an eye they whirled around and discovered my presence.

Izzy jumped up from her seat and wrapped her arms around me before I had a chance to protest, smothering me in her boobs while she squeezed harder. I thought about hugging back, but that would mean that I share her excitement about being back here, and that definitely wasn't the case.

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"How did you manage to do it Riley?" Ashley asked. "Well…y-you see, w-we" she stuttered.


"We ah, y'know, just…" I pushed myself away from Izzy so that I could finish the sentence, "We fucked in the classroom." You could've heard a pin drop from a mile away now as all eyes turned onto Riley.

Her face as red as a stop sign, she immediately shot me a horrified. I think she probably wanted to hide that little fact, but for some reason I felt proud of the fact that I fucked Riley. "B-but I thought you were a virgin Riley?" Izzy asked. "Not anymore," I answered.

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"I bet Riley that she wasn't a virgin and since I lost I had to come back here." "Max!" Riley shouted. "What?" "Why would you tell them that?" "Because it's the truth.

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I took your virginity so I had to come back, and while we're on the topic of me being back, I'll tell you both right now." I pointed at Ashley and Izzy, "If you pull that kind of shit on me again, I'm gone for good. Things are going to go back to the way they were before this crap all started which means no more sex.

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In fact, things are going to change! If you yell at me, hit me, or fuck with me physically or mentally, then I'm out like a fucking light. Understand?" They all looked at each other worriedly.

I caught them in a state of confusion and now I was going to capitalize on it. "Do you fucking understand or not!" I roared and they all jumped slightly, "I'm tired of living as a servant in my own fucking house.

So while I'm here, you will eat dinner at the table, and only when everyone has their food and is sitting down.

If you need my help for something, you will knock on my door and wait for a response instead of busting it down like a bunch of drunken monkeys. You will all take up a chore to help clean this fucking house, and I expect you to do it at least twice a week whether it's vacuuming, scrubbing down the bathrooms, or whatever else I assign you." "W-what's gotten into you?" Izzy's trembling voice was a sign that I my plan was actually working, and I knew I needed to drive it home now. "What's wrong with me?

I left a perfectly good house with a family that would've been more then happy to let me stay there for as long as I needed to come back here. So if I'm going to be stuck in this hell house, I'm going to make sure that it's a little more enjoyable for me.

Get it?" "Got it." "Good!" I turned to Riley, "Go vacuum the whole house Riley. Izzy dust everything off, and Ashley, clean that pathetic excuse for a dinner up, and help me make dinner." "Why do I-" Riley began but the second my eyes narrowed she shut up and turned to leave. Izzy didn't even bother to argue, hiding her eyes as she hurried past me to start her chore. Ashley was standing there wide mouthed and with no signs of life other then the occasional blink.

"Move Ashley!" I shouted and she jumped in fear before scrambling to grab her plate and dump the food in the garbage. With the vacuum going off in the background and my eye wandering towards Izzy every couple minutes to make sure that she was working, I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was actually working.

Ashley even proved to be useful, following my instructions exactly as we cooked a decent dinner together. I caught her glimpsing towards me every now and again but I chose to ignore it. With dinner ready and everyone sitting down at the table, we began eating. Although no one said a word, I thought it was nice to finally eat dinner altogether instead of everyone running off immediately.

I'll admit that it was kind of awkward, mainly because everyone was slightly afraid that I'd go off at any moment. But to be honest I liked it, being in control for once. The only time I felt like this was when I was fucking Izzy. I could still remember how I abused her in her own room a week ago. The look on her face as I did whatever I wanted to her was so powerless, and it made the moment all the sweeter.

Hearing her cry out in pain as I fucked her tight ass, and that look of bliss on her face afterwards was… I shook my head, dispelling those thoughts. It was because of that shit that I was in this mess. Besides, I said that there was no more sex and I meant it. We're all siblings after all. What we're doing is illegal, so of course we shouldn't keep going.

And its only caused problems so far so logically if we get rid of the problem then we'll be fine. Right? "Max? Everything ok?" Riley asked, noticing that I zoned out. "I'm fine," I mumbled back standing up, "Clean up your own plates when you're done and Izzy, load the dishwasher. I'm going to my room." I disappeared back into my hole and didn't show myself for the rest of the night.

The week seemed to fly by, and for once things weren't really that bad. The girls were actually helping around the house, and even though I was barking orders half the time I still pitched in and helped when I felt that it was needed.

With my work load lightened considerably, and no abuse of any record, I was impressed at how afraid they were of pissing me off. I don't think they realized that I was secretly training them to take care of themselves so at the first sign of trouble I could leave.

Was it mean? Yes. Was it manipulative? Yes. Was it deceitful? Hell yes…looks like they did teach me something after all.

It was Saturday now, and everyone was back from watching Ashley play soccer, but the house was still quiet. That was a problem that I started noticing. Everything was so…dead now. I guess they were all so worried about making me leave that they stopped being loud and obnoxious, even to one another.

The silence that filled the house was a little unsettling, but I felt like it was something I had to get used too, for fear of everything reverting back to the old way. I was in a position of power now and I wasn't going to let it go. With a loud yawn, I closed my notebook and headed out towards the kitchen. The slight grumblings coming from the living room peaked my curiosity, and I took a detour in the living room to see what all the fuss was about. Ashley was standing on the other side of the room in her soccer shorts and a sports bra, reaching up to try and dust off the top shelf of a bookcase.

I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out, and I knew exactly why. Her body. Something I hadn't seen this exposed in awhile.

Even during the late night booty calls we had, she was usually in and out before I could get a good look at her. But now I had a great view of her golden skin, perfect ass, and tight hips, and to make it better she was on her tip toes.

It was the perfect sight, and one that I had to admit drove dirty thoughts into my head. The only thing that saved me at this moment was when she sighed loudly and snapped me out of my gaze, just long enough for me to play it off as if I wasn't staring at her body for the last thirty seconds. When she turned around she offered a week smile and waved a rag around as if to prove to me that she was actually doing the chore that I gave her. "How'd you do?" I asked. "Huh?" "I asked how you did today.

Y'know, the soccer game?" "Oh," she nodded, "Well I scored two of our three goals, but we ended up losing by one." "That sucks." "Yeah, but what can you do?" she laughed weakly. Awkward silence filled the room like helium fills up a balloon, and I didn't want to be here when it popped for fear of what might happen. I smiled at her and turned around to leave without another word, heading for the safety of my room and collapsing onto my bed. Fuck! I almost got caught staring at Ashley like that.

More importantly, why was I looking at her like that? And what's worse, I was getting hard just thinking about her. The whole thing just seemed to spread as I spent the next ten minutes trying to fight the perverted thoughts running through my head. A knock on the door was my only saving grace. "Max?" Riley banged on the door again. I grumbled loudly and she must've thought I said yes because she walked in seconds later, "Hey it's time for din…um, are you feeling ok?" I rolled off the bed and took a deep breath, "Peachy.

Let's go make dinner." It only got worse from there. If I wasn't zoning out thinking about one of their bodies, I was sneaking peeks at them from around corners, or secretly while I was cooking. I was being tortured by none other then myself, and, that. Sucked. Ass! What the hell was wrong with me? Luckily I was able to distract myself a bit at school by actually focusing on my work.

Scary how doing work at school is actually benefitting me now, but it was like duct tape. A temporary fix that worked surprisingly well, but when it boiled down to it, that's all it was. A temporary fix. The problem was that while I could focus on my school work to distract me, my art took a giant right hook to the face. I couldn't draw a straight line to save my life right now, so sketching became rocket science to me for the next week and a half.

It was Wednesday when I finally came to the conclusion that I was wasting Gene's time now, and after only fifteen minutes I shut my notebook and quietly gathered my things. "I'm just not feeling it today guys. Sorry," I ran my hand through my hair before throwing my backpack over my shoulder.

"Your work hasn't been very…" Mr. Edwards paused. "Good." "Yeah," he shrugged shyly, "I didn't want to say it exactly like that, but you've been getting worse somehow. Is there something you want to talk about Max? You know we're all friends here." "Edwards," I sighed, preparing to lie, "If I knew, I'd tell you. Maybe I'm just not getting enough sleep, I don't know. I'll go to bed early and see if that helps." "See that you do man," leaning back in his chair, he held up a peace sign as his way of saying that I was free to go.

I exited shortly after with Gene following close behind. "Trouble at home?" she suggested. "Not really, in fact, it's been a lot better at home since I've been back." "Oh," the depression in her voice was obvious.

She really wanted there to be something wrong, but I didn't know if it was because she wanted me to move back to her place, or if it was because she just wanted to help. "Well, maybe you just need a change in scenery. Why don't you come over and eat at my place? I know my parents would love to see you again." What the hell do I have to lose? "Sure," I shrugged, "I just need to call home to tell them that they're on their own for dinner." She handed me her cell phone and after I told Izzy that I wouldn't be home for dinner, I gave Gene back her phone and got in the car.

It wasn't long before we both came strolling back into her house. The welcome her parents gave me was a little over the top, with Tiffany giving me a big hug and George slapping my shoulder congratulatory like.

Still, it was a warm welcome considering the fact that I just up and left three weeks ago without so much as a thanks or goodbye. They didn't seem to mind, in fact, I think they might've felt guilty about it, because they went all out on dinner.


Steak, mash potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, honey ham slices, and to top it all off, pie. Pumpkin pie! The real question here is who the hell just has pumpkin pie lying around in there refrigerator? If it wasn't the best pie that I had ever tasted then I'd be a little more worried, but I had to have eaten a third of that pie by myself so I wasn't complaining about it.

"So Max," George sat down on the couch, stretching out as I sat down on the recliner across from him. "How ya been?" "I've been pretty good. Well, I'm having a little trouble right now with my artwork, but other then that everything's fine." "Do you have some of your work on you? Gene always talks about how talented you are and I'd kind of like to see it for myself if you don't mind of course." "Yeah, sure" I grabbed my backpack and pulled out my notebook, sliding it across the table towards him.

He combed through it without hesitation, "Wow! You really are talented." "Thanks." Gene and Tiffany walked into the living room shortly after, and it didn't take long for Gene to notice that my notebook was now in her dad's hand.

She lunged forward and snatched it out of his hand immediately, clinging it to her chest like a two year old clings to a blanket.

"What did you do that for?" he threw his hands up in the air. "This is Max's!" she argued. "I know," he chuckled and looked at me, "I asked to see it and he let me look. What did ya think I stole it or something?" "I'm not going to let you look at it! They're all just pictures of me!" "Are you sure about that? I could've sword I saw a few sketches of a different girl. Real looker too," the wink he gave me was a mix of pride and perverted-ness, "Where'd you find that model?" "Huh?" my eyes moved to the notebook in Gene's hands and I held out my hand as she quickly relinquished it to me.

I flipped through it slowly, seeing sketches of Gene on every page until I finally discovered who he was talking about. "Wow!" Tiffany whistled behind me and I discovered that she was looking over my shoulder and eyeing the same picture of Izzy that I was. "She is definitely well developed." "So who is she?" George asked.

"That's um," I shut the notebook, shoving it back into my notebook before Gene could have the chance to examine the half naked pictures of my sister, "Just a friend who offered to pose for me." "Are you sure your only friends?" Tiffany's tone told me that she knew I was lying and she was giving me another chance to tell the truth. So I came up with a half-lie and half truth statement, "Let's just say that she's like a sister to me." Either she accepted the answer, or just didn't feel like pressing the matter because she gave a nod of approval.

"Do you have time for a board game Max?" Gene offered. I nodded and she smiled before disappearing around the corner to fetch a game while we all headed back into the kitchen to sit at the table.

Turns out, the game of choice was Monopoly, and for reasons I cannot fathom, I was terrible at it. By the end of the fifth turn, I had three of those orange colored properties so I thought I was doing pretty well. The problem was, that those were the only places that I owned, and after I sunk enough money into them, it felt like the wheels of fate were conspiring against me because no one landed on them. By the end of the tenth turn, I was bankrupt and leaning up against my arm in boredom, watching as they continued playing.

After an overly aggressive role from George, one of the dice flew off the table and onto the ground near me. I pushed out my chair and bent down to get it, but before I returned to the table my eyes zeroed in on the seat Tiffany was at. I didn't realize it till now, but she was wearing a knee length black skirt, probably because of her work, and while she sat at the table her legs were spread open far enough to give me a perfect view of her pussy.

She was wearing a matching black thong and in my attempt to get a better look, I smacked my head against a bar and the entire group jumped. When I retreated back to the surface with the dice in my hand, I dropped it on the table and rubbed my head as everyone commented on how clumsy I was. I looked across at Tiffany while she cutely covered her mouth and laughed.

Something told me she wouldn't be laughing if she knew what I just saw, but thankfully she was just as oblivious to this as everyone else. He rerolled the dice and the game commenced, only this time, I was sneaking peaks at Tiffany whenever the opportunity arrived. She wasn't bad looking, in fact, she looked pretty hot for someone in her mid thirties.

She had a nice set of boobs, not as big as Izzy but definitely bigger then Ashley. And don't even get me started on her ass! That thing was round and I'm sure it was more firm then my mattress. Thinking back I never noticed how much she wiggled it whenever she walked, and before I knew it I started to fantasize about lifting her up by those round cheeks and setting her on this very table while I fucked her brains out.

What. The. Fuck. I was really fantasizing about Gene's mother? I couldn't tell if that was mean, or sick. I mean, Gene's not bad herself, and she obviously likes having me around so I couldn't figure out why I wasn't having dirty thoughts about her?

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The only thing I could come up with is that Gene was a really good friend of mine, and I guess I wasn't ready to try and take a chance on her. Plus, if things turned sour, then she wouldn't model for me anymore, and I really appreciated what she did for me. Her mom on the other hand, did not have that restriction on her. It was sick to have dirty thoughts about your friend's mom, especially when she's less then five feet away, but fuck if I could help it.

I knew that it was bad, so I waited for the clock to hit seven before acting surprised at how the time flew by just as an escape.

"I really need to get home before my family starts to worry," I sneakily avoided eye contact by staring at the clock like my life depended on it so Tiffany couldn't spot my lie. "Thanks for putting up with me. I hate to dine and dash but I really need to get back home." "Oh! Well then I'll drive you," Tiffany offered. My body froze as if time stopped, and the only thing that moved was my eyes as they slowly looked over at her innocent smile. "Um, sure. Sure," I got up quickly and headed for my backpack.

Throwing it over my shoulder, I walked back into the kitchen to shake George's hand and thank Gene for inviting me over.

Tiffany had already disappeared down the hall to go get her keys and I sat there waiting by the door as she emerged with a large tan trench coat that stretched over her knees, almost making it look like she wasn't wearing anything on underneath. She waved goodbye to everyone and we headed out the front door and hopped into her car. Blasting the warm air, she drove off down the lane, in the wrong direction I might add.

In fact, I don't think she even knew where I lived. This started to alarm me and she must've noticed after I sat up and started looking around worriedly. "Relax Max," she patted my shoulder, "Gene said that there was something bothering you so she asked me to try and help you. I figured, we could go to this park that Gene used to love as a kid and just walk and talk if that's alright with you. I promise that everything you say to me is confidential and I will never repeat it too anyone.

Even Gene won't know." No one would blame me for being speechless at this point, because, she was basically kidnapping me and forcing me to take counseling. I thought about rejecting her offer but I saw three giant holes in that idea. First off, she was the driver, so unless I planned on jumping out of the car and walking home, I was at her mercy.

Secondly, I knew that even if I said that I didn't want to talk about it, that she'd ware me down eventually and get me to talk. And finally, and this one seemed pretty important to me, I could have an excuse to stare at her some more.

We pulled up to a small park barely illuminated by a single street lamp. There was a single playground structure with four swings smack dab in the center of the park surrounded by a sea of grass, with trees littering the outside area. It wasn't that impressive to be honest but it would entertain a five year old for at least an hour, maybe more. We both exited the car and started our walk towards the playground in silence, but it didn't last long. "So why don't you tell me what's bothering you," she began with a classic therapist line.

"I would if I could," I answered semi-honestly. "Well, how about we start with when the problem began." "Sure," I sighed, "It was about a week after I moved back in with my family." "And what triggered this feeling." Ashley… "I saw my sister cleaning." "Is that it?" "Pretty sure.

You also have to understand that until I came back home, I was the one doing all the cleaning." "I see," she nodded, "So then it's safe to assume that your art has been suffering ever since you saw that." "Sounds about right," I sighed and sat on the swing set while she joined me on the swing to my right. "Every time I start to draw I just lose focus." "Where does your focus get put into?" Sex…"How my family and I got into the argument that made me run away." "Do you mind telling me exactly what the argument was about?" I found out both my sisters were using me for sex…"I guess I was fed up with them using me like a ragdoll to do what they wanted." "I'm so sorry that that happened to you." "Its fine, I mean, shit happens right?" "That's one way to put it," she giggled and I looked over at her and smiled.

"Well, can you tell about what was on your mind the last time you tried to draw?" How I popped Riley's cherry and fucked her into three orgasms…"I was thinking about the time when Riley, the youngest of my older sisters, came to talk to me in the classroom." All I could think about was how smoothly I was handling this situation.

She couldn't call me a liar because technically all of them where true! Kind of. "So when are you going to stop lying to me?" My jaw hit the ground immediately, "I'm not ly-" "Max, c'mon," I heard her sigh, "You can be honest with me." "No I can't," I scoffed at the idea.

"Of course you can," she argued in her motherly tone. "Um, this isn't something to be talked about. Ever!" "What do you mean?" "I'm taking this secret to the grave Tiffany." "Oh c'mon, it can't be that bad." "You have no idea." "Try me." "Nooooooooo," I waved my arms quickly, "Not going to happen." "Does it have something to do with that half naked picture of your sister in your notebook?" "How the hell did you know that?!" I shouted back without thinking, immediately following it up with a face palm after realizing that I just admitted she was right.

"I recognized her from the day you came with us to watch Gene play soccer. I was going to ask how you knew them but after I saw the look you had on your face it was safe to assume that those three were the sisters that you got into a fight with." Human lie detector, detective, and a cook. Seriously, what can't this woman do? "Do you mind explaining that picture?" "I do actually." "Max," she sighed yet again.

Her sighs were really starting to annoy me, "Let's hear it. C'mon." "Can we just drop this? I need to get home remember?" "That was an obvious lie by the way." "Why does it feel like you have an edge in any conversation we have?" "Stop trying to change the subject Max and just tell me.

I'm here to help remember?" "Then help me by giving me a ride back to my house." "Tell me first." "No." "We can sit here all night if you want." "Are you seriously going to keep me here if I don't tell you?" "I'm not keeping you here.

If you wanted to you could walk home, although I don't know how long that'd take." "So the only way out of this is if I walk home from here." "I'd be very disappointed if you did." "You kidnapped me and tried to force me to spill my secrets to you. How are you the disappointed one here?" "I'm disappointed that you can't trust me enough to tell me what's bothering you." "You want to know what's bothering me that badly?" my anger was starting to rise. I kept calm for a long time but this was getting ridiculous to the point where I was starting to lose it, "Is it that fucking important to you?" "Yes, it is," she didn't seem fazed by my newfound anger.

"Oh my god! Why do you care so much?" "I'd like to think that we're friends Max, even though we haven't known each other that long.


Plus your Gene's friend, and your making her worry so that makes me worry too." "So because Gene's worried you're going to annoy the hell out of me until I tell you? Sorry for sounding like an ass but this is bullshit Tiffany!" "I understand your unwillingness Max, but I really think it'll help." "You have no fucking idea how wrong you are." "We'll never know until you tell me." I growled angrily, hopping off the swing letting it all out for the sole fact that I couldn't take her method of interrogation anymore.

Always smiling and speaking in a calm tone, urging me that it'll be ok. All it did was drive me to the point where I finally snapped and shouted, "I fucked my sisters!

Are you happy! I fucked all three of my sisters!

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I had legitimate incest sex with my three smoking hot sisters! And it is driving me fucking crazy now because all I can do is think about their bodies whenever I try to focus on something other then boring ass school shit!

I can't draw, eat, shower, or sleep without getting hard for one of my fucking sisters! Oh, and that's not all! While we're on the subject of smoking hot bodies, you have one too! During the Monopoly game I got a nice view up your skirt, and if I hadn't hit my head on that stupid fucking bar, I probably would've stayed down their longer!

So for the entire time when I sat my bankrupt ass out, I was fantasizing about you! Ya happy now? Is that enough truth for ya! Did I trust you enough yet?" Her eyes were wide open, and after I finished my rant, I realized that I just admitted to wanting to fuck her.

That was completely unnecessary but I just couldn't stop myself in the heat of the moment. The moment was completely fucked! Like, I wouldn't be surprised if she just flat out decked me on the spot. What kind of idiot would say that, oh and I almost forgot the part about where I told her I fucked my sister. Ho-ly shit!

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This woman is completely mind fucking me right now! "Well," she began softly, "I know what the problem is." "You mean, it's not the fact that I had sex with my sisters?" I sarcastically asked to lighten the mood. "Well, that's a little concerning but I'm not here to judge you, or your sisters. If you want to have sex with each other then by all means, do so, just don't get one of them pregnant, and definitely don't tell anyone else." "I shouldn't even have told you," I mumbled walking over to some steps on the playground and climbing up them to a long platform that led to a slide.

My face was buried in my hands as I leaned on the railing. The wave of embarrassment I should've felt while I was revealing this information hit me like a blindsided tackle. I heard Tiffany's footsteps a few moments later and soon she was on platform with me, "Don't you feel better now?" "Nope," I groaned, "Maybe after I'm done feeling like an ass and all the embarrassment I'm feeling disappears I will." "There's good news at least." "Oh ya?

Let's hear it." "The reason why you can't focus is actually a lot funnier then you might think." "I could use a laugh." "You want sex." I looked over at her with a raised eyebrow, "What?" "Well, think about it.

You've probably had sex with your sisters a lot right?" "Right." "And have you had sex at all since you came back to live with them?" "Nope." "See? Your sex deprived," she giggled, "That's really what it is." "So you're telling me that because I refuse to fuck my sisters again, I'm going to have to deal with always thinking about sex until I find someone else to have sex with?" "It's not that uncommon really.

You're a growing boy who's had sex at an early age. Your hormones are probably raging right now because you suddenly cut yourself off from having it." "Awesome," the enthusiasm in my voice was no where to be found. Tiffany rubbed my back softly and I couldn't help but to lean my head onto her shoulder.

It was a pretty pathetic scene for me, but I could give a rat's ass right now. I just found out that the reason I've been in my own personal hell was because I'm a sex driven idiot…something I could've figured out on my own. However I needed to admit that to my friend's mother while simultaneously telling her that I think she's hot.

After nodding towards the car, I got the hint and followed her off the playground equipment, "Can't believe you looked up my skirt," she shook her head trying to act disappointed but I could tell that she wasn't.

"Sex deprived, remember?" I laughed, "Besides, I wasn't going to do anything." "Only because my husband and daughter were right there." "Are you saying that I couldn't control myself if I was given the same chance?" "Didn't you just admit to having fantasies about screwing me?" "I blame you for that by the way." "How?" "Duh, you're hot," it was a pretty obvious fact right now. The shock in her face made me realize what I just said, "I mean, uh, y-you're very attractive, so I couldn't really help it, and…I should probably stop talking." She laughed shaking her head, "Your fine Max.

I was just a little surprised is all. It's not everyday that a teenager calls me hot, especially to my face." "Is that good or bad?" "Hmm," she tapped her chin, "Good. I think it is anyway. A girl loves complements after all." "Sweet! Means I'm off the hook." "Nah-uh," she wagged her finger at me, "You just admitted to having fantasies about me and now I want to know what they were." "Are you really going to make me say them? It's embarrassing enough to know that I admitted it in the first place." "Hey, you were the one ogling at my body so I have a right too know.

At least tell me about one of them." "If your goal is too kill me via embarrassment, you're on the right track," I ran a hand down my face, "Do I have too?" "What's the worse that could happen?" "Got a point there." Although I didn't know why I was actually going to tell her, she did have a good point.

She listened to everything I had to say and hasn't seemed too bothered by it, so there's really nothing else I could say that could drive her off, right? "I set you down on the kitchen table when you're only wearing an apron and fuck the shit out of you." "You had a fantasy about fucking me on the same table that we were playing Monopoly on at the time?" I nodded, "I've had sex with George on that table plenty of times. It's not really that appealing anymore." "Wow," I laughed, "Thanks for ruining my dinner." "Relax," she shoved me, "I sprayed the table down with every kind of germ killer you can think of.

Got any more?" "You said I only had to tell you one." "One more. Please!" the way she looked at me made it hard to resist. "Your enjoying the fact that I'm taking advantage of you in my mind aren't you?" "Maybe," I shot her a funny look and she rolled her eyes, "Alright the idea of a teenager being attracted to me is pretty ego boosting I'll admit." "So I'm just inflating your ego huh?

That's all?" I smiled jokingly. "Not getting crazy fantasies of your own in that grown-up head of yours?" "As a wife and mother I've learned to not even bother fantasizing about other people," she smiled smugly.

"You know, I'd be very disappointed in you if you were lying to me," I meant that as a joke. We were clearing bullshitting right now and I thought it was fun to use a line that she used on me early. Her answer admittedly caught me off guard.

"Maybe I've had one," she mumbled quickly. "Oh you have got to tell me!" "No!" Even though she looked appalled, I had a feeling she wanted me to keep going, "I told you mine, so you have to tell me yours. It's only fair. I've spilt my guts out to you, you owe me that much at least." "It's not the same," she argued. "Don't pull that crap on me," we arrived at the car and I leaned up against it coolly, "C'mon, I'm not going to judge ya." The way she bit her bottom lip made me wonder whether or not she was going to tell me, but after a quick look around, it looked like my argument did the trick.

"Ok fine!" even if she sounded reluctant, I could hear the tiny bit of excitement in her voice. "I convince you that the only way for me to help is by screwing and we end up having sex on the platform we were standing on. Happy?" "Why didn't you make a move while we were up there then?" I threw my hands in the air, "I mean shit, I would've believed you." "Well I'm not lying though," she leaned up against the car next to me, "You either need to masturbate a lot, learn how to deal with it, or find someone to screw.

I just thought it would've been a hot scene." "Could still be," I shrugged with my hands in my pockets. "What's that supposed to mean?" the light tone suddenly became a little colder. I could've just laughed it off and got in the car…but fuck it, I'm going for it. "Well I'm just saying that it could still be a hot scene. I mean, I need sex or else I'm going to lose my fucking mind, and if fucking on the table that you eat at isn't hot anymore then maybe you need little change too.

Honestly if you think about it you're helping me get back to my normal self for awhile and in doing so Gene will be less worried too so then you don't have to worry about her anymore. It's a win-win for you isn't it?" "Max," she sighed, "It's not that simple." "You were the one with the fantasy remember?" "Fantasy and reality are two different things." "Yeah, but you could make your fantasy a reality." "Stop," she whined softly.

"Please. "Your right," I shook my head and smiled weakly, changing my tone to sound like I was the victim. "I'm sorry Tiffany. I know I probably overstepped my boundaries and I guess I got a little caught up in it huh?

I'll just ah…walk home I think. It's not that far actually, and I think I might have said some stupid things so your probably sick of me already. Thanks for listening though, it really did help." I opened the back seat of her car and reached inside to grab my backpack. With a quick shove from behind, I was suddenly laying across the backseat wondering what the hell happened. I rolled around only to come face to face with Tiffany.

Culo en el micro Mendoza

She was looming over me with a knowing smile spread across her face. "You guilt tripped me didn't you?" she asked. "Did it work?" She answered by leaning down and giving me a kiss.

Then another, and then another, and then soon were making out in the backseat of her car. The soft touch of her lips against mine were tantalizing, and I thought we could've done this for at least another thirty minutes before I finally had enough but she pulled away just as that crossed my mind.

"Watch your legs," she hurriedly stated, reaching backwards to shut the door of her car. "Take off your shirt!" I was already way ahead of her as she unbuttoned her coat and took off her blouse revealing a sexy black bra. "Undo it for me Max." She ran her smooth hands up my chest quickly before lunging down towards my neck and starting to suck and nibble on it.

I moaned my approval while she continued to feast on my neck, meanwhile fumbling around with her bra hooks until finally undoing it. She sat up and took off her bra, tossing it in the front seat while my hands made a beeline for her boobs. She quivered at my touch, running her hand through her hair and biting her lip lustfully. "T-take your pants off," she ordered in between breathes. We didn't have a lot of space but I was able to take off my pants and boxers while she dropped her skirt and thong to the floor.

I began to sit up but she immediately pushed me back down, turning around so that I got a perfect view of her ass. She lowered it to the point where her pussy was sitting just above my nose as I took a giant whiff of her sex. The smell only made things better now and I realized what she was doing the moment she lowered her head and started sucking on my dick.

It felt so good, but I couldn't get too distracted now that there was a perfectly good pussy only an inch from my face. My hands grabbed onto her ass and squeezed hard as she let off a muffled moan with my dick filling up most of mouth. I pulled her ass closer and stuck out my tongue, grazing her pussy lips. She let out a long moan and I lifted up my head so I could get more of her pussy in my mouth.

With every lick she moaned a little louder and in turn sucked faster making the experience all the more pleasurable. It didn't take long until she popped my dick out of her mouth, "I'm cu…I'm cu…I'm cumming. Fuck!" She moved her hand down to her clit and started rubbing it furiously while I buried my face as deep into her pussy as I could.

Didn't take long before my face was showered in cum, and with a loud moan of relief, she stopped rubbing her pussy and went back to focusing on my dick.

I kept my pussy licking up while she brought me closer and closer to cumming, my face still dripping with her cum the entire time. I started cumming about a minute later and she swallowed it all, making sure to lick my dick clean before turning around and laying on top of me. We were both out of breath, and I closed my eyes to enjoy Tiffany's warm body, however I wasn't prepared to feel her tongue run up and down my face.

I opened my eyes after I she finished and gave her a questionable. She blushed, nuzzling her head underneath mine as if trying to hide her face, "Your face was still covered in my cum and I wanted a taste of both of us in my mouth.

I'm a little…freaky when it comes to sex. Sorry." "I'll keep it a secret, don't worry," I replied coolly. She laughed softly before letting out a long sigh as everything calmed down. I was gently stroking her hair while she hummed softly while we laid in the backseat of her car, recuperating from our little scene. My hands didn't remain innocent for much longer however, moving towards her ass and taking to big handfuls.

She didn't seem to mind, so I threw in a little slap to her right cheek and she jumped a bit, looking up at me with a playful expression. "Want more already?" I shrugged, squeezing her ass again. She smiled broadly and pushed herself up, "Well aren't you pushy? Fine, sit up." I did what she said, wondering where this was going as she moved legs off the seat so that I was sitting in it normally now.

She swung her right leg over me so that she was standing above my dick. "Ever been ridden before?" she winked while grabbing my dick and carefully lowering herself onto it. It slid right in and she let out a long breath of relief, starting to move up and down slowly while her boobs bounced in front of me. Fuck, it felt great, and I grabbed onto her boobs lustfully and the look on face was pure bliss as she grabbed onto my shoulders and started to move faster.

Her soft moans became aggressive now, and she was now slamming her pussy into my cock with all of her might, shouting swear words every second. To think that the sweet motherly figure that I was fantasizing about was actually an animal in bed was amazing.

I popped her nipple out of my mouth and was ashamed to admit, "I'm cumming soon Tiffany. Oh fuck." She got off my dick immediately, climbing onto the seat to my right and leaning down to start sucking my dick again.

Only this time she was deepthroating it. Taking in almost all of it, gagging for a second or two, then coming back to lick the tip over and over again. "Here it comes," I put my hand on top of her hand and controlled her speed while I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it like no one's business, cleaning my dick off just like last time before collapsing onto my leg with a loud sigh of contempt.

"Fuck, I really needed that," she mumbled sitting up only to lean onto my shoulder for support. "You and me both," I chuckled. "No one can know about this ok?" "I promise I won't tell anyone as long as you don't." "Good," she stretched out her arms, "Well, better get you back home before they do actually start to worry." ------- Author's Note.

RAWR.that's bout it see ya! Jk. Sorry for the usual. It took forever to get to the sex again but i think it's still alright. Also, for everyone who caught the Jake part in part 4, that was my fuck up for not reading it through. i was messing around with another story idea and was using Jake as a name, i guess i wasn't focused enough to realize my mistake and i apologize.

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