Casey Calvert dped by huge black schlongs on the couch

Casey Calvert dped by huge black schlongs on the couch
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It took Taylor a minute to remember where he was. He felt someone's arm on his chest, soft tits pressed against his back, and a hard cock against his thigh. Opening his eyes, he saw Rick and Becca had both rolled over to hold him at some point during the night.

It took Taylor a moment to process the situation. The sex that afternoon had been one thing. It was instinctual, fast, and despite how good it felt, it still felt dirty.

This was a new feeling entirely. It was intimate, innocent, and deeply confusing. Here were two people who shared so much, had slept next to one another dozens of times, and now they were holding on to Taylor like they must have held each other all those nights, as if by doing so they could somehow feel one another. "Oh well," Taylor thought, " I'm not going to figure this out just laying here." It was still early in the evening and the sun was still out, but Taylor knew he wasn't going to get back to sleep.

Restlessness and confusion about the situation moved him to carefully extract himself from the couple and slide on his boxers. Despite how quiet he was trying to be, he saw Becca's eyes flutter open, disturbed by the shift in weight as Taylor got out of bed and stood up. She only glanced at Taylor. Then, without saying a word, she rolled over to where Rick was laying and kissed him gently.

Taylor was even more unsure of what he should do now. Get back in bed? Leave them to each other? Unable to decide, he just stood there and watched, waiting for some indication as to what Rick and Becca wanted from him.

Rick smiled and sighed at Becca's touch, but when she broke of the kiss he was still asleep. Undeterred, she tried kissing him again, harder this time, but with the same result.

It was only then that Taylor realized a small damp spot where Becca had been laying. She was clearly after more than just a good morning kiss. Taylor was right.

He watched as Becca gently pulled the sheets down, took Rick's morning wood into her mouth, and begin sucking him off. Rick's eyes snapped open and he let out a soft, low moan.

Taylor took a tentative step towards the door before he caught Rick's eye. Becca was hard at work, eyes closed as she focused on getting Rick's cock as deep as she could. Even though her boyfriend wasn't huge, she couldn't quite get all the way down. Still, Rick obviously had trouble focusing through his blissful and bleary state. He finally managed to make a single gesture, waving Taylor back to the bed.

Taylor was at once excited and nervous. The second time was somehow more thrilling than the first. It wasn't just a single, lust driven decision. Rick wanted him.


Becca wanted him. They invited him into their most private moments, into the part of their relationship that most people never shared, because they thought he could make them feeling something the two of them couldn't achieve alone.

That was where the nerves came into play. Taylor felt grateful for being allowed in, and wanted more than anything to live up to their expectations; to make them both feel better than they ever had.

He walked back towards the bed, trying to project and air of confidence despite the flutter in his stomach, and despite the fact he must have looked ridiculous with his cock so hard it was pushing the elastic on his boxers off of his waist. Becca cut her eyes to Taylor from her position on Rick's cock before taking it gently, almost regretfully out of her mouth and shaking her head.

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"Rule number one." Was all she said. Taylor put his thumbs in his waistband and pushed his boxers off, letting his dick pop out less than a foot from Rick's face. Becca grabbed Rick firmly but sweetly by the hair and pushed his face into Taylors dick. Rick opened his mouth and took the tip between his lips when Becca shoved his head roughly down. The feeling was unlike anything Taylor had ever felt before. His cock hit the back of Rick's mouth and Taylor felt a momentary resistance before it gave way and his cock slipped down Rick's throat.

Becca pushed until Rick's lips were pushed against Taylor's crotch. Taylor had to give Rick credit for how well he was taking his surprise first deepthroat. Just as Taylor was starting to really enjoy the new feeling, Becca pulled her boyfriend back.

Taylor was left tinging, his entire shaft glistening wet, and desperate for more. It looked like Rick felt the same, judging by how hard he stayed through the whole thing. Becca straddled Rick and slid him into herself before addressing Taylor. Rick moaned with relief and pleasure.

Becca sat all the way down on him, but didn't move. "Sit down next to Rick and watch. Rick, hold his hands so he can't touch himself." Taylor's mouth hung open, but he did obey.

His cock stayed hard, and ached to be touched. He gripped Rick's hands so tightly the younger boy winced.

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Taylor quickly loosened his grip, but stared daggers at Becca who smiled seductively back at him as she began to rock her hips back and forth. She moved in a slow but powerful rhythm. Rick looked first at Becca, then at Taylor with a look that told Taylor how good she was making him feel. It made Taylor ache with jealousy.

She picked up the rhythm, causing her tits to start bouncing up and down. Rick bucked his hips trying to get even deeper into her. She stopped suddenly and looked him straight in the eye. "Don't you dare cum.

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Tell me when you get close. We don't want Taylor to feel too left out." Taylor perked up at the sound of his name. Once Rick shook his head in agreement, Becca started grinding again. She was really going at it this time, and it was Rick's turn to grasp Taylor's hands so hard it hurt. It wasn't long before he screamed, "Baby I'm going to cum!" Becca dismounted him in an instant.

She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, looking the whole time like everything was going exactly to her plan. "Eat me out." She said flatly to Rick. Rick moved to obey, laying on his stomach between her legs before she stopped him. "On your knees, bend down, and eat me out." Taylor didn't quite know what Becca was up to. He did notice that Rick got a better angle on her clit, but that couldn't be all. He was getting jealous again. He wanted more than anything to get between her legs with Rick and bury his face in her pussy.

But he sat respectfully, if agitated where he was. "Fuck him." Becca said, as matter of factly as if she was asking him to hold the door. Taylor was taken by surprise again for what seemed like the thousandth time that morning.


It was hard for him to say how he felt about her statement. On the one hand, he liked the idea. On the other, he had never done anything like that before. He had never even really considered it. That doubtful part in his mind was overshadowed, however, by how good his cock still felt from Rick sucking him. Even if he wanted to say no, he knew his body wouldn't let him. All part of Becca's plan, he assumed. She got him worked up and then left him with only one option to satisfy himself.

He had no other option. So he positioned himself kneeling behind Rick. He adjusted how wide apart his legs were until he got his cock lined up with the hole. "Wait, he said. Don't we at least need lube, a condom, something?" "Oh," said Rick, looking up from between Becca's legs." I almost forgot. There is a bottle in the bedside table. Becca swears it's the best massage oil, but now I'm thinking she had another plan all along." Taylor chuckled quietly and bent over to grab the lube.

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Then he re positioned himself, opened the small blue bottle and poured a bit of the clear liquid inside onto his hands. It was cold, and he held in his palms for a minute. Partly because he was still a bit anxious, and partly because he didn't want to put the cold lube on Rick. The last thing he wanted was for his ass to get any tighter. It already looked way too small to take Taylor's size. After leaving it in his palms until it was almost body temperature, he gently spready Rick's ass and placed his finger tentatively on his hole.

Despite Taylors best efforts, Rick still moaned into Becca's pussy and tightend. Becca smiled and sighed. Clearly she at least appreciated his reaction. " Wouldn't it be easier to just tell your boyfriend you like when he does that?

Taylor asked. "You know, instead of having him fucked into eating you out better…" "No, no, I like this way better." Becca replied half gasping half, half laughing. Taylor swore he saw Rick give a subtle nod, his face buried back between Becca's legs as he arched his back. His hole might be tight, Taylor decided, but Rick definitely wanted this.

He wished the other boy would have at least trained some, especially as he placed the head of his dick against Rick's ass and saw how small it was. Taylor's head was at least twice the circumference. He grabbed a bit more lube, put as much on his dick and Rick's hole as he could without it dripping everywhere, and started pushing. Everything was moving in slow motion for Taylor. Every millimeter he pushed seemed to elicit a different reaction from his partner.

The first bit of pressure caused Rick to arch his back even more. The next caused him to wince as real pressure was put on that part of his body for the first time.

Even though the sound was muffled it made Taylor's cock jump a little bit. More and more pressure made the wince turn into a pained groan and the head was still nowhere near slipping in. Taylor couldn't even see the edge of the hole. He started to pull back.

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"Don't you dare." Becca said, clearly enjoying both the show and the feeling of her boyfriend groaning into her pussy. "He can take it." Again, Taylor swore he saw Rick nod, though he didn't lift his head from his task. That was enough for him, and he started pushing again, slowly but steadily. Again, Rick winced, and moaned, but this time, instead of pulling back, Taylor pushed through and all at once, his slick, rock hard cock slipped in.


For the first time since he started, Rick lifted his head and moaned out loud, face red and eyes watering as he stared at his girlfriend's approving face while Taylor pushed in little by little. Taylor noticed the face and started to pull out. Apparently that wasn't what Rick wanted because he arched his back, took a deep breath, and threw his hips back, sliding Taylors cock balls deep in a single motion.

It was Taylors turn to moan and it took all of his willpower not to cum. Becca too, was clearly impressed and she showed her appreciation by crawling face up under Rick in a 69, mere inches from Taylor's cock was in her boyfriend. Taylor started sliding in and out, slowly but surely building speed as Becca took Rick's cock in her mouth.

All three of them were moaning now, Taylor as he picked up speed, Rick as he let out his pain and pleasure between Becca's legs, and Becca clearly getting close from the constant vibration and tongue she had been getting for the past ten minutes. Taylor decided he had done enough. His cock already ached it was so hard and he could feel himself beginning to tingle. He pushed deep one more time, sending him over the edge as he pulled out. He didn't expect Becca to notice, pull his cock between Ricks legs in front of her face, take Rick's cock out of her mouth and start jacking them both.

Taylor came almost immediately, half of his cum shooting onto Becca's face as her own orgasm hit her and the other half slowly dripping down Rick's cock. Rick came soon after, his cum mixing with Taylors as both loads hit Becca's face.

Taylor barely had enough strength left in his shaking legs to roll clear of the other two before collapsing. He could only imagine the struggle Rick faced as he tried his best not to simply collapse on his girlfriend. Becca slowly got up and wiped herself off. All three laid there holding eachother, the ceiling fan drying their sweat and providing soothing background noise.

They might have laid there another hour, but Hunter and the others were stirring. "Get the fuck up" Hunter yelled from the other room to the distinct sound of a can cracking open. All three started moving, Becca claiming the bathroom first, leaving Rick and Taylor alone on the bed. "That was great," Rick said, only a little nervous now, "but I think I've had about enough of Becca being in charge if you know what I mean." Taylor did.

Becca was going to get a taste of her own medicine on the night fishing outing.