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Soft pussy masturbation withnbspmaki takei in sexy lingerie toy insertion and oiled body
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Principal Johnson Is Hard On The New Teacher By rutger5 (Copyright 2012) "Shanika stop, you shouldn't be doing that, please no" I heard the voice come through the earpiece that was nestled comfortably in my ear.

Well let me start at the beginning. My name is Reginald Johnson and I'm the principal of Martin Luther King Jr. High in school district 5, the toughest, poorest district in the city. Our students for the most part are minority and the majority come from single parent homes. Obviously we're always near the bottom in academic rankings citywide and we certainly have our fair share of troubled youths. However in spite of this we do have a sense of community and school spirit and we are a perennial powerhouse in sports often winning city titles in basketball especially.

I shifted my large frame in my chair as I adjusted the laptop that sat on the desk before me. There was quite a show taking place on its screen which was commanding my interest right now. Shanika McPhatter, the starting center of the girl's basketball team, had her big body pressed up against the much smaller body of her homeroom teacher Ms.

Chance. "Shanika what are you doing? Oh please stop it!" the pretty blonde teacher cried out but her entreaty had no discernible affect on the student. The two were standing a few feet from the classroom door with Ms. Chance pressed against the wall as Shanika's arms surrounded her while she repeatedly kissed her teacher's neck.

As I watched the student's hand moved to where she was able to grab Ms. Chance's breast through the material of the blouse as she continued kissing her. It seemed these actions were starting to have an effect because in between her protests a few low moans escaped the teacher's mouth.

"Why are you doing this? Ooh! I thought you wanted my help with something." The teen stopped what she was doing long enough to answer her teacher before returning to the task at hand. "But you are helping me Ms. Chance, with my sex-ed. Ever since I first saw you I've wondered how your white pussy would taste and today I plan on finding out so stop your struggling." She laughed after she said that and resumed kissing the woman but this time she planted her lips firmly on the surprised teacher's mouth.

It appeared from my vantage point that after her initial shock Ms. Chance was now responding and returning Shanika's kiss. Sensing that the tide was turning in her favor Shanika redoubled her efforts.

Her muscular leg pressed between the thighs of her victim and she managed to unbutton the top two buttons on Ms. Chance's blouse.

That move seemed to spur Ms. Chance's resistance as she managed to break the kiss and she seemed to struggle to free herself but her strength was no match for Shanika's.

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The girl easily held her in place with one arm as her lips now tasted the pale white flesh that had been exposed when the blouse had been unbuttoned. She was feasting on the skin right over the woman's breasts and as I watched Shanika pulled the bra down freeing a breast. Though Ms. Chance was petite and probably weighed around one hundred pounds her breast was round and full for her size. Not wasting a moment the senior center fastened her hungry mouth onto the breast and sucked causing Ms.

Chance to let out a long moan. The girl continued to suckle one while her hand squeezed the other breast at the same time.


Ms. Chance threw her head back now and I saw her eyes were tightly shut. The hand that wasn't fondling the breast now slipped down and seized the woman's buttock pushing it harder against the intruding leg. This was becoming a little too much for me now so I stood for a moment allowing me to unfasten my pants.

I pushed them and my boxers down freeing my erect trouser snake which sprang upwards after being freed of its confinement. After retaking my seat I discovered that Ms. Chance's hand was running through the short nappy hair of Shanika who continued to sample the breast flesh.

Without warning Shanika lifted Ms. Chance by wrapping an arm around her waist and straightening her much taller body up. She started to walk carrying her teacher and disappeared from the screen as they traveled beyond the range of the camera.

Cursing silently I fiddled with my keyboard which sent the signal remotely to the camera allowing me to adjust its angle. It took only a moment to sweep the classroom and once I saw they were now by Ms. Chance's desk I focused the camera there. Truthfully getting this state of the art surveillance system installed on the down low was perhaps my best administrative decision I thought with a chuckle. It had been almost too easy in retrospect. All I had to do was feel out the companies that were bidding on providing the school with an alarm system to see who was willing to go the extra mile.

Since they would be installing both a new modern fire alarm system as well as a burglar alarm system for all the entrances to the building, with a monitoring contract as well, there was plenty of money to be made. All I asked was that a tiny hidden camera be put in every room of the building at the same time. They were linked to computer software that only I had access to and voila - I could see what was happening anywhere on my computer including of course all the locker rooms and showers.

By now Shanika had placed Ms. Chance on the desk and as I watched pulled her skirt down and off her. No sense in waiting any longer I decided as it would take me some time to reach the classroom they were in as it was on a different floor than my office. Once I was sure that it was recording I removed the earpiece then reluctantly forced my erection back into my pants. Though it was unlikely I'd run into someone at this late time of day it made no sense to take a chance.

I don't think the principal being discovered walking the halls with his hard cock exposed would be considered a positive thing. Locking my office door behind me I headed for the staircase. The classroom in question was on the third floor while my office was on the first so I climbed the two flights and turned down the hallway. When I was getting close I did my best to keep quiet as I didn't want to do anything to announce my presence prematurely.

Once I reached the door I slowly brought my face to the small window which allowed me to look in. What a scene I witnessed there - I doubt I could ever forget it. Ms. Chance was flat on her back on the surface of the desk nude from the waist down but for her shoes as Shanika was bent at the waist with her face buried between her teacher's creamy white thighs.

Ms. Chance's legs rested on Shanika's shoulders and I could hear the moans even through the closed door. Shanika's tongue must have been busy as Ms. Chance was writhing around on the desk with one hand grasping her licker's hair while the other was playing with her own breast and squeezing her nipple. It seemed that I arrived at a most fortuitous moment for less than a minute later Ms. Chance let out a drawn out moan and I observed her body stiffen as Shanika continued to lick her.

Pausing just long enough to adjust my Johnson rod I opened the door and burst into the room. "What in tarnation is going on here?" I demanded in my loud booming voice. Immediately the two of them reacted although in totally different ways.

Shanika pulled away from Ms. Chance allowing the teacher's legs to fall as she straightened up and turned to face me. Ms. Chance did her best to curl into a ball as one hand attempted to pull her blouse closed and the other tried to cover her exposed pussy. "Well I'm waiting for an answer" I practically shouted. "Oh thank God you showed up Mr. Johnson" Shanika replied "Ms. Chance told me if I didn't have sex with her that she'd fail me and I wouldn't be eligible to play basketball." "Shanika that isn't true, how can you say that?" Ms.

Chance managed to get out before I ordered her to be quiet. "Shut up now Ms. Chance and don't say anything more at this time. Shanika are you all right, do you need me to call the police?" "I-I-I don't know Mr.

Johnson, I'm not sure what to do right now." "Well let's get you out of here to start with. And you" I directed at Ms. Chance "don't even think of leaving." With that I put my arm around Shanika's shoulder and led her from the classroom shutting the door behind us.

We walked a bit down the hallway at which time Shanika turned and looked at me. "Did I do good Mr. Johnson?" she asked with a smile now on her face. "Better than good Shanika, you were great" I told her as I handed her five twenty dollar bills. She slid the money into her pants pocket then winked at me.

"I tell you what Principal, right now Ms. Chance is ready for you if you catch my meaning." That was what I was counting on I thought as I headed back to the classroom. When I opened the door I had the sternest expression on my face that I could manage.

Ms. Chance was now standing by the desk fully clothed and she was sobbing. Again closing the door I briskly strode toward her. "What the hell were you thinking? Is that how you get your kicks? Coming here to the inner city and exploiting an at-risk youth for your own perverted desires." "No Principal Johnson, it's not like that.

It didn't happen that way…" she began before I cut her off. "Well I know what I saw. A teacher, a person in a position of power, being sexually serviced by a confused young person. Maybe that wasn't you I heard moaning like a cat in heat?" "I was moaning Principal Johnson but she caused…" "So now you're blaming the victim, is that it?

That should go over good with the media, a privileged white teacher from suburbia blaming her minority inner city victim.

I don't know if you realize the potential consequences of your actions. Obviously the end of your promising teaching career and that would be getting off lucky. You would become famous, or more accurately infamous and you'd be hounded by the press constantly. And that's not even taking the law into account. Corrupting the morals of a minor would be a slam dunk case and I'm not sure what other charges might apply. I don't think you'd do well in jail. And of course there's the possibility of a civil lawsuit." By now Ms.

Chance was sobbing uncontrollably, the tears streaming down her face taking her makeup with them so that her face was a mess. Her pert nose was red and running as well. Her chest was heaving with each sob and her whole body seemed to be trembling.

All in all she was right where I wanted her to be. I reached out and touched her shoulder gently. Like a frightened deer she almost jumped out of her fashionable heels. "But I believe there might be a way out of this Whitney, you don't mind me calling you Whitney do you?" "No, no of course not Principal Johnson" she replied with a tiny bit of hope now sounding in her voice. "The thing is I don't believe Shanika wishes for this to come out for her own reasons. It wouldn't be the kind of attention she wants to receive either.

Luckily her mother and I attend the same church so I have some influence." I could see Ms.

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Chance was starting to think that maybe things would turn out not so bad after all when I hit her with what I said next. "However in spite of Shanika's wishes the onus falls on me to report what I witnessed first hand.

With my own eyes I saw her eating your pussy." Where a minute ago she saw light at the end of the tunnel she was now plunged into darkness once again.

"Tell me Ms. Chance, why should I overlook your conduct?" "Maybe I can't give you a reason that you'll accept Principal Johnson but I beg you to reconsider reporting me." "Well for someone begging you're not doing a very good job Whitney. A good first step to prove your sincerity would be to get on your knees. NOW!" I commanded her. She appeared shocked about my "suggestion" but slowly she sank to her knees and once she did Whitney looked up at me with her ice blue eyes.

"Now repeat after me. I Ms. Whitney Chance humbly beg Principal Johnson…" I began then waited. "I Ms. Whitney Chance humbly beg Principal Johnson" she repeated in a quiet tone that barely registered over a whisper.

"Louder Whitney - I can't hear you." "I Ms. Whitney Chance humbly beg Principal Johnson" she repeated this time in a louder voice.


"Not to report my sexually deviant conduct" I said with a smirk. "Not to report my sexually deviant conduct" she said parroting my words. "And in appreciation of him sparing me the punishment I so richly deserve I will do my best to please him in every way." After I said this a blank expression came over her face as it sunk in that this would not be the walk in the park she no doubt expected.

But if she believed that I was going to accept her hesitation she was sadly mistaken. Without warning I leaned forward before delivering a sharp smack to her face then roughly grabbed her by the hair.

"Repeat it!" I practically yelled at her. "And in appreciation of him sparing me the punishment I so richly deserve I will do my best to please him in every way" she managed to get out but she had already started to cry again and appeared terrified. I strode over to her desk and I yanked on her hair as I did forcing Whitney to follow me on her knees.

Once I got there I released her hair and she sank down lower seemingly trying to disappear within herself. "Look at me Whitney and don't turn away unless I give you permission" I ordered. Reluctantly she looked up at me again and once I was sure I had her full attention my hands went to my waist.

First I unbuckled my belt before unfastening my trousers. Her eyes were as wide as saucers now that she knew what was coming and I didn't make her wait long. My thick fingers pushed both my trousers and boxers down at the same time once again freeing my thick, black mamba. If I thought her eyes were big before it was nothing compared to what happened when she saw that. An audible gasp escaped her mouth when she was confronted with my erection.

Slowly I stroked my cock with Whitney only a foot away from it. Since it had been hard since I first observed her with Shanika it had been leaking pre-cum for some time now. It caused the skin to be slippery as I spread it with my hand.

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My free hand grabbed her by the head and since my hand is large I was able to actually have my thumb against her forehead while my fingers cupped the back of her head as they slid through her silky golden hair.

"Open your mouth as wide as you can" I demanded to which she hastily complied. With one motion I drove my hard cock to the back of her mouth making her cough. Still holding her head I slapped her lightly with my other hand then took hold of her head with that hand as well.

"Whitney I'm going to fuck your face. You are going to take it like the white whore you are. I don't want to feel teeth on me either. If you understand blink twice as I doubt you can talk with my cock in your pretty mouth." Her blue eyes closed and opened twice letting me know she understood.

Now with the preliminaries out of the way and my hands holding her head in place I began to thrust forward. It felt like heaven to me as I slid in and out of her wet mouth, her lips forming an O around my thick shaft. With each movement my bulbous head reached the back of her mouth yet still much of my erection remained outside her orifice.

"Suck on it Whitney and use your tongue as well. Your goal is to make me feel good so give it your best shot." She did her best to comply and soon I felt her tongue wriggling against the sensitive underside of my cock as it moved in and out.

She also applied as much pressure as she could with her lips and soon I was moaning from the feeling. Because I'd been aroused for some time previously I wasn't sure about how long I'd last so I decided to slow things down. My hands pulled her off of me forcefully leaving Whitney gasping and strands of saliva clinging to me especially on my cock head.

"Stand up" I said as I pulled on her hair at the same time. Once she stood before me I let go of her head and instead put my hands on her blouse. With each hand I took hold of a side and yanked it open sending buttons popping in all directions. Whitney gasped but I paid no mind as my hands continued to pull on the material so that it slid from her shoulders and down her arms. Once it was off her I tossed it to the floor then I reached up and unclasped her bra freeing her small breasts.

Her nipples caught my attention as their pinkness contrasted with her fair white skin. "Now that's what I call mancandy" I said as my arms snaked around her tiny waist and lifted her up in the air.

My mouth fastened on her breast sucking it into my mouth and then I bit down on her nipple. Whitney cried out from the mixture of pleasure and pain as my teeth tugged on it. After a minute I switched to her other one where I garnered a similar reaction. While I did this my fingers found the zipper on her pencil skirt and pulled it down which allowed my other hand to slip under the material and cup her ass cheek. Since it encountered bare smooth flesh I assumed, correctly it turned out, that like many of the women today Whitney favored wearing thongs.

I dug my fingers deep in her flesh and twisted making her cry out in pain which was music to my ears. My mouth released her nipple so I could speak. "That's right Whitney let me know how it feels and it's just the beginning. You'll be crying for your momma before I'm done with you." Putting her down I now pushed her skirt past her hips so that it slid to the floor leaving her wearing just her black thong panties and heels.

Next I loosened and removed my tie. "Turn around and cross your wrists behind your back slut." Not wanting to, but afraid not to, Whitney turned her back to me. As I wrapped the tie around her wrists my eyes were drawn to her tight little ass. It was well formed but on the small side much like her narrow hips. What she needed was to spit out a few babies to allow her body to expand naturally I thought and perhaps I could help with that.

Once her hands were tied tightly my fingers pulled up on the back section of her thong which forced the material deep into her pussy slit. "You are such a hot little tramp Whitney" I told her before biting the nape of her neck.

As my mouth continued its assault and I slid the thong back and forth my other hand reached around and twisted a nipple hard. She tried to remain silent but I was stimulating too many points at once and she was forced to moan. My hand released her nipple and I moved it down her body over her rib cage first and from their over her flat little tummy. During this due to the disparities in our height my hard cock was pressing into her back but I bent my knees enough so that I was able to maneuver my thick shaft between her legs.

It rubbed against her inner thighs as well as her panty covered muff. My hand slipped under the fabric and brushed the silky smooth hair as it continued down. It hit pay dirt a second later when it came in contact with her wet little pussy.

When my finger rubbed her clit Whitney again moaned and when the tip forced its way between her swollen lips I felt her whole body shudder. "You little whore" I murmured in her ear "you're cumming from me putting my finger in you, aren't you?" I continued to work it deeper but it wasn't easy as her pussy was extremely tight. Finally I had my whole finger inside Whitney so I started to wiggle it back and forth. She managed to spread her legs a bit wider to assist in her violation.

The hand that had held her thong now reached up and took hold of her throat. "You never answered me Whitney when I asked you if you came. I expect an answer when I ask a question." Slowly my grip tightened on her neck which prompted a response from her.

"Yes I came, are you happy?" "No not until I cum will I be happy but I'm glad you admit that you're a whore." Right as I said that I forced a second finger into her and if I wasn't holding her securely I think she might have tried to escape.

As it was her body twisted and turned but I persevered and pushed it into her. "Fuck baby girl you have the tightest pussy I've ever felt. What's the matter your boyfriend isn't doing the job?" "Ooh damn! Its too much Principal Johnson, please take one of those fingers out of me" she said before adding "and right now I don't have a boyfriend." "If I take a finger out then how can I stretch that pussy? If you think two fingers are too much what do you think will happen when I put my big cock in you?" "No please don't, you'll kill me." "No the only way I'd kill you is if you don't let me.

Besides it seems you'd die happy my way. Now its time for you to suck my cock again. Get it nice and wet Whitney to help it go in." With that I pulled my fingers out and let go of her slender neck.

I pushed her so she was bent at the waist over the desk and moved my body in front of her head. Gathering all her hair up in one fist I pulled her head forward as I put my cock by her mouth.

She opened it and swallowed my head inside and started to circle it with her tongue.

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It felt good but what I needed was saliva so as I held her in place with her hair I pushed deeper into her hot mouth. Whitney almost gagged as I repeatedly hit the entrance to her throat with my cockhead but it was accomplishing my goal of lubricating me. After a particularly deep thrust Whitney coughed up some saliva and I decided I was ready. I pulled out of her mouth and now walked behind her.

My hand stroked my cock as the other yanked her thong down to her knees. Pressing the head to her entrance I grabbed her hip then pushed forward. Whitney cried out loudly as I sank a couple of inches in her pussy channel but it could go no further. Instead of trying to force myself deeper I rotated my hips which brought us both pleasure and also aided in stretching her out. I continued in this manner, managing to slowly slip more of my shaft into her.

She was moaning a lot now as my cock stimulated her internal nerves and she sure was stimulating mine. Once I was a little more than halfway in there I changed my motion and started to slide out of her.

When just my head was nestled between her lips I thrust forward a little further. Again I grabbed her hair in a fist and now I began to fuck her for real. While I did I looked down and watched my thickness work between her pretty pink pussy lips and that was quite a sight.

But for some reason as I did my eyes were drawn to her little asshole. It was tiny and looked as if was never used even for its primary purpose.

Even though I rarely had anal sex there was something about it that was calling out to me and I responded. I stuck my pinky in my mouth and wet it before forcing the tip in her back hole. Whitney started to squirm and cry like a crazy person but with her hands tied behind her as well as being bent over as I fucked her there was nothing she could do but take it. Just the thought of forcing myself in her ass that was now resisting just my pinky excited me so much that it pushed me past the edge.

With a final thrust I drove further into Whitney's pussy as my rigid cock swelled even larger. Then the floodgates opened as I showered her insides with my thick, rich cum. "No please Principal Johnson" she pleaded "don't cum in me, I'm not on birth control." "Then it's just the way I want it baby girl" I gasped as I fired again and again in her tiny, tight pussy. "With any luck I'll breed you and if not today then soon." With that I forced my cock a little deeper to help guide the sperm where it needed to go.

Even while I was cumming I continued forcing my pinky deeper in her stinker until it was swallowed up. By wiggling it around I opened her ass up a tiny bit more.

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When no more cum came from me I eased out of her now well fucked pussy making Whitney groan with disappointment. "Have no fear, I'll soon be fucking you again. But first let me put you where I want." After first removing my pinky I lifted the petite teacher and laid her on her back across her desk so that Whitney's head hung over one end and her ass was at the opposite edge with her legs hanging in the air.

Positioning my body by her face I placed my cock by her lips and Whitney knew what to do. Once her red lips opened I guided my partially hard cock between them. Immediately she went back to work, licking and sucking my head and shaft. "That's it you little cocksucker, work that black cock good" I told her as I slid my jacket off but before I put it on the desk I slid my cell from the inner breast pocket.

I waited until her head was turned the right way where I could see her whole profile as she sucked me. It took only a few seconds to take a couple of candid shots and once I did Whitney freaked out on me. She managed to pull her mouth free pissing me off. "What are you doing Principal Johnson? My God you have to delete those" she said raising her voice. My answer was a smack to her face followed by my large hand closing around her throat and cutting off her oxygen. I leaned in until our faces were just inches apart as I stared into her blue eyes.

They were darting all over in a panic as I squeezed. "Now what Ms. Whitney Chance is forgetting is that I call the shots, not her.

You will do whatever I say slut. If I tell you to turn tricks like a ten dollar whore you will do as you're told. Understand?" She nodded her head yes as much as she was able to under the circumstances so I released her.


Whitney gasped for a minute as she filled her lungs but I was already on the move. Positioning myself between her spread legs I lifted them and placed them against my beefy torso and once they were in place I drove in her pink again. My hands found and painfully twisted her rock hard nipples as I sawed in and out of her. I pounded her as fast as I was able to going halfway in with each thrust with the purpose of fully regaining my erection. Once I accomplished my goal I withdrew my cock and lowered it a couple of inches so the head touched her ass hole.

Since I was freely leaking pre-cum I rubbed it on her puckered hole to assist in what was about to happen. "Have you ever been fucked in the ass Whitney?" I asked though I think I already knew the answer.

She shook her head no, and I could see the fear in her baby blues. "No I haven't Principal Johnson. Please don't, I'm begging you not to. You're too big and you'll kill me." "It will hurt but you'll survive" I said as I grabbed the back of her neck and forced her head up so I could see her face clearly.

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"Besides it's your fault for having such a cute little ass." With those words I forced my big mushroom head into her sphincter and kept going until the head managed to pop inside. She let out such a wail that I felt compelled to pick up her thong and put it in her open mouth. With that out of the way I continued to push deeper. Her ass was so tight that it almost hurt but I was undeterred and kept forcing my shaft further up her. Not until my balls touched her ass cheeks did I pause and then only momentarily.

Tears were streaming from Whitney's eyes and down her cheeks and she was still moaning in pain though the thong muffled that some.

Again I raised my phone and took two pictures. The first was of her tear streaked face with her pain reflected clearly and the second showed the cause for it. My thick black shaft buried almost to the hilt in her no longer virgin ass. Once that business was concluded I placed the cell down and started to work her hole. For the most part I kept most of my cock buried in her as it was so tight that I didn't wish to move much.

The pleasure on me was just too intense to sacrifice so I rotated my hips in a clockwise motion. Occasionally I'd piston in and out just to change things up.

However just being squeezed by her viselike sphincter was taking its toll on me so I decided to go for it. Leaning forward so that her legs were pushed toward her chest I began to pull almost all of the way out.

With just my head remaining I drove all the way in. Each time I did this Whitney whimpered in pain which only spurred me on to go faster. My balls heavy with another dose of baby batter slapped her ass with each thrust now stimulating me even more.

"Come on Whitney, squeeze those muscles if you want this to end sooner" I told her. Her face looked doubtful but she seemed to be trying her best as I felt her ass tighten a little more.

I was grunting as well now as I went balls deep with each thrust. My free hand squeezed her cheek hard as I felt my orgasm approach. At the last second I pulled from her now gaping ass and just managed to put my cock in her little pussy as I exploded.

"Fuck baby girl, here is another batch of cum for you" I said as I painted her pussy white with sperm. My heavy body sank on her, nearly crushing a helpless Whitney with my bulk. After I regained my breath I managed to push up a little so she could breathe. My hand pulled the thong from her mouth and once I pulled out of her I wiped my cock clean with her thong. Moving as if in a fog I slowly fixed my clothing.

Rolling Whitney onto her side I then untied her hands and put my tie in my pocket. Now that I'd cum I was all business with her. "Ms. Chance starting tomorrow I expect you to report for duty in detention hall as part of your expanded duties.

You will receive no compensation for this, in fact according to the official schedule the various teachers assigned will continue to get credit for it. At the conclusion of detention you will report to my office where you will satisfy my urges or any one else who I tell you to satisfy. Is that clear?" She blinked a couple of times as comprehension dawned on her that for all practical purposes she was no longer in control of her fate.

Instead she was my sexual plaything until I tired of her and even then I had no intention of freeing her from my control. "I understand Principal Johnson" she said submissively with her eyes cast down.

"Just a couple more things Ms. Chance. One I expect you to present me with your ovulation schedule as soon as possible. If you need to consult with your physician to get an accurate reading that is okay. Number two you are forbidden to go on dates or have sexual relations with anyone except on my specific orders.

Do I make myself clear?" "Very clear Principal Johnson." "Good now let me go as my wife will have dinner ready soon.

I will see you tomorrow" I said as I headed for the door. As I closed it behind me Ms. Chance was curled in a ball on the desk softly sobbing. THE END As always thanks for reading and if you're interested in more of my stories click on my name in yellow next to the story title for a full listing of my work here. PM's, comments and votes are greatly appreciated