Ebony gal with stunning big tits

Ebony gal with stunning big tits
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I'm only in my early thirties, but I have already experience so much as far as job employment. Not that I can't hold down a job, but I like to explore my options. When I find something I like, I tend to stay with it for many years. One road led me to insurance sales.


I worked my ass off preparing myself for the state exam, spent many long hours training with my managers to prepare me to go out on my own one day and make a living.

Our line of work wasn't easy, of course, I had to learn to cold call people and set up appointments where they would let me, a complete stranger, come into their home and do a presentation. I usually worked about an hour out of my home town. We worked with a lot of union workers and the town I would go to was a small town filled with many generations of coal miners.

I never felt nervous with any of these people. Thinking back on the situation, I guess it was actually quite scary. I never knew who's house I was going to walk into, and anything could have happened to me. It was about a year into the job, I was doing pretty well for myself.

The insurance plans were affordable and made for the working family, so it was an easy sale almost all the time. One day in particular though, was a rough day, it seemed like nothing was going my way. My 3 o'clock appointment canceled before I had even left the office, my 4 o'clock canceled when I was half way to the house and I had left my purse at home with my credit card in it.

Luckily I scrounged up about $5.00 from my car and was able to eat something while I curled up in my front seat with my book waiting for my next appointment. I was so engaged into my book, it startled me when my phone rang. I looked down and didn't recognize the number immediately so I answered with hesitation, praying that my 5 p.m.

was still on. It was actually my next appointment, but he wasn't calling to cancel, he was calling to confirm the time.

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He had gotten off work early and was wondering if I could meet him sooner. I quickly replied he was in luck and that I would be there in less than 10 minutes. As I drove to the address on the card he filled out for the union, I noticed that he listed a wife and a small child as a beneficiary. I like to get a little background before stepping in the house. He was also a part of the local 611 chapter which employed electricians. The house I drove up too was fairly small, but very well kept.

It looked like it was newly built within the last few years. A wooden swing set sat on the side of the house with lots of toddler toys, and I could hear a dog barking from the back yard. I walked up the stairs and knocked a couple of times, but no one seemed to be answering. I tried the bell, and then was spooked a little as Mr. Martinez came around the side of the house. I turned to greet him, only to find myself shocked at how handsome he was.

He was shirtless and sweaty wearing only a pair of jeans and a black pair of boots. He quickly apologized and pulled his shirt from his back pocket and threw it on.

I was a little disappointed. He quickly reached his hand out to mine and introduced himself as Brian. He apologized again, saying that he was trying to get some firewood cut up real quick before I got there. He invited me in and I quickly followed, thinking how lucky his wife must be. Now as an insurance agent, I have been trained to observe very quickly my surroundings, so that I may build rapport with my clients.

The first thing I noticed, was although outside was playful and bright with children's toys, the inside of the house was very neat and clean. Almost too clean for a small child to be around. I noticed a picture on the mantle of him and a woman, I assumed to be his wife. Although the house still had a very soft feel to it, in the décor, it also felt very strange and empty to me. As I sat down as the kitchen table I acquired if his wife would be joining us this evening. While waiting for a response I began to get my computer out, and my folders.

He poured me a cup of coffee and sat down next to me. What came next I wasn't at all prepared for. Brian had told me that his wife and small daughter had been killed in a drunk driving accident about a year ago. That he was just getting his life back together.

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They had just built this house together, and had only been married for about 6 months before the baby was born and she had just turned 2 before the accident happened. I was absolutely speechless. I just wanted to hold him, and hug him, and cry, and tell him how sorry I was to hear such an awful thing.

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Instead, I put my hand on his shoulder and said that I was so sorry for his loss and that if there was anything I could do to please let me know. He looked up at me, his eyes were wet, but not yet teary and said that I could sell him life insurance. He had been lucky to have insurance on his family through free accidental coverage through work, but through this whole process he never realized how hard it was for those left behind, and when he found out that his coverage was minimal, he decided to change that.

He wiped his face and we got to work. Despite the emotions I was feeling inside, the sell was the quickest I had ever had. We looked over a few plans and he chose one that fit his needs perfectly. We got done within about 15 minutes. After we were done we chose to sit at the table and just talk for a while. I had plenty of time before my next appointment, and it was starting to get cold outside, so I was in no rush to sit in my car for 30 minutes.

He poured me another cup of coffee and in our conversations I had learned that his job brought him here. His family, or what little he had left back home, were all from Northern California. His parents had both past already, his Father died in a fire when he was just a teenager and his mother was struck with Cancer just a few years ago.

He did have an older sister and an older brother back home. His sister was quite the loner and stayed to herself in their families old home. His brother was married and just had his second child. He was the baby of the family at a young age of just 28. He contemplated after his wife and daughters death to move back home where things were familiar to him, but he chose against it.

He met his wife there and there were just too many memories back home for that. He decided that it was time to move on the best he could. He had just recently started dating again, but that wasn't going as good as he had hoped. He said it was hard finding someone that he could really feel comfortable with. I knew the feeling. I figured that I would always be alone, I just turned 27 with no history of any real relationship. Maybe my jobs always got in the way, but then again, I could never find a man that had their lives together enough to take care of me, so I might as well do it on my own.

We ended up talking about everything we could think of.


It didn't even dawn on my how easy he was to talk to. We got so lost in conversation that if my phone hadn't have rang, I would have been there all night. I excused myself into the other room and answered the phone.

It was my 6pm appointment calling to cancel. I couldn't believe how my day ended up.

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Out of the four appointments that I had today I had only seen the one. At least I made one sale, so the day wasn't a complete bust. As I walked back into to kitchen I noticed that Brian had moved my coffee to a small table in the living room where he was sitting. He patted the couch next to him and invited me to sit down. I was hesitant at first, getting close to this man on such an intimate level. He said he overheard my conversation and if I had no place to be then he would love the company.

How can I say no? I say down and even took my shoes off to curl up on the end of the couch. We continued to talk, except this time the conversation ended up about me and what I was doing with my life.

Again we found ourselves talking about relationships and why I was single. He couldn't understand why a beautiful girl like me hadn't been snatched up already. I guess I never looked at myself quite as beautiful.

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I'm a big girl, and to me very plain and simple. Blue jeans and a T-shirt type when I'm not working. Hair in a ponytail, watching football kind of girl. Of course this particular evening I was wearing dress slacks and a woman's cut dress shirt.

My hair was down to cover my neck in the cold weather we were having, and I wore a small pair of heels, just enough to look business casual. As begin to tell me how uncomfortable I looked in my business attire, he leaned in and touched my face ever so gently. All I could do was pull into his touch and close my eyes. Now like I said, I have had no history of any real relationship at all.

I have had my share of flings and one night stands, but even those have been very few and in between, especially with this new job. It requires all my time, and since I'm an hour from my bed after my last appointment, I still don't get home till very late.

I never have the time or energy. So when he moved in to kiss me, I couldn't do anything else but melt into his arms. Soon I felt his hand slowly unbuttoning my shirt and all I wanted to do was pull off his.

He continued to come at me, kissing me, and controlling my every move. I could feel his strength on top of me and totally lost control. I felt my head roll back as he continued to unbutton my shirt and move down to my pants.


His hot breathe moved across my body and left me shivering. He soon wiggles my hips out of my pants and slipped in fingers on each side of my thong underwear and quickly pulled them down along with my pants. I wasn't sure what was happening. I just met this man an hour ago and have felt like I've known him for years.

Here I was letting this complete stranger just take me like this on his couch. I soon snapped back out of reality when I felt his tongue circle each breast and his mouth start kissing down my stomach. He reached just above my sweetness and inhaled deeply. I thought I was going to cum so hard at that moment. I had never felt the intensity during sex that he was making me feel. Soon his head was buried deep between my legs. I felt his tongue circling my insides and fingers probing my deepest treasures.

He certainly knew what he was doing. It didn't seem at all like he was out of practice. Moments later I was screaming aloud and my body was shuddering in complete ecstasy. I'm not sure how long he was down there, but it was long enough to make me cum at least a dozen times. In the half a dozen or so partners I have had, I have never felt anything like that before. I was still recovering when I opened my eyes to see him standing in front of me completely naked. The fireplace must have been electric start because I looked past him to see a fire blazing.

He gently climbed back on top of me and begin to kiss my lips. I could smell and taste my juices on his face. I kissed him passionately and whispered for him to please fuck me. He didn't have to be asked twice, he was already entering me with his large cock. I was tighter than normal I'm sure, I hadn't been penetrated with anything larger than my small vibrator at home is over 6 months at least.

His cock felt so big, and filled me so much. It was at least 7 inches if not 8 cut and rock hard. As he began grinding into me softly I could help but scream faster! He had no idea how good it felt to have a huge monster fucking your insides. How good every ridge on his cock felt against my clitoris as he fucked me from the top.

He sped up pretty fast and I came instantly. He pulled out right away, and I begged him to put it back in. He ordered me to turn over and rest my arms on the arm rest of the couch. As soon as I was comfortable, I felt his huge rod poke me from behind. It felt so much deeper this time. I was moaning as he was pounding me. His hands were on my hips and he was thrusting balls deep as hard as he could. At times I didn't know if I could take much more, but then my body would betray me and I would erupt in another orgasm.

This went on again for a least another five minutes or so, when I felt him pull out again. I couldn't believe the stamina he had.

He say on the couch and for the first time I had a good look at his monstrous tool he was using on me. I was about 7.5inches, but he was so thick. I reached down and couldn't fit my hand around it. I lowered my head and began to suck and lick his hard prick. I cupped his balls in my hand and immediately noticed that he trims and keeps things neat. I licked up and down the shaft and tried my best to fit the head down my throat.

I couldn't get much deep, so I used my hands to keep him nice and hard. I felt him pick up his breathing and I didn't want him to cum just quite yet so I quickly stopped what I was doing and climbed up on him. With him sitting on the couch the way he was and me riding his cock finally gave me a little control.

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I started real slow and deep. Making sure my body came fully down and in contact with his before I went back up. Making my tits bounce in his face and teasing him with them. Holding his hands back behind his head, not letting him touch me.

I begin to move faster and faster up and down. I can feel the tip of his rock hard cock pounding into my cervix. There is a pleasure mixed with pain when a cock reaches that far, that I just can't explain, but I knew I wanted more.

I was soon bouncing on top of him uncontrollably and about to cum. All of a sudden, his hands that I thought I had control of came up, grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down as deep as he could force me. I came instantly and felt him shoot load after load deep inside my body.

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We both just collapsed after that. We fell asleep in each other's arms in front of the fire place. The next morning, I awoke to my alarm going off at 6am for work. I woke up and realized that Brian was nowhere to be seen. I wondered down the hallway looking for the bathroom when I was pulled into the master bedroom and immediately held and kissed. I heard the shower going and he asked me to join him.

How could I resist that? I followed him into the master bathroom and after relieving myself, stepped into a custom made stone shower with multiple shower heads in all directions. I felt like I was in heaven. He was already washing his face and hair when I stepped in so he didn't notice me right away. I stood back and had a close look at what I had the privilege of having a taste of last night.

He was well tanned from working in the sun all day, had light brown hear, and was muscular, but not bulging.

He had the trace of a six pack, but enough meat on his bones to make him appear very healthy.

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When I moved my eyes down south, his cock was already standing at attention. He opened his eyes and found me admiring him from afar. He smoothly pulled me closer and gave me another kiss. He turned me around and started washing my body down with soap. Starting at my shoulders and arms, moving down to my back and around to my breast. Making sure not to miss a single inch. He lowered his hands and rubbed down my legs and then coming back up to my perfectly trimmed pussy.

It dropped the wash cloth and soap and used his hands to reach in between my legs. He began to circle my clit with his finger and fun is fingers up and down my slit.

I felt my whole body melting to his touch. I soon felt his rock hard cock poking me in the back. He was trying to find the right angle before shoving it deep inside of me. He then forced me up against the wall and was fucking me so hard and deep from behind. He almost lifted me off the grown as he thrust hard with his cock into my tight little pussy. I could feel the hot water surround us both and run down my body and off my breast.

I had lost all control and he continued to have his way with me. Soon I felt him buck me one last time and squirt all of his cum deep inside my hole. His cock went semi limp and I felt it fall out of me. He sat me down on the shower seat behind us and began to eat my pussy until I came all over his face. I sat there a few minutes, trying to gain composure. I was weak in the knees, but needed desperately to stand up. He turned off the shower and handed me a warmed towel. I followed him into the bedroom and got myself dressed.

After I was done blow drying my hair, I walked into the kitchen to find him making breakfast. Cheese omelets with some bacon and glass of orange juice.

He sat with me at the table and we talked as we ate breakfast. We exchanged personal numbers and he told me that I was welcomed over anytime I needed a place to stay.

We ended with a good morning kiss and parted ways. Not quite sure what will happen with Brian and me, but I am sure excited to find out.