Shameful vixen goes smutty with her lascivious casting agent

Shameful vixen goes smutty with her lascivious casting agent
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Mama's Home (( Hello, I'm no professional by any means, please post feedback without just being plain cruel. Thank you and enjoy! )) Rose was just your average girl in the world.

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She was cute, but not a bomb shell beauty. Standing at about 5'1 with a slender body, her chest set comfortably at 40B and her ass was "perky and round" as the boys liked to call it. Rose unfortunately was looked at as more of the nerdy girl and hid away from most of the high school population. She was never one to really stand out or really put herself out there for that much.

She had boyfriends here and there, but she could never find the right guy for her. It was your average teenage boy that had his mind set in one place and there eyes set in a few others on her female figure.

Rose however had her mind in other places, that was until she met her. Girls had never been a target in Rose's radar, but this new girl stood out from the rest. This new girl was Ashley. Ashley had the perfect body any girl could dream for. Her long black hair seemed to fall perfectly around her porcelain face, the slender legs, the perfectly large 30C breasts, "her figure was the figure of a goddess," Rose would often comment to herself as she watched from afar.

Whenever Ashley would approach Rose, her cheeks would instantly fluster and she couldn't help but stumble and fall as she scurried quickly away from her new love interest. At first, Rose just thought she was crazy, she could never love a girl, right? As months began to pass, Rose knew it had to be something real. Time continued to pass and Rose slowly grew closer to Ashley.

They shared the same band interests as well as books, poetry, and even small things like the quirky humor in things. Rose kept her feelings a secrete through it all though. One day, Ashley surprised Rose by stopping by her house one day after school.

After the curious questions and the snide joking remarks from each of the girls, they made their way to Rose's bedroom. Rose's heart was pounding as Ashley had taken her hand and was leading her through the hallway. Pushing open Rose's door, Ashley pushes Rose onto her bed slowly closing the door behind her.

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With a smirk Ashley spoke softly as she approached Rose with slow footsteps," What's the matter Rose, haven't you been dreaming of this day?

Those nights all alone in your room with the lights off, one hand over your mouth and the other working your soaking wet pussy roughly for me?" Rose was at a lost for words, she knew her face told it all. " I-i don't.

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H-how did you." She tried to choke out before she felt the weight of Ashley above her." "Shhh baby. Mama knows all.

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It's been a long year hasn't it Rose? Keeping it from me? But I could tell you know. Your eyes always gave it away, your perfect soft blue eyes always staring at me. wishing you could feel my touch on you. Isn't that right baby?" Ashley would whisper into Rose's ear as she let her soft hands run up and down her body, letting it slip under her shirt.


Her bare touch sent shivers through Rose's body. " Y-yes." She softly breathed in reply as her breath seemed to be caught in her throat. "Yes mama." Ashley corrected with a smirk as she roughly pressed her hand against Rose's pussy. "Oh? Already wet baby, from just a few touches?

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Bad girl." She continued to taunt as she moved over Rose's body straddling her. Her hands quickly worked to remove Rose's clothing piece by piece only leaving her laying helplessly in her soaking wet panties.

Rose felt like she was in heaven as her eyes were fixed on her mama. Her breathing had picked up slightly as she felt her weight shift off of her and her legs being forced apart and tied to the end posts of her bed. She continued to feel the weight of mama on the bed once more crawling towards her exposed panties before she felt them being slowly peeled from her body, leaving her completely exposed. Rose's hands instantly dropped to cover herself which only resulted in a painful smack from mama.

"Tsk tsk baby, don't cover from Mama." Ashley cooed softly to her she moved up on her bare body. Leaning down her lips met hers as the two kissed for the first time in a deep and powerful manner. As the two never broke the kiss, Ashley's hands began to toy and tease her new lustful daughter's dripping wet pussy. First was just the stray teasing touches, then the pinching and the rubbing her clit. With a smirk, Ashley began working her fingers into her little girl's pussy. Breaking the kiss she listened to her little girl moan and beg for more.

"You better just get off on my fingers first baby girl or mama won't play with you anymore!" Ashley threatened with a sinister chuckle as she started kissing down her neck. Rose's breath quickened more as Ashley worked her fingers faster and harder into her.


" That's it baby, you love mama's touch don't you?" "Yes mama." Rose moaned as she could feel herself coming closer to cumming, as her body ached she felt herself orgasm hard against her mama's hand that never stopped pumping inside of her. Wave after wave of pleasure continued to wash over Rose as her mama caused it to be prolonged.

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She never had an orgasm like this from herself before and she was lost in a world of lust and bliss. As Ashley slowly removed her hand from Rose, she placed her soaking fingers to her little girl's lips.

"Suck." She commanded as Rose's lips instantly wrapped around her mama's fingers and began licking and sucking them clean of her own juices. With a smirk and a soft laugh she pulled her hand away from her mouth replaced them with her own soft lips.

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" That's mama's girl." Pulling away and allowing Rose to sit up, Ashley went to clean herself up before having Rose walk her out. "Should I come back tomorrow?" Ashley asked with a smirk teasingly placing her hand roughly on Rose's now covered pussy.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Okay! So, that's it for now. Should Ashley come back for her little girl tomorrow? You tell me in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed!

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