Channel Preson in the Glory Hole

Channel Preson in the Glory Hole
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-Bloodbath Case #2 Series- Part 1: Part 2: Hope you enjoy the third part of this case!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Victim Chase Cervera Age 22 Date of Birth November 3, 1989 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ken paced the floor of the police station lobby nervously.

It's been a week and everyone was still clueless as to where Chase was. No ransoms, no threats, no anything. It was tearing Ken apart. Out there was a delusional madman who was holding his boyfriend captive, and he was powerless to do anything else but sit and wait. Moments later, a door open and the police chief stepped out. He approached Chase with a very worried look. "Have you found out anything, chief?" The chief sighed and lowered his head.

Ken knew that something about Chase had come up…something bad. With shaky legs, he stood up and confronted the chief. "You know something, chief. Tell me. Please." "Son, someone sent us a video…of Chase. We don't know if-" "Let me see it." "I'm sorry, son, but I can't let you-" "LET ME SEE THE GODDAMN TAPE! I HAVE WAITED LONG ENOUGH FOR SOMETHING THAT WOULD TELL ME THAT CHASE IS ALIVE!" The chief sighed again.

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He knew what was on the tape and he didn't want to worry Ken anymore, but the young man demanded he see it. "Very well. But I'm warning you, what you're gonna see is not going to be pretty." A shiver ran up Ken's spine as he stepped inside a dark room.


On one side was a large TV and a DVD player. As soon as he sat down, the chief turned the TV on and walked towards the door. "I can't watch this again…it's just too much-" Ken heard the door close and stared at the screen. A few seconds later, the video started playing. "Hello dear policemen of Toronto. As you all know, a young man named Chase Cervera went missing a week ago. None of you know where he is and what has happened to the poor boy.

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But I'm here to answer all your questions. " Ken's blood began to boil. It was the blond man who kidnapped Chase and stabbed him in an alley. "Well, let me pop the biggest question first. Chase is with me. He's been such a good boy and I'm very pleased with him. But though he's been good, I'm getting…well…bored with him." Suddenly the camera moved and Ken saw the most terrible sight. It was Chase.

He was tied up and sprawled out on a bed. There were red blood stains on the bed and on Chase's white shirt. "Chase is alright…for now. But I will soon be bored with him and I'm gonna have to dispose of him.

If you don't want that to happen, I suggest you start searching the outskirts for him. If you're lucky, you might find him alive and breathing. If not, well, that's gonna be too bad for you." Ken felt weak. His boyfriend was dying and he could only watch. The memories of Chase's kidnapping a week ago flooded Ken's mind.

He was helpless then, but this time, he vowed to bring the entire police department with him when they arrested the bastard who took Chase from him.

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"Oh, and if you're watching this Ken, I hope you see how much your boyfriend loves what I've been doing to him. We've been trying out so many things and Chase's been such a good sport. There have been instances when Chase had been…uncooperative, but a few whacks is all it takes to pacify him. Enjoy this Ken.

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This might be the last you see of Chase, so don't stop watching." The blond man winked and walked offscreen. Ken was horrified. He was scared for Chase's life and wanted to jump into the screen and save him, but he was frozen to his seat. Ken's eyes were locked on the screen as the man came back onscreen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Chase, this is for your boyfriend.

Make it good for him, ok?" Chase's firm, angry voice shot back "BASTARD!" The blond man chuckled and walked to the foot of the bed. "Even after all I've done to you, you're still the stubborn guy I picked up last week. Well, anyway, this should keep you quiet for a while." Suddenly, the man forced himself on Chase and began tearing his clothes off.

Chase's shirt and pants were reduced to shreds as the man furiously ripped them off his athletic, well-sculpted body. "Oh Chase. This is going to be so much fun…" The man chuckled as he took his clothes off. He lifted Chase's hairy legs into the air and tied them to a rope hanging from the ceiling. The man positioned his thick, 10-inch cock in front of Chase's tight hole. Chase grimaced as the man started pushing against his hole mercilessly.

His body started to shiver and his muscles began to contract. Sensing Chase's ass was going to be too tight for easy penetration, the man shoved his entire cock through his tight hole. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" "Ohhhh God, Chase! That feels so good!" "DAMN YOU! AAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!" "Yeah Chase.

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Squeeze it with your tight ass!" Chase whimpered as the man fucked him deep and hard. His eyes looked as if they haven't seen sleep in days and he had a lot of cuts and bruises on his face. After a few minutes, the man took his cock out and showed it in front of the camera. It was covered in blood. "This boy is a messy one. He got blood all over my cock. But no worries, he'll clean it up." The man kneeled on the bed and pointed his bloody cock at Chase's mouth.

"Suck it, bitch. Clean your filthy blood off my cock" Chase looked away and closed his eyes, and it ticked the man off. He grabbed Chase's head, pulled his hair, and punched him in the face several times. Blood started flowing from Chase's mouth as the man hit him violently. When he stopped, the man forced Chase's mouth open and forced his bloody cock down Chase's throat. Chase's eyes were beginning to close, he was losing consciousness. "OH NO YOU DON'T, BITCH!" The man grabbed a large nightstick shaped like a cock.

It was well over 12 inches long and was as thick as the man's wrist. "You know I don't like you falling asleep, bitch.

And you know what I do when you fall asleep" Without warning, the man plunged the cock-shaped nightstick down Chase's bleeding hole. The shock was so great that Chase was jolted back to consciousness and extreme pain. His legs were shaking and his body was convulsing. Tears flowed down his cheeks as he bit his lip.

But the pain was too much to handle and Chase let out the most ungodly, pitiful scream anybody could hear It was too much for Ken to handle.

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He threw the chair back and ran outside the room. Tears were flowing from his eyes as he opened the door forcefully and ran out into the hallway. With the door open, Chase's loud, piercing screams echoed throughout the police station. Ken stopped at the stairs and collapsed onto his knees. He could hear Chase's screams for help and the man's angry threats.

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When Chase's voice gradually fell silent, the man's angry voice suddenly filled the hallways. "IF YOU WANT THIS FUCKING SLUT BACK ALIVE, FIND HIM AT THE DOCKS IN 24 HOURS! IF YOU COME EVEN A SECOND LATER, ALL YOU'RE GONNA SEE IS A FUCKING BLOODY MESS!" Ken's heart skipped a beat. The docks. Chase and he spent hours at the docks watching the sunset and admiring all the nice yachts they saw.

"Chase…I will find you…I'm coming for you…" Ken composed himself and went to the chief's office and started asking him questions "Chief, when was that CD sent?" "About 23 hours ago. We know about the time limit at the docks and we're doing our best to find Chase, but he's not there. We already went in every single boat at the docks, but we found nothing." Ken's heart fell. He only had an hour to find his boyfriend alive, and he was back at square one.

Suddenly, Ken remembered something he had seen on the video and ran back to the room with the chief. Gathering up all his strength, Ken entered to the room and saw that the video was paused.

He looked closely at a small window on the right side of the screen and saw an obscure outline of Toronto's skyline.


Ken was taken aback and turned to the chief. "Chief! I know where they are!" "How the hell could you possibly know that?" "Look at that window on the right side of the screen. What do you see?" "I see the city.

What's your point?" "There's only one place with that view of the city. The Islands" The chief's eyes grew wide open. "The Toronto Islands…" "Chief, get every man you have on those islands right now!

We only have fifteen minutes left! Please! We've come so far in such a short time, don't let that bastard take Chase's life away!" Hurriedly, the chief ran to the radio room and called all available units to the Toronto Islands.

On the roof, a helicopter was waiting to take him to the Islands. Ken watched as the chief climbed on and ran towards him. "Chief! Let me come!" "No way am I going to have a civilian's life on the line here!" "I'm no ordinary civilian! I'm the damn civilian who showed your where Chase and his kidnapper is!

So let me get on and save my boyfriend!" "Fine.

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Get in." The helicopter took off and headed south towards the Toronto Islands. Below them, the city was brightly lit and the streets were filled with shoppers buying gifts for Christmas.

Ken watched as people put up Christmas decorations along the streets and strung Christmas lights across them. "Chase…finding you alive would be the best Christmas give I could ever get…so please be alive. I'm almost there Chase. Hold on for a little while longer. I'm going to take you home." The helicopter flew quickly across the lake and landed on one of the Islands. The chief jumped out and began ordering the men who had assembled there. "Hurry! Spread out men!

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We don't have much time to prevent this murder!" Ken followed the chief and began running towards a row of houses near the shore. Just as he was about to pound on one of the house's doors, he noticed a dark, lonely house which was almost obscured by a bunch of trees. "Chief! Let's look over there." Ken and the chief moved stealthily towards the house. As they stepped on the porch, they heard two men's voices.

One was screaming angrily while the other seemed to be pleading for something. Silently, the two opened the door and stepped into the dark hall. "You time is almost up. See, he never came. He left you all alone to die a miserable death." "NO! Please…let me go…I'll never say anything…not even to him…" "Don't act dumb, bitch. You know I sent our little sex tape to the police." Ken and the chief moved quickly up the stairs. At the end of the upstairs hall, there was a door with light streaming from under it.

They approached the door and prepared themselves to break in. "Goodbye, Chase. It was fun using you. But now, I have to find a more…entertaining…boy to play with. Ciao." That same moment, Ken and the chief broke through the door.

What they saw was unbelievable. There was Chase lying on a bloody bed with the blond man pointing a gun at him. Chase's body was badly bruised and there were several abrasions on his skin. His legs were bloody, his face was bloody, his entire body seemed to be bloody.

"That's enough threatening for today! Put your hands up!" Ken rushed to Chase and began untying him. There was no way he could hold back his tears now. Chase was still alive and he was going to be safe. "Oh God, Chase…baby…" Chase smiled weakly "Hey babe…I knew…you…would…come for…me…" As the two lovers were reunited, the man suddenly turned towards them and pointed his gun at them.

"…'Till death do you part. Goodbye boys. It was nice knowing you!" Ken shielded Chase with his own body and held him close. "At least if I die, I'll know you're gonna survive this." A loud gunshot rang throughout the island.

Birds, awakened from their slumber, flew noisily into the night sky. The policemen who were furiously searching the island ran towards the dark house near the shore.

They scrambled inside and saw their chief sitting on the floor. "Chief! Are you hurt? What happened?" "It's over…all our hard work…it's all-" The chief slumped over in exhaustion. As the policemen took the chief out, they saw a large pool of blood on the floor by the bed. "…oh God…no…" …TO BE CONTINUED…