Stunning college babes and hunks are having wet gangbang

Stunning college babes and hunks are having wet gangbang
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Okay this is my first story i have posted so be kind. yes it is a true story it happen to me when i was young. i hate myself for it and always will.but we cant help what gets us off, and to tell you the truth this story even though i lived it and regret it, it still gets me off.

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if you have and suggestions or questions feel free to say. i will answer you all.


and if you like my story i might write more, but different sex that i have had. lol i hate that my first time had to be with someone who didn't love me.

anyway, i guess i have turned into kind of a sex freak, i don't really look for love any more, but a good time, i act like a man in ways, if a guys get mushy on my i split, i cant handle relationships, even though i haven't really had any serious ones. i was 12 at the time, my mum was 36 and had just split up with her second husband, well she found her self a young 21 year old punk boy.


He was in a band, he was Greek and he was a stud i guess you could say. i hadn't met him yet they hadn't been going out long, finally when i met him, he came in my room in the morning and scared the shit out of me, i just stared at him and laughed.

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i got up and got dresses for school, i didnt want to go, i wanted to hang around at home to be around him. i went to school, but i all i could think about was him, i don't know why I guess i looked up to him in a way, i thought he was cool, secretly i wanted to be his groupey i guess.

i came home from school and he was gone, he came back a few days later, and mum, him and i went to one of his gigs. lets cut through some of the story, we swapped phone numbers and started talking, then he started asking me questions like if i was a virgin, and if i had ever done anything with guys!

i kind of freaked out but i said no.i was kinda fat when i was younger then lost all this weight i wasn't used to someone taking a interest in me. want me to well things started getting strange to me, he asked me if i wanted him to help me, i didnt really get what he meant and said yes. a few nights later he text me at five in the morning from my mums bed, "do you want me to come jump on you? " i had no idea what he meant i thought he wanted to watch tv at the time or talk.

but no that wasn't it at all he came in my bedroom, sat next to me on my bed, and started running his hands up and down my leg, my heart was beating out of my chest, i wanted to run but i couldn't move. his hand finally make its way to my cotton undies sliding his fingers over my tight virgin pussy, i was having a major panic, what do i do, but my body deceived me i let out a soft moan, then he slide his fingers under my undies.

i felt his fingers rubbing my clit, it felt so good, but i knew it was so wrong, i moaned again, then his fingers went my my pussy i was so wet he kept sliding his fingers in me.

i had never felt anything like this in my life it was great, but then my mum and sister got up and he ran from my room to the toilet.

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i lay on my bed wondering what just went on, i was totally puzzled, i started getting dressed for school, straightening my hair doing my make up, then mum game me money and i left. i thought about it all day, then he text me. i forgot what the message said but, eventual a few weeks later we got together, and he climbed over the fence to my window, i opened it letting him in, he started kissing me, my first kiss.

it felt great.

he lay me on my bed and kissed me some more, down my neck to my breasts, i was young and only had a b cup, he started licking and sucking my breasts i giggled it tickled so much.

fingering me as well then he moved me on top of him, i kissed his neck moving my hand down to his cock, it wasn't big only like 5 inches, i squeezed moving my hand up and down, he kept telling me to squeeze as hard as i could, i did my hand felt like it was going to fall off, the he asked me if i was ready, i said yes, all i could feel was pain, like nothing i had ever felt before, it was horrible, but i pushed myself down hard taking him all in, he said that if i kept moving the pain would go away, i moved myself up and down and eventually it started getting better, felling really good, he went faster and faster, i moaned at the top of my lungs, he held his hands over my mouth drilling me, i was getting the most incredible feeling ever then i climaxed, i collapsed on his chest, breathing hard, i lifted myself up and he kept going harder and harder, then i felt his hot cum in my pussy we fell asleep, the next day he left and planned a second time, but it never happen, and i never saw him again.

i hated myself for what i had done to my mum, and still do. even though our relationship has grow stronger in a way if i could i would take it back. okay my next story if there is one is about a new Zealand boy and i, we will just call him joe.

at the time i was 15 and he was 17. he had a tan muscled body, and a very sexy ascent.

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i had just lost the love of my life, and was very sad cry on joes shoulder. now as i look back i still love him and wonder what went wrong.

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