Sex in school bus porn school girl japan

Sex in school bus porn school girl japan
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after school i seen harvey and asked him if he still wanted me to come to his family meal he answered "i would love you to come" i joked and said "ive cummed alot for you" harvey laughed and it was nice to see him laugh because you could tell he was worried about tonight. i left harvey to go get ready when i got home i told my mom i wont be home for dinner tonight and that i was having my meal at harveys house my mom had calm down over the harvey matter and said "use a condom" we laughed and i said "no really i am going for a meal" so i walked off to my bedroom to get changed i got into a prada shirt and a pair of black boss pants i redid my hair and brush my teeth again i went down stairs to ask my mom if she would drive me to school so i could pick up my car she agreed and took me there.


when i was at school i went into reception and asked for my keys. this woman was a new member of staff and asked me for id for my keys. i showed her my licence and she handed my keys over i thought it was strange to ask me for id to prove they are my keys but then i remembered what car i drive and thought it was a good idea.

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i walked to the parking lot after saying goodbye to my mom and i sore kyle there in tears. i walked over to him and asked if he was okay he looked at me and before he could say anythink i said to him to fight with me. kyle calmed down and said "ive lost everything" i asked him what he ment he said to me "ive lost my friends, my grate have dropped, im getting beat up all the time by the football team and most of all ive lost you" i looked at kyle and couldnt be angry at him anymore i said to him "kyle i will always love you but i cant be with you anymore" kyle got to his feet and walked to his car i walked with him and said "kyle if you need to talk i will always be there" kyle turned around and kisses me so passionatly and i did nothing to stop him we stopped kissing and kyle said "tell me that you didnt feel anythink" but i couldnt tell him because i did feel somethink for him.

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i walked away from kyle and got into my car then drove off. on my way to harveys i kept thinking should i call and cancel but i come to my sences and drove all the way there when i was at the top of his very long street (very long for l.a) i light up a ciggarette and had finished it by the time i pulled into his drive way.


i got out my car and walked to the door. i knocked on the door and was great by some woman i didnt know i said to her "good everning im leonardo spencer you should be exspecting me" the woman spoke to someone within the house saying "some cute posh boy is here" i waited for a few second in a silence with the woman.

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harvey walked to the door and said "come in leon" the woman was very rude to harvey and said "his name is leonardo dumb ass" i walked in and wispered to him "are you okay" he put a brave face on and said "yea" when i turned around i was meet by about 15 people they all looked at me with judgement. after about a minute i spoke and said "hi im leonardo spencer" harveys auntie said "well arnt you a pretty one" i smiled at her and she said "come sit next to me sweetie" i took the seat and started talking to everyone after about 20 minutes a woman came storming in and shouted "some dickhead has parked there fucking car in my spot" i found my voice and asked "what kind of car is it?" she answered "a car than none of us can afford" i asked her " is it a porshe 911?" she said "yes" i told her i was sorry and i would move my car at once but harveys auntie said dont worry about it baby she will find another place to park.


we sat down to eat i was given a plate to place food on it. after eatting for about 5 minutes the rude woman (called claire) said "you got no meat on that plate boy let me hock you up" i answered "thank but no thanks i dont eat meat" i must have offended her is some manner because she said "o hell no this boy dont eat meat harvey what kind people are you hanging with" harvey trying to stay quite all meat had to speak he said "it up to him what he eats".

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claire asked me about my parents she asked what job do they have for you to afford designer clothes and sports cars (these was her words) i finshed my mouth full of pasta and answered "my mom is a lawyer and my father is a business man" she asked what job i would like to do once i have left college i told her "i wanted to be a business owner" she seamed quite happy with my answer and managed a smile for me she spoke and said "i like this boy harvey got his whole future planned out why cant you be like him?" i tried to remember my manners but they was getting shorter by the second i bust out with "excuse me but what job to do have that you think you can judge people all the time as soon as you walked in here you judged me on my car how your judging harvey on not knowing about his future" claire soon shut up and the auntie said to her "that told you" everyone else at the table seamed quite happy with what i just said including her hustband.

after the meal we was told the desert will be in 15 minutes i walked up to harvey and said "im sorry i had to say that" he gave me the best smile ive ever seen him give and said "dont worry im glad you stood up for me" me and harvey went to his room to be continued also please comment and tell me if your liking my true story about mine and harvey lifes

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