Gode sur plage branlette des voyeurs avant la partouze au pub entre copines

Gode sur plage branlette des voyeurs avant la partouze au pub entre copines
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To put it simply, I screwed up.

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I had three weeks to give in a History Essay. I spent three weeks going out with my friends and getting smashed. But, by some eternal grace my History teacher had given me an extra week to get it done. And so, a week later, with my course work in my bag I headed for the History rooms. I hate to admit it but I was actually quite nervous walking along the side of the school buildings up towards the history block.

I walked up the metal steps that led to the History rooms and turned right towards my teacher's room. I went to knock on the door but at the last moment I noticed the sign on the door that read, "Gone for Dinner." I lowered my fist and was about to turn away when I heard voices from inside the room. I thought that sir had just forgotten to remove the note so, taking a deep breath I stepped into the room.

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The sight that greeted my eyes was not the one that I expected. If I had thought I was going to see my teacher talking to someone about work or something else I was sorely disappointed.

In fact, my history teacher wasn't in the room at all, but two of my friends were. Two of my friends, Emily and Lee had been going out with each other for probably a week, outside school they'd done little more than hug and hold hands.

So, when I walked in and found Lee's pants around his ankles, with Emily's lips wrapped around his cock, I was just a little bit surprised.

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From where I was standing, all I could see was Emily, still fully clothed, with her head in Lee's lap. I couldn't actually see the oral action but I could see Lee's pants around his ankles, so the connection was pretty easy to make.

I was stunned, literally. I couldn't move for the spectacle in front of me. Emily had her back to me, and Lee's eyes were closed, for the moment anyway.


The second he looked up I'd be right in his line of sight. So, against my better judgement, I slipped inside the room, silently, and took cover behind a row of bookcases along the wall. The bookcases formed a kind of corridor so I could sneak up and down the room unseen.

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I moved to about halfway along the bookcase corridor and gently lowered my bag to the floor as my eyes cemented themselves to the scene before me. Emily's small pink lips were wrapped lovingly around Lee's four inch cock. Now don't presume I'm an expert at guessing at people's cocks because I'm not, it just happened that Lee's cock (I guessed) was the same size as mine, which was just over the 4 inch mark.

Anyway, I watched as the voyeur inside of me was unleashed.

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Emily's loving lips rolled up and down lee's cock and I swear I saw a bulge in her cheek at least twice as her tongue joined in the fun. Lee supported himself with his arms stretched out behind him, leaning on the table he was sat on. Emily was kneeling on the floor, her head just above his lap which had manoeuvred itself under her caring gaze.

Her light brown eyes were filled with joy as she moaned gently, Lee's cock twitching in her mouth. Lee groaned and muttered, "God, Em, I. . I'm cumming!" Emily released her grip on his cock and leaned back as it shuddered and then, suddenly, cum was flowing out of its tip like a stream. Despite his warning Emily had still managed to get a spot of cum on her cheek, and she giggled as Lee leaned over and scooped it off her cheek with a finger. Then Emily hand his hand gently and moved it slowly and spread his seed over her lips.

A second later her tongue was cleaning her lips of the white substance and she grinned as she swallowed. Lee smiled as she stood and sat beside him, "You know," she whispered, "You taste soo nice, but, you haven't tried me yet. .


." Emily left the sentence hanging but Lee got the drift as he pulled his trousers up around his waist and they swapped positions. Slowly, Lee lifted Emily's skirt over her knees, up her thighs, and with one re assuring smile from Emily, up around her own waist, revealing a pair of light blue panties which had a dark patch slowly spreading across her crotch.

Lee moved his fingers up her legs, teasing gently as he traced his fingers along her thighs. His thumbs reached the waistband of her panties, and, delicately he pulled the intervening article away from his prize. I don't know whether she shaved yet, or whether she hadn't grown any pubes yet, but whatever the reason her unveiled cunt was fabulously cute.

The lips of her vagina only slightly open, letting a small flow of sweet smelling juices leak from within her. Her pubic mons was as smooth as a baby's, or indeed her own bottom, and the simple view of a girl's most private of areas was nearly enough to send me over the edge.

As it was, I had slackened my trousers enough to fit my hand in, and I was rapidly pumping away even before I had even seen her honey pot.

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With only a few moments hesitation Lee leaned into his girlfriend's cunt and, with his tongue extended, he pleasured her to an orgasm.

I couldn't see the action but I could still vividly imagine his tongue lashing around in her cunt, slurping up juices and kissing her clitoris. In less than a minute her body was shaking and even as my own climax hit me, Emily's orgasm hit Lee, full force in the face. I felt a tightening around my balls that warned me of the incoming cum and I bit my lip so my groans of pleasure wouldn't escape my mouth. I felt the cum streaming up the main vein along my cock and I held in a laugh as my stream hit the label that declared this part of the bookcase, "Romance." After a few seconds of spluttering, Emily leaned in to passionately kiss Lee, and lick up her juices from his face.

He looked up into her eyes and smiled as they finished cleaning each other off with tissues, and Emily began to re-dress herself. Minutes later they left the room holding each others had with nothing to show their previous ten minutes action besides a contented smile on both their faces.

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