Cock sucking nbsp_Kyoka Ishiguro enjoys rough sex in hardcore

Cock sucking nbsp_Kyoka Ishiguro enjoys rough sex in hardcore
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Hailey couldn't quite believe her eyes as she saw the page the woman was indicating with her polished nail as her desired companion. The mastiff in question had a cock that was just on 12 inches to the knot and Hailey had felt every one of those inches so knew just how big it was.

Looking at the woman Hailey could see that her neck and cheeks were flushed red and her nipples were standing out clearly under the expensive silk blouse she was wearing. Hailey was meeting the potential guest in a discreet London hotel room which allowed her to undertake a final vetting interview before inviting them down to the cottage to indulge in whatever dog sex fantasy they had.

Hailey had already conducted a couple of phone interviews and used the very discrete but very efficient screening service that Julie had introduced her to. Already the company had proved invaluable weening out a couple of attempts by thrill seekers who just wanted to find out more and had no intention of going through with any meetings. "Can I just check, this is your first time with a dog isn't it?.err Mrs Tinkerbell," said Hailey using the code name they had agreed to protect the woman's identity.

"Yes," she replied, "and I think it would be easier if you shortened it to Tink, don't you?" Hailey laughed as she replied, "I think whatever we call you won't matter too much if you go with Rocky the mastiff for your first time, I doubt you will be able to walk or talk for a while." Tink just stared at the picture and Hailey could actually see her almost starting to drool as her eyes were transfixed by the cock and the tiny hand in the picture that didn't fit anywhere near round it.

"It's just like it was described in the stories and like I have imagined it to be in my dreams. I have had a couple of children so I am sure I will be able to stretch sufficiently." Hailey looked at Tink quite carefully weighing up her small 5'4" frame as she said, "I am sure that when you had your children neither of them were hammering like an out of control steam hammer and what do you mean in the stories?" Tink blushed a deep red and said quietly, "I read stories online and get excited.

Then when my family are out, I will watch videos and sometimes will use a… particularly shaped toy I secretly bought." Hailey recalled how earlier the woman had revealed that she was married with a couple of children and to all intents and purposes was a classic example of a middle-class suburban mother. This, of course, was in total contrast to her desire to be, as she put it, 'fucked senseless by a large dog.' "I would put you at around 110lb," said Hailey. "120," said Tink listening carefully.

"Rocky, our mastiff is nearly 200lb," said Hailey proudly, "and once he starts there is no stopping him, he will fuck you until he has finished and not before." Hailey could see that Tink's eyes had glazed over in lust and there was going to be no dissuading her. "How about we do you a special deal," said Hailey, still a little concerned that this woman may not realise what she would be experiencing.

"For the same price, I will let my dog Sam fuck you first. Sam is a golden Labrador and about a third of the weight." Trying not to giggle at the disappointment on Tink's face she went on, "but he certainly isn't a third of the size, I am sure you will be well satisfied. Of course, after Sam, if you still want to, then Rocky will be on standby to fuck you as well." Tink nodded eagerly and the pair agreed on the details for their meeting. ***** A few days later, just after the early morning commuter rush had died down, Hailey collected Tink from the nearby train station from the London train and putting Tink's small overnight bag in the boot the two travelled in silence towards the cottage.

Hailey watched as the picture of respectability smoothed the invisible creases from her skirt over and over, her hands moving like a pair of nervous butterflies. Once inside the cottage, Tink looked around rapidly trying to find the dogs and looked a little alarmed when she didn't see them. "Don't worry," smiled Hailey in a bid to relax her, "we have all day and night here if needed, so there is no rush." "I must be home for dinner by seven pm," said Tink hurriedly, "otherwise my husband may become concerned." "Would you prefer if I stayed with you," said Hailey, "I have the afternoon free and can help as it's your first time." Tink visibly relaxed at Hailey reassuring words and swallowing nervously said, "so what should I do first?" "Well," said Hailey as she stood close to Tink, "perhaps the first thing would be is too relax you and get you in the mood." With that Hailey traced a finger over Tink's blouse while she looked intently into her face.

"I am not a lesbian," said Think quietly without moving. "Never said you were," said Hailey as she slowly undid the buttons on Tink's white blouse, "would you like me to stop?" Tink just shook her head and stood there silently as Hailey slowly stripped her of each item of clothing, touching her gently until she was standing almost naked, apart from her cotton panties, in the middle of the room.


"What about you?" asked Tink; biting her bottom lip and you could see that she was torn inside about trying to cover up yet at the same time wanting Hailey to admire her body which she felt was still good for her age of just 40. "Later perhaps," said Hailey, "but for now we must get you ready for Sam, as if he sees me naked he is likely to want to fuck me," Hailey laughed as she went on, "and I am very likely to let him.

You have a great body, your husband is a very lucky man." "He never seems to notice," pouted Tink, "which is why I am here today, well that coupled with the stories and encouragement." "What encouragement would that be," said Hailey as she circled each one of Tink's large pink nipples making them stand out hard and proud.

"I have chatted," Tink said as she moaned and arched her breasts towards Hailey's hands before going on, "and she told me how wonderful it would be and put me in contact with you." Hailey smiled as she watched the glazed look in Tink's eyes and knew she must be turned on but needed to check.

"Remove your panties," said Hailey softly and watched as Tink quickly divested herself and then returned to her standing pose. Hailey moved her hand towards Tink's thighs and tapped very lightly on the inside and smiled as in a reflex action Tink opened her legs, just as Hailey herself had done when Julie had done it to her.

"You are wet aren't you." said Hailey as she ran her fingertip along Tink's pussy lips and when Tink nodded Hailey went on, "and you want a dog in you don't you?" Watching Tink's face carefully Hailey added one word very softly, ".slut".

Tink visibly shuddered and Hailey swiftly inserted her finger deep into Tink's pussy holding as far in as she could reach. The deep guttural moan from Tink told Hailey everything she needed to know and pulling her finger out added as second and pushed them both back in, "You want to get fucked by a dog don't you?" said Hailey working her two fingers in and out of Tink's body who mumbled incoherently.

"Tell me what you want," said Hailey kindly but firmly as Tink started to rock against her fingers. "I want a dog in me, fucking me, taking me," Tink moaned as she felt the fingers driving her and out as the thought of actually achieving her ambition started to become a reality. Hailey let out a soft whistle and Sam bounded into the room and skidded to a halt in front of the two women and watched intently. Tink was moaning loudly as she watched the dog who was sniffing the air and could clearly smell her arousal as his red cock was rapidly emerging from his sheath.

Hailey pulled her fingers from Tink's pussy and held them out to Sam who licked them eagerly tasting the bitch that was about to become his. "Assume the position. NOW," said Hailey, the last word barked like a command that on hearing Tink dropped and stuck her naked ass high in the air.

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Sam buried his shaggy head into her ass, his long tongue lapping at pussy causing Tink to moan and groan loudly. Sensing what Tink desired: Hailey squatted and said into Tink's face, "Tell him what you desire." "Please fuck me.please I beg you." Tink almost sobbed with desire. Hailey patted Tink's ass and uttered words of encouragement; whereupon Sam stopped his licking and immediately rose up, his red cock jutting out seeking Tink's pussy.

Sam's front paws were already socked and taped so as not to leave scratches, but he was still able to pull Tink back towards his jabbing cock. Hailey grabbed his cock firmly and pointed it at Tink's pussy before releasing and allowing him to bury himself deep into her. "OH. MY. FUCKING.

GOD," screamed Tink as she felt Sam's hard cock slam into her driving his dog cock deep into her willing body. Her head was spinning as he pounded her harder than she had ever been pounded before. The speed and frenzy of his sexual assault literally took her breath away as she found herself panting for breath.

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Hailey lifted Tink's head by her hair and looked into her eyes that were rolling round in her sockets and could see that she was hooked on dog cock. "Good?" enquired Hailey as she watched Tink's tongue lolling out of her mouth and a series of moans emitting from her body.

Then Tink let out a higher pitched and louder yelp and a quick glance confirmed what Hailey had thought, Sam was giving Tink her first taste of a knot. The words that tumbled from Tink's lips were meaningless yep conveyed the very raw emotions she felt like the feelings coursed through her body like an electrical storm making every nerve ending tingle. Tink had never been fucked like this in her life and the dog cock felt warm and throbbing inside as she orgasmed yet again as she felt the hot seed spurt up inside her body.

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Almost blacking out from the pain Tink felt the shape tugging followed by the void inside as Sam pulled free from her battered pussy, leaving her feeling empty. Tink found herself staring into Hailey eyes that burned brightly with lust and it took her a moment to register the word that Hailey repeated a couple of times.

Rocky? Hailey looked at Tink's face and wondered if she understood what she meant and tried phrasing it differently, "do you want the mastiff now?" There was a pause as Tink's fuddled brain processed the information before she screamed almost at the top of her lungs, her voice hoarse with emotion, "Yes.oh fuck yes." Lifting her gaze Tink saw a young blonde woman lead the mastiff in, she had gone past caring who saw her now, the only thing she had eyes for was the huge cock that swung under the mastiff, like an angry red baby's arm.

The seed dripped steadily onto the floor as the dog calmly surveyed the scene before sniffing deeply and inhaling the scent of Tink and her soaked pussy. "Thank you, Lena," said Hailey to the young blonde girl who was watching the scene, "You don't have to stay if you don't want to," said Hailey conscious that she was under Julie's protection and had no desire to fall out of favour again. "Would it be OK if I stayed please Miss," said Lena her eyes slightly glazed and by the pace of her breathing and the fact her nipples were straining against the material of her blouse was clearly excited.

"Of course you can love," said Hailey cautiously before she went on, "and if you want you can … explore further." Hailey held her breath as of her own free will Lena crouched down and began to work the huge dog cock towards Tink's face. Tink opened her mouth and waited as Lena pointed the cock to her eager mouth and watched as Tink started to suck on it like a baby suckling on its mother nipple. Hailey could feel herself holding her breath, half rehearsing in her head what she would say to Julie and half wondering if she should stop Lena.

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Deciding it had nothing to do with her and anyway by the way Lena was handling the cock she was certainly not inexperienced in that area. Lena reached out and ran her fingers along Tink's buttocks causing Tink to shudder but not object as she concentrated on sucking the huge dog cock and trying not to choke.


Lena moved her finger between Tink's legs and could see the mess oozing from her pussy as Sam's cum started to emerge from Tink's puffy pussy lips. "Would you like the big dog in you?" Lena lisped in her heavy Eastern European accent and took Tink's muffled response to be a yes.

Standing; Lena pulled the mastiff around until it was standing behind Tink. He looked at Lena waiting for her command. Watching the scene Hailey knew for almost certain that Lena had been dabbling and settled back to enjoy the show. Lena gently tapped Tink's rounded cheeks and uttered words of encouragement in her native langue which Rocky understood and rose up and landed on Tink's back. Tink was amazed at the weight of the dog and felt her arms buckle a little as the weight pushed her down and the dog started to make a movement with his hips causing the heavy cock to rub against her ass and thighs.

Lena deftly manoeuvred the cock into position and only just managed to move her hand clear as the dog pulled back with his paws and thrust forward with its hips in a combined fluid motion.

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The guttural moan of our pleasure echoed around the cottage as the mastiff slammed nearly 9 inches of solid thick cock deep into her open pussy. The pounding from Sam had prepared her physically, but nothing could have prepared her mentally for the sheer size that pushed deeper with each thrust. Opening her eyes Tink stared at the sofa where Hailey had stripped and sat with her legs wide apart watching Tink as Sam licked frantically at Hailey's pussy.

Dropping her eyes again Tink grunted with effort as the mastiff started to fuck her harder and faster. Tink felt more open that when she had either of her two children and it took every effort just to remain on all fours as the dog took her like the bitch that she knew she had become. Sex with her husband would never be the same again, Tink knew she had found heaven and was determined to get the most from today as she started to push back. Tink felt Lena's hands under her body tweaking her nipples then seeking and tweaking her clit sending shock waves through her as the massive dog cock drove in and out.

Tink realised that the heavy fleshy object smashing against her pussy lips was the huge knot and the mastiff was going to force it inside her whether she wanted it or not. Opening her eyes again at the sound of Hailey orgasming loudly on the other side of the room Tink took an almighty gulp of air as the dog knot forced inside her and started to pulse as she orgasmed so hard, she lost consciousness for a short while.


The next few minutes passed in a dreamlike state for Tink as she drifted in and out of lucidity, the only real sensations registering was the intense pleasure emanating from her groin as the dog filled her full of his seed. Hailey had recovered from her pleasures and held a glass to Tink's cracked lips allowing her to sip some water to ease her parched throat.

"Are you OK?" said Hailey looking concerned When she could finally speak, she looked into Hailey's anxious face and smiled and could see the relief wash over Hailey as she croaked, "I want to do this again and again." Hailey was distracted from Tink, who had made her way to the bathroom, by noises coming from the other side of the room and her heart leapt into her mouth as she saw Lena lying naked on her back with Sam's head buried between her legs while she sucked on Rocky who stood like a rock over her head.

Hailey was in a panic trying to work out if she would be blamed by Julie for the corruption of Lena and searching her brain for the words to say when her thoughts were interrupted by her phone buzzing. Without thinking she clicked to answer and felt her blood run cold as Julie's voice said softly, "Hailey love, have you seen my little Lena?

she isn't answering her phone".